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Starting Over, May 2023 
1) When you claim independence from your history you claim a liberated identity. We are steeped in the common field of separation. God does not mandate a damn thing. Your identity is of God. Adherence to the old field holds you back. You release the denial of the divine when you stop aligning to fear. You come as the true one. You align to a level of resurrection. Your perception is changed. When we teach ‘God Is’ we are not whitewashing anything. We invoke the Divine as you. There is an aspect of you that knows itself as Source. We invite you to speak as the Monad. You are claiming the action of the divine upon your body, etc. 
2) You have permission to claim the new. When the Will is united with the divine, you are free of the small self and its idea is released. Form inhibits the divine’s expression. You are here to learn and this is a tremendous gift. To learn as Pat in this evolutionary journey. You are always starting again, every day, every moment. Your life is always in manifestation, not to get something. When you come as the Monad you enter a new world. The cost of a lie is very great. All sin is is the denial of the divine. When the Will is unified with Source there is no need of contracts. There are higher systems of love and service than what we have known. Love is your natural state of expression. Am I willing to know myself as worthy of Source? Am I willing to be and know love? Make two lists: the things you would keep and those you would release. 
3) Agree to your true identity rather than what as was overridden by history. You have autonomy in your body, but every body is one in Source. God is outpictured as everything you see. Each has the right to be and the right to be loved. There is no war or competition. The upper room is the new. Claim the love for yourself without the obstruction. Don’t decide what love should be. Getting your needs met is not love. To love another without any need of return will lift you and your world. Making all things new must include every idea you have. It’s not about getting what you want, but offering your self. The moment you love all things are changed. As you enter the upper room fear and shoulds are shed. The wave of change is rising, the shift is accelerating. What you are offered is much higher. The gift of your presence is a gift to all. 
4) The bias of separation demands that God be something other. In the reconciliation with truth these things may be released. Your previous ideas of who you are can be released. The true self knows who it is beyond any structure. Who am I now? The Monad does not hold memory, which is simply an idea. You defend the things that cause you your pain. You need only claim who you truly are. You are being realized! You are being made new. This delivers you from your history. There is no such thing as a shared memory. I make ALL things new
5) Longing is always in your field because you claim it. This is remedied by, ‘I am allowed to receive.’ You move into reception. True wealth and love is knowing your being. It may be received in high accord in the Upper Room. You are worthy of love, know yourself as such. Your soul knows what you need. You become participatory in the reclamation of the Divine. You are the liberator by presence and being. ‘God is’ releases the denial of the divine. Who you become when you are no longer attached to history/separation. You have the right to choose as you please. You are embracing the new. 

Sacred Union, April 2023
1) The Christ manifests as you and you are realized for who you truly are. The denial of the divine is a distortion. It is what we’ve known and chose to see. Instead of deciding what others should be, the true self knows who they truly are. We chose to learn separation. You cannot do this, but you must agree to it. What needs to be released will be released in order to realize the true, a world made new. Fear is a deceiver. There is an aspect of you that already operates in Union. 
2) Rearticulation is the re-cognition of all things as the Divine. Resurrection is the true self claiming all aspect of me into alignment with itself. All life is bringing me to a new awareness of who I am. We are moving to a level of Union while simultaneously recognizing our individuality. No longer separation. Realize the tragedy as God. We are not pretending. No one is favored. You are not improving your world, you are knowing it in truth. You must see what you prefer not to. God is not going to fix things. True knowing has no questions. 
3) Move beyond your concepts of race, status and gender to universal truth. One aspect of you always knows who it is, the other denies it. Separation has its place, but this class is about Union. You are not losing your humanity, but reclaiming it. This lifts our reality. There has never been a birth without labor. 
4) Accept yourself as you are. In love there is no fear. To long for something is to affirm it is not present. The manifest divine as you, I have come. The action of the divine, I make all things new. 
5) How you claim a world. Getting what you want is the old premise. You want to see things as they were. So much of what you expect is of the old. There is more love than I could ever need. I will not attach to an individual as the source of my love. My needs are being met by my agreement. You don’t seek God or tell it what it should be. You cannot be other than God. Celebrate these times for they are times of massive growth. Everything is being made new

Beginning to Love, April 2023
1) Love is a presence. The divine within you. Love is impartial and always present. Our marinade of separation hinders our understanding of it. To love one above another is idolatry. Comprehend every one as love. Parsing out love is a way of the personality. Allow love to be, even when not as you expect. Otherwise you deny the divine. The idea that one person will meet your need is erroneous. True love is acceptance, regardless of your preferences. Allow God to be operative through you. Your filter precludes much of love. All is love. God has come as you. In the upper room you make all things new. Love is all you think and so much more
2) As love you will not deny other’s inherent worth. Your true nature is your inheritance. We are being lifted to our true nature. Your will becomes attuned to the higher choice. We are reclaiming all things as of God. Love wants nothing in return. God has never been punishing. Love comes to all. What if these teachings were to grant you the kingdom? I am known in love. You align to the gift. The Christ has come and makes all things new. Show me where I deny love. God loves you as much as… I am loved and will not deny it. I am worthy and allow love. 
3) Resurrection is the realization of your true self. This is a process of aligning to the upper room. Romantic love is a distraction or distortion of love. Love will reclaim all. The man with the gun is holy. His act may not be, rather fear (unconsciousness). The Monad reclaims the nature of the man. Love allows the other to be and do as it pleases. To love your enemy is to give them the right to be. Great change is required in this world. It is all happening in the ever present now. The reclamation of the Monad is now. It happens in stages so we can remain operative in this world. Ascension is re-knowing. Know the one before you in love. Nothing is healed until it is re-seen. No longer acting on fear. Your needs can be met without manipulation. 
4) When you move beyond the temporal identities you come to your eternal and true identity. The true self can translate all things to its true nature. The Divine come in form. There is a level of consciousness now on this earth that will claim peace rather than war. Separation is the idea that some have a right to be and others do not. The template of what can be is shifting. There are new possibilities. Everything is in relationship to Source. The Monad within you is love. God is present even where it has been most denied. To become the true self is to align to truth. God is love and does not hold fear. Only love will lift fear. Heaven is the absence of fear. Energetic coherence, the tone of vibration. 
5) The claim ‘I have come’ relieves you of all the heavy lifting. You align to divine Will, not deciding how it should look. To want what you want is to operate in the lower field. The divine self does not want. There is a difference in demanding what you want and allowing what is to come. We claim you in the field of love, the upper room. Love is present for me now. Every aspect of me is in expression of love. I know who I am in love… I am the expression of the divine. 

Divine Knowing, March 2023
1) You may access the higher knowing, beyond the level of information. To know is to realize. We do not deny the personality structure but it is not who you are. The lower field is what we are accustomed to, thinking, expectations. The higher is known by the divine, beyond our labels, what we think it should be, what we want. The divine sees the divine in all things. You realize them as they are. It is not wise to fear. To re-see something is to release the fear. The claims we teach you are eternal truths. We do not abandon the idea of who I am. 
2) True knowing is beyond expectations or wishful thinking. I am loved and worthy of the kingdom. The truth can be known and realized. You are releasing an idea. We are giving you something much more. How do I release my investment in my erroneous identity? Align to the truth of the upper room. The resurrection of the divine as form is who I am. The small self denies the divine at every turn. Perfect is not as you suspect. To know what is true. All other things are not separate from you. I have come and I make all things new is the claim of resurrection. The personality will not be fixed, but it can be re-known. Know and claim what is true. Move to what is always true. We are living in a time when form is altering, beyond our labels or expectations. Everything is perceived through a lens of expectations. 
3) We intend that you know, no longer stuck in old expectations. We have been so entrenched in the denial of the divine, we will deny the divine in anything if it does not conform to our ideas of holiness. Know the thing as of Source. You stop fearing when you know there is nothing to fear. You are lifting a world to the level of tone that you embody. Our species is evolving. Our survival depends on it. War will become an impossibility. Know who we are despite how we behave. We all have the right to free will. True knowing is without question. The true self aligns all things to itself. “I should be…” is denial of your true self. 
4) You are confirming what is when in your knowing. I will comprehend myself. A lesson re-known is an entirely new experience. When you rebel against the expectations of another you are giving them too much power. You are free, free of the approval of others. It will be so is to agree with Source. Align to the true self and life will become easier. You are claiming the presence of God that makes all things new. This is a teaching of how you are far more than how you do. 
5) The expression of the divine unfolds in the life you live. The divine is experienced through you. I am learning as I need to learn. Release the idea that what was must still be. You don’t require what you once required. The truth of what you are is moving beyond your legacy. You are moving toward reception. You align to the simple claims of truth. I am lifted to the upper room. History can be re-known. ‘God Is’ refutes the denial of the divine. The idea of separation can be renown, it’s simply an experience.

Facing Challenge, February 2023
1) Every challenge holds opportunity within it. You truly don’t know anything—until you realize it at the level of essence. We will call this God. The Divine knows the Divine in all things, but the aspect of you that incarnates in personality, utilizes the senses as you have learned. Experience is altered because you know yourself not as separate from Source, but as a simple expression of it. When you witness the ones before you as of God, regardless of what they have done or are choosing to learn through, you will begin to witness the Divine, not as idea, but as experience. To unlock the room is to know the others before you beyond how they’ve known themselves in limitation, in fear and denial. I am Word through any idea of myself that has been intoned in separation, claimed in fear, or operating in the denial of the Divine. 
2) My true self has never known fear. It expresses beyond fear. Fear arises from memories in order to be released. When you align in the upper room you have no expectations of what should be. You simply trust the divine. Your entire body is recalibrating. Everything is being re-seen. The challenge is only fearful as you make it so. The Christed Self is you in re-identification. The true self is innocent of past experiences. 
3) Your present opportunity is to align with Source. You were never who you thought you were, a needy victim. I have always been the Word. Re-align to the new. The divine as all things. You are not the experience. The true self as you does not hold the bias of expectation. It simply is. Realization is now more accessible than in the past. The consciousness of Christ cannot align to separation or fear. The guarantee of this teaching is that in the challenge you will meet your true self. You are no longer being coerced through fear. No more failures, only opportunities. You are no longer creating from fear. You will not damn yourself or your neighbor. Align yourself to your potential. 
4) As you release the idea of yourself you become who you truly are. The boundlessness of who you are. Union is present. I am beyond challenge. We will not make the darkness wrong. We are called to a higher level of alignment. The Monad in manifestation, in form and field. You will know God as experience. The inherent divine as all things. We are of the whole. All is gradations of the same Source. If you do not like challenge you will not have growth. 
5) Those things that you think must be outside of God must now be reclaimed. Once your identity is surrendered it can be reassembled. The true self is always operating in an awareness of its Union with Source. You are not unworthy or unloved. Every aspect of you is of God and must be welcomed home. You have disinherited yourselves. The prodigal must return. God does not judge, the small self does. Your birthright is yours. Your alignment to the higher octave is done by the true self. I need only agree to it. 

Discovering the Truth of Who You Are, January 2023
1) The idea of who you are is finite and insufficient. To mandate what others should be will only disappoint. The aspect of you that is the Christ vibration is peace. It has no need to fight anything. It is in agreement to all things. We know ourselves beyond form and fear. The idea of persona is useful, but you will outgrow it. Most all our wants come from the collective’s expectations. We are given meaning/value by our culture. What we are about to undergo is re-creation or resurrection. Let go of past frustrations. Gender, ethnicity, age, etc. is not who you are, just an idea of form. Allow the true self to manifest through you. Align to who you already are. You are seeing others as they truly are. 
2) You are re-seen by the Monad, not the small self. The Monad cannot confirm separation. This is done in truth, eternally true. It can reclaim all things. It expresses as you at the level of Source. You are not separate, you only think you are. In the upper room you are liberated from the ideas of the small self. The Monad is only free and always free. You are not tainted with fear. The true self AS you. Release the old to realize the true. You are moving beyond the limitations of the past. You are aligning to the higher level. It will be so, is the announcement of Christ manifest. Non negotiable. Your idea of self is being altered. I choose to release the aspect of self that seeks to deny Source. Every aspect of you is of God. 
3) The truth of your self is being restored to a state of innocence. You are not being delivered from your past, but reclaimed. Not improved, but realized. Each aspect of self will be reconciled with Source. The idea of separation will be replaced with truth. The truth of you is always present, but not experienced. The aspect of you that denies the divine has been placed upon the altar. The Monad reclaims every aspect of you. It will be so. You are witnessed as you truly are. You move to the gift of knowing, a level of reception. 
4) The small self wants to rely on fear, but this will only generate more fear. Fear will stop you from lifting. Your idea of what is or should be must change. Everything created in fear holds this vibration. This vibration must be reclaimed. You have been given a promise of realization. Christ is the aspect of the Creator that can and will be realized. The Monad is eternal, beyond time. You are being made manifest in form, to reclaim form. A landscape altered by your presence. Rearticulation must be agreed to by the body. The divine can then be manifest. In truth a lie will not be held. Release the denial of the divine, separation and fear. It will be so
5) Realization and knowing are active states of participation in Reality, not an idea. I may know myself anew, beyond the fears. Your experience of the divine as expressed through you. You are releasing fear. You’ll experience love, not according to your expectations, as you lift and let go of shoulds. Be prepared for change. Allow and fear not

Manifesting the Divine, January 2023
1) Everything that happens in my life is because of my participation to it. I am in agreement to all things that come in my life. The field of separation you experience is because of your denial of the divine. Fear is the result. In the Upper Room you experience no fear, only Presence. You realize you are not the labels you thought you were. The Christ is resurrected as and through you in the Upper Room. The denial of the divine is my only challenge. We will all be sung in the higher octave. The kingdom is the realization of this. Know all as worthy to it. Each day notice what and how you see in it. 
2) The small self demands, but not the true self. Love releases and realizes. My true needs are being met. This also is setting me free! The Source of all things is all things. Know, you are worthy of all you require. It may be claimed by you. Some things must be earned. A requirement for your expression. The realization of your true worth. God as Pat. I am not a victim, I am love embodied. You lift the one to it’s true nature. I am the divine, come in the flesh. 
3) A potencial not yet known is before me. What you thought was an accident was really an opportunity. ‘God Is’ transforms the lie, it reclaims what was denied. The presence of the divine overtakes the old. God Is new potencial. You can re-know what was. You are not polishing up the old. You are restoring it to its true nature. I make all things new, reclaiming all Is God. Claimed in truth. Misidentification is first the denial of the divine. 
4) As you confirm fear and agree to it you contribute to it. It is like a dark cloud obscuring the sun. I can choose what I think and confirm. The true self does not hold fear. In the Upper Room fear is not present. It is no more than a mask or a cloud. Whether it be your bank account, a problematic neighbor or a relationship that is not to your pleasing. Each experience is a teacher. Lift and see what is true. Not, I want it to be as it should be. But, it is as it is. Allow the self to be, the sun flowing through you. Not deciding what God should look like. You must accept all things as they are. Much of what you manifest is due to cultural edicts. When you release the mask you can see the truth of all things. Ask for knowing in one area in your life. 
5) Manifestation, you are claiming what is already yours. It is without effort. You are not seeking what you want. You align with your true self and receive what is yours. You become acclimated to the less dense field. I already have the relationship I desire. If you benefit from solitude why seek a partner? Stop denying the divine, claiming lack. The gift of this teaching is knowing who and what you are. Your life is this expression. 

