Wolf’s Message

by Suzanne Giesemann (a summary by Pat Evert)


Introduction: Your son “Wolf” (a name he adopted) believes he is living in two worlds –our conventional world of the physical, and the controversial world of Spirit. Your handsome son loves animals, poetry, and art, and he is beloved by many people. Yet he is “haunted” by mystical experiences which few of his peers share, and he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Wolf comes to you early in the morning, and you take reams of notes of the information he gives you. He instructs you to have the information formally “scored” by a world renowned expert in such matters. The credibility of the parents, the medium, and the scientist are beyond reproach. You are not reading scientific theory or literary fiction here; the facts are genuine facts. Wolf’s central message is about the essential balancing and integration of mind and heart in our evolution toward love and oneness. He walked in two worlds at once: the physical and the non-physical. Highly connected with his spirit side in a way that others could not understand, Wolf was aware of his impending death.

1 – “You realized that your son is your teacher.”  Were it not for the overwhelming quantity and quality of evidence received during those communications, I would have remained in my limited left-brain mindset. The personal experiences brought my right brain back on line, and that led me to a completely unexpected career change. “My son knew he was going to die,” Mike replied in a tone that defied disbelief. “How is that possible?” My eyes locked on his as I answered him with three short words: “The soul knows.”

2 – It was as if he had gone to the cemetery on purpose.  Those who had been in the downtown area remembered the highly localized storm. They recalled how quickly it came up, seemingly out of nowhere. Several people reported hearing a single, deafening crack of thunder. Wolf’s final poem which was now forever inscribed on their hearts. The time has come to allow the light of nature to free my soul … So many other things in Wolf’s final hours seemed to confirm that he had somehow known he was going to die. He had told his father he was finished moving his art around. He had cut the lightning bolt out of a favorite T-Shirt and tacked it to the wall across from a poem that presaged the exact manner of his death. He had tidied up his apartment as if he knew he wasn’t coming back. And he had told his friends moments before the fatal storm, “I have to go now.” He had drawn a recognizable image, compellingly visible now to the inquiring minds of his parents. What they saw, to their utter stupefaction, was the distinct shape of a gnarly old beech tree. And there, at the base of its thick trunk, stood two, tall, majestic red roses.

3 – There is a limit to the frequencies in the environment that the brain can detect. Unfortunately, these same filters also prevent most people from detecting the finely tuned vibrations emanating around us, including those from our loved ones no longer in physical form. I reminded Mike that just because we cannot see or hear something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. At a soul level, all of us are tuned in to the higher frequencies of the non-physical world. We walk in two worlds at once as spirit-beings temporarily existing in human form. The physical and the non-physical dimensions are intimately interconnected. Signs of this interconnection abound, but with our consciousness focused primarily on the physical, we tend to tune out what can often be subtle yet very meaningful signals. If Wolf knew details about his own death, his soul was picking up information that existed at a level beyond a human’s ability to comprehend.

5 – He’s trying to get through this constant connection he had with ‘more than the Earth’ –so that’s why I’m sensing the parachuting and the balloon images. He was ‘in both …’ That’s it! ‘In both worlds at once, all the time’ … like he couldn’t turn it off. ‘Who’s to say that people in mental institutions aren’t just in another world?’ And you can see how I was in both worlds and unable to function on the normal baseline.’ Here he accompanied his concepts with a burst of emotion, and I emphasized his next words, ’But there was nothing wrong with my heart.’ I am helping those who passed who also could not relate at the human level. I am helping them when they get to the other side,’ because he’s operating higher than what’s normal at the next level.

6 – To process and focus on feeling rather than thinking. This potent combination of trust and feeling allows the incoming information to bypass the brain’s barriers and go straight to the heart. Considering the challenges involved, I conceded that a “C” might be acceptable after all. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what mysteries lay hidden in Wolf’s unsolved messages.


7 – In reality, wolves are friendly and social creatures. Aggression is something they avoid. Even though living in close-knit packs it provides wolves with a strong sense of family, they are still able to maintain their individuality. Wolves represent the spirit of freedom. The yin-yang symbol represented the ongoing dance of opposites in our current reality, united within the oneness of the circle. As I read the more detailed description of the symbol on the Internet, the words “balance” and “harmony” appeared on each site I opened.

8 – To me, her use of the word confirmed my belief that our thoughts are often put there by helpers on the other side. I sensed that once again I was being nudged by another Michael who went by the nickname “Wolf” to remain open and receptive to new experiences.

9 – We are not gods, not deities, not to be revered. Just a higher vibration, here to teach love. Yes, and so am I, I thought. So are all of us.

10 – I call it ‘Going Home.’ Both Wolf Pasakarnis and Barry Mack were artists, but like yin and yang, their styles were at opposite ends of the spectrum. One drew primitive sketches, the other painted museum-quality masterpieces. Their inspiration, however, came from the same Source.

