(Workshops in brief) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A little more…

True Knowing – To truly know often means you’re releasing an idea, a desire, or a claim of what should be. The Divine Self that you are is not dependent on external sources to direct it. When you are in your knowing, you are never afraid. the Divine is all things. In these moments there is no questioning. Action is implied. Any fear that you encounter on this journey is an opportunity to overcome it. The key to the Kingdom is to know that you already have all you need. Only the small self is still seeking. Listen to the heart! You are all in the masquerade ball. When you know yourself as worthy of love, when you agree to love in others, the music transforms. There is no more violence on the dance floor.

Embodiment –   Our being is transposed to a higher vibration – re-articulation. You will no longer need fame, fortune or love. You are the incarnation of these teachings, the Word made flesh. The true self abides in the upper room in union with all. We are no longer being lead or defined by the personality. We no longer value one human being more than another. Every day give thanks for what you have. The most fearful or shameful events of your life can be re-known, known as the presence of the divine. A claim of truth is higher than an erroneous memory. No one can make you whole. The desire for romantic love cannot be met by another. * LX *

Abundance –  We intend to teach you how to become open to that which is truly yours, which is the Divine; and how to agree to what is for the highest. Petitioning is telling God what it should do, as opposed to knowing that the Divine knows what is best. If you begin to look at lack as the denial of the Divine, you will take a great step forward. Stepping out of the way, and aligning to your true natures being met in perfect ways, will gift you far more than you know. In the Upper Room, the truth of your being begins to express. There is more than enough. You’ve denied yourselves entry to the very Source of all things. Claim the denial you have held of Source, and of the worth of the one beside you. You still think it’s your wishes that must be met, not your good that must be received. To claim your good, to claim your inheritance, is to claim what is already so.

Radical changeTo take advantage of the present opportunities you must relinquish the expectations of the past. The realization of the inherent divine is to agree to what already is. We all will experience the new world of divine realization. You are not correcting others behavior, but seeing them in truth. There is no separation or individualism in the upper room. There is work to be done in consciousness. The present times are that of releasing your ideas of who you have been. Change, the unknown, is now the standard. The times hold great promise, unparalleled times. Let go of your idea of separation and specialness. In times of change look to those beside you as allies. Put your differences aside. See yourselves for who you truly are. Love them as they are.

True Purpose – Fear is the denial of the divine. You won’t get what you expect. Expectations are of the small self. The true self knows beyond all expectation. True purpose is resurrection or reclamation. You will be realized and released from the idea of self. We are being reconciled with our true nature, re-creation. Fear (unconscious behavior) will be released. The Divine Self has come as you. I have come as Pat, for the reclamation of all. We are no longer creating from fear, but releasing it. The true self does not judge. I am love being embodied. Ego wants a finish line, but there is none.

RedemptionThe idea of who you are as outside of God, must be released for reconciliation to occur. Why is it worth it to cast out another when you cast yourself out in the process? If you’ve made the decision that this experience is for your learning, opportunities will come to teach you in a higher way. To become the translator of matter, the one that sees a world made new, is to comprehend who and what you are. “God Is, God Is, God Is,” will claim all things in truth, and relinquish the small self’s requirement to re-invest in an idea of self that she has fostered. You are reclaimed, re-acclimated. As you align in the Upper Room, the process of release of the old, present themselves one after the next in the perfect sequence. The idea of matter being translated to a higher accord is challenging for all of you.

Reclaiming the World The world we see before us is in adjustment. Sometimes people are giving you exactly what you need to release attachment. A new world is being raised by those who can see it. My addiction to such and such… is one with God, with myself. I release this to be re-known. Let go of who you think you should be. You are granted a new possibility. Agree to your inherent worth. God is … claim it. The statement of reclamation. The best is yet to come. Run to the upper room and demand they be known anew. Confirm the true nature of them. * LV *

Change – The soul that you hold requires change to realize itself, to know itself anew. The sense of self that is being released now is the self that believes she is separate. The unknown is where your highest good will be met. Agree that you are safe on the journey before you. You cannot believe you are worthy of the Kingdom. I am willing to say yes with my entire being to a reunified state where the divine that has come as I, seeks reclamation with its Source. Our intent has been to support you on this powerful journey to reunification, to realization, and to knowing. The true self already knows this, the small self will continue to deny it. The claim “God Is, God Is, God Is” upon the personality structure is to move it beyond its old idea of self into an agreement, to the higher tone that is present as all things. The passage of reconciliation with the Monad is actually the most important aspect of this teaching. You are going from the separate self to the unified true self. You are not questioning your love or your worthiness of love. The lifting is not only the self you know, small self if you wish, but the entirety of humanity.