Lifting the Veil, January 2023
We are here to realize ourselves, the eternal self. The personality was for your learning, not who you are. Separation is the denial of the divine. It entrains you in the lower field. Separation or realization is a choice. You align to the self that is always true, untainted by fear. No one is unworthy of the divine. The greater part of the teaching is vibration, more so than information. The small self is a mask. When in the Upper Room you can no longer deny the divine, and you make all things new. In claiming truth you release all lies. Freedom is the way to the Upper Room. 

Reclaiming Innocence, December 2022
1) There is an aspect of us that is Divine, that knows… To experience innocence is to realize the divine, come as you. Our every experience has been tainted by a belief in separation. We now can participate in the reclamation of God as all things. Behold, I make all things new. The manifestation of expectation is the world we experience. We are here to reclaim this world as it is in truth, God in and as all things. The divine has come to express itself and be realized. 
2) What is being reclaimed is who you are. What is being released is who you are not. Free of the burdens of the old. The one that is untarnished. The reclamation of the monad is what you have always been, without fear. A rebirth of the true nature, a liberated state. That all thing may know it’s true nature. This comes gradually. No longer the lonely victim. The true expression of the Monad, in resurrection. The work is not arduous. It is by re-seeing, re-knowing. The denial of the divine is the great lie. It is far more fragile than you think. We are releasing what we thought was a fact. Re-articulation will resolve this once and for all. That part of you that sees all things in wonder. Look at something you don’t want to see and claim the divine upon it. Look in the mirror and know that the body you have and see the divine in it and love it. 
3) Your ideas of who you could be through your limitations must be eradicated. Stop thinking as you once did. You no longer operate in separation. Unfettered and unblemished. To know and extend love in Union with all. I am married to the true self. Simply be who you are. Don’t seek an idea. Not being who I should be. There is no lack or separation in God. I am Word through all I see before me. Word, I am Word. You disengage the distorted memory of separation and see it in truth. We worry of what could be, which is a denial of the divine, or fear. I am free of what was. Reclamation of innocence is where we wish to take you
4) An adherence to a higher vibration that is new to you. In the Upper Room is an awareness of the divine as all things. God Is. Reclamation is the manifestation of the Divine where it had once been denied. Untarnished, undiminished, untethered. The expectation of what can be is the only thing that can inhibit this. Everything begins to express as it truly is. It is the product of presence and being. Where God was once denied it will now be known. The true self has claimed the world anew. 
5) The lesson of the Upper Room is that you may claim all things in agreement to Source. You have a vastly changed awareness of who and what you are. This clarifies the being you are, when the lens of separation is no longer present. You may learn through love rather than fear. Many of you believe your nature is sinful. Not so. You are not improving the existing world. You are reclaiming it. 

After the End of What Was, November 2022
1) Now, the idea of fear that “I will not get what I want,” is only an idea. The opportunity before you today is to re-see each of you beyond your idea of what was. You are at a precipice, and what is ending is separation. But for the small self that is an apocalypse, an armageddon. Every wall built, every idea of separation that may be addressed is actually on the brink of transformation. Now, there is an aspect in all of you that has never known fear, that can’t conjure fear. It is the light, it claims the light in all of its encounters. And as this is done a world is made new. The calamity of the times you sit in, is the apocalypse of fear losing its strength. It is deliverance from the idea of self in separation, is an enormous act of expression. You are not doing it. It is done as and through the Monad, come again for all mankind. 
2) When the new is made known, and the old fabric must be torn, must be re-seen, for the new to occupy a place in awareness. The rules of the game that you have known are actually shifting. Trust the process of the great change that is seeking to be born when the news of the world seems overwhelming. The release of the old claims the benefit of the new that seeks to be born. The new that is seeking to be born is a higher template that operates by different rules than you have utilized thus far. The aspect of you we call the Monad is the inherent divinity that seeks to re-create itself. The ability to love is claimed when you recognize that you have often chosen not to, and not before then. We are gifting you with an awareness of knowing who and what you are so you will not succumb to fear. 
3) By moving beyond the personality structure you claim Source where it has otherwise been denied. When you deny the Divine, you perpetuate lack. When you move to the level of omnipresence, the Divine as all things, you move into a coherency with what your true needs are. My needs are met fully in Source. When you operate in gratitude, you are always in supply because gratitude perpetuates the very thing that one is grateful for. Or you presume lack, perpetuate lack, and deny the gifts that might be offered to you. When you move to the Upper Room and you are no longer mandating in fear and lack, you begin to perceive what is already present. When God is perceived as all things, either in hurricane or in placid sea, you move to a vibrational accord with the Source of all things that may be seen and known. 
4) What this means for each of you is the idea of becoming elastic, of allowing change, to support what seeks to be born through you. The one who is awakened awakens others by her presence and being. She is singing a song of such tone that it awakens the sleeper to her own potential, his own manifest Divine Self. You are actually awakening to a high call, to benefit not just the individual, but all men and women—and the earth itself. When you release the lies you have given credence to, the truth will be seen, individually and collectively. And as the truth is seen, the new will be born. You are becoming awakened to the Manifest Divine as you. To release the meaning that gender holds, aging and income value, and the idea of separation, you know yourselves in Union with the Source of all things
5) You are aligning to the omniscient, omnipresent One manifest through all things. To know the self beyond separation. It is all Source. You are aligning to the Christ. What is always true. The divine self knows. Fear will keep you from this alignment with Source, the denial of the divine. Innocence is a return to our true nature. 

True Mind, November 2022
1) The universe gives us the required opportunities to learn these lessons experiencially. True mind is beyond self, as the whole, beyond history, as eternity. What exists as flower, exists way beyond flower. When you lift to the higher you have no expectations of what can be. We are true mind, not individually, but collectively. We align as the Christ. If you sprang five heads you would be horrified. Memory is useful but usually through fear to get what is expected. The claim, God Is, alters the tone you experience. Our senses are limited. To become ‘we,’ our plural state. We are going to be instructed in being and aligned to true mind. There is no separation in true mind, all is One. This moment may be seen in time and also eternity. 
2) Your idea of history is only an idea. You are not forgetting who you are you are recognizing who you are. You are seeing the present moment enshrouded by history. You spend too much time thinking of what should have been. You will choose what is in cohearance with the true self. The personality does not know it’s true worth. The true mind will not grant the wishes of personality. There is no abundance if you have to hide it. To know the truth of who you are is to go beyond language. The true self is already realized. Much of what you experience of your world is the release of the old. The small self knows itself only thru history. This is not a teaching of being comfortable or prosperous. We claim you to known yourself beyond the known in alignment to truth. Let yourself be seen before the true mirror. What defines you? I am not what happened to me. That’s only an experience. 
3) Heresy is simply a denial of the divine. Thinking I should be… is heresy. I am awakened except… The guides will not give us more than we can hold. All history is encumbered with separation, and thus untrue. Separation is fear. The true self knows it not. The truth is working with me at the level I can hold. We are not denying your history, but we are releasing you from an idea formed in separation
4) An idea that I should be different or done differently is not true. Your idea of self is the costume. And we are liberating you from the costume. This is not who you truly are. The aspect of you that is always present. You are the Light. Until we realize we are one we will be in the process of learning, not punishment. The gift of true mind is this realization. I don’t have to figure it out. Gender is just a version of the human body. You believe in lack, but you are full. No need of fear. You cannot figure it out, but you may realize it. All sin can be is the denial of the divine. Are you willing to be re-known? Get ready for the time of your life. Give thanks for all the choices you have made in life. 
5) Stop claiming yourself in arbitrary ways, feelings and appearance. This bears the resonance of the collective. The attunement claims are in alignment to true mind, the divine in form. You are invoking truth by being. Your presence alters your field and experience. The tone of the bell changes the atmosphere around it. It is the divine operating through us to realize itself. God is in it all. Already present. The futility of the actions of fear will make themselves known. They will be moved. The realization of the divine will supersede the actions of fear. What you thought you were has changed. Be grateful for the day you live in and the life you have lived. 

Experiencing Eternity, October 2022
1) The divine is who you are and the manifestion of it. We are not restricted by time. We are not becoming more holy or spiritual, but realizing who we are. You lift beyond your idea of self, beyond time. As the throne relinquishes its king we experience freedom. The personality is being re-known. As we realize the presence of the divine upon something it is made new. Eternity is the subject of this class. You are not bound by time. There is no fear in the Upper Room for God is all things. True knowing is in timelessness. 
2) The alignment to knowing is always in truth. Re-articulation as Monad is your experience, maintained while in form. The divine as me receives its inheritance, not what I think I should have. You are in reception to your good. What the soul requires it will receive. Allow love to appear in its perfect way. God Is! The changes that come are to set us free of our ideas of what should be. God cannot be … Why not? What we name as abomination is the Divine. The old is being re-known. History must be released and re-known. A new page is being turned, but it’s to a higher life. What is being achieved here is a new idea, a new way of experiencing.
3) The idea of lack is only in separation in the lower strata. Fear is no longer on the menu in the upper room. Our vow of marriage is attached to fear. You are free of such vows. If the title (husband/wife) becomes constricting you might release it. The choice of the True Self manifest is offered you. I am one with my neighbor. Fear not that he will take what I need. The mask I have worn is uncomfortable. All that was claimed in separation need be reclaimed. Some of you hold very deep wounds. These are your greatest opportunities to know the divine. I am not the wound. Allow the self to be known. When you move to the Monad you are in unification with Source, rather than the small self in separation. 
4) We know little of free choice because of cultural expectations. The realization of the Monad will make itself known. The collective is invested through history. Fixing a patient vs. restoring to health. In the present there are many more new choices than previously. Releasing the old is much of the present work. Innocence is not ignorance, but truth. The gift of this expression in this lifetime is to know who you are, what you are, how you serve, and to be as you can only be in truth. You need to welcome people as they appear on the horizon as potential friend, not foe.
5) For the present and forward be open to infinity, whatever arises. In a new beginning a trust begins. You begin to understand yourself beyond all ideas. An aspect of you is being born or reconciled anew. I don’t need to protect myself. Instead you may realize the Source of all things. Many souls have come here at this time to re-create this world. You will have to adjust to the manifest new. To be in abundance is to know the Source of all. I am willing to know myself as of the True Self, not in unhappiness. To release the need to invoke the old is actually to give permission for the new to be born where the old has held stead. If you understand what you are contending with as opportunity, you will be joyful. The change must be understood as essential to the growth of humanity

Presence and Being, October 2022
1) As you move towards realization, as a world moves towards realization, it encounters its creations, those aspects of self that have been in fear. Your alignment to what we call the denial of the Divine hinders your expression. What we are seeking for our students now is a level of reconciliation with the Source of all things, so that you may move unhindered towards full expression. “Behold, I make all things new”—is the reclamation of the idea of being separate. This is not done through effort. It is done through alignment to what already is. The teaching of presence and being will be a teaching of reconciliation to what is always true. We would like you to take ten minutes each day and accept the self, first and foremost, as who you can only be in truth. 
2) To be the expression of the teaching. We cannot tell you what to expect, but the experience of the teaching, is made manifest for you. It will be so. We realize the potential in our students so that they may know themselves as worthy, and claim an accord with what is already true. It is the Christ within, moving to re-articulation through every aspect of self that has denied it, through presence and being. The aspect of self that is already awakened, knows who she is, and seeks to encounter the creations of the small self, in love, to realize itself through them. Realization comes at a cost, and the cost is who you thought you were, and certainly how you think things should be.
3) What stands before you today, in an awakened state, a promise of the new, in a pluralized state—of the whole. In completeness we mean the rendering of the new, recognized by you as being what simply is, presence and being. This must be experienced by you. Now, will humanity change? Yes. It is happening now. Your desire to vilify and make wrong will be moved to a new level of agreement because no one will be helped or transformed when they are being damned. You are the gift to the world as you align to this, to your own inherent potential to be re-known at the level of truth that you were incarnated to be. Behold, I make all things new.
4) Today in a new awareness of who you are, is what may be claimed outside the idea of limitation that the small self has accrued, and been bound by. Your idea of self finally does not preclude the Monad expressing as you. You are being restored to a state beyond identity as a singular being, without losing singularity. The Divine as all things explodes beyond individuation, but you require some form of individuation to walk this plane. This is to understand what it means to be both singular and plural simultaneously which is to realize the self as another, beyond the edict of separation. While we may know ourselves in individuated ways, we never know ourselves as separate from the whole. The true Christ, or Monad, expressed as form and beyond form.
5) What you will see soon is that the one man playing the song is also part of the grand symphony that is establishing itself. We are speaking of the manifestation of the Christ in the form and through the being you have taken. What was perceived as an obstacle is actually an enormous gift. You are actually privileged to witness a world made new. What this teaching is actually offering is the release of the old menu. And in the new, you are served what you require, a higher feast. To be participatory to the great triumph that is now occurring in humanity as it chooses to claim its True Self as one with the species it is. What you will see is the Christ manifested in your neighbor, in your son or daughter, and the one you once thought of as an enemy, as those people over there. An awakened world. A world made new, as the Christ is born in humankind and claiming a world in its agreement to its Source. 

The Evolution of the Species, September
1) Humanity is in great change and it will be quite clumsy for some time. Receive it as a gift. You don’t have to strive for this evolution. It already is and need only be realized. And always true. Restoration to your true nature will be when humanity stops damning itself. When you stop denying your divinity. Everything offers opportunity for growth. The idea of sin is really quite foolish. Your true nature is innocence. You are not being punished. Religion became corrupt (tarnished) as a need for control. If there is no judgment, I need not fear a poor choice
2) Presupposition and expectation is a distortion of reality. Allow the other to simply be as they are. You are not abandoning relationships in the upper room. You are re-knowing it. Reliance upon fear to make choices becomes obsolete. Being made new is not getting what you want, but what is in truth. The Monad does not think, expect or want. It knows what is. You are no longer striving, but in restoration. In rearticulation you trust that your needs are being met. Knowing can only be in the present now. My needs are being met, but maybe not as I wish. Memory is in the lower vibration. The true self will maintain your vibration. Any fear can be re-known here. 
3) Reconciliation of past acts of denial is before us. There are no land mines in the upper room. Memory of past acts are recalled. Fear and separation will no longer be accrued. Acts of the past can be rectified. We make all things new. Every act can be re-known. To release what you have damned. Residual affects can be reclaimed. You need not fear any repercussions for this in the upper room. I am love no matter what I do. I am loved no matter what I do.  
4) You are not improved in the Upper Room, you are made new, in one’s true state. Karma is not retribution, but opportunity. The personality has its uses, but it’s not who you are. Too many of you suffer needlessly. The act of rearticulation in the Upper Room, must include everything. The reclamation of all. The evolution of the species is the restoration of humanity to its true nature. Things are not as they appear and the inherent will become evident. The Monad is not limited by time or space. Those born in our days will be of a higher vibration. They will be walking upon the road we have paved
5) The self is reclaimed. To realize we are not separate, boundaries fall away because you are no longer protecting yourself. You give others permission to be as they are. The worst criminal is worthy of love. To reclaim them is to know them as they are. You see them beyond their acts. The illusion of separation is the denial of the divine. The resurrection is the collective act to move beyond the template. A world made new. The kingdom is present and you, the true you, claim it so. Forgive that one for not being who you want them to be. See God where it has been most denied. The Christed self is an exhibitionist, it is meant to be seen.

