Whatever Arises, Love that:

A Love Revolution that begins with you, by Matt Kahn (a summary by Pat Evert)

Introduction: Whether you know it or not, you have come to this planet during the most exciting time in human evolution. We have chosen to incarnate during a time when an entire planet is undergoing the process of awakening to fulfill the prophecies of every awake being who came before us. While the expansion of consciousness in one individual is referred to as awakening, the spiritual evolution of an entire civilization or planet is known as ascension.
The majority of my adolescence was divided between life as a teenager in a very liberal Jewish household and communicating with angels and Ascended Masters who regularly visited me in my bedroom. It is the wisdom of the Universe calling you out of the shadows of inferiority, so you can shine at full capacity for the well-being of all. By loving what arises, you unearth the deepest understanding of the Universe in the most heart-centered way. As your heart opens, you are able to see how every circumstance and detail of life has been created only to help you grow on a spiritual level.

CHAPTER 1 – Beginning Your Love Revolution: Throughout this heart-centered revolution, you come to realize that underneath it all love is what you are and all you’ve ever wanted. Even when life seems cruel and confusing, I deserve more love, not less. The more each feeling is welcomed, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it seems to be; the easier it is to be aligned with your heart—despite the circumstances in view. Once you allow feelings to be felt on a more intimate level, the next step is learning to relax your body. An easy way to relax your body is to slow your breath. Many people attempt to deepen their breath but wind up inhaling quickly along the way. The key is slow, gentle breathing to remind your body it is safe to let in and feel what could only be another moment of transformation. When only love can make it safe enough to face what you feel, the deepest healing is accessed by welcoming each sensation, without a need to analyze, contemplate, or process your experiences any further. Just by bringing greater attention to the part of your body where strong emotions or physical pain linger, you are loosening each layer of cellular memory to assist in another moment of healing. I accept that this feeling is only here to be embraced as it’s never been embraced before. As you gently breathe your attention into the center of any feeling, simply repeat the following healing mantra, either silently or out loud: I love you…  I love you …  Do this for a two minute period. Even if confronted by an emotion that is too difficult to face or feels impossible to love, this simply becomes an opportunity to love the one who is unable to openly face the fate of their experiences. Each emotional surge invites you to welcome in yourself all that has yet to be faced, acknowledged, or honored by anyone else. The more judgments are unraveled throughout this process, the easier your heart is able to remain open. Simply by repeating the phrase “I love you,” you become the source of your own fulfillment, while rewriting your subconscious mind with consistency, patience, and ease. In order for your heart to blossom, it must be given the right to open as quickly or slowly as it desires. If this creates a stir of impatience or panic inside, it can become an opportunity to recognize the one who feels this way as the next one in line to be loved.
   I don’t know how to love the sadness I feel… or this …
   I don’t know how to love the things I hate about myself.

As you accept what you don’t know, the Universe within you that knows and does it all is called into action. Soon, you may be able to see that each climate of circumstances has been assembled only to bring you into deeper communion with the feelings of your inner child. It’s okay that I don’t like feeling this, and yet it’s here, so I can make peace with it. I recognize that the one who feels this way is like a child who never behaves the way I want them to act. “No matter how this child feels, they are as deserving of my unconditional love as anyone else.” As you awaken out of a world of polarity, you are no longer tossed back and forth between the highs and lows of life. Anything other than feeling good doesn’t have to be viewed as bad. Loving what arises allows you to treasure your inner child in a way that no other person may have ever done before.

CHAPTER 2 – A Master Revealed: I realized that no matter how many mystical experiences I had, no matter how deeply I could feel into the people around me, or how clearly I could transmit messages that positively affected so many lives, those were not actual benchmarks for my spiritual evolution. I quickly began to see how often I would fight or negotiate with life as a sign of how infrequently I trusted in the faith of the divine plan. “May I be a conduit of awakened consciousness. May I heal what is unresolved in every heart, and may I bring forth what will finally satisfy my desire to be the One I already am.” Within a few days, a response came during a dialogue I had with the Universe, in the form of four simple words: “Whatever arises, love that.” I continued to send love to anything that got my attention. As I did this, I began to see every person, place, and thing as works of art on exhibit in the museum of divinity, where I was both a visitor as well as a work of art on display. As I would love these feelings in my body, I could also intuitively sense that I was embracing the feelings that were unresolved in all bodies. I began to see that as I healed myself, I was transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of all. It wasn’t a sense of I am doing this from a belief in personal control. It was a direct realization of “I” as the eternal One in all. Simply by taking the time to honor yourself more often, even when everything seems fine in your life, you can always stop throughout your day, knowing the love that you cultivate is always sent to all hearts in existence.