Birth – The dawn of a new humanity is before us. Release expectation of what you should be. This is the quickest way to realization. Stop denying who and what God is. Fear is the result of denying God. To claim the knowing of the Divine upon what you see is the act of reclamation that is required to transform the world. Blessing is re-seeing. It is the presence of the infinite Divine where it has been denied. It takes a ton of effort to demand someone be who you think they should be, and that is unforgiveness. These teachings are experiential. The principle behind rebirth – you are perceiving anew and claiming what you see in truth because you have lifted beyond the veil of self-deception and you have moved beyond the collective fear, which is the denial of the Divine. You can either lift or deny the divine. Embrace who you are. What if I could be your friend wanting nothing from you? 

Respect – To see the self as worthy of a higher outcome, a higher way of being in the world, is the purpose of this class. The acceptance of the self that you know and the agreement to the self that you don’t. When we teach you inherent true respect, we are teaching you that who and what you are is actually undisturbed by choice, because all is opportunity for the soul to unfold. The small self has its preferences of outcome. The true self is on the escalator with you, showing you the new ways of being, that are now available to you. When you stop knowing what should be, you may see what truly is. When all things are made new, you must trust implicitly that the needs of the individual and the collective will be met, but in higher ways than before. The alignment you hold claims all things in agreement to their true nature, which is the inherent Divine as manifest. You are lifting through seeing, through knowing that the idea of separation has never been true. This is not about getting something, but being who you truly are

InitiationThe initiator is you as a pioneer of realization. In the upper room we are reunified as One. We have capacity to love. The realization of divinity is being initiated. To change something is done by the true self, by re-knowing, for the issue does not exist in the upper room. God doesn’t make the path hard, you do. No one needs to be fixed, but rather known for who they are, realized and unified. The realigning of identity in the upper room is what is happening. We are becoming aware of our self beyond the small self. What is available to us in the upper room is our divine knowing. 

Forgiveness – God must know love and cannot know unforgiveness. The True Self, cannot be harmed, is always free, and this is the aspect of self that is called upon to liberate you. “It will be so,” is the reclamation of the small self into the higher realm. Separation and fear have no place in the upper room. If you are willing to be seen anew, that will in fact lift you beyond any idea you may have held. The authority you have, is to re-see, re-know, reclaim, and consequently lift anything in your purview to a higher way of being. Say yes to who you are beyond the old ideas. Your investment in outcome, is how you weight an idea. What ego cannot forgive, the Divine does. Empty the file cabinet in the waste basket. True forgiveness leaves a place in the heart for the Creator to express itself where prior it could not be so. It’s to re-know anything with the presence of the Divine always there. You are witnessing the presence that has always been there and has so oft been denied by you. * L *

Opening To Love Be open to however love might appear, not limited to previous experiences. Any part of you that refuses love must be re-known. The true self has been hidden, even denied, in the unconscious person. To love another is to know they are worthy of it. I am worthy of love. Love may take any form. Nothing is too terrible for God. Let love strip you of all resistance, even heartbreak. You know you are worthy. I am allowed much more than I have had in the past. Romantic love is to exaggerate them beyond fault, which they cannot maintain and will turn to resentment. To truly love is to know who they truly are. We are calling into form that which already exists in the upper room. 

Maintaining VibrationThe re-articulation of the individual in a truer state, can be claimed if you are willing to release the small self’s ideas of what should be. It’s by your choice, to agree to the truth of who you are. You cannot claim the Divine Self as who and what you are while denying it in your brother. Claim who and what you see as worthy of God, even if they would deny it. To lift to the higher is to simply know the truth beyond what you see. When you are aligned to the Upper Room, the small self is still present, but it has been re-articulated. You are knowing yourself anew. This will always benefit more than just you. Focus on the collective. Focus on the opportunity that is being presented to be made new. The claim “Behold, I make all things new,” does not dictate what the new should be. The moment you decide that “God Is, God Is, God Is,” you can stop decreeing what God should be. The claim “God Is,” is a way of being in agreement to manifestation that exists beyond the eyes you’ve held, to what may now be seen in what we call the Upper Room. Your identity, whether or not you know it, is no longer what it was.