True Freedom, August 2022
1) The only real hindrance to realization is your bias of what you think it is. You are claiming God by being with God in all you see and experience. To claim what you see on the news in a higher state is not to pretend there is not war, but it is to know God—where the war expresses. The small self has its own investment in separation, and expects separation. There is nothing wrong with this. It is how it operates. Re-articulation, which is the resurrected Monad manifested as and through you in what we call the Upper Room. To know God is to simply be. To lift them all is to love them all, not just the ones who agree with you. 
2) The teaching here is of unification, but not where the idea of self that you have used suddenly gets what he wants. We are speaking of an acceleration of the energetic field in a new alignment, and the Upper Room holds this alignment. There is really nothing to ask for here, but there is everything to claim. But to claim the Divine, the omnipresence of the Upper Room, and to move into receptivity there is to claim the Divine as expressed Source. The remembrance of this through each of you, through the alignment to the higher will, is what reclaims this paradise that has been lost to you. What has been seen as scarce may actually exist in the present moment. All things are available as required, not as desired
3) True freedom, is knowing who you are, God as you that seeks to express through a manifest world. When you allow yourself to be who you truly are, when you claim the true presence of the Divine as you, the idea of who you are is completely altered. When you have an aspect of self that is denying the Divine, it will create every evidence why this is so. You will not find it in the Upper Room, which is why we bring you there to reclaim self at the level of the True Self. When you encounter an aspect of the self that is in denial of the Divine— “I cannot be accepted or loved as I am”—you have an opportunity for reclamation, to re-know through the claims we offered you prior. “I am in the Upper Room” is always true at the level of the Christ that always resides there. The idea of who you are will be seen anew, productively and usefully in love.
4) Anything that you hate you are denying the Divine in, be it the body you hold or the behavior of another. The gift you are truly offering another is the release of an expectation of who and what they should be. The gift of the Kingdom supports you in the movement towards unification. Separation is a great lie. Stop denying yourselves what you can have because it doesn’t resemble your idea of what it should be. 
5) The small self has a false idea of who you are, and operates within the confines of a false kingdom. In the higher expression, all things are seen through the Christed Self, that operates in a high Kingdom. An unfoldment begins, or a fluid experience of presence and being. You may meet your four o’clock appointment, but be in eternity in the same time. Alignment in the higher is not avoiding these old rules, but comprehending the self beyond them. Presence, you see, is eternal. No one can truly know God because it is unknowable in its vastness. The comprehension of self as infinite allows you alignment to infinity. You are already in infinity, and the illusion is time, the illusion is the manifest world. It is all God, it has always been God, and can only be God. You are so vast that you don’t understand who you can be. Our desire is to move you now beyond the entrenched systems, that have claimed you in limitation.

Awakening, July 2022
1) All humanity must face the truth. Opportunities to rise and release separation come to us. The upper room is a higher broadcast. We are realizing, coming to know, who we truly are, though once denied. When an idea changes so does it’s manifestation. We are awakening to God, who we are, etc. Align to the truth so that the world be made new. You move into receipt of what is rightfully yours. I am word through all humankind. You are claiming the divine presence upon it. To awaken to divine truth is an act of revolution. 
2) We each abide in a tone or octave and go from octave to octave. The true self as you operates beyond fear. Your awareness of the inherent divine is what you express as. The idea of who you are is through systems of choice. There is a use of the egoic structure, but it must be released from the throne. The expression of the inherent divine is by agreement, rather than work. Lifting to the upper room is by agreement. To know the divine is beyond fear and time. The entirety of humanity is realizing that all must be raised or remade. 
3) The re-creation of identity by the Monad is realization. The idea of what should be must be moved. Our presence and being is what will change this world. It is re-made by re-seeing it, not  demolition and reconstruction. You are operating as a creator. Rearticulation – the body holds a certain vibration. I know what I am in truth. We align to the higher tone. It is not improvement, but resurrection. Liberation from density. You are in the upper room, you are in knowing, you cannot be afraid. You stop agreeing with fear. This is done by being and presence. You will cease fixing things and you will know them. You make all things new. What is in low vibration must be moved. All of you are perfect. But we must be reprogrammed. I am delivered from what I thought was true. You are going to experience aspects of yourself you don’t like in useful ways. 
4) True knowing, you see the divine in all. God in manifestation. What you thought was so important may no longer be. You move from an idea of self to knowing the true self. There is no manipulation in the upper room. You are allowing God to be as It is. A world may be made new through your presence. The alignment to Source gives you what you require. Only the small self thinks what it should have. What you require is known by you. We don’t condemn the small self. We come to reclaim the essence of God. The Monad is universal. The Monad as you is incorruptible. The criminal is realized in the upper room as love. The programming is transformed. True love is not an emotional state. God is impartial to all. God/love has no language. 
5) The denial of the divine is as a fence that keeps us from seeing beyond. We stand now at the cusp of a new world, the realization of all things as of God. You may reclaim all the acts and actors to a higher tone. The adherence to the truth – it will be so. You claim the presence of the divine upon it – God Is. Humanity rises, the risen Christ. You are all in participation of a great work. As you awaken you awaken a thousand more by presence and being. You are actually manifesting through the claims of truth. 

New Beginnings, June 2022
1) Behold, I make all things new,’’ a claim that has its reliance on the aspect of you that is the re-creator. The job of the True Self is not to give you what you wish, but to realize itself through you. What is occurring is the Monad realizing itself through all things that you encounter. Who you think you were supposed to be, a claim made in the lower vibrational field, does not hold in the higher template because the higher template holds truth. In this class of “New Beginnings,” is an offering of release of history and a reclamation of your intention to know the self as of Source. 
2) You always choose how you respond to a situation, either from fear, or realization. The purpose of fear is to deny the Divine and the innate light that is present in all things. Realize the inherent Divine that must be present in spite of all objectivity that the lower self would seek to bring to it. The True Self does not operate in fear. You will receive an outcome that is actually perfect, required by the soul for its realization. Resting in God, can indeed support you in the highest reception or most perfect outcome, even if it is not what you had designed. When you fear losing something, you have created an attachment in the lower field. The moment you sit in is the opportunity to release the fear, so that you may not be triggered by the old. This is a new beginning. You have a choice: to agree with fear, or a resolute knowing that truth is stronger than lies
3) When the ground seems to shake, the best thing to do is lift. When the old seems to be disappearing, it is humanity taking a deep breath before lifting. The alignment of the high will to True Self in action is the key to the times you sit in. You will not tolerate the denial of the Divine, nor will you agree to any mandate that denies the rights of your brothers or sisters. War is never useful. Violence is always a projection of fear. From the Upper Room, you lift what you encounter, because what you see holds the promise of the new. There is one true principle—“God Is, God Is, God Is,” everything expresses that at different levels of vibration. But the walls of separation will indeed crumble. To realize the inherent Divine in anyone or anything reclaims what is seen in a new tone.
4) You are always claiming things into being, unconsciously or consciously. You understand that you are of the whole, which is the benefit of aligning to the Upper Room. None of you will get what you expect. All of you will get what you require. True sovereignty is the Divine Self, who operates in universal agreement. It allows supply, it allows for generosity, and, indeed, it allows for love. What you are about to see in this world in the coming weeks and years is a deliverance from the old in order for the new to be chosen. It is the Source of all things, that operates as all things, its abundance is what gifts to all what they actually require and not what they think they should have.
5) When humanity decides to accelerate in vibration and move beyond the old ideas, what you would think of as miracles are not only possible, but inevitable. When you claim the words we offer you— you begin to align to the true promise of the omnipotent Divine that seeks to express itself as the being you are. The expressed Divine in flesh and bone, in sky and sea, in any circumstance when the will moves into agreement with Source, which simply means it allows Source to be present in all its decisions. Unification of the will of the individual and Source energy does not deprive you of choice. It illumines choice. The gift of the times you stand in, is in the ability to release an idea of what you think should be

Divine Will, June 2022 
1) The true self is a unified Will. In the upper room you move to a level of consciousness where the template of reality is altered. You lift the world to you. It claims all as of God. I am always in choice. I can accept fear/discontent or not. True will is sovereign. Let go of what the small self wants and you lift to the higher, to a level of reception, that which is required. You and others will be lifted even more. Humanity is in accelerated growth and change. This was its choice. 
2) When you operate from divine Will you operate from trust, no longer from fear or lack. God is all there is. When you lift to the upper room you see the divine in all things and release the ideas of old. The Christ resides here. You no longer play the game of separation. There is no longer lack. There is plenty. You are not choosing from fear or lack. The upper room is the opportunity of a higher life.
3) The requirement for lifting is the release of the old. We will see the reclamation of truth once the dust settles. The good of the whole is the highest you can ask for. When you judge your fellows you operate in separation. The high alignment of divine Will is not easy. The realization of unity is required for us to move forward, to be delivered of an idea of self. The divine cannot be in fear. All will be reclaimed, known anew. The true self self knows and will do this for you. We are reclaiming things to a new alignment to truth. We are not fixing anything. We can now see it as it truly is. The true self is here to reclaim all in truth. This will be done in love. Don’t pander to the small self’s needs. 
4) There is a disassembling of what you have known and a reassembling of it. The upper room is our designated shore. The choice to be in the upper room is your alignment to truth. When the idea of war is no longer required it will be no more. We think it is still required. The idea of time is present but you are not bound by it. Two things are happening simultaneously, individual awakening and collective awakening. I.e. locks and guns. What you no longer require you release in the upper room, I.e. fear, greed, etc. This is not about getting what I want
5) In the upper room you hold a higher identity. We must stop counting on what was. You begin letting God be and do as it pleases. I contribute to reality by my perspective of it. We participate in creation as an act of Will. No one wants their Will to be overridden. Or forced to be loved. You realize the divine as them. When you honor another’s being you know their sovereignty. The realization of the divine as all manifestation. Will will not be misused. Will Itself will teach you. Your agreement to it, not your demanding it, brings it into manifestation. The relationship to the illness may change although the illness may not. Will is not going to give you what you thought, but something higher. My life now lived is a key to the liberation of all. Your will becomes an ally. 

The Wave of Change, May 2022
1) Each of you is re-known beyond the ideas of self that you have held thus far. The changes that you are incurring now as a collective are far beyond what you can imagine. All you see before you is in transition to a higher level of vibration than you have been able to hold thus far. “I want what I had yesterday,” but the likelihood you will be surprised that what once served you no longer will. What once was will no longer be what it was. The true self’s only ambition, is re-articulation through you, and what transforms the world that you see before you. 
2) The magnitude of the change that is occurring now is exactly what humanity has chosen to move through, so that it may align to a higher way of being. Become one with the wave, so that the momentum of the wave is actually befriending you, and it is not an adversarial stance. You claim God where the moral outrage seems to be. The Divine Self cannot deny the Divine in another no matter what. The reclamation of the Divine is actually the act of these teachings. Lift to the Upper Room by presence and being, without judgment or fear. When you judge and when you fear, you lower your vibrational field. You are lifting or reclaiming that which has been denied God, or Source, its true habitation, its true expression. You are claiming what is always true.
3) A new way of being seen and consequently responded to by the entirety of human- ity. The Upper Room is a level of alignment or conscious field that humanity knows itself through when humanity releases the idea of separation and fear
4) What is actually being claimed for all these students is a release of an agreement to fear. When you stop agreeing to it, you move out of the resonant field of it. “Thank you, no,” that is all it will be for most of you. What you thought was an ally, something that was protecting you, was actually deceiving you. Fear is indeed a deceiver. What is happening at the level of the planet is a releasing of borders, a releasing of walls, a releasing of the condemnation of your neighbor. You will become one humanity. There will be peace. You will know peace. What has been so fearful will no longer be so fearful. And what this requires is a level of abandon to what must be so, beyond what has been so, or beyond what the small self would expect to be. I am Word through this wonderful and perfect release of fear
5) The idea of who you are is actually being altered. The True Self knows and claims truth, and rises in a reunited sense of the inherent holiness of all things. It is from this vantage point that the world may be changed, may be seen anew. The Divine Self cannot and will not exclude anything. The True Self is autonomous at a certain level, but it also knows itself as participatory to the whole. When one’s acts are most heinous, you are the one who can reclaim him or her to her innate divinity. The unmooring of the old, the release of established systems of control, become opportunities for the new to be born. You cannot be separate from your brother or your Source, but you can create opportunity to learn through the idea of separation, and to amass evidence in favor of it. 