CHAPTER 3 – The Heart of Surrender: Even if there is a sensation of fear, the mere consideration of no longer fighting against the things that fight with you becomes another opportunity to release unconscious patterns just by loving the heart that feels so threatened. If you can sense a willingness to fight within you, this is surely the next one in line to be on the receiving end of your loving attention. I accept that the aspect of self that fights is only here to be loved as only I can love it. I acknowledge that the aspect of self that fights is not in a fight with anything or anyone but is actually fighting for the beauty, ecstasy, and perfection of my own loving attention. I accept that the aspect of self that fights—that is fueled by a need to be right or have the final word—is only fighting for my attention. “You are perfect just the way you are. You are the biggest blessing to me.” Since your subconscious mind does not know the difference between someone else saying certain words and you saying them to yourself, your heart will heal the same way even if the words don’t come from the person of your choosing. Choices aligned with a high vibration often bring excitement, ease, and relaxation into your body. The choices reflecting a low vibration feel contracted, heavy, and fill you with doubt, shame, guilt, worry, or resentment. As your consciousness expands, you realize that outcomes are orchestrated by the Universe only to put you into the exact situation to awaken your next highest level of consciousness. By following the feedback of your feelings, your life is guided by a precise flow of intuitive guidance. Whatever arises in the lives of those around you, including yourself, reveals the next moment of healing in the evolution of the whole. I hereby surrender the fate of all of my choices to the highest vibration of love. I allow love in its purest, most powerful form to fully inhabit this body, to speak every word, to choose every option, to orchestrate all behaviors, to maneuver through each encounter by recognizing each moment as a chance to speak to others the very words I’ve always wanted to hear.

CHAPTER 4 – Ego, Suffering, and the Overstimulated Nervous System: An attachment to ego often creates the pain that you hope to resolve. I intuitively knew the wisest approach must always be rooted in love. You may not even take the time to wholeheartedly receive the gifts that have been given to you. In the heart of surrender, your highest aspiration is to fulfill each goal in the most loving possible way. If there is an imbalance, it will be healed with love. If there is confusion, it will be clarified with love. If there is anything to choose, it will be chosen by love. If there is anything to awaken, it will be awakened by love. Since love is the highest vibration, everything you encounter—including your worst enemy, your most dramatic experiences, and even the ego itself—must be met with openness, compassion, and care in order to come into contact with the wisest teachings of the Universe. “Ego is the imaginary identity of an overstimulated nervous system.” The primary function of the nervous system is to help maintain a sense of linear order throughout the simultaneous and multidimensional nature of life. While it appears as if we all inhabit the same planet, everyone lives in their own version of it. The assumption that the world you see is the only one existing is a limiting belief held together by an attachment to ego. When your consciousness is limited through patterns of overstimulation, the nervous system deletes from your perception anything that contradicts your most stringent beliefs. One vital reason the nervous system expels potential possibilities out of your view is to assist you in having experiences that you are able to handle. Your nervous system regulates experiences, allowing your consciousness to welcome the arrival of greater possibilities, but in a way that is both natural and ever-revealing. The living realization of truth cannot be fully revealed until the nervous system is relaxed. Each of us came to this planet for a wide spectrum of experiences while being guided by the perfection of the Universe—from start to finish.

One of the most immediate ways to unravel the nervous system is by being completely honest. Honesty is your innate ability to stand completely exposed; allowing the world to do what it may, and say what it will so that you may know who you are—beyond the realm of ideas. In the heart of surrender, you will see, time and time again, whatever you or anyone else is feeling is more patterns being healed. When you know that whatever you or anyone else is feeling is a healing taking place, you are able to harmonize with the will of the Universe to consciously advance the evolution of humanity. As you accept how incredibly healing each moment can be, you are no longer obligated to judge yourself, even if failing to act in a loving manner. This is why unraveling the overstimulated nervous system in the most loving manner is the central theme of the new spiritual paradigm. By acknowledging how often the opportunity to heal yourself and others is offered throughout the play of life, your attachment to ego begins to dissolve. From that space, you are no longer victimized by reactions or in need of blaming anyone for how you feel. Radical honesty is remembering that your evolution occurs during every sincere sharing, no matter how anyone responds. Whether you are being triggered or triggering another, the goal is to let go of your defenses in support of the evolution of all. Whatever you are feeling is healing. Be completely honest and loving with yourself. When love is invited into your life, it unravels the subconscious patterns that keep you so dissatisfied through a constant need to seek. You can make opening your heart your central point of focus and allow love to find a way to resolve it all for you. By loving the one who can’t do anything right, loving the one who feels like a failure, or even loving the one who is burdened by discontent, you immediately turn a corner in the direction of true heartfelt relief.