Grace – Grace is alignment or agreement to the divine, one’s true nature. Release the old, the denial of the divine. To know yourself anew is to know yourself without the disguise. You start to live from the 20th floor rather than the basement. You know yourself beyond separation. To abide in grace is alignment, to see the divine in all. We are not becoming better. No progress is needed. Just see the truth of who we have always been. Ego seeks progress, the true self sees the inherent divine. Knowing her in her worth will do her more benefit than correcting her behavior. This is not a teaching about outcome (ego’s wants), but realization (expressing the true self). The claim ‘God is…’ is the claim of realization.

The Release of the OldAnd the release of the old are quite simply those things that would deny the Divine in you and in all. That is what is released. What if the greatest joy may not be met through the old acts, but as a yet undiscovered one? It is to know yourself as the recipient of what you truly require.  What you are doing is releasing the need for the old. The Divine knows my requirements. “I am met by them as I need them. And I trust, in faith, that my needs are being met perfectly.” When you enter the Upper Room in innocence, you enter without the dictates of what should be, without history in a purified state, which is vibration, which is essence. If you release the expectation to suffer you will release much more with it. If you stop agreeing to the self as being a victim of circumstance, you will have a much richer life

Revolution – There is a restructuring of identity in the collective. Stop trying and recognize what is true. The divine is all things, is One. Everything you encounter is an opportunity to reknow who you truly are.  This is only for a moment. Witness the divine in whatever form it takes. You refute the denial or fear by the claim God is… Accept the presence of the divine in place of the fear.  Practice seeing God in this and that – God is… Any story or judgment about it is illusion. Re-identification occurs in the upper room through the attunements, the claims offered. The upper room is beyond the known, yet without fear. You have the right to be. The true self is here to integrate my experiences in order to realize the divine. * XLV *

RevelationThe revelation is to see everything as opportunity. Forgive them for not being who you want them to be. God loves through me. You are learning your true self in experience. This isn’t so important as I say it is. The generous spirit is unafraid. What if it doesn’t matter? There is no need to rush this process. 

A New Chapter – The cost of the old, brings you a love that is undeniable. The plane that you express in today is riddled in fear. The structures you see before you, hold within them the denial of the Divine. Any catalyst that challenges what you think you should be becomes opportunity to be re-known. And the opportunity it offers, is reconciliation with your inherent divine nature. If you love them anyway, you can transform the encounter. Any idols you have created, ways of deciding what God is or should be, that are not in truth are now being disassembled. “It will be so,” is to invoke the will of the Divine. They are not evil, they are misled, and the realization of the Divine as them is what supports them in a new awakening. You have become the net that loves and heals, that cannot deny the Divine in another. The Source of all — “God Is, God Is, God Is” — must be available to all. The Source of supply is always present you are never frightened of lack. The idea that the Source of all things will not do what you want is the basis for your fear

Manifestation – All in form is to be transformed beyond fear. Manifestation is more about awareness of who you are and less about getting what you want. Alignment means you will always be receiving what you require. Stop trying to fix things, rather re-see them. Don’t worry, you are doing well. Our true self wants that which is so much higher. Don’t make things more important than they are. There is nothing to mess up. I am learning. I get to be happy. I don’t have to have the responses of the past. A big change is coming regarding separation and union. What if opening the heart is as easy as opening a door? It is never hard to love.

Becoming the One you WantMisidentification, historical meaning, denial of the divine, fear and separation must be released. Now you may transcend the mask of identity that has taken the place of your True Self. You are no higher than you have claimed another. It’s to reclaim him beyond what is said, beyond what is seen. When all are known in God, the world is made new, and no one will or can be left behind. You have moved to the receptive self who acts in accordance with knowing who she truly is, when you let go of wanting. You are being taught now more and more through your experience of your lives. But what is actually occurring is that the truth of your being is being revealed. All fear is, is the denial of the Divine, nothing more. 