Peace, April 2022
1) You anticipate suffering. You need not align with fear. Your true self is at peace within the storm. You know yourself as of God. Everything is a manifestation of the Divine. Every creation in this world is endowed with a vibration. It is time to release the claims of fear and separation. The divine nature we hold can align us with the truth. Peace is not comfort or smooth sailing. You can realize peace in disturbance, knowing who you are. God is the clay itself. The teaching to come will be on how a new world is born and will meet your resistance. This is not about getting what the small self wants. 
2) Low vibration is not bad, but separation. The density of this plane claims us to separation. In the upper room you can breathe fresh air, freedom from fear, denial, etc. To be made new in the upper room is the gift of this teaching. The divine self serves in this capacity. The re-knowing of the being that you are. The Christ becomes you. When you know yourself as God there is no interference of reception from source. You do not seek to earn your inheritance.
3) The acclimation to vibration is most important, done through the attunements. They are an activation, a restructuring of identity. You go to the upper room to be re-created. Where you make all things new. Without doing a darn thing. Release fear so as to realize peace, to realize the divine. The purpose of the teaching is to know God experiencially. I can now be free of prior expectations upon me and I may choose otherwise. We can only know you as who you are in truth. 
4) Imagine a future in which you are in full expression of your true nature, and everything else as well. Claim one thing, the divine is present as all things. What is available to you in the upper room is beyond the small self’s demands. You are always claiming what you expect. You demand what others should be for your expectations. To be re-made is to be re-known. The business of the upper room is to align to source. You do not escape the world by this perspective, you lift it. All things are in manifestation of the Word. We are being transposed from one octave to another. You are experiencing grief, without holding onto it, it will release in its time. No need to rush this. 
5) The change that is coming cannot be predicted. It is beyond our ideas. You release all shoulds and allow yourself and others to be as you are. You are not seeking to get from them, only to be with them. You become as of the whole. We are being prepared for world service. The idea of who you have been is being released now. Humanity is lifting. All will be lifted

Letting Go, March 2022
1) Each and all of you are lifting to a new pitch. The small self is ill-equipped to manage. But the aspect of you that we know as truly you, is not only ready, but is singing in preparation. This is a great transition, born in consciousness, known through experience. The process of release will be those very things that hinder you from your truest life. The willingness to release, a high act of the will, is always a requirement. We lift the world, and we intend to do this with each of you, you are in an act of reclamation, the reclaiming of the inherent Divine, and allowing the release, the letting go of the detritus.
2) You are being re-known beyond an idea of self that is always assessing, determining to get things right, worrying all the time, and mandating others do the same. You have offered outcome or result to the higher force that is operating in perfection. You grow through difficulty. When you self-identify through lack, or in shame, you claim a vibrational echo that reinforces an idea of self that is not true. The Divine Self is never ashamed, nor is she deprived. The Divine Self knows her value. Each one of you is relevant, is required, has a place in the great scheme of things. But you may hold the idea of separation as long as you wish.
3) What stands before you today is permission to let go of the very things that challenge you the most. The relinquishing of a burden, and its challenge that you’ve come to believe it’s who you are. The belief that you are bound by history, what you endured or experienced, must be understood as a fundamental burden that you all carry. It is not noble to continue suffering. When you align in the Upper Room, what was once a burden may be re-known, may be released. The gift of this class today is the agreement that it can be done — “It will be so.” And the re-recognition of identity, “I know who I am in truth,” is what will claim you as the one who holds the permission to release the obligation to what was created in fear. “I have the right to this. It is not who I am. And I am re-known beyond the old idea. I have let go of what I believed was me to be re-known as I can only be in truth.”
4) Humanity may know itself beyond the decree of separation and in alignment to truth. The True Self is of peace and can only claim peace. You are no longer contributing to pain. The Divine sees the Divine, experiences the Divine, in all it encounters — God as God as all things. The Divine as you in action is in fact the ambassador operating with the intent to re-articulate all things that it encounters. While the life that you have lived may seem unchanged, it is actually vastly changed because your experience is indeed what has been made new. Now, when something is made new, it is re-articulated. To move into the present moment, is to comprehend the irrationality of projecting into a future based on an old premise. I say, ‘Welcome. I allow you. I am willing to experience you and myself as a new creation.’
5) You are a contributor to the highest by claiming the inherent Divine where it always must be. You can deny the Divine as you wish, but its presence is still here. I am free of any idea of who I should be. Who others should be is being replaced by a higher awareness that claims the Divine. God is present in all things because God cannot be absent. To let go of something is to allow something to be and then to claim the inherent Divine upon it. The Christed Self expresses in the Upper Room, it is its true abode. The inherent perfection of any moment is the new opportunity to know God. When you understand that this is the moment of perfection wherein all things are made new, you are in an offering of self in the present moment, which is the only moment that the Divine may ever be known. In the Upper Room, you may align to be reclaimed as you can only be in truth.

Releasing the Past, March 2022
1) I am not who I think I am, my ideas of self. I.e. The one who gets second best. The Christ knows me for who I truly am. Know yourself beyond what you thought in the past. In the upper room you operate as the eternal self. Experiencial knowledge is what we need. These are claims of opportunity. Trust that you are worthy. Fear is a creation of the lower self. Release the attachment of what was
2) See beyond your history to your eternity. The idea of self is being re-known. I am infinitely more. Many ideas or identities will fall like an idol. The reclamation of history is where we intend to take you. Reclaiming all aspects of the self that have been denied. A journey of reclamation. The present moment is eternity. Release the past. I am as the One who has come, free to express and lift all that I see. 
3) Don’t deny the past, but neither agree with its meaning. God sees God in all manifestation. You are no longer compromising the future by the past. You begin to release the idea of separation. The consciousness of the kingdom is what we are aligning to, the inherent divine in all things. To be seen as I truly am. We are far more spectacular. Everything is being reclaimed in God. What if God didn’t want me to be anything other than what I am? You can only do this work in choice, not an expectation. Our knowing does not come by understanding, but by experience. You must go through this. What is one thing that can be seen anew? She is the divine setting me free. 
4) When you make all things new you release the expectation of outcome. Much of what I think I need came though the idea of the collective. Move beyond the idea of what you have is all you get. Release the old so as to receive the new. Release the tentacles, the attachments. Stop agreeing to fear. Say no thank you to fear. Lift it to the upper room and make all things new. I know who… is to know, not intellectually, but experiencially. What if love is the ocean I swim in, the air I breathe? Recognize it is my experience. What is awaiting you is far greater than you can imagine
5) The idea of self that I would foster is actually a hindrance to realization. I make all things new. The Monad reclaims what it encounters. Trust the passage you are undergoing. We think we must stay safe. The world is about to change in ways we cannot imagine. All will be made new. By making the claims you begin to vibrate in accord with them. God sees God in all its creation. I don’t need to be improved, only re-seen. Claiming our inheritance is vastly different than hoping you get it. Align to the present moment to see the greater potential. You may do as you please. Don’t depend on others for peace. Be at peace regardless of them. Am I willing to claim the new?

Being the Light, February 2022
1) The lives that you live are about to accelerate. The choice you make is to be re-known, to be re-seen. This is actually more available now than you have ever known. The True Self seeks to be re-known through you. It reclaims all aspects of self that have denied the Divine, believed themselves to be separate. The choice to be the light, express as the light. All that is really happening here is that you are claiming who you have always been, and certainly denied or pretended not to be. You are moving into the present moment, where you know God. It simply is. You are seeing God as all manifestation. The Divine as who you are is what is claiming this journey for you. 
2) In the Upper Room you become the recipient of good, the one who accepts what is offered. The Divine Self, come as you, knows what it requires, but it does not want. The alignment that you are invoking here is to the Christ consciousness. The Divine Self — already knows and is simply seeking expression. This is simply being, being the light as the True Self, who has indeed come to serve. It cannot deny the Divine because it is the Divine. When you lift to the Upper Room, you are no longer denying the Divine, you are no longer operating in fear, and the testament to this can be the very life that you live in the world. Like it or not, whatever you appear as you cannot be separate from it — you must do the same with whoever and whatever you meet. 
3) The True Self, here as you, seeks to claim itself as the reflection. The alignment we bring you to through these teachings is to a reconciliation of your true identity as of God with the idea of self that must be operable in separation. The mirror the Divine Self sees is itself in its divinity. The desire for reunion with the Divine is implicit in each of you, in every breathing being. God is the energy of the universe as consciousness brought into manifestation through love. The act of reconciliation we speak to, the reflection in the mirror that we referenced, is actually occurring. As you look in a mirror claim this for the reflection that you see before you, “Behold, I make all things new.” And now, “I know who you are, what you are and how you serve in truth. You are free. You are free. You are free. I see you in the Upper Room. You Have Come…”
4) What is occurring now, on a mass level, is a realization that who and what you have been has been operating in a diminished state, a state of separation, of denial and of fear. God itself must be understood as everything beyond idea. To go to the Kingdom, beyond that idea of separation, is to move to an experience of inclusivity where the manifestation of the Divine is not seen as separate from the Divine. The realization that the Divine is present beyond your idea of what God can be, gives great permission for the manifestation of the Divine to become visible. The gift of these times you stand in outweighs the cost of these times. You do not need to extinguish, the idea of small self. We wish you to know one thing: You cannot be outside of God. 
5) We witness you, we claim you as you can only be in truth, the True Self as you. There is not one of you here who is not worthy of the Kingdom. You are all worthy. It is your true inheritance. And your true nature is already anchored there. The act of restoration is a release of what has stood in the way of the Divine’s expression. The claim is made by each of you, and as you awaken to your truth, your true expression, you awaken a thousand more by nature of your presence. We say this for you each now: The idea of who you are is about to be transformed. How you know your world indeed is being transformed.

Surrender, February 2022
1) The world as I have known it is undergoing a change. Simply say yes to a new potential. This is a returning to Self. The egoic structure has a purpose, but it has forgotten who it is. The idea of self is what is altered in this teaching. Each of us is participatory to great change, our inherent potential. What you refuse to forgive becomes what you are bound to. Release the need to punish yourself or another. Deliverance is the return to the holiness you are. You alone think you are unworthy. To leave something at the altar is to release it
2) The kingdom is present and needs not your approval. No one has denied me the kingdom. I alone have denied myself. You must give up your idea of what the kingdom should be in order to see it as it is. The upper room is a state of consciousness and being. Everything in form was once only energy. Everything named was once without a name. Ascension is letting go of the identities you have held. The true self is already in the kingdom. There is no need to rush this. Be okay with feeling disgusting, because you are not.  
3) Humanity is moving beyond a sense of self. The storm we are now undergoing will bring us much transformation. What was expected may not come. I am in change. You must trust change. See it as gift, as opportunity. The manifestation of change comes with the agreement of the collective. Don’t forget the divine and move toward surrender. An interruption of our expectations must occur. This will deliver us to a new shore, state of being. A gift of the kingdom, God in a new expression. The rising of humanity is what occurs. Showing kindness will transform all. If there was one thing standing in the way of knowing who I was, what would it be? What do I need to put on the altar and let go of? 
4) My true needs are always met in the upper room. The work of the upper room is to see and know things as they are. The belief that I am worse than others must be surrendered. Imagine stepping off a great cliff and you rise rather than fall. My desire for a wife. Agree to the truth, you are worthy, you are love
5) My capacity for wonder is far greater than I think. Surrender to your innate divine nature. To release something may seem too difficult. You will no longer be bond by fear. Allow God to be God, to keep me afloat in the current of change. Ideas are what need be surrendered. Pains have been the primary lessons of change/realization. Know yourself beyond the list. Release your idea of self. I am free

Surrender list: 
1) My desire and idea of a wife, friendship
2) The belief that I am inadequate or inferior to others

Breaking Through, January 2022
1) You lift your level of vibration. Reconciliation to God requires agreement or alignment to. The things we want are experiences on the way to realize who and what we are. Who we can only be. We have free will. The Word is the energy of the Divine in action. The realization of where we deny the divine is how we break through. To release what has held me in lack and fear. Fear is the denial of God. See God where fear has been. No effort is needed to break through. It is just becoming aware. 
2) The true self has come as me to express its perfection. Who I think I am may be reknown as who I am in truth. To know the divine where I have denied it. Lies like I am unworthy or unable. I, in truth, will do the transmuting. I go to the upper room to re-see and release the old. I then realize who I am. I will not operate in judgment. When you deny God in another you deny it in yourself. We reclaim all things. You stop seeking wants. You are full in Source, in the upper room. What stands in the way of me breaking through to realization? What appears to be lack, Is God
3) The divine as me knows. Form is spirit manifest in vibration. The divine cannot deny the divine in another. We have the opportunity to see the divine in all things. All is one with source. A shift of consciousness is happening now, to lift rather than continue on the path of destruction that we were on. We are being delivered from the deception of the past. We are part of the whole. This awakening, this lifting, will occur in mass. Any lie is told in fear and separation. We have been revealed as the true self. God Is, and allow the divine to express through you. We are living a ordinary life aware of the divine in all. No one is a threat to you. We are reclaiming identity, we are all growing. Your best teachers have been your most challenging relationships. The perfect relationship might not be as you suppose
4) What do I need? In the upper room you are no longer demanding what you do not have. There is no fear or lack. I would live a different life if I gave myself permission. I am the one who gives me permission. What has come is exactly what I want. Acceptance is required, and with it comes new expectations.
5) I must believe I am worthy to receive what I want. I am willing in readiness to say yes? A break through is an outcome. Your soul knows what you require for growth. Do not believe you have failed in this life. Understand one thing – God Is. My presence alters its expression. What awaits me now may be far more wonderful than I have imagined. Dorothy went to the upper room. Adhere to your very nature. What I need is the freedom to know who I am

Seeing God, December 2021
1) Seeing God is to comprehend presence, or that God is no other than you, or anything else. The senses begin to operate without an old filter. You have accrued so much evidence born in the material realm that you deny the omnipresence of the Divine that co-exists with it. Everything you experience is an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to see God. The gift of this teaching, is to become one in your knowing of the presence of the inherent Divine. “I am in the Kingdom, I am one with all things.” The opportunity to see another as the light is an enormous gift. It claims you on a high road of realization. 
2) We are giving you a new idea that there is more to be seen, reckoned with, claimed, and agreed to, that exists beyond your idea of what has been. There is more to see than I have seen, there is more to perceive than I have aligned to thus far. God will not be reduced by you. As you are this light, the claim “God Is, God Is, God Is,” is merely a claim of presence. To perceive the Divine, one must claim the eyes of the Divine. I see the one before me with the eyes of the Christ. This will actually enable you to begin to perceive what has been hidden, or, better said, hindered.
3) Release expectation, allowing the unknown to be present. The claim “God Is,” is a statement that lifts you and your agreement to reality beyond the manifest world. An inner birth, which feels like a death, may be seen in your lives as well. The God within you is moving towards agreement in a statement of truth that will not be refuted. The teachings are both practical, doable, and always experiential, to release those things that have been denied as of God. Because “God Is,” anything that would deny it must be seen as illusion.
4) When the new is before you, don’t seek to name it. So much more is present than you see with your eyes. When the collective begins to tone at this level, by your presence as being as of God, all things are re-known. Those things that you fear the most are the very things you must work with in the claim God Is. You will understand who you have always been and how you have conceded to an identity in a very small way. Let the wave that is all things encompass you because you are as God is and cannot be other
5) The idea of fulfillment of true need is allowing God to be God. God fills the place where the need has been. The idea of placing God where the need is, may meet you in perfect ways. The one who is lonely fills the loneliness with God, and it is God’s objective to meet this loneliness. On this day I claim that any true need I may hold will be known by me and met in truth, met in Spirit, met in the true claim ‘God Is, God Is, God Is.’ The truth of your being, we have to say, knows no lack because it is already in union. I am seeing God in all things. Which simply means, “I am not denying the Divine in what I see. I am allowing its presence to be made known.” 

The Future, December 2021
1) We are in transition to a new reliance. We are moving to a higher vibrational tone and the old is being released. We are re-seeing reality. The future is the presence of God, without fear or separation. To say something should be is to damn the present moment. The kingdom is the realization of the inherent divine in all things. We wish to teach you the kingdom. Know God where it has been denied. This will transform the world
2) We are moving into an uncateloged territory. The doorway is to the new and is not frightening. An unprecedented change for humanity is coming. The doorway is available, no longer obscured as before. What is before us now is uppertunity. Some of you are way-showers, and may be the last to go through. The Monad must always be free. You are releasing collective reality. This allows entry into the upper room. The door is always open. The one thing you cannot experience in the upper room is fear. The tree is in the upper room, it knows who it is, it cannot deny God, it knows it is of the whole. When you deny the divine you put up a wall between God and the potential. You don’t believe you have free will. But the small self is not sovereign. The true self has free will and is sovereign. She is a gift to the world. 
3) You cannot be a victim – impossible. The upper room is a shared field, but it is not a battlefield, therefore no fear. Deciding what another should be is out of fear. We prize the independence of you each and have avoided prescriptions. You may learn through understanding more than through suffering. Each part of me that I have denied the light needs to be re-seen. You are free of the lower octave. The divine in me will see the divine in the other. What is coming is so different, but it will be moved for you. 
4) You are using tools that you no longer need. Things that before you should do to have your needs met. Things you thought would comfort or save you, no longer do. This is a new way of being. You are in change. If I don’t do such and such something terrible will happen – this has never been the teaching. A disembodied spirit does not mean it has wisdom. The future is an idea. The kingdom will claim potential. ‘God is’ the source and fiber of all form. ‘God is’ is a universal claim. The guides have evolved past our level of tone. 
5) Your true self is not only present, but activated. Your tragic childhood POV is very distorted, untrue. History must be re-seen from the upper room. See it as opportunity, ‘God Is.’ In the simplest of claims, God is… and allow your history to be re-known. Let the future unfold as God. It is ever present. You are wiping the clean the window through which you see the present moment. Trust the claims you have made. Standing on a mountain top, to one side you see humanity past. Before you you see all the challenges humanity now faces. To the other side we see God Is, God Is, God Is. See the  events ahead as opportunity and you will be able to move through them more gracefully. The lives we have lived have been very beneficial. There are no mistakes. 

