Your Soul’s Plan

Discovering the real meaning of the life you planned before you were born, by Robert Schwartz (a summary by Pat Evert)


Introduction – The author had an interview with a medium and realized his pre birth plan to write this book. Later he had an experience of wonder-filled unconditional love for everyone, a taste of what his true soul is like. He has collaborated with four mediums gifted to contact the spirit world on the behalf of ten interviewees in this book to explain for us some reasons why they had pre-planned their lives on earth.

Pre-birth planningWe plan our lives before our birth on earth. We might even plan a terrible catastrophe for the wisdom and growth gained for our souls. Our souls are vast, majestic and transcendent. There is no shame for not fulfilling our goals, no punishment. We are pure love and learning love is our goal in everything.

Physical illness – John had AIDS. He chose to incarnate into a life of shame and suffering, something he deserved? There are soul mates and soul teams. This was to see he is no less lovable than others. What he truly deserves is love. We are not the limited, flawed beings we seem. We experience fear and hatred in this realm. Here we can exploit and murder. My body is threatened, but not my soul. Learning through contrasts and balance. Disease is not a punishment, but a healing for humanity. We are as actors on a stage. We need to learn forgiveness and move beyond judgmentalism.

Doris has breast cancer. An alcoholic mother slanders her with ‘whore’. This was said in love, for Doris to achieve her goal of growth. She had a large bust line. She had overcome cancer 3 times. Soul fragments, a soul lives numerous lives simultaneously. She did this to become a comforter. Our thoughts create physical reality, not the reverse. There is a shift from personality to soul consciousness to love self and others. The ripple effect, our thoughts and actions affect all humanity and creation. Remove blame and forgive. Mistreatment is really sacrifice on their part. The benevolent Creator allows us to plan our growth experiences and thus find ourselves and Him.

Parenting handicapped children – Jennifer, a teacher, has two handicapped children, Ryan and Brad, with autism, bipolar, ADD and blindness. During WWII these two handicapped children had the truth and hid it. Now they have the truth, but are unable to communicate it.

Deafness and blindness – Penelope from a previous life suffered great trauma in the murder of her mother and her own suicide. This time around she comes back as a deaf, black woman.

Bob, almost died in the incubator and lost his eyesight due to too much oxygen. He also was gay and in a mixed orientation marriage. This age we live in is known as the age of fear.

Drug addiction and alcoholism – Sharon’s son Tony almost overdosed on heroine. Later his friend, Eddie, did. Infinite souls use limitations to experience growth. The ripple effect, everything we do effects everyone else. To be judgmental is to separate from others, to be compassionate is to unite with them. Get to know and love yourself.

Pat was an alcoholic for over 40 years. What we might view as weakness or failure is really courage and suffering, leading to dependence on God.

Death of loved ones – Valerie lost her only son to an accidental overdose of drugs. Her fiancé, DC, dies in a diving accident. This is to learn love, love for others and for self. She has needed to see her self worth and identity apart from others. To learn love through loss.

Accidents (so called) – Jason as a young husband and dad dives into a pool and becomes a quadriplegic. Accidents can be an opportunity to learn and fulfillment of goals. Or it can be an exit for a soul, or a walk out and possibly a walk in of another soul.

Christina suffers a bomb explosion and her realization that this was a fulfillment of a pre-birth plan. Throughout this event she remembers her pre-birth planning and goal of being here as a healer and enlightener. She is actually of the same soul team with the author of this book, who met up during this interview. Both want to teach others of these principles. The bomber for eras has had difficulties in communication and socializing and all are hoping that this would bring him to receive forgiveness and learn of the love of the One with whom we are all united.

ConclusionThings are not as they seem. The unlovely and of minority status or oppressed could very well be the courageous who had pre-planned such a difficult life for the well being of all humanity. Even those who commit horrendous acts could be acting in order to help others achieve the goals and desired growth they have planned.