Resurrection – Your idea of you is not wrong, but limited. It is the true self that sees the divine in all else. The divine sees you with no judgment. All things are being made new – one who operates in union, not separation. It is much easier to love than not to. The true self operates in knowing, and does not speak in reference of should. Your reliance on history diminishes. You are learning experentially that God is everything. Experience the self made new, the expression of the true self. * XL *

Claiming the Kingdom – Duality, fear and separation do not exist in the upper room. Your true nature has been denied for so long and can now be reclaimed. All I see before me may now be reseen in love. The idea of the kingdom is not bounty or getting what you want. It is opportunity. You must not deny God in any part of your life, it is only a deception. Know your authority and claim the kingdom, a world in consciousness.

Birth and Rebirth The reunification of the Divine in matter is what will heal this world. What will bind you to the lower is your damning of your brothers, your fear of your friends, your neighbors. To deny the will of another is always a low choice. To bless another, regardless of what he or she thinks or does, is always a high choice. You are moving from singular relation to plurality, as all beings. Understand the valley as opportunity and not punishment. Everything is opportunity, and indeed, must be seen as such. You are being restored to a higher nature, that is not corrupted through fear of what you truly are. We come to the upper room to get our needs met, but instead we find ourselves re-articulated into alignment to the true self. By just being who you are you are removing the lies of what others have thought themselves to be. You are not overriding will. You are claiming what is always true. What you do in these claims is you release the denial of the Divine, which was an illusion, an agreed upon illusion to separation, and restore what is seen to the Kingdom.

Beyond SeparationIn re-knowing myself I see that I am not a victim, but a master. Everything is opportunity. What you give your attention to becomes your reality. You are no longer dependent upon what once was. You re-know it. You are in the perfect place and opportunity to learn who you are and be liberated from the past. Unification, I am one with Source, with all that is. God is reconciling itself to its true nature. You lift them by witnessing who they truly are. We don’t have to continue being who we were in fear, but we do have to continue as who we are in costume. 

Ascension – The collective itself is now mandated to re-see what it has claimed in the denial of the worth of another. The opportunity for ascension is to grab hands with your brother and lift with them. You become the opportunity of the Divine to know itself in what it sees. A true revolution is in consciousness.  It’s bringing awareness, but letting go at the same time. The divine truth within you will never ask you to damn another, or to fight against another. The manifestation of the Divine as humanity in a way that you have not known, carries with it great promise and great release. You can face it in fear or you can face it in wonder. The times you stand in will not be what you expect them to be. What if 90% of what you owned could indeed be shared. You are not damning the personality self or seeking to extinguish it. It is being re-known as of God, as are all aspects of self. You welcome and love the small self without judgment

Faith – We are authorized to teach you who you are so that you may lift the world to a new way of being. You want what you had, even if what you have had has been the cause of your pain. Everything created in fear must now be reknown. To say she should be or do something is to deny the divine in her. To say I cannot be loved is also a denial of the divine. Your service to the world is knowing who you truly are. Fear is the denial of God. Know your worth and you will not fear rejection. We are reclaiming, remembering our citizenship of the kingdom, which is our birthright. You only need to release an idea. That which we have damned in darkness can be lifted now to the light.  * XXXV *

The Birth of the NewReidentification is making all things new. Nothing needs to be changed, but recognized for what it is in truth. The disassembling of the old is not a tragedy. Reconciliation with who you are in truth is the teaching. You are released from your prior creations. This teaching is the release of the small self’s reign and the true self‘s claim of the kingdom.

The Road before Us – You see before you a world in transition, reclaiming itself in what we call the Upper Room at the cost of the old. It need not be fearful, and you must do one thing, which is release your attachment to who you think you are and what should be. “Behold, I make all things new” — is not fixing what you see, it’s reclaiming it. The re-knowing of all things as of God is simply the act of no longer denying. It is by lifting the other with yourself in love. Make a long list of those things you damn in yourself or your neighbors or the world. We are learning to see things through the eyes of God. The claim “Behold, I make all things new” is not meant to improve something. It is meant to realize the perfection that already exists. In the claim “I Have Come,” you in fact give permission to every aspect of self to be re-seen. The True Self knows itself as of the whole, and it operates in love, not through fear, not through blame or condemnation. Every moment, you see, then becomes an opportunity to witness the Divine. “I see the one before me with the eyes of the Christ.”

