What God said

25 core messages of conversations with God that will change your life and the world, by Neale Donald Walsch (a summary by Pat Evert)


You’ve got Me all wrong… says God
Nothing is working as desired – our political, financial, social, religious systems are all awry. This gives us good reason to rethink our beliefs. Exploration, especially in religion, takes courage. Religion has made great contributions to our understanding, but it is yet incomplete.

1) We are all one, all things are one thing. I am an individualization of God. We are all a part of God and cannot be separated. We are all a part of one another and cannot be separated. Our religions have developed explanations of how we and God were separated. Science states we are all from the same materials in the cosmos, but in differing combinations. Everything is energy. This being is self conscious. If all-that-is wanted to experience itself it would have to create something else. But there was nothing else. It allowed itself to forget itself so as to experience itself anew. Then death brings us back into conscious awareness of our true self. Can Life turn in on itself and create? Are we an extraction from God? Are we the stuff that God is made of? Personal possessions and person expression continues.

2) There is enough, all we have to do is share. Not everyone has enough. We create insufficiency by our fears. 5% of the people consumes 95% of the world’s resources. The money, food, water, oil, etc. that is wasted is ten times what it would take to supply the rest of the world. We are discarding 50% more waste than we did 40 years ago. It is getting worse, not better. We need to better distribute and share our resources. We need to give more. We are flow-through beings, to hold on to it will stop the flow.
What you want more of – give that to others that have less than you. Decide to be the source, of money, food, clothing and time.

3) Nothing is required of you to do. God commands nothing of us because he lacks nothing. The notion that God needs to be appeased is false. With no requirements, what shall we do? We are here to create ourselves, experience and express divinity.
I can say ‘no’ to whatever I do not want to do. Then I get to decide what I want to do. Ask yourself, ‘What does this have to do with the purpose of my soul?’

4) God talks to everyone all the time. Conflicts are to create opportunities, not opposition. Everything is a lesson of life. As long as we were one there was little to experience. God chose to be experienced by dividing himself up to know itself again and again. All we need to do is remember.

5) There are three basic principles of life, functionality, adaptability and sustainability. Life is always functional, adaptable and sustainable. Life will never cease. It has no intention of ending, ever. A log that is consumed in fire is transmogrified. 95% of it has moved into the invisible world by heat and light. So do we. Only a small part of us remains in this physical world (ashes). Only humans put a value on life’s events, death is bad and birth is good. We can be conscious participants of the change of this planet or unconscious spectators. Life invites us to be co-creators. I am an eternal being and never cease to exist. But, I will not always be in this same form.

6) There is no such thing as right and wrong, there is only what works and what does not. Man’s rights and wrongs change from time to time and culture to culture. We are so right we will shame and condemn those that differ. We say it is morally wrong, God says so. Is it a moral absolute? Or just a functional ineffectiveness? Do we intend peace and prosperity? Are we accomplishing it? Are we afraid of giving our neighbor freedom?
Ask myself, ‘What does this have to do with my soul’s purpose? Release judgment on my actions, my neighbors, so I can express divinity and do what I came here to do.

7) There are no villains and victims in the world, although it appears as such. Nothing happens to me against my will. All that happens is by the combined collaboration of every soul on the planet. Up close (like a tapestry) it makes no sense, but when we stand back and see it in an overall perspective we see the perfection and meaning of it all. Suffering occurs only when we do not understand what is happening (Christ crucified). Jesus was millennia ahead of his time. To change our view on how we were villainized will alter the future of our world. We can choose how we view these events. How many of my victimizations have turned out for the GOOD?

8) No one does anything inappropriate, given their model of the world. By our understanding we create our boundaries of appropriateness. Our dress, sexual intimacy, what we can eat, music, dancing, beards; who makes up the rules? We are the ones who declare appropriateness (and change them). Then we say God declared it. God gives us free will and complete freedom in it. Total freedom, absolute authority. We are not just following laws. We hate people for hating, then we kill, abuse, and condemn to try to stop it. Meanwhile we are promoting the hatred. A new understanding of God. Our future deity – no one will be required to believe in him, he’ll talk with all, be in all, life, ever changing, without need, he’ll not ask to be served, but serve all, non-commanding or condemning.
Have I ever done something inappropriate and later viewed it as appropriate?