11 – One thing I had learned during the past few years was to be open-minded. I had assumed that when Wolf showed me the image, it referred to a past event, but Mike and Beth had no specific memory of any such incident involving Wolf. It never dawned on me that Wolf was referring to something that would occur in the future. “I have no attachment to things,” she said as she handed it to me. The single eye represents seeing with neutrality and compassion. The eye of God is the heart. Sanaya explained that human beings are made of energy, as is the Earth. All energy is connected. Therefore, how we think and act affects the consciousness of not just the people on the Earth, but the Earth itself. Just as there are large areas of physical darkness around our planet, there are large concentrations of spiritual darkness as well, resulting in gaps in the energetic grid. They showed me that as people come into alignment with their true self and become heart-centered, they achieve a state known as “Christ consciousness” or “unity consciousness.” When an individual turns up the light inside and becomes aware of his or her own divinity, one more light in the Christ consciousness grid turns on. They showed me their vision of a fully activated grid in the form of a sparkling stellated dodecahedron surrounding our beautiful, living planet.

12 – Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. Happily, I chose to listen. I had learned from experience that when I trust my unseen helpers, life unfolds in magical ways. He included a dream catcher in his final drawing to show how interconnected all things are. In the past few months I had become entangled in a web with a young man who died the same way my step-daughter had died. Wolf knew when he drew his dream catcher that each of us is one strand in a giant web of consciousness. Through him I was learning that the weave of that web is finer than most of us realize. We discover this for ourselves when we open our eyes and notice the signs that are all around us, whether they be as glaring as a billboard on a bus or as subtle as a still small voice that speaks of snowshoes in August.


13 – Sitting in awareness of my oneness with All That Is, I prayed, “I am so grateful for the gift of life. I affirm that my actions here today will help to raise the consciousness of all who inhabit this Earth. I see the placement of this crystal in this sacred setting blessing all of us and helping to strengthen the energetic grid that forms the pattern of our beautiful planet.

I celebrate that all of us are coming to know ourselves as one with our Source and learning to love each other as souls on the same journey.” My shame turned to gratitude for the reminder that no matter how our challenges manifest in human form, the soul is the eternal expression of perfect love. I might have been tempted to delete the photos had I not received a loving reminder from Wolf that allowed me to see beyond her human mask to the perfect soul inside.

14 – There is a gift for you there, the voice said, exactly as it had on the trail at Lake Louise. I knew to trust that voice, “The more we open our minds to possibilities,” I said, “the more miracles happen.” Two great civilizations hold the keys to living from the heart: Mayans and aboriginal people. These points of light are the souls living today whose hearts are in alignment, those who have raised their frequency and are living from the heart. The time of the lone wolf is over. I circled the words along with the lesson that followed: “We are on the verge of a massive shift of consciousness that will change how we relate to each other and how we feel inside.” The time had come to get out of the head and into the heart.

15 – Wolf brought up his poor grades, his inability to hold down a job, and the word “schizophrenia,” I again shook my head in wonder. This loving essence that is present in all souls was a key message I wanted to convey to my audience. Wayne Knoll made a statement that changed my life, “A truly spiritual person loves everyone.” From the moment we take in our first breath at birth until we exhale for the final time at death, we are living in both spirit and human form. Our physical bodies are made of the same earthly substance as the ground around us. From dust our bodies have come and to dust they will return as our soul continues its eternal journey. In the meantime, we nourish our physical bodies with food and with the unseen energy and support from Mother Earth. We long to return to our natural state of wholeness. Like the yin and the yang in the symbol Wolf drew so often, our physical bodies and our spirit bodies dance in harmony, making up two sides of a whole. When we focus on one side of our wholeness and ignore the other side, we are out of balance.


16 – Just as we hadn’t planned on buying a new RV when we left Florida, neither had we planned on returning to St. Louis and giving two back-to-back presentations. When I agreed to speak to the congregation again, I had no idea that the spirit of a young man named Wolf would come into my life and give me a story so powerful that I would feel compelled to share it. “All of us walk in two worlds at once:” I stated, “the world of matter and the spirit world. “The soul knows … “ Wolf was known as a loving yet troubled young man when he walked this Earth and now as a wise and powerful soul. A torus, the electromagnetic field of the heart is forty to sixty times stronger than that of the brain. This field changes according to your emotions. Wolf came to tell us that we human beings are out of alignment with our true nature.

Because we place so much value today on logic, technology, and the intellect, we are neglecting the heart. As a result, we are unbalanced spiritually, prisoners of the head. Based on his mental state, some people might have used the term ‘unbalanced’ to describe Wolf. What he was lacking mentally, however, he more than made up for from the heart. Being in the head is not necessarily bad, but focusing on our human side is only part of our wholeness. Our task is to remain aware that we walk in two worlds at once—the physical world and the world of spirit. When you become aware that you are both a human being and a spirit being, you can then make a conscious choice to shift your awareness to the heart. From this state of higher consciousness, you become a neutral observer of what is going on at the ego level and can better decide how you will react when you return your consciousness to the role of participant. We find peace when we make choices that are in alignment with our true nature, which is love.