PeaceRelease your expectations in order to receive much more. I claim peace upon all that I witness. The trials that face you now are opportunity to re-know everything as of one Source. Before you can lift something to the upper room you must see it as it is in truth. You cannot lift something you call bad to the upper room. If Jesus had been afraid he would not have walked on the water. What you are undergoing now is a re-creation of self. When the truth is claimed, when the energy of truth is present, the mask is released. Here is an opportunity to know myself in a higher way. In the past we have made many unconscious agreements, but now we are beginning to make conscious collective choices in agreement to who we are. In challenges to see the opportunity for growth is the remedy to fear. Humanity has decided collectively to lift itself beyond fear. A world is made new, not through destruction, but by the lifting of what has been to its inherent divinity. And what will be born in your lifetimes will be beyond what you believed can be

The Kingdom – Fear is what prevents that lifting to a higher perception/expression. The Kingdom is a profound state of awareness of the presence of God, and the joy that accompanies that. As your light brightens it will disclose more of the masquerade we created in fear to be re-seen and known anew. Everything is an expression of Source. We see you all as of one Source, a pluralized identity, the Divine as one in myriad expression. To perceive from history is to see things as how they “should” be. But the true self sees how they “can” be. If you wish to stay in separation, you are in for a very bumpy ride. The resistance to the transformation that you perceive around you is the action of fear. The world is in great change. Our part is to see it all as divine and watch to see how we all evolveWhen you claim the divine in something you are lifted to another state of consciousness or expression in you and the other. When you stop denying the Divine in the self, you cannot deny it in what you perceive. 

Beyond fear – To simply state, “I will not confirm fear,” is to release its grasp upon you. Forgiveness is a priority now for any individual who wishes to release the idea of who she is and claim what she is in truth. When you lift to the Upper Room you are lifting beyond fear. The simplest action would be to say, “No, thank you. I don’t require this fear. I have no need for fear.When you refer to the history you’ve known, you abnegate the potential for a new response, a new perception. If you understand that the aspect of self, the Divine Self who expresses beyond fear, is who you are acclimating to, you will stop claiming fear. We intend to take you to an experience of fearlessness that you may be claimed by. Your willingness to release fear is what is required now. The true self is fearless. I am not looking to be fearless, I am fearless. Only the small self needs/has fear. The True Self can escort the small self to a new realization of who she has always been. Are you willing to be known without fear? * XXX *

Channeling GodThe transition you make is the relinquishing of the idea of who you have been. Humanity is at a point in which it will be unmasked and seen for who it is in truth. The True Self as you who has aligned to this teaching, will indeed liberate you from past in the claim “I Have Come.” She claims you free and clear of the small self’s ideas of fear, blame, and damnation. Now, when you align to the True Self, something occurs that you don’t understand. Your requirements change — those of the true self, not those of the small self. Alchemy is the remaking of humanity in its true state beyond the small self’s declaring what must be. Humanity itself has chosen a new path — reconciliation. “Behold, I make all things new.” Arrogance, self-deceit and fear must be released. You have been in the house of mirrors, operating from a distorted perception. But now, “I have come.” The true self sees clearly, no longer based on legacy or separation. You become a channel of God, its expression to lift the rest of the world.

Your true callingIt is letting go of the known and all its expectations. The True Self as you is not fettered, rather free from all expectations. When the True Self comes forth, who knows who he is, he is: 1) unafraid, and, 2) not complicit to the manipulation of another.  I release any need to control another. And I claim my freedom from controls put upon me. True incarnation as the realized self is not about getting what you think you should have, but relying on the Source of all things for how you serve. The small self no longer dictates its desires. “I know (realize) who you are in truth.” When you condemn yourself, or an aspect of self, you deny the presence of the Divine as it. Whatever it may be, it must be seen before it can be liberated. We are given continuous opportunities to realign to the Upper Room, to see with new eyes. Know yourself beyond the personality structure, which is simply your opportunity to learn through.

