Presence – Week 9

I love myself unconditionally

Our unconscious definition of love is conditional and keeps us from experiencing unconditional love. It only leaves us feeling lack. Our relationships don’t bring us the unconditional love we need, but rather reveal our lack of it. We need gain more PMA to see clearly. Looking for love, which is unconscious, is to be in lack. We must find such contentment in Presence. Don’t manipulate your spouse. Don’t expect them to make you happy. You cannot get it by taking it from another. Feel yourself as already full (wanting nothing) and give it to yourself unconditionally.
Our experience is happening to us because it is required. Our wants make us feel better, but it never feels enough. Our requirements are what is happening to us and facilitates personal evolution. Be content with what is, this is integration. Trying to get love will not bring contentment, only lack. Contentment comes by giving love to yourself – learn to feed yourself. Wants are conditional and produce lack, requirements are unconditional producing fullness. The world, like a mirror, can give you nothing. We have come to place unconditional love in our experience of the world. It is never the responsibility of another to love us unconditionally. Presence is doing everything to awaken us gently, without robbing us of our responsibility. I need love myself consciously, without blaming or expecting it from others. The messengers in our lives first seem like demons come to torment us, but as we become conscious we begin to see them for the angels they are, working with us to realize the love we already are