God is all that is. Life is that simple.
For the one who is beyond all labels, His name, ‘What Is’ (I AM).
It is love, joy and perfect peace. Rest in him.

A small thought or feeling can disturb this peace and make waves.
Do not resist life’s changes and you will be in perfect peace.
Rather rest in ‘What Is’ and you’ll enjoy a new revelation.

What have you come to teach me? Change is leading to something better.
Soft is beautiful. Flow with the wave.
See the magic, the divine mind in all that is coming to me at this time.

Ego’s expectations will only let you down
The soul is freed and formed through dying,
No feeling is a threat to me, but an invitation of self discovery.

Resilience turns weakest into strength, convincing us ‘continue on’,
It professes our commitment to welcoming, not resisting the unknown.
It’s a reclamation of our power.

Expectations will trip us up and make us stumble,
They will only squelch the joy of other’s freedom,
Let them go and you will be able to respond to their joys.