9) There is no such place as hell and eternal damnation does not exist. God’s purpose in creation is possibly to experience itself throughout eternity in new ways. He has given differing consciousness to all of creation. Through all these he experiences all these limited views of himself. Our consciousness is never impeded, but our awareness is. Physicality is the blinders of the awareness of reality in which we live. The blinders can be removed to increase our experience. We are the actors and audience of this illusion of life. The actors are not rewarded after the play according to their parts.
Humanity is divinity expressed. We have created the scripts that we live out. We have convinced everyone with our parts, including ourselves.

10) Death does not exist. What you call Death is merely a process of re-identification. We are all living a life of mistaken identity. It is the illusion of our separation that comes to an end, not life. The experience of our oneness and individualization is seen better than before. Everyone and everything loves every other, this is Heaven on earth. God and us loving and enjoying everything.
Make your bucket list and do everything on it.

11) There is no such thing as space and time, there is only here and now. These are a perceptual contract that we have manufactured by our mind. There are three realms, all in the same place – the spiritual, the physical and pure being. God in his wholeness is wonderful and so in all his aggravate parts. You are a piece of God. The Alice in Wonderland that we live in and the time-based world we travel through here is the same place as all else. I start to like where I am and what I am doing. By our interior experience any place can be paradise i.e. Nelson Mandela in prison.
Decide that where I am right now is Heaven. Whatever space I am in is just perfect.

12) Love is all there is. Some people have it much worse than others, due to an accident, a broken neck, loss of job, car, spouse and homeless at age of 50. It was one of the most loving things that had happened to him. Life is not about personal success. Life is God realizing itself as God. God delights in the experience. Love is expressed in it all. Even the acts of hatred and violence are expressions of love. Distorted for sure, but understood. You cannot forgive when you do not understand how someone could do something. But God understands it all. The essential energy is love. We are learning God in its highest form … love is all there is. We take a step towards divinity when we understand the why behind the what that was done.
Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa transcended in this world. We can too. Love yourself first. Then give that same gift to those around you. You can love all at once. Know that life wants nothing but the best for you.

13) You are the Creator of your own reality, using the tools of creation – thought, word and action. It is the collective creation that we do in concert with all others. Quite often we are unconscious of what we are creating. Listen to your soul, rather than your mind. Your soul sees clearly with eternal knowledge. It is concerned with experiencing and expressing divinity.
Ask your soul a question. Do you know anything about what my body is experiencing now? My soul is my direct link to God. Nothing has any meaning, save the meaning I give it. Tell your mind what to think of such and such. We are all creators of our own inner reality.

14) Your life has nothing to do with you. How did I get here, step by step? Each decision creates the situation that follows. Your life has nothing to do with you. It is about everyone whose life you touch and how you touch it. What about my needs, do I need nothing at all? My desires and requirements are not the same. God has no requirements for you, he needs nothing. He has many, great desires for you, you decide. Having something and desiring more of it, but requiring nothing. Everything I could possibly need is already in me. Everything I think I need is enjoyed simply by giving it away. Happiness is through giving not receiving. It is more blessed to give than receive. It is in giving we demonstrate what we have. It was all inside of us all along. We have to see our humanity as one so we can see we have no need. This is how we were designed to experience ourselves. Oneness is not objective, it is a reality. Life is God made physical. We live to express our potential, not to meet our needs. Life is not about me.
Watch all the little things you do. Wash a dish… am I doing it for me or another? How does it contribute to the whole. Allow yourself to become the source. You will see it was all for you as well. There is only One of us.

15) The purpose of life is to recreate yourself anew. The day of the single savior and master has ended. We now are many saviors, saints and masters. All have been given the ability to live out divinity. God doesn’t care what I do with my life. The plan is to be the best …… that I can. What is the greatest version of who I am (we are)? All options are open, there is no right and wrong. There is no right way, only the way you want to do it. And you can be who you want to be, any aspect of divinity you desire. Have fun with it.

16) The moment you declare anything everything unlike it will come forth.

17) There is no such thing as absolute truth. The sun orbiting our earth as the center… left-handedness of the devil… An elaborate story which someone made up. Are our understandings of God absolute and unchangeable? Dare we change our minds about God? Is it time to get rid of beliefs that no longer serve us and only hinder us?