A Doorway between Worlds, November 2021
1) The only way for something to transform is to operate in a different level of vibration. You operate for the benefit of the world. The only way forward is to re-see the Divine where it has been denied. Your baseless fears are being seen for what they are. You begin to know the self as participatory to the whole, not as an idea, but as an experience of being. You are about to have an experience of disentanglement, of re-seeing and releasing an identity that was based in fear. “I am Word through this situation. I am Word through this fear. I am Word through this denial of the Divine.”
2) When the soul demands growth, it will create the circumstances for the growth needed. This is often what you understand as a painful event or tragedy. It is also great opportunity in disguise. The soul is benefiting, because you are not aligning to fear. The work Paul does now could not have happened if he had had the perfect childhood and perfect circumstance. Imagine a dance floor being lifted. The dancers are still in their dance, but the music is changing, and the environment of the dance itself is altered by the presence of the one who knows who he is. The Upper Room does not mean that you will not encounter pain, but it does guarantee that you can meet it in a way you have not known.
3) What you desire, what your true longing is, is the realization of the Divine that can and will be known as all things. The true desire of the heart is the release of the oppression of separation and the realization of unity. A wave is eroding the shoreline of the idea of separation. You are already one with God. You are simply denying it. When you criticize yourself mercilessly, you create the separation, or at least confirm it. You are claiming empowerment, through realizing your own True Self, the one that is without blame. The altered vibrational field that is now occurring within all of you holds a knowing of the self beyond the idea of separation. 
4) The realization of the Divine as all things is how we are preparing our students for what is to come. The aspect of you who knows who she is, is what claims the new world into being. And the old self, or the idea of who you should be, is being replaced by an aspect of you that is unencumbered by fear. When fear is no longer present in your energetic field, you hold the key to the doorway for all to be made new. Everything that you can imagine will be known anew in the energetic fields of humanity. And this comes at the cost of what you would have it be. The ideas of who you have been are now being summoned to be re-seen. In order to release fear you must release the reliance upon it. Imagine a cloth filled with liquid that is being wrung out. This is what it is like. Align to change. See it as opportunity.
5) When you decide not to learn through separation, the rules change. The illusion of separation has been the game of humanity. In the Upper Room, the opportunities change. The lessons change. You may suffer still, yes. You may learn through that occasion as much as any other. But your learning is informed by the awareness of the presence of God. Once reconciled, you are a member of the whole. No longer operating in separation, every aspect of you that you would deny being of God. Each of you comes with ideas of who you think you should be. Yes. I am willing to be re-known. I am willing to be re-seen. I am willing to allow the action of the Divine upon each aspect of me. The object of this course is not to become a doorway. It’s to be reconciled with the fact that you always have been. 

Truth, November 2021
1) I have been playing a role with many shoulds. Entrenched with labels and past meaning, what we expect to see. We don’t recognize ourselves beyond roles. Our world is permeated with fear. We decide who we should be. The rule book is no longer here. You will be known anew. God as all things. To cease denying God and realizing this truth is the kingdom. 
2) All that is before me is uppertunity. Truth is high alignment. It is always true. Through my agreement to fear I have felt in separation. Behold, we make all things new. I have the right to be self sufficient. I see this with the eyes of Christ. They must leave us in our sovereignty and free to choose. Otherwise we will not learn to choose. 
3) This despair has been set before me to show me that God Is. It is the realization of the divine in the place of lack or pain. The truth of who I am is the eternal self. The awareness of the inherent divine. In agreement to Source, of the whole. To get everything I think I should have is a very painful life. There is something far greater prepared for me than what I wanted. Am I content? Agree to the truth of your being. Is the inherent divine sufficient? 
4) The realization of the inherent divine may be known by you. What keeps you from learning this? The divine does not need to be sought, as much as agreed to. The upper room is reidentification, realization, realignment. The vibration of truth that is now present replaces all lies. You no longer need be right, or wage war. The uppertunity is to know the self more fully
5) I am free is to release the denial of the divine. I have come is a claim of presence and being. You begin to operate in knowing. You are lifting a world through these claims. The lifting has occurred and fear cannot prevent it. Your senses will become the gateway to new experiences. We will work with new resonance of the upper room. That you may know how loved you already are. I am willing to live my life anew

True Knowing, October 2021
1) When you are in your true knowing you are never in fear because it is the True Self who knows. Your idea of who you are, or to get your way — is generally known through fear. When you are in certainty, there is no question attached. The purpose of this class is so that you may understand when you truly know. To truly know often means you’re releasing an idea, a desire, or a claim of what should be. When it is time for something to be revealed to you, it will be revealed. Knowing is always experiential.
2) The Divine Self that you are is not dependent on external sources to direct it. When you are in your knowing, you are never afraid. When you are in truth, you are actually in a static place, a  moment suspended in eternity. True knowing is not intellect or feelings. In this teaching, you are being the True Self, which is eternal. You are not masquerading as it or trying to make it so. True knowing is being in the Upper Room. You are no longer asking as much as aligning to. Your comprehension of who you are is transformed. You are now agreeing to who and what you truly are. Sometimes it is not time to know and you will be benefited by not knowing so that you may learn what you came for.
3) It is actually a very gentle process, and in fact an easy one. I am aligning to my true knowing. I agree to what is true. I agree to what is always true. I am gifted with the requirements that I have to know, the Divine is all things. When the car is stalled on the railroad track, you have to move the car or move the self from the oncoming train. In these moments there is no questioning. Action is implied. What is the key to safety but knowing the Divine or the Eternal Self that must be more powerful than any fear that you could encounter. Any fear that you encounter on this journey is an opportunity to overcome it. You become fearless in this new station that in fact is the Upper Room.
4) “I am a divine being” — you are aligning to the highest that is available to you. You are always saying yes in agreement to the Divine that is present for you. The key to the Kingdom is to know that you already have all you need. Only the small self is still seeking. You are operating at a different level, one of higher choice. When you are no longer mandating separation through expectation, your reliance upon the old is diminished. All of you are creating and re-creating through expectations known in historical data. You can no longer be contained because you are beginning to realize who and what you have always been. Listen to the heart! 
5) The Divine as who you are is who you can only be. Everything else is a masquerade. It is your birthright to be seen anew, claimed in the high octave, but the willingness is required for the transition that you must undergo. It is the ideas and (temporary) meanings that are so frightening to you. Everything that you encounter is part of the gift. You are all in the masquerade ball. When you know yourself as worthy of love, when you agree to love in others, the music transforms. There is no more violence on the dance floor. You move beyond anything that separates, to an awareness of what is always true. This is easy, but some days it is not, and those you wish to damn the most are the ones most in need of your love.

Embodiment, September 2021
1) Our being is transposed to a higher vibration – re-articulation. You will no longer need fame, fortune or love. I have come as the divine in form. Our journey is one of reunifying with Source in form. Embodiment takes time (a year). You are the incarnation of these teachings, the Word made flesh. The claims of truth are always true. We forget how far we have come.
2) I am no longer who I thought I was. Through the attunments we may know who we truly are. The true self abides in the upper room in union with all. We are no longer being lead or defined by the personality. We no longer value one human being more than another. Nor do we know ourselves in singularity/separation. The true self will usher you through this. The recognition of the inherent divine is the great awakening. There is no need for evangelization. Your awakening will awaken a thousand more by your presence. Every day give thanks for what you have
3) You are always in choice. To choose from the upper room is quite different than from the lower. You will only align to truth. Levels of realization. Firstly, I have a right to have or know… Secondly, I may know God. The guides are taking us to a passage to a new world, your experience of God. It does not decide what others should be. It sees the divine in all things.
4) The most fearful or shameful events of your life can be re-known, known as the presence of the divine. The divine is reclaiming what was put outside it. We are higher than the vibration of sin or separation. All your history is an idea of what was, erroneous. Fear, shame and blame is no longer needed. A claim of truth is higher than an erroneous memory
5) In those you cannot stand, know them beyond appearances. Know/realize the inherent divine in them. You are your brother’s keeper. Love this one as of God. There is no one you cannot love. No one can make you whole. The desire for romantic love cannot be met by another. It is the God within me that loves

Abundance, August 2021
1) We intend to teach you how to become open to that which is truly yours, which is the Divine; and how to agree to what is for the highest. What you truly need you will be met by in the upper realm because you are no longer denying the Divine. You comprehend that the Source is the gift that has come as the partner or as the job, or whatever way your abundance comes to you. Petitioning is telling God what it should do, as opposed to knowing that the Divine knows what is best.
2) There is plenty in the Divine that may be shared. You care for the one beside you because you know well that there is more than enough. “There will never be enough, I will never have enough,” which is born out of a very base idea, “I am not enough.” If you begin to look at lack as the denial of the Divine, you will take a great step forward. It means you are giving of love. And to give love is to be the active presence of the Divine wherever you stand. Stepping out of the way, and aligning to your true natures being met in perfect ways, will gift you far more than you know. But you would actually rather complain in the corner about not having what you want. My security is Source alone
3) To transform your alignment is actually to re-see it in a higher octave and re-create the very reality where you have been perceiving the old. You no longer have to justify the old of separation or sadness. In the Upper Room, the truth of your being begins to express, without the hindrances of fear or denial of the Divine that are so very present in the low octave. Swim in the ocean, there is ample supply. You may trust that what you require, you have from Source’s abundance. There is more than enough. Love is available and present from the Upper Room. I am willing to receive that which I require for my highest growth and greatest good. 
4) The idea of lack first is diminished, and then released, because the Source of all things cannot be diminished. You have lived in a world so separate from the Divine that you’ve denied yourselves entry to the very Source of all things, which has always been present, always will be, and is simply saying yes to itself as it has come as you. The process of awakening to one’s divinity requires each of you, to claim the denial you have held of the Source of all things, of the worth of the one beside you, or those people that you may never agree with. 
5) When you operate in knowing, you are in your true worth, because it is the True Self that knows and has not claimed an identity of herself through an agreement to be less than she can truly be. Once you understand that the manifest Divine is all one thing, you begin to claim what is already true, which is the inherent Divine. You still think it’s your wishes that must be met, not your good that must be received. To claim your good, to claim your inheritance, is to claim what is already so. The claim “I am known” is the claim of the recipient or the initiate who allows the Divine full access to the self that was once in denial. 

Radical Change, August 2021
1) To take advantage of the present opportunities you must relinquish the expectations of the past. Separation has been our experience up until now. Humanity will know itself as one. Our vibrational field is lifting. Be unattached to the past. The realization of the inherent divine is to agree to what already is. We all will experience the new world of divine realization. Don’t put a value upon anything, it is God. There is no going back to the old. 
2) Independence from God is not possible. The true self is sovereign, but not the small self. You will see walls and boundaries tumble. We are not separate. You are not correcting others behavior, but seeing them in truth. There is no separation or individualism in the upper room. There is work to be done in consciousness. There is no one not loved by Source. The being that you are is in great participation of the lifting of this world. Our journey now is in consort with the true self. 
3) Your ideas of success and failure will fall away. You are eternal in vibration, but not in form. You have a consciousness beyond form. The divine self may re-know everything. Blaming self requires self forgiveness. Things will not be as they were. 
4) The present times are that of releasing your ideas of who you have been. Every day is a new experience. Change, the unknown, is now the standard. The times hold great promise, unparalleled times. To be one of many, a part of the whole, humanity at its next step of expression. This is a requirement of the whole. Let go of your idea of separation and specialness. You are learning how to be loved, apart from feelings. The mask will continue to be needed, but will add no value to you. This world’s identity is being shaken. I can change my mind. I can have … 
5) The trials are the wind that moves me. In times of change look to those beside you as allies. Put your differences aside. Fear will not persist, truth will endure. Let go of fear and align with truth. See yourselves for who you truly are. Love them as they are. You all have the right to be re-known. To save another is to know them. 

True Purpose, July 2021 
1) We are here to be made new. My presence is changing my reality, one without fear. As I begin to know who I am my field is lifted. Fear is the denial of the divine. You won’t get what you expect. Expectations are of the small self. The true self knows beyond all expectation. Rearticulation is a teaching not of intellect, but experience. Since I am not who I think I am, who am I? ‘It will be so’ is the mandate of the divine. You will be realized and released from the idea of self. There is no going back to who we thought we were. 
2) Humanity will face itself and its creations. My creation is my idea of who I am. True purpose is resurrection or reclamation. We are being reconciled with our true nature, re-creation. The divine expressing in a new tonality. This begins with the collapse of structure. The new, higher frequency will disturb the old. This change will be unequalled by the past. Fear (unconscious behavior) will be released. The upper room is the entry way to the kingdom. This change will be on every level.
3) I no longer agree to the collective illusion of separation and fear. The divine Self has come as you. Manifestation in form and field is now what will be this teaching. The resurrection of the monad. This will bring a power of availability more so than before, experiential rather than intellectual. 
4) The Who that has come is the true self. I am 1000x more than who I think I am. In rearticulation the self is coming into being, a new form, but the same essence. The divine self as you is not limited by your ideas. I have come as Pat, for the reclamation of all. We are no longer creating from fear, but releasing it. What if I’m allowed to have feelings. The small self always does the best it can. We are drawing outside the lines. The true self does not judge. Self righteousness is the small self. 
5) To choose in love is to raise in frequency. We intend to acclimate you in your entirety to the upper room. You are all holy. I am love being embodied. Ego wants a finish line, but there is none. My life is wonderful. Indeed it is. What stands before me is the presence of the divine. 

