The Universe has your back

by Gabrielle Bernstein (a summary by Pat Evert)

Is all my pain due to resistance to love? Fear will do whatever it can to keep you stuck. We are addicted to fear, to holding on to old patterns. Accept your fear and surrender to freedom. Surrender to the love of the universe. Surrender to love as often as possible.


You have a hidden power
My true happiness and power comes from the universe. We separate from the universe by aligning with fear. Fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own ego strength. Energy flows where your attention goes. What fear based movie have you been playing in your mind? What does it feel like when I am connected or disconnected with the presence of love? My presence is my power. Know how to reconnect quickly. ‘I choose love over fear.’

You are the dreamer of your dreams
We are not responsible for what our eyes have seen. We are responsible for how we respond to it (perception). The universe will always lead you in the highest way when you open up to it. When we choose the universe as our teacher we can see with the eyes of love. We are either manifesting love or fear.

  1. ask for guidance, choose love
  2. practice the holy instant, surrender and accept love, turn your fear over to love, see this one as a brother, as one with yourself,
  3. Fast come back, how quickly can you return to love?
  4. Put out what you want to receive, what I focus on I will receive,
  5. Create a purpose statement, I am ready to learn through love,
  6. I am the dreamer of my dream, create visions of the world you want to see, create with love rather than fear,

I give up littleness and create greatness.

You are always being guided, even when it doesn’t feel like it
Be willing to show up for this universal lesson or stay stuck where you are. Are you ready for great healing?

1) recognize the assignment and call it by its name, fear. Am I ready to heal.
2) don’t avoid this assignment, show up
3) honor your feelings, feel its depths, as you feel it, it is healing
4) call on compassion, love yourself back in gentleness,
5) place your faith in the universe, it is always supporting your highest good
6) take care of your side of the street, be vulnerable, out your fear,
7) welcome healing, expect miracles

You will experience your power like never before.

Your vibes speak loader than your words
There are no idle thoughts, all thinking produces form at some level. It effects your energy, your vibration. For effective communication, if your presence doesn’t do it, neither will your words. When you experience someone’s true presence you are reminded of your own.

  1. Through prayer get out of the way
  2. Calibrate your energy by meditating, tune your instrument,
  3. Set your intention to connect to your presence, I.e. fun, relationship, etc.
  4. Understand the power of joy, commit to joy, in a state of joy you leave a positive effect on those around you. Others will be attracted.
  5. Lean toward joy and you will be led, decide to have more fun, shift the energy in a tormented relationship.
  6. Celebrate the support from the universe.

The Universe works fast when you are having fun
Release your need to control. In big decisions ask for a sign. Limitless guidance is available to you when you surrender to receive it. Logic, fear and limitations cut you off from it. Choose to perceive your situation differently by opening up to creative possibilities. Reconnect with your presence.

  1. Be determined to see with love, not fear. What is your No. 1 low vibe story – release it.
  2. Let your feelings navigate your path, not logic.
  3. Ask for your sign, be willing to collaborate with the universe. The universe knows better than you.
  4. Turn it over to the universe, now be patient. Release all expectations. Relax and let God do it.
  5. Welcome creative possibilities. Be like a child, more playful.

Obstacles are detours in the right direction
Let go of littleness. Whatever we have been guided towards is divine intervention. Letting go of all outcome is the key to receiving this guidance. Help me to see beyond the limitations of my perspective. Openness to possibilities is very attractive, restricted resistance is not.

  1. What ‘shoulds’ am I being constricted by?
  2. Thank the universe for this obstacle which is really guidance
  3. Turn it over to Love, no need to control

Certainty clears the path for what you desire
You will see it when you believe it. As you think you shall be. Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait. Allow the energy of love to flow thru you.

  1. Get ready for faith and certainty
  2. Think it, feel it and believe your desire
  3. Dialogue with the universe, freewrite whatever comes to mind,
  4. Cocreate with the universe, feel what it would be like to live in your dream, emote genuine joy and gratitude, be certain of the universe, pray for the highest good of all

Focus on how you want to feel, not on the outcome. I am at peace and I bring peace wherever I go. I know my spirit guides are powerfully working to accomplish my purpose for myself and everyone else.

The universe speaks in mysterious ways

  1. Understand that miracles are natural, fear blocks us from these synchronicities,
  2. Look for love and expect miracles, collaborate with the universe,
  3. Practice non-interference,
  4. Heighten your faith, the universe is love and always seeks my highest good,
  5. Commit to your faith statement, you are connected and guided, this should be fun, savor the journey,

Fear is a habit, form the new habit of love.

Oneness sets you free
My judgmental nature will block my connection to the universe. It lowers my energy and vibration. See us all as equals. Thinking someone is a source of your pain is judgment. My judgment of others is a rejection of what I judge in myself. Recognize the other as myself. Be free from judgment.

  1. Witness your judgment without judging yourself, what is your judgment level on a 10 point scale? How does it make you feel (separation)? Am I looking thru the eyes of love or judgment
  2. Forgive the thought, I am looking for love, I again choose love,
  3. See for the first time, see them not thru the lense of the past, we are both seeking freedom from our pain, this person is just like me, restore oneness
  4. Meditation for oneness, I am one with the universe and all it contains,

Judgment is a nasty habit.

You are the universe
I am one with the universe and I want to live consciously aligned to who I am. Move closer to consciousness. Allow the voice of love to echo through all my thoughts and feelings. Choosing love is the key to life. My problem is I feel separate.

  1. Pray for truth,
  2. Meditation to connect to the universe,
  3. Truth is my name, feel your connection to the universe,
  4. Walk the path of humility, discomfort demonstrates there are unhealed areas in my life, I am the spirit of love having a human experience

When you think you have surrendered, surrender more
Make sure your plan is in keeping with that of the universe. Goals can overshadow guidance. Surrender your need to control. Look inside rather than outward. Surrender again and again. In relationships don’t try to manipulate your spouse. Surrender and love will lead the way.

  1. Take your hands off the steering wheel, say Thy will be done, there is a plan far greater than mine,
  2. Turn over time, embrace the present moment,
  3. Surrender your goals and let faith take the lead, release your attachments,
  4. Turn it over to your God box

Don’t defend your need to control.


Be an instrument for love
My power lies in my capacity to spread love.

  1. Wake up, don’t ignore what is going on around us,
  2. Remember where your true power lies, a light-worker,
  3. Reconnect through prayer, you don’t need to change anything but your thoughts,
  4. Become an instrument for love, step out to serve