18) The human race is set among ten illusions. We are up to the purpose of expressing divinity. 1) Need exists, 2) failure exists, 3) disunity exists, 4) insufficiency exists, 5) requirement exists, 6) judgment exists, 7) conditionality exists, 8) condemnation exists, 9) superiority exists, 10) ignorance exists.
All people are special. God is talking to all of us all the time. All of life is an illusion. The placement of divinity into physicality is the key to understanding these illusions. The limitless Presence of God is in all we observe. We need nothing. We create out of desire for our enjoyment. Divinity delights in the self fulfillment of experiencing all that we create and do. Love sustains this. Making the most of every moment of life. Stepping into the illusion to demonstrate the true identity of who we really are. Failure, superiority and ignorance do not exist. We have never and cannot fail. Everything we saw as failure is merely a step forward in our evolution. We are ever becoming more aware of who we have always been. Our awareness and love expands. I can never fail. Everything occurs as it should have. Superiority is a very seductive illusion, but it does not exist. The beauty of a garden, the night sky is as the whole of humanity – each star a beautiful contribution to the whole. There is nothing we cannot know, including God.
What needs of a decade ago do you still need? What true failure can you identify in your life? To whom have I felt superior or inferior? What have you been unable to understand?

19) The three core concepts of holistic living are honesty, awareness and responsibility. All that humanity has learned throughout the ages, and yet life is still such a mystery. The experience of oneness as opposed to its concept is awesome. Take responsibility for everything in our lives.

20) Life functions within a ‘be to have’ paradise. Many think you must have things in order to be something. This is backwards of how life works. You must first be, then you will have. You already have such and such. They are in who you are. Cause another to experience what you desire and you will see who you are and what you have. In giving it away you see that you are the source. Your awareness is born. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” How do I want to be in this situation? What you want, give to someone who has less of it.

21) There are three levels of awareness, hope, faith and knowing. To have the mind pay attention to the soul = full consciousness. Hope is optimism. Faith has entered the field of awareness. The place of knowing is that of peace. This total knowing is something can enter again and again, with the hope of residing there. Feeling is the language of the soul.

22) Five fallacies about God – 1) God needs something, 2) God can fail to get what he needs, 3) God has separated you from him because you have not given him what he needs, 4) God still needs it so badly that he requires you to give it to him even in your separation, 5) God will destroy you if you do not meet his requirements. It is taboo even to question if you mistakenly thought such of him. If God needs nothing all the above is null and void. I will not be separated from him, he will have no wrath and I will not be punished or destroyed. Millions are convinced of these fallacies.

23) Five fallacies about life – create violence, killing and war. 1) We are separate from each other, 2) there is not enough to go around for all of our needs, 3) to get what we need we must compete, 4) some human beings are better than others, 5) it’s appropriate to kill others to get your needs met. Our religions, even the Bible is full of these fallacies. Believing we are separate from others comes from our belief that we are separate from God. There are three realms in Gods kingdom, the realm of being, the spiritual realm and the physical. Here are three ways for life to express itself. Divinity wished to experience itself and therefore he divided himself up. Through levels of consciousness God comes to know himself again and more fully. Through all his parts he would experience himself. Things that appear as opposites are really differing degrees of the same. As is white light passing thru a prism to divide it into its colors.
We feel and fear there is not enough for all. This promotes competition where one must justify their worthiness. Thus humanity is divided into winners and losers, the winners being superior to the losers. These are better in the eyes of God (race, gender and orientation). Many feel that it is justified to kill those that are inferior or are in the way to progress. Our religions lead in this error, even in the Bible. If we thought we were all One, such would not happen.

24) You think you are being terrorized by others – in truth we are being terrorized by our beliefs. There are five steps to peace. Our beliefs can make us so unyielding in the face of opposition. 1) Admit that our predecessors could have erred, 2) admit my knowledge of God is incomplete. Expansion is what we seek. 3) We are willing for new understandings of God, 4) embrace new ideas only if they align with your own conviction of soul, 5) express our lives as a demonstration of our higher beliefs. Who am I and what is my contribution to the whole? Don’t let fear stop me.

25) Let there be a new gospel for all – we are all one, ours is not a better way, but merely another way. An attitude of superiority is what blocks our way. Superiority is seductive. Is not God everything? If everything is one thing, then God is part of everything. We and God are both spiritual and physical. God did not separate us from Himself. We need not get back to him, we are one with him. Atonement theory says otherwise, but could it be erroneous?
Ours is not a better way, but merely another way. Pure faith empowers itself and produces the results it calls for. All roads lead to the top of the mountain. Righteousness need be extracted from our religion. If God is your target you cannot miss. Fear of damnation is no longer a way to win followers. Never again suggest to another that your religion is the only way. If you get heated in a religious discussion step back and slow down your speech and lower the volume. I can understand how you would see it as such. See your oneness with the person you disagree with.