Redemption, July 2021.
1) God expresses as the night, the sky, the ocean, the earth, and your fingernails, and your toes, and the eyes in your head that see. The idea of who you are as outside of God, separation, must be released for reconciliation to occur. The act of being redeemed, re-known and reconciled to what is always present, is an expression of the Divine. We will seek to unbind you from any and all you have condemned. Why is it worth it to hold yourself in shadow for another to suffer? Why is it worth it to cast out another when you cast yourself out in the process? How is it worth it to deny God in another when you have denied it in yourself by your own authorization?
2) The mandate of any claim is the alignment to it. It is entirely up to you how you wish to claim your agreement to what you see. If you’ve made the decision that this experience is for your learning, opportunities will come to teach you in a higher way. You create the opportunities for the learning. This was never intended to be a comforting teaching, but a teaching of re-creation and realignment at the cost of the old. Run to and explore the vastness that is the Upper Room in an experiential way.
3) “God Is…,” refutes the denial of the Divine and supports all of you in partaking of this new identity. To become the translator of matter, the one that sees a world made new, is to comprehend who and what you are in agreement to Source. What we are teaching now is re-seeing, from the Upper Room where matter is translated. The one who knows how she serves is simply being, and in her being she translates the world.
4) The idea of who you are is the issue — not who you are. “God Is, God Is, God Is,” will claim all things in truth, and relinquish the small self’s requirement to re-invest in an idea of self that she has fostered. The decree “God Is, God Is, God Is,” is the manifestation of the Divine where you have prior sought to deny it. You are not losing yourselves in the Divine. You are reclaimed, re-acclimated. You embark upon an exploration of identity in the Upper Room, you begin to understand that the idea of self as separate is the greatest barrier you hold. Because the Upper Room is eternity. Realization, is the being you are, the realized state, manifest itself as form and beyond form.
5) Your experience of the Kingdom can be withheld because of your refusal to release aspects of the old. As you align in the Upper Room, the process of release of the old, present themselves one after the next in the perfect sequence that you can hold. This is the process you are undergoing. You’ve never been who you thought you were. You just agreed to an idea. You have looked at a world as fearful, the change is enormous. The idea of matter being translated to a higher accord is challenging for all of you. And knowing the self anew in a high octave must be understood as a new potential. 

Reclaiming the World, June 2021 
1) Reunification of the divine is where we are going. As we arise in vibration we are without fear or denial. The world we see before us is in adjustment. It will be righted from upside down. The Christ in you seeks its reconciliation with its source. Sometimes people are giving you exactly what you need to release attachment. What is coming may not be what you want. A new world is being raised by those who can see it
2) The action of the Christ is reconciliation, reclaiming itself. The true self will always act in truth, rather than fear or anger. An act of reunification. My addiction to such and such… is one with God, with myself. I release this to be re-known. Let go of who you think you should be. You are granted a new possibility. I don’t need to make her wrong for me to be right. 
3) To dress in this cloak of light is to reclaim your true nature. Agree to your inherent worth. The divine that has come as an expression of you is a sovereign act. The time has come, in the time of fear, to re-know the self in its sovereignty. Honor the other person where they are. 
4) I perpetuate misery by claiming negative thoughts. Know the self as peace and you will contribute to world peace. God is … claim it. The statement of reclamation. The best is yet to come
5) Your essence is God. God is in expression through all things. The Word in flesh. To fear someone is to believe the lie. Run to the upper room and demand they be known anew. Confirm the true nature of them. The what that I am reclaims this world. You have outgrown your idea of self. You are of God, one with the divine. What you think is so important, may not be. Whatever change comes see it as opportunity. 

Change, May 2021 
1) The soul that you hold requires change to realize itself, to know itself anew. The idea of self that you have held, so moored in history, is about to be moved to a new basis of freedom. The idea of self as singular and separate may actually be released to a new level of inclusion. I am one of many. I am of the whole. The sense of self that is being released now is the self that believes she is separate.
2) You now have a life that you would have refused if you were told what it entailed. To mandate what should be is to deny the unknown, and in fact the unknown is where your highest good will be met. Life is lifting the density that you have known yourselves through to a higher oscillation. If you can imagine a glacier falling into the sea. What you thought would always be so is in fact re-claimed by the entirety of the sea from whence it was first born. Until you agree that you are safe on the journey before you, you will claim fear and frighten the self, often at the cost of where the journey would seek to bring you to. 
3) You cannot believe you are worthy of the Kingdom. You justify your fear and disallowance of the Divine. I am willing to say yes with my entire being to a reunified state where the divine that has come as I, seeks reclamation with its Source. To be the yes of the Divine Self is simply to be in agreement with the Source of all things. Self is welcomed and re-known. The small self is integrated, a precious aspect of you. Our intent has never been to give you what you want. Our intent has been to support you on this powerful journey to reunification, to realization, and to knowing
4) The time has come for all of you to agree to who you are beyond the personality. To move to the claim “God Is, God Is, God Is” is to simply agree that the who and the what that you are can only be of Source. The true self already knows this, the small self will continue to deny it. You are reclaiming God where God has been dismissed, forgotten, or denied. You are actually reclaiming the vibration of Source at the cost of the density that has precluded its expression. You lift to a new level of resonance, which we call agreement. Humanity’s soul has said, “Yes, we know it is time, we will not go on as we have been,” that actually transforms all you have known. The claim “God Is, God Is, God Is” upon the personality structure is to move it beyond its old idea of self into an agreement, to the higher tone that is present as all things. All who hear these words may be reconciled to their innate divine nature and sung anew in the higher tone of the Upper Room.
5) The passage of reconciliation with the Monad is actually the most important aspect of this teaching. You are going from the separate self to the unified true self. The aspect of you that is choosing is the aspect of self who knows who she is and is not seeking to prove an idea because she has moved beyond that. If your partner leaves you while in the Upper Room, expect to say, sadly, “I wish it had worked out.” But you are not diminished by that person’s choice. You are not questioning your love or your worthiness of love. To understand God as all things, is impossible to do, but quite possible to experience — by allowance and agreement to what is already so. The idea of separation, the greatest lie you have ever been taught and believed or agreed to, is simply an idea. We are simply telling you that the change we are bringing you forth with is of a higher magnitude than the small self would understand. The lifting is not only the self you know, small self if you wish, but the entirety of humanity.

Birth, May 2021.
1) The dawn of a new humanity is before us, apart from separation. We must release the obstacles to what truly is. There is nothing to truly fear and much to gain. This birth is global. A new world will be known to and by us. Release expectation of what you should be. This is the quickest way to realization. It will be so… God is… Stop denying who and what God is. Fear is the result of denying God. God is manifest as all things. Your idea of self is being re-known. Who am I to judge my fellows?
2) To claim the knowing of the Divine upon what you see is the act of reclamation that is required to transform the world. The knowing of God, which is the realization of God upon what is seen, is the act of alchemy and transmutation. To transmute something is to re-know it in another form. God cannot deny itself or any of its creations. We wish to take you all, which is to a level of accountability to your own divinity. We teach you love so you may learn to see with new eyes. Blessing is re-seeing. It is the presence of the infinite Divine where it has been denied. When you have an investment in an outcome — “My friend should behave differently” — you’ve decided who he should be and what you should have from him. In this way, you’re actually denying the reality of your friend and what he may have to offer you. Un-invest in outcome. It takes a ton of effort to demand someone be who you think they should be, and that is unforgiveness
3) These teachings are experiential, and you may know them through your being as you perceive a world made new. The principle behind rebirth – you are perceiving anew and claiming what you see in truth because you have lifted beyond the veil of self-deception and you have moved beyond the collective fear, which is the denial of the Divine. To be reborn, is to release an idea of self that, has stood in the way of your true expression. We are lifting you to your true nature because that is how we see or know you. The light that you become shines upon all. Because you are re-perceiving what is before you as of God. The times you sit in are times of opportunity. Opportunity is change.
4) The Creator in you claims your freedom. Freedom will come when the small self relinquishes the throne. The kingdom is transformed. I am not who I think I am. The divine as you is not theoretical. The divine is all I am and nothing more. You are not deciding what should stay or go. You can either lift or deny the divine. Embrace who you are. Don’t desire to be anything else. There is nothing wrong with you. This birth is to the divine as you, by agreeing to what level you can. What if I could be your friend wanting nothing from you
5) What do you wish in regards to realization. We lift you to a higher octave by stages so that you can bear it. We become aware of our investment in separation. The upper room is where the divine self knows all things as of itself. You are arriving in a new world at a new level of consciousness. We are moving from individualism to union of plurality. 

Respect, April 2021
1) To see the self as worthy of a higher outcome, a higher way of being in the world, is the purpose of this class. The acceptance of the self that you know and the agreement to the self that you don’t. To be re-created in this way is actually to be reclaimed in your innate nature, your true beingness, and it is this beingness that you align to and express in all ways. Whatever you think you are we know you well beyond it. 
2) When we teach you inherent true respect, we are teaching you that who and what you are is actually undisturbed by choice in a fundamental way. We would say, “What an opportunity” to both because all is opportunity for the soul to unfold. The small self has its preferences of outcome, whereas the Divine Self, who perceives all things as of God and cannot refute anything as outside of it. You are reclaiming God where the denial of the Divine was claimed. True knowing, when fully present in an individuated consciousness, claims all things in effortlessness.
3) To know one’s own sovereignty means that you have an awareness of your inherent worth. The true self is on the escalator with you, showing you the new ways of being, that are now available to you. When you stop striving, you begin to receive. When you stop knowing what should be, you may see what truly is. To comprehend who you are in truth in the Upper Room is to release a reliance on what you were called, what you think you should be, how you would have others see you, old roles and labels. We see the beauty that is inherently you, and we speak to this beauty, to this light, that is your true nature. We see you in your beauty, we see you in your right to be, in all you have known and may know.
4) The collective is moving beyond the sense of self and separation. Humanity is saying, “I am not limited by the old ways of choice.” When humanity finally understands that you need one another, that no one is disposable, the relief that humanity will experience will be totally dependent on a new way of being. The choice has been made. “We will be claimed anew.” When all things are made new, you must trust implicitly that the needs of the individual and the collective will be met, but in higher ways than before. And what may transpire in the upper room is your awareness of the inherent Divine. 
5) It is the Divine that has come as you, and your alignment to these words proceeds to re-create itself as who and what you are in every aspect of being. The alignment you hold claims all things in agreement to their true nature, which is the inherent Divine as manifest. So humanity itself is beginning to undergo a realization of what was never true in order to receive what has always been true. You are lifting through seeing, through knowing that the idea of separation has never been true. You are no longer grabbing. You are aligning in reception to what has always been. This is not about getting something, but being who you truly are

Initiation, April 2021.
1) The cost of the realization of the truth is to release the lies of past illusions. You cannot be other than who you truly are. Ego might perceive a liar, beggar, criminal, but in truth that one is the Divine. All is in love. The divine has come in manifestation as us all. The initiator is you as a pioneer of realization. God can and is in this…  In the upper room we are reunified as One. Everything I am going through now is in preparation of a better life. 
2) We have capacity to love. The realization of divinity is being initiated. Fear and war will one day be an idea forgotten. The denial of the divine will be a thing of the past. The small self counters much of what is best for us. It would never have chosen this path. Notice where you refute God
3) I learned never to love again?!? All history is an idea of what was, a point of view. The divine, infinite self has come as you. It’s innate knowing trumps your ideas of history. Nothing will be lifted until it is truly seen. To change something is done by the true self, by re-knowing, for the issue does not exist in the upper room. The transposition from a lower to a high vibration. God doesn’t make the path hard, you do
4) No one needs to be fixed, but rather known for who they are, realized and unified. The experience of the Monad is the purpose of this class. Where God is denied separation is claimed. God is = we are participatory to it. Do we prefer to suffer? We expect it. 
5) The times of change have only begun. The realigning of identity in the upper room is what is happening. We are becoming aware of our self beyond the small self. What is available to us in the upper room is our divine knowing. Everything can be experienced anew. Realization is knowing, once you let go of who you think you are. This is not too difficult, it is the true self that lifts us to the upper room.  

Forgiveness, February 2021 
1) In a class in forgiveness, each one of you will be required to re-see the self beyond the sense of victimhood. You deny forgiveness to others because your self is still in shadow. What self-forgiveness is, is realization of self as loved. God must know love and cannot know unforgiveness. You are the one that keeps yourself in darkness. When you refuse to forgive, you deny God. To forgive another, ultimately, we say, is to liberate the self. The True Self, cannot be harmed, is always free, and this is the aspect of self that is called upon to liberate you. Do not be angry at the self who says, “I will not forgive, I cannot forgive.” Say to that self, “It will be so.” And the claim “It will be so” is not only the permission to move to the higher, it is the agreement to release the old in most perfect ways.
2) “It will be so,” is the reclamation of the small self into the higher realm. Separation and fear have no place in the upper room. It will be so, it will be re-known, it will be reclaimed is the act of the Divine. You do not do the heavy lifting which means there is not effort involved in the act of release. Surrender is not effort. It’s a new alignment. If you are willing to be seen anew, that will in fact lift you beyond any idea you may have held about what has been. All you have to do is say, “I am willing to be seen,” and we will see you beyond any sense of self that refutes the Divine that is inherent as you. 
3) The authority you have, is to re-see, re-know, reclaim, and consequently lift anything in your purview to a higher way of being, the things that you believe can never be forgiven, are the things that tether you to a hell of your own making. All of these things are the denial of the Divine. To lift beyond the old is to say yes to who you are beyond the old ideas. It’s the response of integration with the true nature of yourself. Imagine the one thing you thought you could never forgive. Now we ask you where this thing sits in your vision to be re-seen by you. 
4) You deny the Divine. It denies you peace. So an agreement to peace, gives permission to re-know any situation beyond history and you being right or wrong. The suffering of the mind, the self-torture you undergo, must be re-seen now and we will use forgiveness as the way. Imagine that any thought you may have had that bore self-recrimination could now be understood merely as idea. When something is merely idea, it can evaporate. But your investment in outcome, is how you weight an idea, and it will propel you into a heaven or to a hell depending on how you decide to be in response to whatever choice you have made. What ego cannot forgive, the Divine does. Empty the file cabinet in the waste basket. True forgiveness leaves a place in the heart for the Creator to express itself where prior it could not be so. If any one of you believes that God smites your enemy, you have an evil god. 
5) The basis of outcome is an identity that has been entrained by fear. We teach you differently, in a higher octave. It’s to re-know anything with the presence of the Divine always there. To deny the Divine in anyone or anything is to align to that denial, which is a level of resonance that you have become so accustomed to. But the aspect of self that knows who she is, what he is, in an ability to re-create, re-know, is here to teach you and lifting you to a new way of being. To be lifted is to be released from what has bound you to the lower. In the seeing of the denial that you have held, you must be agreeing to move beyond it. You are not making God be God. You are witnessing the presence that has always been there and has so oft been denied by you. Not only is this teaching possible, it is your potential in a realized state that is being gifted to you. 