The Freedom to be In the Upper Room, where the ideas of history, the names you have gone by, begin to release to create the new, the realization of the new, the Divine who has come to sing and to be. Indeed, you become who you truly are. To surrender to your true nature is to align the will in its remembrance of itself as of God and not separate from it. Whatever you see before you, whatever it may look like, is, indeed, an articulation of God. I see all things before me in the Upper Room. In the high octave of the Upper Room, where things are indeed made new. In a liberated state, we do not deny the past, but neither do we confirm its meaning. Any memory, i.e. I am a victim, may be lifted to the Upper Room to be re-known. Our perception needs be transformed. You are aligning to the inherent True Self. The True Self does not need this teaching, for he knows who he is. But the small self has gone through such an experience of separation that the idea of embodiment, in union with Source, seems incomprehensible. The new shore you land upon is, indeed, a higher expression of what humanity has been. This higher state is not something earned or aspired to. It is a higher state of agreement to what is already true. The inherent Divine is the solution, and in fact, always has been. The remedy comes in the Upper Room. As more fear releases from your being, the higher your frequency lifts you.

Rebirth – The Monad that is present as you, seeks to flower as you, and encompass you and your mind, your experience, and your body. You may lift what you see to its innate true nature, its inherent Divinity. “I have come,” which is the manifest Divine in its announcement of expression. As this is announced, the old begins to release. To no longer rely on the small self to get her needs met, it has been released in a surrender to who one truly is. To undergo a rebirth is to release the idea of who you have been and acquiesce to the truth of who you are. The Divine, has its own nature, its own expression, but we would hinder such expression with our low expectations, through our attachment to what the world has been to us. Now, realization is knowing. The one in the womb does not know the world beyond the womb until she releases it. It is only the denial of God that stands in the way of your realization. The decisiveness mandated, must be without condition. You are relinquishing that for something much higher, to become who and what you truly are. By forgiveness of everyone and everything, by agreement to the Divine that is present in all things. The claim of truth through the one who sees the world with new eyes and can lift what she sees to the Kingdom without effort because she knows who she is.

Withstanding Change – You can no longer claim the small self as who you are, but the true self. This comes at the cost of what was. You cannot claim the Divine in who and what you are, when you are so forceful in denying it in another. To re-know anything is to know God as what you see. You can’t know anything anew when you demand it be what it was. Have no expectations of what others should be or do. The denial of God is the only problem humanity has. The moment you witness the Divine in another, you lift him or her to her true nature. Your entrenchment in the lower octave through your adherence to the known, is what is making you suffer. The salvation of humanity is not done through an act. It is done through a reclamation of consciousness beyond what has been claimed prior. The requirement for this shift is the willingness to face the unknown, the willingness to step forward and be reclaimed for who you truly are. The inherent divine is aligning all things to its true nature. Have no expectations or objections to what grows. To know God beyond an idea of separation… Now that the mask is gone, now that the tethers to history are dissolving, many of you feel in free fall, uncertain of a future. * XXV *

Claiming a new worldLove is not hard. Resisting love is very hard. To be re–known is to see with new eyes. Know your worth. Nothing outside of you will complete your worth. Relationships are not to satisfy the ego’s requirements, what I want/need, but to teach us how wonderful we are. What was not loved must be loved, what was denied need be recognized. A new script is written. To re-know anything as of God is what allows for the lifting of it. The realization of the man as of God, is what will lift him to his true nature.

Manifestation – There is no fear of tomorrow when you operate in the present moment. The claim of the Upper Room “I have come,” is not a denial of what was, it’s a release of expectation of what you have known. The denial of the Divine in anyone, must now be seen as the chain that binds you and keeps you from rising to the realization of your true self. Yes, the small self is divine, she just doesn’t know it. The Divine Self who expresses as and through you, does not extinguish the small self, it loves it into acquiescence. But such will not be re-known if you are hiding them under the rug. You are free of the past as you agree that freedom is present in the moment you sit in. In the claim “I am known,” the agreement is made to re-identify as the one who is not separate. You were born to love. Please love, but please exclude no one from the love that would express through you. I claim that the aspect of self that I have denied truth to, that I have put in fear or in shame, will now be re-known and reclaimed in this higher way.

Awakening – The denial of the Divine has always been the problem. The realization of the Divine, which is the knowing of God that must be in all things, is the alignment to the new world. You stop being afraid of any encounter with anyone in the manifest world. To be lifted, and to know the self as safe, is the gift that comes of abiding in the Upper Room where there is no fear. Whatever you damn as bad, release your valuation of it and see the divinity in it. You can either blame the other or lift them, and in lifting them you also are lifted to the upper room. Now, you don’t re-know something by judging it or by damning it, but by saying, “Yes, I see this. I accept this thing. And, because it is there even though I wish it weren’t, it must be of God.” To know God while in form is to become manifest as the True Self, and this disqualifies you, in some ways, from the game of self-identifying as a solitary being, or separate from your fellows. And expression at this level is actually for the purpose of lifting the world through your encounter with it, not accruing the things that the small self thinks she should have.