CHAPTER 5 – The Overactive Mind: It is helpful to unravel the nervous system by sending love to an overactive mind. If it’s not the way you would talk to a child in need, it shouldn’t be the way you talk to yourself. Another sign of an overstimulated nervous system is shallow breathing. Just as the mind is as noisy as the heart is closed, the breath is as shallow as the nervous system is overstimulated. As your breath slows and deepens, the mind is returned to silence while the heart is permitted to open. Simply by taking several mini-breathing breaks throughout the day, you cultivate an ability to feel instinctively safe wherever you go. When in the presence of someone who seems defensive, distracted, or unable to meet you in an openhearted manner, just speak more slowly and breathe more deeply to become a better listener in their life than they may be for themselves. By savoring your words, slowing down your breath, listening with greater interest, and gifting others with your personal love statement, you anchor a higher vibration of consciousness. Whether you’re engaging with children, interacting with relatives, or meeting the ongoing demands of work, each environment has been created by the Universe to help you transform so you can live in harmony, as the love that you are. Instead of matching the energy of others, you merely do the opposite. If others shout, you choose to listen. If others complain, you respond with a compliment. This also helps you learn that you don’t need anyone to act in a certain way in order to feel the harmony, bliss, and joy that life always provides. Each of those personal encounters becomes an invitation to breathe more slowly, speak more softly, and act more graciously as a way of coming into greater harmony with the light of your divinity. This allows you to feel safe in your body, not as a result of personal circumstances, but based on how compassionately you are willing to respond to the situations at hand.

CHAPTER 6 – Exploring the Ego: One of the aspects of a righteous ego is skepticism. This occurs when an ego is convinced that the way it sees the world is the way everyone else should see it. Victimized inflammation is the kind of inflammation in which an ego believes it is always a victim of circumstances. Entitled inflammation occurs when a person believes it is their right to have whatever they want, exactly when they want it, even at the expense or to the detriment of others. Needy inflammation is this type of ego, no matter how much attention is received from others; it never feels like enough to be properly filled up. It’s never enough. In each of these aspects of inflammation, there is always a kernel of truth.


This occurs by loving what arises – whether loving the one in pain, accepting the one who desires revenge, forgiving the one who is good at holding grudges, or having compassion for the one who seeks conflict in an attempt to have the final word, each aspect is only here to be acknowledged as never before. Such a revolution occurs by remembering, I’m the one who deserves more love, not less, no matter how disappointed, angry, or insistent I am in needing others to change. Each feeling is here to be loved as only I can love it. In order to call upon your highest qualities for the wellbeing of all, it is essential to become the source of your own fulfillment. No matter how consistently you’re operating from ego, such moments invite you to realize, I’m not here to ridicule myself or anyone else’s behavior. I deserve more love, not less. When victimhood is apparent, it is here to be loved, as only I can love it. This can become a chance to recognize guilt as the next one to be loved. “Today I am not who I used to be. I’m a brand-new version of myself that only today can inspire. In this brand-new moment, I choose you again for whatever the day may bring.” From one moment to the next, you are free to make choices in the name of love to discover the joy that you were always meant to find.

CHAPTER 7 – Mastering Relationships: When all of the interactions you have with your family, friends, or in your workplace become opportunities to serve our awakening humanity, a master of relationships has been found. No longer can you be satisfied by being enlightened in private and inflamed in public, knowing that every moment of conflict is an opportunity to discover the invaluable gifts that life provides. The way in which we can transmit this energy is through the offering of a compliment. The spiritual purpose of a compliment acts as a selfless blessing of appreciation that reminds others how much they are valued. Perhaps one of the most spiritually relevant practices is offering this type of genuine compliment to everyone you meet. When the unconscious actions of others inspire you to turn it into a gift, you access the power of a true heartfelt compliment to transform reality with elegance and grace. Love is not a defensive energy. It is an offensive energy that only has gifts to share.

CHAPTER 8 – The Merging of Mind and Heart: Whether as the activity of the mind or as reactive patterns in your body, loving what arises gives you full permission to be in a world without being victimized by the characters you see. As the mind and heart reunite in holy matrimony, you are able to see how everything that comes your way can be turned into a gift, and with greater receptivity and ease, you can cultivate love in every encounter. From a unified space of heart-centered mastery, you can be for everyone you encounter the parent they never knew, the best friend they forgot they had. Any attempt to pull away from emotions only sends another message of abandonment to your heart. They can only be transformed through your willingness to love.