Opening To Love, February 2021.
1) Be open to however love might appear, not limited to  previous experiences. To incarnate as love is to be known anew. Any part of you that refuses love must be re-known. Nothing created can not be of God. All things will be remade. To know love is to realize it. Who is worthy of love? The true self is in mission to re-know each aspect of self. What if it doesn’t matter? Let go of your idea of who you are. 
2) Any relationship is an opportunity to know love. Love expresses everywhere, especially within. The true self has been hidden, even denied, in the unconscious person. An evil person or evil act is only so because we have made it thus. To love another is to know they are worthy of it. I am worthy of love
3) I am in (the frequency of) love. To be in reception of love is to say yes. Love may take any form. Say yes and love will come. It is being in accord with the river of love. You become the recipient and expression of love. Everything is love. To love is to ask nothing of them. Not in the hope they will be as I want. Say yes to love. Nothing is too terrible for God. Let love strip you of all resistance, even heartbreak. To be in the upper room is to learn thru the options of love rather than fear. There is no fear in the upper room. Intimacy is on the menu. 
4) What aspect of self sits on the throne? To abide in the upper room is to claim your inheritance. You move to a level of agreement, to love, a higher will. You know you are worthy. You are in love simply by being willing. I am allowed much more than I have had in the past. Love is in peace and brings peace. 
5) Re-unification is the small self releasing the idea of separation. You need not leave the body to encounter the divine. Ascension is aligning to the plane of the upper room, the perception of the divine. The body is as divine as anything other. You become a doorway of experience for others. Romantic love is to exaggerate them beyond fault, which they cannot maintain and will turn to resentment. To truly love is to know who they truly are. We are calling into form that which already exists in the upper room

Maintaining Vibration, January 2021 
1) The re-articulation of the individual in a truer state, can be claimed if you are willing to release the small self’s ideas of what should be. Now, any should is based upon a prior expectation. The Divine Self as you exists beyond this. We escort our students all the way that we can to your own realization of your innate divinity. The teaching of this class will be to maintain a level of alignment that can be reached through your choice, to agree to the truth of who you are. The True Self as you, who has come to be sung, is who does the heavy lifting — not the personality self seeking to improve his or her lot, but the aspect of self who has agreed with you to surmount any difficulty that will stand in the way. 
2) To choose recrimination of others, is to abnegate your authority as a True Self. The denial of the Divine, is as if you are polluting a sea that is trying to clear, seeking to know itself anew. You cannot claim the Divine Self as who and what you are while denying it in your brother. The more you preclude the Divine from expressing by denying it in others, the more you contribute to the pollution of the sea. Anyone who rejoices in the suffering of another contributes to the pain of the world. Claim who and what you see as worthy of God, even if they would deny it. To lift to the higher is to simply know the truth beyond what you see. “I Have Come,” which is the spoken Monad, the incarnate Divine, announcing its frequency. 
3) When you are aligned to the Upper Room, the small self is still present, but it has been re-articulated. You are knowing yourself anew. You know what you require, but you are no longer demanding that the outcomes you wish for be made so. Instead you are in alignment to the Divine Self. A dream made so in the Upper Room,  will always benefit more than just you, because the Kingdom is for all and not just for you. To operate beyond separation, which is the opportunity of these times, is to realize once and for all that you cannot be the light and hold another in darkness. The Upper Room is a place above fear. Don’t just focus on personal needs at this time. Focus on the collective. Focus on the opportunity that is being presented to be made new
4) The claim “Behold, I make all things new,” does not dictate what the new should be. And the purgation you may undergo now, is a release of the denial of the Divine in whatever way it appears. And the claims of the evening, “God Is, God Is, God Is” and “Behold, I make all things new,” are indeed the agreement to release the denial of the Divine. The moment you decide that “God Is, God Is, God Is,” you can stop decreeing what God should be. To know God is to see God or to agree to God where the denial has lain. 
5) Most of you refute the Divine by your claims of solidity and your belief in permanence, when what you see is transient. What you thought must be so, because it always was, will not be so when you lift it to the Upper Room. And the claim “God Is, God Is, God Is” is the acclimation of the energetic structures around you to the higher vibrational field. The claim “God Is,” is way of being in agreement to manifestation that exists beyond the eyes you’ve held, to what may now be seen in what we call the Upper Room. The claim “God Is” is a claim of permanence. Reality is changing through your agreement to the new manifestation. Now in the upper room you are not making them so, as much as experiencing them. I am always so in the Upper Room, regardless of what I think. Your identity, whether or not you know it, is no longer what it was. And the name you have known yourself by will indeed be altered by your agreement to be re-known. Each of you says yes as you believe you’re allowed. 

 Grace, January 2021.
1) Grace is alignment or agreement to the divine, one’s true nature. We resist such alignment because we fear our needs will not be met. Release the old, the denial of the divine. Releasing your idea of who you are is not easy. To know God is to know yourself as worthy. 
2) The denial of the divine comes in many ways. We ask out of a sense of lack and there is no lack in the divine. The idea of self that you are use to is no longer present. The light incarnate is for the benefit of all. To know yourself anew is to know yourself without the disguise. You start to live from the 20th floor rather than the basement. You know yourself beyond separation. You cannot do this in fear. The true self can easily and will do this. In the upper room the divine principle of oneness is operative. It is the divine who shows up as you, as all manifestation. To abide in grace is alignment, to see the divine in all. This partnership is challenging as I would like it. 
3) The new is in a higher octave. Higher is not better? We are not becoming better. No progress is needed. Just see the truth of who we have always been. Ego seeks progress, the true self sees the inherent divine. We are reclaiming this relationship this challenge, not fixing it. Release the self who denies the truth. This has nothing to do with getting what you want. Allow them to be as they are. Claim the inherent divine. Cease thinking you are unacceptable and need to become acceptable. We don’t tell you how to be, but who you are. Knowing her in her worth will do her more benefit than correcting her behavior. This is not a teaching about outcome (ego’s wants), but realization (expressing the true self)
4) Realization is the knowing of God. The mask says, ‘I will be the one who is hurt, left behind, etc.’ The life I am living is a gift. When you align to your potential you give others permission for the same. 
5) To know grace is to know it as present, not something to be earned. Grace says yes. The purpose of fear is to deny the divine. The claim ‘God is…’ is the claim of realization. It feels easier to make the other feel wrong.  

The Release of the Old, December 2020 
1) The dilemmas you face as a culture now are less about separation than the denial of the Divine. It is the nucleus of every cell. The sea was God before there was sea, and your hand was God before it was claimed as hand. And the release of the old are quite simply those things that would deny the Divine in you and in all. That is what is released. You will have the great experience of encountering these aspects of self that would refute the light, as they release.
2) When you simply claim “It is so, it will be so” to the highest outcome, the greatest joy, you actually move forth in faith to become the recipient of what awaits you. You don’t have to claw for this. You don’t have to dictate what it should look like. You have to say yes. What if the highest and best would not be known to you through the old rubric? What if the greatest joy may not be met through the old acts, but as a yet undiscovered one? It is to know yourself as the recipient of what you truly require. Each of you here, are the perfect being, in perfect unfoldment, highest and best, greatest and most joyful. We know you each beyond the mask you have worn. 
3) When you release the old, what you are doing is releasing the need for the old. The Divine knows my requirements. “I am met by them as I need them. And I trust, in faith, that my needs are being met perfectly.” Or you have a God you don’t trust. And you might as well have no God at all. What you think is your need may not be what you truly need. Where we wish to take you next is to union. Your needing of logic and agreement to form must in some ways be released to comprehend a new language. 
4)  When you enter the Upper Room in innocence, you enter without the dictates of what should be. Now, to understand true potential from the Upper Room is to give it to the Divine, who is the one who re-knows through you. Alice beyond small self in a re-articulated state. She expresses beyond the idea of Alice. In the Upper Room the idea of self that you have known is unmasked and sung through. It’s restored to its true nature. It is reduced in some ways to its vibratory essence. In the Upper Room everything without history to the re-knowing of the form in a purified state, which is vibration, which is essence. Potential in restoration or reducing all things to their essence. It’s the act of the Monad or True Self in its own agreement to reclaim itself through each expression.
5) You become the alchemist moving beyond the old, releasing the old as the new is claimed. These things happen simultaneously. You ar becoming the real version of yourself. You are the Divine Self. You have simply thought yourself to be something other. The expectation of suffering is what must be let go of now. If you release the expectation to suffer you will release much more with it — the old tragedy, the memory of the pain, and the fear of experiencing it again that keeps you stuck in a lower vibrational echo of a past event because you have not truly released it. Now, the Divine self handles the release. If you stop agreeing to the self as being a victim of circumstance, you will have a much richer life. The claim “Behold, I make all things new,” the claim of the Monad in expression, releases you from the old because the old is not present here. You understand yourself through the old, but you do not choose to operate as if you are a victim of it. To hold the Upper Room is to become new, to be made new, to be reclaimed. 

 Revolution, December 2020.
1) There is a restructuring of identity in the collective. A re-creation of self which will be manifest in the lives we live. In the upper room our identity moves from small to the true self. To lift is to release the old, separate self. All things are made new. Stop trying and recognize what is true. The divine is all things, is One. You cannot receive what you think you cannot have. We are turning to a new way of seeing and being. Everything you encounter is an opportunity to reknow who you truly are
2) There is no reason to fear, even death is no threat. I fear I will feel like this forever. When in the upper room I am beyond fear. It is never true. It can be other. This is only for a moment. Witness the divine in whatever form it takes. You refute the denial or fear by the claim God is… Accept the presence of the divine in place of the fear.  Practice seeing God in this and that – God is… Any story or judgment about it is illusion. 
3) Reidentification occurs in the upper room through the attunements, the claims offered. The lifting of the octave. The maintenance of the higher octave is by agreeing to it. I release the requirement of fear. I have no need for fear. You may experience pain in the upper room, but not fear. War is there, but reknown. We find it difficult to believe we can live without fear. Any fear will be met with a new way of seeing it. 
4) Some things may never be the same again. Nothing is out of control. Potential other than repeating history. Align to Source. The upper room is beyond the known, yet without fear. Your needs will be met. Grace and receptivity. You have the right to be. You become the expression of the divine. You outgrow boulders of fear. 
5) The true self is here to integrate my experiences in order to realize the divine. The essence of God is omnipresent. I am no longer a victim of the world, but a co-creator with it. I can begin a new relationship with anyone or anything. The integration of the monad. I know what I am not allowed to have. Ego fears asking for something that it might be told no. I am willing to see myself anew in this relationship. 

Revelation, November 2020 
1) We are moving you to a comprehension of identity in plurality. The transposition to the upper room is to a higher frequency. You need not fear. To liberate the old, to claim the new. To become a leader is to be a peacemaker. The revelation is to see everything as opportunity
2) Realization comes to the one who is forgiving. To judge another is to play God erroneously. Forgive them for not being who you want them to be. God loves through me. To realize your role is revelation. God in all is the great leveler. Nothing is more important than another. Detach from meanings. 
3) Life is about realization. The kingdom is here but can only be seen by those who acknowledge the inherent divine in matter. It’s not about pleasing God, but to live according to who I am. Don’t think you should know more than you do. You are learning your true self in experience. This isn’t so important as I say it is. To have only one outcome is to set you up for disappointment. 
4) The change of humanity is at the cost of the denial of the divine. To re-create the old is to re-perceive it as the same substance as source. You re-know it. You are knowing it as it truly is. The generous spirit is unafraid
5) Even my will can be an expression of the divine. It will be so… God is, God is, God is. Instead of struggling to always be right you can be the expression of a peace maker. What if it doesn’t matter? I am willing to just have someone I can enjoy, without commitment. Enjoy whatever comes. There is no need to rush this process

A New Chapter, Life beyond the Old, October 2020
The cost of the old, brings you a love that is undeniable. The Kingdom is born on this plane, through the recognition and reclamation of the Divine that is inherent in all things. When a thing is realized as sacred, known in its divinity, it is transformed. It is lifted and in fact restored to its organic nature, its first essence. Matter is nothing more than thought materialized. The plane that you express in today is riddled in fear. The structures you see before you, hold within them the denial of the Divine. “The Infrastructure of Reality: Thought and God” would be the title of this lecture.
2) When the new is seeking to establish, it claims for you the opportunities to relinquish the ideas of what was so that you may become free of them. Any catalyst that challenges what you think you should be becomes opportunity to be re-known. And the opportunity it offers, is reconciliation with your inherent divine nature. The old will seek ways of upholding you in what was, at the cost of the new that seeks to be born. If you love them anyway, and loving means accept them anyway, you can transform the encounter. Truth will prevail, and finally, love will prevail as well.
3) The claim of the Divine upon anything can be made known through you in “It will be so.” It’s the agreement to God in the face of change. God indeed is love and will be claiming you, one and all, in a higher potential. Any idols you have created, ways of deciding what God is or should be, that are not in truth are now being disassembled. To trust freedom now is to operate in the claim “It will be so,” is to invoke the will of the Divine. “It will be so.” All must be reclaimed or re-known in the claim we teach: “It will be so. God Is. God Is. God Is.”
4) The Divine Self as you will indeed utilize any experience you claim for learning and realization. The opportunities that are presenting now must be seen as holy opportunity, regardless of what it presents as. You are actually supporting the movement of humanity to a higher level of vibration. They are not evil, they are misled, and the realization of the Divine as them is what supports them in a new awakening. Those of you who are saying yes are saying yes for all. You have become the net that loves and heals, that cannot deny the Divine in another, regardless of what he presents as, what he believes he has done, she has done, or thought she was. 
5) To release selfishness is essential to this path. The Source of all — “God Is, God Is, God Is” — must be available to all. To become generous in spirit, which is to demonstrate overflow, you know the Source of your supply, and because the Source of supply is always present you are never frightened of lack. The idea that the Source of all things will not do what you want is the basis for your fear. The claim “God Is, God Is, God Is,” which is a renunciation of separation. What you often want and deprive yourself of are the gifts of the Kingdom. God as the barren field, you may well endow with the properties it seeks to know itself through. What you require in your own lives is known by God. 

Manifestation, October 2020 
1) The reason for fear is self-made separation. The divine can be known as all things in the present moment. All things can be lifted to higher vibration, a world is made new. All in form is to be transformed beyond fear. The small self wants to perpetuate the past, the true self will re-claim all. The small self must let go of the old for this to happen. I am in great opportunity. Manifestation is more about awareness of who you are and less about getting what you want. Denial of the divine is the absence of awareness.
2) In realization the true self keeps much of the personality. I need not tell the divine my needs. I am aligning to higher choice. What did I come to learn? Your attachment to outcome impedes manifestation. Alignment means you will always be receiving what you require. Stop trying to fix things, rather re-see them. Don’t try to be good, just be the good and worthy that you are. Don’t worry, you are doing well
3) The shaking free of a template is frightening, so the new can be revealed. The inherent divine is all things for God cannot be limited. So many not getting what they want. We are self-deluded. Our true self wants that which is so much higher. Don’t make things more important than they are. Addiction is not failure, but an opportunity to learn. To do it for love rather than obligation. 
4) Agreement and surrender are required. God is – is the refusal of the denial of God. The kingdom is the awareness of the divine as all things. The union and wedding of spirit and all form has begun. There is nothing to mess up. I am learning. What if no one tells me who I am and what I should do? I can be and choose all I do. I get to be happy. I don’t have to have the responses of the past. A big change is coming regarding separation and union. You have for so long seen things as us vs. them. The old is seeking to release. Let it go. What if opening the heart is as easy as opening a door? It is never hard to love
5) When you operate in fear you are estranged from the true self. 