Sit quietly now with your feet flat on the floor, your arms uncrossed, your palms face up or face down in your lap. Slowly draw in a breath. Hold it for a few counts and let it out as slowly as you took it in. Take in another deep breath. Hold it, and as you release it, visualize any negativity and tension flowing out through the soles of your feet, being absorbed into the Earth. Continue relaxing more and more with the breath and feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into your chair. As your mind slows down and your body relaxes, visualize a shaft of white light coming from above and passing through you into the ground. Follow that shaft of light with your consciousness to the very center of the Earth. Now breathe in, and as you do so, breathe the energy of the Earth up, up, up from the center straight into your heart. Exhale normally and comfortably. Do this again, drawing in the energy from Mother Earth, from her center all the way up through the soles of your feet and into your heart. When it gets there, allow it to continue flowing throughout and beyond your body, forming a sphere of loving energy around you. Now that you have that flow going, visualize a continuous stream from the center of the Earth to your heart. This flow replenishes and refreshes the Earth energies that make up your physical body. Feel gratitude for your life and for all of the things on this Earth with which you are blessed. Now move your attention to the realm of Spirit. Move your consciousness high above you. As you breathe in, draw in the energy of the cosmos, that spirit energy, from as high as you can travel on the shaft of light, all the way down through your head and into your heart. Repeat the action of inhaling from as high above as possible, drawing in with the breath the spirit energies from above directly to your heart. As that energy reaches your heart, allow it to circulate wherever it needs to go within and around your body. Visualize the flow continuing now with every breath you take. Inhale again, and as you do so visualize the Earth energies and the celestial energies flowing in simultaneously on the breath, from below and from above, unifying at the heart. This dual stream balances the energies coming into union at the heart. Be aware of your consciousness residing in the body, but know that this is not the only place it resides. See your body sitting within this shaft of light, but now move your consciousness above the body. Shift your awareness to a place about one foot above the head but still within the shaft of light. Visualize yourself dissolving into your natural state as a particle of light. Look down at your body. It is maintained below you on the chair, but you as spirit are everywhere at once. Now drift down the shaft of light into your body. Flow past the head into the chest area. Feel yourself glide into that sacred heart space. How does it feel to be there? All of the energy from below and above flow and join you there. How does it feel? You can sense the head far above you and the feet far below. They are not the real you. How does the real you feel? Dwelling with your consciousness in this sacred space, hear these words: ‘Spirit of Great Healer, awaken within this heart. Peace and tranquility flow like water. May the light of All That Is free my soul and awaken me fully to the truth of who I am. I am far more than the physical body. I am without form, without limit, beyond space, beyond time. I am in everything, and everything is in me. I am the light. I am the light. I am the light.’ This is alignment—this state of being in the heart, no longer prisoner to the head, but in a state of awareness of your true being … a unified whole comprised of the Earth energies and the spirit energies. You are all of that. Know that you can return to this place of peace, this place of tranquility, at any time. Know that here you will always be home. Return here often. This is the real you. Gratitude will bring you here instantly. Come to know it intimately as you kindle more and more the flame within you. For now, take a cleansing breath and slowly return to full waking consciousness.

According to the Heartmath institute, feelings of gratitude, appreciation and other positive emotions synchronize brain and heart rhythms. This creates a shift to a coherent state, generating a greater balance of emotions. Seeing from the heart results in greater awareness of our interconnectedness. It is from this higher state of unity consciousness that we watch the drama of life unfold below us with compassion. The result is freedom from the false identification with the world of duality as our true home and a healthier balance between the ego and the spirit.

17 – Since ancient times, spirals have represented spiritual growth and the ever-expanding journey of the soul. The journey of the soul is ever onward, ever upward.

18 – The pupil of the eye is a simple mandala representing the bridge between the outer light of the physical world and the light that burns within us. When you focus on your roles as human beings, you see yourselves as individual entities, like separate pieces of a puzzle. When you see with the eyes of the soul, you see the whole picture. There is only one Spirit, but it takes many forms. The center of each of you is the heart, but together you form the one heart of God. You find your way home through the heart. Teach the message of balance as you have been doing, but tie it all together now with the lesson of oneness.

We are fully supported by a loving Universe. Wolf has taken multiple opportunities to demonstrate how intricately interconnected the physical world is to the spiritual world. Understanding that our unseen helpers don’t mind when we put them to the test, I added, “It has to be a big sign, and I need it within twenty-four hours if it’s going to count.” Synchronicities like this happen because all minds are connected. What we think are our own thoughts are often put there by our unseen helpers. This begs the question: are any of our thoughts our own? My answer is the key message I hope you take from this book: Spirit is indivisible. In truth, there is only One Mind. The words to this book flowed like water because I did not write them alone. They were divinely inspired and guided. I don’t believe Wolf was crazy. He simply walked in two worlds at once. Wolf showed only compassion for others. He came back from the other side to show all of us that beyond our human imperfections we are pure spirit beings and our true essence is love. The reason we are here is very simple: We are here to love each other.