When sadness arises, it can become an opportunity for love to activate the art of self-compliment by saying to your heart: I welcome your sadness. I wish for you to share with me everything you feel about it even if it’s due to a loss of something that you weren’t ready to let go of. No matter how sad you feel, these feelings just show me how meaningful things are to you. When you’re sad because of loss or things that change, it shows me how deeply you appreciate what has been given to you and how much you value the gifts that come your way. Similarly, when anger erupts, frightening you with the magnitude of your own power, you can breathe slowly and allow love in by saying to your heart: Hello, anger. I want you to know that you have a right to be upset. You are free to express it in this way. I invite you to be upset for as long as you wish. You are free to point your finger at anyone you please and plead your case. I am listening to you. This shows me how eager you are to act as my protector even though I really don’t need to be protected. You discover the true purpose of compliments as a way of transforming whatever arises with love, acceptance, and authenticity.

CHAPTER 9 – Conscious Communication: A true enlightened master in a modern-day era knows how to communicate the love of their true self by translating it into a language that anyone can interpret. An awakened being knows listening to be the most direct way to remind someone of their highest value. The best answer is taking a greater interest in the questioner. How profoundly would your life change if you no longer had to answer your own concerns or solve anyone’s problems? What if you simply listened and gave loving attention to whatever comes your way? The reason they were there was to learn how to listen, more deeply than anyone else had ever heard them before.

As the nervous system unwinds, your attention expands to dissolve self-doubt, because the act of listening lengthens your attention span. In most cases, it’s not necessary that you even respond to those who are asking you to listen, simply because listening itself is already the best answer. When a desire to interrupt becomes an opportunity to slow your breathing and listen at a more intimate level, you increase the likelihood of the other person being more open to receiving what you have to say, once you’ve allowed them to make their point. “What are the words I always wanted to hear whenever I felt that way?” The words that would have made a difference. If only those in your life had known what to say, become the gifts you are here to offer as a way of healing both hearts. This can include offering love to the aspect of self that lashes out at other people.

The importance of honesty cuts to the core of how much you have placed all your faith in the greater cosmic picture of the Universe. When you are willing to speak your highest truth in the presence of another with the utmost love and compassion, it demonstrates how much you trust your divine guidance to reveal the exact words you need to hear. Before you can be honest in the presence of another, it is essential to learn how to be honest with yourself. This requires a courageous depth of integrity to become aware of how you want others to treat you, so that you can be that way for others whether or not they’re able to do so in return for you. Even when it’s your turn to speak, integrity invites you to declare, in the presence of others, your unwavering trust in the supreme plan of the Universe by how passionate, transparent, and honest you’re willing to be.

Frequency matching establishes an agreement that whenever one person feels unheard or disconnected, it invites both hearts to work together to find a common vibration. As part of this practice, either partner has the right to say, “I’m feeling disconnected from your heart,” or “I’m having a hard time connecting with you.” In response to this feedback, both partners engage in frequency matching by holding hands while looking into each other’s eyes. The objective is to match each slow inhale and exhale of your partner so both are breathing at the same relaxed and gentle pace at the same time. As both partners align their breath for a minute or more, a common vibrational frequency allows their hearts to entrain and feel supported so that deeper conversations can resume. As a healing exercise to help you open to the practice of frequency matching, you can look into a mirror and take a few moments to gaze into your own eyes. The more often you face yourself, the easier it is to welcome the vulnerability of others without a fear of being hurt or rejected. Expanding the potential of any personal encounter always begins by establishing a more intimate relationship with your heart.

CHAPTER 10 – The Importance of Slowing Down: Since you cannot miss out on experiences that you are always meant to have, every breath offers you the chance to put your faith into the hands of the Universe to remember how blessed, supported, and divinely guided you already are. This invites your heart to feel safe enough to open as relaxation confirms how aligned and balanced you have come to be. As relaxation indicates that you are successfully maintaining integrity with your heart, your nervous system unravels to free you from the heaviness of guilt, shame, fear, victimhood, and obligation. While success in many areas of life may be contingent upon getting things done, the rewards of spiritual evolution are discovered when the way you approach each task is equally as important as the goal at hand.