Coming home, embodiment of the True Self – The True Self as you, will release old claims to be replaced with new and higher claims. I know who I am without any external or historical identity. I know myself as the Divine. You stop deciding another’s worth based upon appearance. You start to encourage the comprehension of the unity that expresses through the common I. The Divine as them is what blesses you back in a wave of vibration that we call the echo. The claim “I am free,” is the liberation from the game, about how you should be or the world should look. The claim “I am known,” as spoken by the True Self, is the claim of union. “I am one with the Source of all things. I am known within it and of it.” And in this way, the idea of separation will be remedied. Each day becomes the opportunity to make a new claim. We mature until all are included without fear. To realize yourself beyond the known, beyond the inherited standards that a culture would use, is the teaching of freedom. This is moving beyond a collective agreement of identity based in cultural mores or the data of history. Release your attachment to the old. Daily remind yourself of who you are in truth. God is who and what breaks your heart open wideto be reclaimed by the divine self.

Creation – We have no idea of the potential of creation in the unknown, the unmanifest. You may begin to claim into form the unmanifest. The denial of the Divine in what you hate, in the secret you hold, confirms again separation. When you allow every aspect of self that you would hide from God to be seen and claimed as unseparate, in union with, you partake in alchemy. The reflection we offer you cannot contain the shame, the self-doubt, the lack of love that you would claim in the world. To continue identifying as in the past is to deny the truth of the divine as you. You may claim, at any moment, at any instant, “I am in the Upper Room,” and lift what you encounter to it. The cost is always what you have believed in or thought yourselves to be. See the divine in all things and invite all things to see the divine in you, ‘I am known, I am known, I am known.’ * XX *

Rising of humanity – To realize God in anything or anyone, is to know the truth of them. Each of you who claims the kingdom, the awareness of the Divine that is present in all things, claims all people to you. To lift someone to the upper room you must first release them from all labels and ideas of which you see them. To be unmasked as the True Self is terrifying for most of you. In times of great change there is enormous opportunity, for truth to be known and reclaimed, and humanity itself to be reborn to a new recognition of its inherent worth. The vulnerability he feels, many of you feel now. You are realizing what always is. Not only is it so easy, it is too easy because it doesn’t require action. The lifting of humanity, the rising of it if you wish, is the recognition of the inherent divine that must be inherent in everything you see. Knowing will in fact align you and lift you, lifted not through action but by being. To lift the world is to know the world beyond the fear that it has chosen to learn through.

The way forward, living beyond the known – Gratitude for being. What if the gratitude you hold, in the lives you live, were not conditional to your expectations? You are a citizen of the upper room in a sustainable manner for the purpose of lifting the world. To know anything is to realize it, and to realize it is to claim it in its true state. The claim “I have come” is in all ways the pinnacle of the teaching and absorbs the other claims within it. Whatever it is it must become recognized as simply of God. Decide for five minutes alone not to exclude anything you see from the fabric of God. When you claim everything in its divinity you will be illuminating and lifting it. This causes vibrational disturbances felt as discomfort. Let go of the known (labels) and welcome the unknown (God) in everything. Don’t say that isn’t God, because it already is. A time of collective decision is coming. If the collective chooses not to arise we can go to the upper room for clarity to claim the truth for all. All will be lifted finally to the Upper Room. The true self does not control because it has no need. It merely claims and manifests the truth. You are not perpetuating the separation of history, but creating the new and unknown of the kingdom. The manifestation of change as we have said in prior teachings is enormous, and unlike anything you have known in the past. Don’t race across the bridge. It is too important a journey, and too deep a realization to be hurried.

Claiming the Kingdom – The divine self as me has no need to worry or throw a fit to get its way. You either align with fear or face it and lift. Let go of such attachments. The deliverance from fear is knowing who you are. The one who goes to the upper room is who you have always been and can only be in a higher vibrational state. To lift anything to the upper room is to reclaim it at its essence. Now every aspect of you needs to be re-known as divine, especially the undesirable parts, including the small self. The True Self in opportunity is unafraid. The opportunity comes in everyday awakening—to witness the God that is in and before you, even when it’s concealed by a mountain of fear.

