Earth Adventure II

Your soul’s journey through physical reality, by Ron Scolastico Phd (a summary by Pat Evert)  

The profound beauty of the true self, and of source, lures me on. We can fully manifest the magnificence of our soul in the everyday reality of our lives. You began as a soul of love and creativity, you are the eternal force that has created the personality you presently experience. You will find that this earth adventure is not a dangerous, threatening experience, but an exciting, fulfilling journey. 

For many generations of earth life, the souls rejoiced in projecting a portion of their self-awareness into etheric human forms, becoming more solid, more physical. Humans began to experience themselves as a unique ego, and to temporarily, while living in physical form, dim their conscious awareness of the eternal realities. In the creation of the individual ego, the souls instilled free will. This feeling of independence intensified the experience of earth. All of this was accompanied by a diminishing awareness of the eternal portions of reality. Then came about the beginning of human fear, a strange new feeling, and with it a feeling of separation. Your capacity to perceive eternal realities had been diminished (in order to intensify your experience of earth). What appears in earth life to be a loss of the perfection of God, is seen from the souls’ point of view as simply another expression of human freedom and choice. 

The love and goodness throughout all human civilization is an expression of your eternal nature. On the other hand, the stream of negativity running through civilization is caused by temporary human fear. That eventually will be healed. All of human civilization is an expression of God. If they can love in their own day to day life, in the simple ways, then their feelings about life will be transformed. They will become a part of the healing of that fear. At this time, there are more human beings with a great capacity to love than ever before in all of human history. Certainly a quickening in the evolution of earth. You are the direct expression of God in earth. You are dissolving the force of separation. “I am fulfilling myself, and also living for all of humanity.” 

The souls projected a portion of themselves, from their own eternal bosom, an intense ray of love, imbued with an awareness of itself. Personality experience was created so that the soul could temporarily “lose” itself in the beauty of the earth life in order to experience an intensification of joy and love. The personality is a “crossroads” where the earth forces of the body intermingle with the eternal forces of the soul. By choosing to identify with eternal forces, you lift up your personality experience and thereby project into the earth reality the eternal energies of your soul, and of God. As a soul, your past personality experiences of human love and joy have been taken into you and have become a part of you as an eternal soul. There is so much love in human beings that if you could give it freely to all on earth, you would eventually heal all of the fears. You must be willing to imagine the forces of your soul and of God within you. “The personality forces within me are projections of myself as an eternal soul, indeed an expression of God living in human form.”

No matter what you feel, you are always the magnificence of God. Fulfilling yourself begins in your inner life. Within your personality there is a goodness, a perfection, and a love, all of which are brilliant reflections of God. Within a physical human animal, a divine awareness of self is the culmination of the desires of the God force as they interact with matter. Your soul planted within your personality extremely intense qualities of strength, courage, patience, and love. 

Your soul will attempt even more to begin a new birth of the truth within you. You will cease to struggle against life as if it were an enemy. It is never too late to fulfill yourself. The subjective experience would expand even further to rejoice in all of God, in all of its manifestations. As soon as they realize they can heal their own fear in any instant in which they are willing to love. After death, the feeling of total magnificence that has always lived in you as a human throughout your physical life, comes back to your consciousness. You are transforming from a limited human personality back into the eternal soul that created your personality.

You-as-a-personality have brought magnificent gifts to you-as-an-eternal-soul. Your human lives bring you a unique kind of expansiveness and fulfillment that you could not receive in any other way. As you assess the earth life of your personality, there is no judgment or criticism. “Negative” energies are not real, thus they do not exist beyond physical death. From infinite possibilities, your soul created what is the perfect personality for you in this lifetime. You infuse into the new personality all of the beautiful abilities that you wish to have.

If you would take a few moments each day to love yourself, we can assure you that your struggles, confusions, pains, and fears would be healed in the great energies of love that you would create within yourself. To recognize the magnificence of yourself as a human being; to love the human being that you are in this moment. You are coming nearer to perceiving yourself as an eternal soul. You are coming closer to experiencing God.

You are tied to a reality that is beautiful, and good, and filled with love; a reality that can never be diminished by your present temporary pain. By healing those fears, you will draw forth the magnificence of your natural human awareness. There is only good in the universe. All beings, all realities, perfect, magnificent, totally loving. During your attunements, whether you are aware of the God forces or not, they will be filling you with love, expanding you, and uplifting you. 

Once you of your own free will, turn your attention to the eternal realities within which you live, then you have begun to move toward a fulfillment that is one of the most magnificent possibilities in all of the universes.

“No matter what my personality might think, or feel, or believe, my subjective human experience cannot alter the truth. And the truth of me is a force of perfection, of love, of all that I can conceive of as goodness.
No matter what takes place in my human life, it can never alter the fact that I am an eternal soul; a soul of perfection; a soul of love. Nothing can change that.” 

You will need to find a way to live those negative feelings and experience them without losing sight of the truth. By persistently attuning to the eternal truths, without ignoring your human personality, you can heal such confused feelings, and you can come to know the truth of your eternal soul. In your attunements, you are simply bringing to your conscious awareness the magnificence of God that has always been living in you. You become the example of the way in which fear is healed, and truth and love are brought forth from within the depths of your human personality.

The Earth Adventure, a more complete version