Once you have made contact with the phrases that have affected you in the most painful way, another important step in cultivating integrity with your heart is vowing to never speak those words to yourself or anyone else again. Spiritual redemption is breaking the cycle of cruelty. Whether you are able to welcome life from a spiritually aligned perspective or get triggered by the actions of others, the most important thing is making peace with your inner child. You are able to resolve every point of contention by becoming the acceptance and support that others haven’t provided you.


CHAPTER 11 – Everything Is Significant: The natural impulse of love is to acknowledge the existence of divinity in all. The more openhearted, gentle, and innocent anyone tends to be, the more beautiful they appear. Whenever life is honored with significance, every person, place, and thing can be celebrated for the vital and equal role it plays throughout the divine plan. Since your body is the Universe, you can greet each part with “Hello, beautiful” as a way of sending infinite blessings and waves of healing energy to every corner of the cosmos. This is what it means to start your own love revolution. It is discovering the courage, passion, and desire to reveal your divine qualities, incredible talents, and remarkable abilities for the benefit of all—at the rate in which loving yourself becomes your most deliberate spiritual practice.
The first is always being honest with yourself by admitting how you feel. Pain is a faithful agent of truth that resurfaces in life to help you become more open, receptive, and vulnerable instead of fearful, desperate, and defeated. The one who doesn’t like to be in pain is the next one in line to be loved. If you’re not ready for such a step, you can just admit how you feel. The second way to be safely rooted in your body is by embracing confusion as an unlikely ally. I hereby acknowledge confusion as a friend. Both pain and confusion are divine catalysts that I call “the uninvited guests.” This means they have a way of showing up often at times you least expect or want them around.

CHAPTER 12 – Awakening: What to Expect: Even when all sense of who you thought you were dissolves and disappears, it is the perfection of love that propels you from one level to the next. With love as your guide, you are destined to be as integrated, compassionate, and wise as you are liberated, healed, reborn, and free. Since nothing occurs by chance, no experience exists as an obstacle on your path. It could only be the next pearl of insight, merely appearing to be in your way as the most direct means to help you evolve. Throughout the ups and downs of contraction and expansion, it’s as if you are ping-ponging between those extremes to ensure your love becomes unconditional. On one end, everything seems joyous, perfectly in flow, and fulfilling at every turn. On the opposite side, everything feels unsafe, unsettled, and imbalanced as if nothing’s right with the world. As you’ve come to learn about uncomfortable emotions, whatever you’re feeling, you are healing. As always, the most direct way to accelerate any spiritual process is by relaxing into it. Recognize this as an important sign of transformation already in progress.

Instead of feeling inferior to others by comparison, you can come to believe you are spiritually superior. If this occurs, it’s easy to lose sight of the humility that recognizes each person as a master in training. If the ego is attempting to take charge of your journey. It is never a matter of whether you are doing the right things or doing things incorrectly, but noticing whether or not your behavior is coming from a space of relaxation or compulsion. To break through to the other side, but without a clue as to how to care about life when nothing seems to matter, I offer you this important exercise. I invite you to sit comfortably, close your eyes, and repeat the following healing mantra:
   There is no way out of pain. There is no way out of judgment.

As you take a bold step in the direction of life’s most heartfelt surrender, the acceptance that there is no way out of pain or judgment unravels every strategy of manipulation and avoidance. Without manipulation or avoidance as active forces, pain or judgment will no longer be enemies,

CHAPTER 13 – Ascension: Planetary Awakening: From this view, the outcomes and circumstances that were once so important have now been replaced by a desire to master relationships, explore the art of communication, and love what arises. With each “I love you” offered in response to anything you think, say, witness, or feel, the innocence of all is uplifted by the grace of your radiant eternal presence. From that space, you are no longer a person waiting to be liberated by life. You are life’s eternal liberator, setting free the truth in every heart by taking the time to love your heart more often. No matter how often you seem lost in the ups and downs of circumstance, playing out the righteous, victimized, entitled, or needy inflammation of a human ego, you are the highest destiny of divinity, made manifest into form, as an evolving modern-day spiritual master.
I acknowledge that what appears to be an individual journey is an entire planet being collectively healed, awakened, and loved as I am.
I acknowledge everyone I see as the eternal One I AM. Even if it feels as if I’m only one among many, I accept this is merely one perspective within the vastness of infinite views. No matter how anything seems to be, I can rejoice tkhat I am transforming this perspective for all, just by allowing it to be on the receiving end of my loving attention.
I also accept that others are here to transform additional aspects for my evolution as well. Together as One, we celebrate the victory that has already been ensured since the beginning of time for the liberation of all.