The Upper Room – Everything is being reknown and lifted to a higher octave. Know them beyond their behavior. You are knowing who they are in their essence. I have come is the claim of the manifest divine in full expression, which is the upper room. It is effortless and unfailing. 
“I have come,” the action of the Divine that has come as you, in love and in great power.  We are bringing you into a space of higher vibration. Let go of ego. See God in everything. 

The release of the known – You are guaranteed the realization of the True Self that has come in form, it is who you have always been and cannot be otherwise.

  • Stop identifying with your history. 
  • Stop agreeing with the lower vibrations of fear, pain and loneliness. 
  • Claim your true identity and let it come to you

The upper classroom is the higher frequency (octave) from which we now live. The known we need to release is all of our identification with ego so that we might realize the unknown, our higher self, which is beyond all thought. As we lift we can lift all those around us as well. As we release who we thought we were we can reclaim ourselves as who we truly are, and everything else with us. When you claim the Divine in you or anyone or anything, you realize it anew. * XV *

Assumption: Embodying the Divine Self – See God in every person, in every relationship. Everyone is where they are supposed to be. To transcend this lower vibration you need to let go of history. The unknown is exceeding abundantly beyond the known. The release of the past in its totality is what is required to lift you to the next level. Your investment in the old is what claims your relationship to it. Become your own master, the promise of the Divine to lift you beyond the known. I am assumed in my true nature. To know the life that is before me in freedom and beauty. 

How to create a world –  What you see before you becomes your opportunity, you can claim the Divine in it and in all your experience. Do not deny the body any need or requirement it may have, but rather love it as it is. 

Freedom from fear – You don’t abandon the small self, you assume it. What aspect of me requires the most love?

A day without fear – The caterpillar has within her the butterfly, and the butterfly, once realized, has scant memory of how she knew herself prior. 

Beyond the known – You begin to shift your focus from what you think you are to what you can only be, the you who believes himself to be in truth as the Divine Self. Nothing is left the same after the encounter with truth. Get ready for the ride of your life. And while it is at the cost of the known, it is not at the cost of love and laughter and truth. * X *

Peace: a special year end – Allow the new to make itself known. Release that which is no longer needed for your soul’s growth to commence in beauty.

Live from Esalen – This true self desires to lift me and be known and recognized for who it is and thus to raise others. The divine desires to be realized through me in a higher octave, but I limit it. “I am free” is a claim of liberation from the known, from what you have assumed to be so, from the vibration of fear that would seek to assume itself as you. We must move you beyond what you have claimed or agreed to thus far. It is the equivalent of breaking the vase so that what lies within it may be finally known. You cannot be more divine than you are in this very moment. It is not a thing earned. It is not even a thing chosen. It is the true nature of being. 
You begin to know who you are at the cost of what you think. By your authorization, the small self will be lifted from the throne she has known, and the True Self will occupy its place.

Class on assumption – Who the hell you are is far more wonderful than you could ever assume, releasing you from what is not true. The road before you is a path that is being taken by you for your highest good. The Christ as you, is what we claim you in today. You are relinquishing not a damned thing that you need, only what stands in the way of realization.

The Kingdom – to be as you are at the cost of the old. It is already done in the higher octave. You are perfect now. 

Beyond the known – It means you stop claiming what you have been in agreement to what has been. * V *

Transformation of humanity – You bring your community with you. That is why you do this.

Beyond fear and judgment – The things that you believe frighten you are there to teach you and lift you beyond the claims that fear has made. I can move beyond fear and judgment by knowing my true self.

  • Are you willing to die to the life that you have known? 
  • To release the idealization of the life that you think you should live? 

I am the Word: the energetics of consciousness – Be liberated from fear and raised to higher vibration. We progress from 1st grade thru 12th. As you move up in vibration you shed many fears, values and behaviors of the past. ‘I know who I am’ is the claim of the true self. The true self does the work, the small self aligns to it.
This is not done by fixing yourself, but knowing yourself. 
We choose to realize our true selves at the cost of what we thought we were up to this point.

Aligning to truth, October 2016 – The true self is here to express itself through this disguise of myself.
Only the small self struggles…  it resists.