Becoming the One you Want, September 2020 
1) To lift to the upper room (the kingdom) is to align to the true self is to be in the present moment is to see the divine in all. Misidentification, historical meaning, denial of the divine, fear and separation must be released. The alchemist can lift anyone or anything to the upper room. Stop investing what we see with fear or anger. Now you may transcend the mask of identity that has taken the place of your True Self. The one who exists in the Upper Room is the Divine Self, and it is accessible to anyone that is willing to be lifted to it. The one who knows who he is, is not seeking to change as much as seeking to be known as who and what he truly is, the expression of the Divine that has come for all. 
2) Now, to claim the recognition that is offered you here, one need only say, “Yes, it is so. It will be so.” You are releasing the denial of the Divine through the claim of truth. The times you sit in become the opportunity for re-knowing, redemption or resurrection. 
3) To see something that you once thought as frightening, and perceive the Divine, the true nature of the thing beyond appearance. But we have to say you are no higher than you have claimed another. That is equivalency. To know God as the one you despise is not to like him, to agree to his acts, to say it was okay that he said or did as you wished he had not. It’s to reclaim him beyond what is said, beyond what is seen. When all are known in God, the world is made new, and no one will or can be left behind.
4) You have moved to the receptive self who acts in accordance with knowing who she truly is. When you let go of wanting, you begin a new experience of being, and you indeed may be met by what you require. I allow the gifts of the kingdom. I allow my experience to teach me. You are being prepared for a shift through this tutelage to your own agreement of who you are beyond form. You are being taught now more and more through your experience of your lives. God is, God is, God is realigns every aspect of self in experience to what you may now know.
5) The being that you are is about to transform to integrate itself in a higher plane. As this happens, it may feel as if what you have known is taken from you. But what is actually occurring is that the truth of your being is being revealed. Fear will make its last grasp to control. All fear is, is the denial of the Divine, nothing more. The belief in separation, that you are not worthy of the Divine, will have to be contended with, in order for humanity to be released from fear itself. “God Is” in the lifting of the shadow itself to reveal its innate truth. There is no improved version of you. The improved idea of self would only be a more beneficial mask. The rule by fear will be ended, but it is not ended until it is faced. A new idea that the Divine as all must indeed be so. Be prepared for the times ahead, not in fear, but in witness of God. 

Resurrection, September 2020 
1) We know who you are beyond the small self. To be lifted above the small self is by knowing/realizing the true self. This is to manifest the kingdom, to make a new world. Scarcity is a denial of the divine. Your idea of you is not wrong, but limited
2) The small self is a necessary aspect of you. But in order to bloom, you must shift to the true self that has been denied until now. The act of lifting is effortless. You cannot lift one that you fear to the upper room. You must re-see/re-know them first. We become the kingdom, the doorway to the kingdom. It is the true self that sees the divine in all else. The divine sees you with no judgment. It seeks to re-know every aspect of itself. If I didn’t have to worry about failure, what would I do?
3) The resurrected self abides in the upper room. You have moved beyond fear. You know without question. All things are being made new – one who operates in union, not separation. It is much easier to love than not to
4) The true self operates in knowing, and does not speak in reference of should. The template is changing as you abide in the upper room. The experience of truth does not include a should. You don’t presuppose anything. Your reliance on history diminishes. You are learning experentially that God is everything. You are refuting the denial of God.  Humanity is being reconciled to its true nature. 
5) Our world is being righted, reknown. I don’t need to know your name or history, I know you. Experience the self made new, the expression of the true self

Claiming the Kingdom, August 2020 
1) To claim the kingdom is to lift the world to a higher realm. It is to realize the inherent divine in all things. Duality, fear and separation do not exist in the upper room. None is better or of more worth than another. None is damned or held in darkness. I have a right to be here in the upper room. What is there to be afraid of?
2) I am free of time in the upper room. You become the expression of the divine. Your true nature has been denied for so long and can now be reclaimed. Accept the experience you have more so than the achievement of your desired result. That all I see before me may it be reseen in love
3) The idea of the kingdom is not bounty or getting what you want. It is opportunity. It is to experience God in union. You are delivering the small self from the edict of separation. The old is dismantled. We all feel lack, but we are not in lack. All your needs will be met. 
4) You cannot cling to the old in order to claim the new. The true self will make known to you what needs to be released. Release the idea of who you think you are. You must not deny God in any part of your life, it is only a deception
5) Separation, fear denial of the divine are one and the same. The inherent divine is always present. Know your authority and claim the kingdom, a world in consciousness. The release of fear is what you are experiencing now. 

Birth and Re-birth, August 2020  

1) All that is coming will be far better than what predated it, even though the loss of what was feels so great. In our uncertainty don’t play the victim but take responsibility for your creations. The reunification of the Divine in matter is what will heal this world. What will bind you to the lower is your damning of your brothers, your fear of your friends, your neighbors. Your renunciation of what has been is not a condemnation of what has been, but a realization that what has been no longer serves. The teachings of the following weeks will be about two things: What it means to be re-known and what it means to leave the old.
2) The release of the old — discomforting, yes, but a requirement of the new. We are in a valley now, between two worlds as we try to stabilize ourselves. It is the collective that decides what it will be. If you have already decided that humanity cannot do this, you expect to stay, to get what you think you can have, at the cost of what indeed is being offered to you. The lifting beyond the valley is made in choice, “I am in the Upper Room.” To deny the will of another is always a low choice. To bless another, regardless of what he or she thinks or does, is always a high choice. You are moving from singular relation to plurality, and by plurality we mean the agreement to the Divine that indeed must express as all men, as all beings. Understand the valley as opportunity and not punishment, and an opportunity always claims option, and a high choice will deliver you at every moment.
3) Everything is opportunity, and indeed, must be seen as such. This is not the idea of restoration to a status quo or what was once known. The restoration you are undergoing is truly different than what you expect it to be. You are being restored to a higher nature, that is not corrupted through fear of what you truly are. The gift of this teaching is that the battle is over. You are not fighting fear. I am one with the Source of all things, I am in union with my divine nature, and I am in agreement with its true expression — I align to a level of vibration where my sense of safety is in a higher way. 
4) We come to the upper room to get our needs met, but instead we find ourselves re articulated into alignment to the true self. You get what you require rather than what the small self wanted. You are not praying to get what you want. You receive the kingdom, God itself. But the requirement of the new, is the release of what you think should be. It invites you to re-see each thing that would be chosen. By just being who you are you are removing the lies of what others have thought themselves to be. You are not overriding will. You are claiming what is always true
5) You may be re-known, and consequently aligned to a level of recognition of truth where you stop distinguishing yourself as a separate being, but an expression of the whole. The Upper Room is where the Kingdom is claimed and nothing is known in separation. As all things are witnessed, realigned and transformed to the high octave of the Upper Room and made manifest within what we call the Kingdom. What you do in these claims is you release the denial of the Divine, which was an illusion, an agreed upon illusion to separation, and restore what is seen to the Kingdom. Re-articulation happens instantaneously in the high realm, because everything already expresses there. 


Beyond Separation, July 2020

1) We are of the whole in plurality. The small self is just an idea. We have been in agreement to everything we see. The upper room is an octave above that. The kingdom is here and has been denied until now. We are in a time of great opportunity. Do I attend to it in fear or who I am? Denial or acknowledgement? Reclamation is to lift and re-see everything in its inherent divinity. I am free of limitation, fear and separation. 

2) The small self is re-known in this process. The small self can only know itself through history. You will need to remove this mask. The old will begin to fall. The light burns in your heart and transforms the self. My cries have been heard. In re-knowing myself I see that I am not a victim, but a master. Everything is opportunity. What you give your attention to becomes your reality

3) Idolatry, what is placed before God denies God. We are being gifted with the kingdom and denied nothing. To love another is to know them of Source. You are already loved as you are. God cannot withhold love. See everything that comes to you as required. 

4) The transition to the upper room is a radical change. You know yourself beyond the mask. You accept your brother as one with the self, the pluralized self. You know yourself in a new way, not by what should be, but as it truly is, in union with Source. You are no longer dependent upon what once was. You re-know it. Don’t run back to the familiar. You are in the perfect place and opportunity to learn who you are and be liberated from the past. We are free of the rules of the past. I can’t give you what you want, I cannot be what you need. 

5) All things are claimed anew without the idea of separation. You cannot claim the kingdom by the small self, by effort. Unification, I am one with Source, with all that is. I am in union with all things through Source. This already is. God is reconciling itself to its true nature. You are liberated when you liberate another. You lift them by witnessing who they truly are. We don’t have to continue being who we were in fear, but we do have to continue as who we are in costume

Ascension, June 2020 

1) To know yourself in unity is to deny separation, to deny the agreements that have been made in fear. It is a facing of the self and all of one’s creations, and the collective itself is now mandated to re-see what it has claimed in the denial of the worth of another, of the truth of who another is. You might not agree with someone, but that does not diminish their divine value. You are one being in articulation in many, many ways, the opportunity for ascension is to grab hands with your brother and lift with them. As each of you become aware of your innate divinity, you become responsible to the ones before you. This will not be a teaching of getting what you want. Any structure that denies the worth of another, must and will be re-known. But in order to claim your worth, you have to first see where you have denied it. To redeem another is to truly know who they are beyond who they present as, beyond your desire to punish or shame, beyond separation. You become the opportunity of the Divine to know itself in what it sees

2) When confronted with conflict state your case but don’t force your way. A true revolution is in consciousness.  It’s bringing awareness, but letting go at the same time. It’s to abide in the upper room seeing the divine in your opponent. God is not threatened by resistance. Force will get you nowhere. It makes no demands, but choooses in love. The divine truth within you will never ask you to damn another, or to fight a fight against another, that is born in fear. What has been damned is being asked to be brought forth into the light to be re-seen. You hold peace in times of disruption by lifting them, one and all, to their true nature. You become one, an organism in an awareness of commonality. This comes when you stop fighting, when you regard the one before you, not only as your equal, but as your brother, as your sister. The Christ, knowing itself through you, creates the dissemblance through the identity that you have used to operate through. It feels as if things are falling apart. It is not a comfortable time, but it is, indeed, a requirement. The Kingdom comes at the cost of the old. 

3) We live in a time when the unknown is to be revealed. The manifestation of the Divine as humanity in a way that you have not known, carries with it great promise and great release. You can face it in fear or you can face it in wonder. You expect cataclysm. There is no need for cataclysm. But when you claim in fear, and you make your offerings at the altar in fearful ways, you collect the dividends of fear. The times you stand in will not be what you expect them to be. This is not a warning. It is, in fact, a promise. Your choice to abide in separation renounces the ever-present union that may be seen by the one who knows who he is, who she is, and how she serves. What if 90% of what you owned could indeed be shared, not at the cost of what you have, but at the increase it brings to both you and those you share with.

4) To reclaim another, to lift them to the Upper Room through your realization of them, is the act of re-knowing — again, the claim “Behold I make all things new.” 

5)  Now, the permanency of the Upper Room means something very specific. The True Self as you exists beyond the old. You must relinquish your idea of self and what you have learned through history. You are not damning the personality self or seeking to extinguish it. It is being re-known as of God, as are all aspects of self. You welcome and love the small self without judgment. The ability to align to the Upper Room as a place of being is the key to the teaching. The opportunity to re-know anything, to re-see anything, in the Upper Room, is the opportunity to perceive anew, without judgment.

Faith, June 2020 

1) We must claim you anew, beyond what you think you are or presuppose you should be. The new is seeking to be born through you. Allow and agree to this encounter with your own divinity, your own true nature. Some of you want to know how to get what you wish. This is a very different teaching. This is a teaching in alchemy and resurrection. What we are authorized to teach you who you are so that you may lift the world to a new way of being. What you are doing is not becoming what you think you are, but releasing who you think you are, to become who you truly are. You want what you had, even if what you have had has been the cause of your pain. You are not losing who you are. You are losing an idea, a false self, that has indeed been running the show at the cost of the truth of your being. The truth of the being you are is what is seeking expression now. To re-know it is not to deny it, not to placate it, but claim the presence of the Divine where it is being ignored or denied. There is nothing outside of God except that which you put there. And that which you put there calls you to that darkness. Your service to the world is knowing who you truly are. That which you fear most lives within you, and must be attended to, but it is essential. 

2) I am free. I am not who I think I am. This is not a comfortable journey. Don’t mistake the mask for who you are in truth. You are a doorway to the upper room. This is a level of alignment, you are not changed. It is a lifting to the true nature of who you are. Everything created in fear must now be reknown. A new world is born. We release the cause of suffering, the denial of the divine. To say she should be or do something is to deny the divine in her. To say I cannot be loved is also a denial of the divine. No one is special, all are worthy. 

3) There is an aspect of you already and always in the upper room. It wants to be realized and express as you and all else. You have free will and must choose such. The realization of the kingdom is in process. The true self is not tethered to history. Fear is the denial of God. This transition to the upper room is rather disruptive to the lives we have known. Separation from God is just an idea and entirely impossible. God is the only energy. But we are so powerful we create our reality. Know your worth and you will not fear rejection. Make a list of how you see yourself. You are allowed to see yourself beyond such. 

4) Realization comes in stages so that you might not run. It is an acquiescencing of the will to the true self. Faith is buying a plane ticket without knowing the destination. We are reclaiming, remembering our citizenship of the kingdom, which is our birthright. This cannot be earned. The world is changed by nature of your presence. You only need to release an idea. You will cease to choose in fear. You become the doorway for others to enter the kingdom. Scarcity and separation are a lack of faith. Healing is by bringing it out of the darkness into the light. No need to be special, just authentically be who you are. 

5) That which we have damned in darkness can be lifted now to the light. Nothing can be made holy or special, but it all must be recognized as the divine manifest. Release the old to realize the new which is far greater. You are re-knowing what you see, realizing it in truth. I don’t want to do any heavy lifting, the word made flesh. The flame that illumines humanity through recognition of the divine in the darkness. We are taking you through a process of deconstruction. 

The Birth of the New, May 2020

1) The reckoning you are experiencing now is due to our denial of the divine in all. To rearticulate or lift something to the higher octave is to recognize the divine in everything. Nothing exists independently from the whole. What you damn damns you back. What you lift simultaneously lifts you. Reidentification is making all things new. Look beyond appearance and opinion to their essence in truth. Nothing needs to be changed, but recognized for what it is in truth.

2) Surrender to unknown potential. Let go of the fear and separation in preparation for the new to come. The disassembling of the old is not a tragedy. The old cannot continue. Economic systems must be revamped in equality. All have the same value. My security is not in my job, bank account or marriage. Gift #2 – the divine self is who you already are. I am being acclimated in truth. Gift #3 – knowing I am safe. This comes in solitude.

3) Reconciliation with who you are in truth is the teaching. My own self condemnation is what I must face. You are released from your prior creations, what I have claimed. I am God in form, inseparable from all. You will accept everyone in love.

4) This teaching is the release of the small self’s reign and the true selfs claim of the kingdom. I do not become the Christ, someone special, rather the Christ manifests as me. You are sovereign in choice, but how does my choice contribute to the whole.

5) We want the kingdom but with select changes. The small self no longer can claim what it wants. The more you have, the more you will have to release. I don’t share my goods because I fear scarcity. To see the inherent divinity in another is to know them in the upper room.

The Road before Us, April 2020

1) The Kingdom is the awareness of the presence of the Divine, as and in all manifestation. We first see how we are denying the divine, then we reckon and lift. You see before you a world in transition, reclaiming itself in what we call the Upper Room at the cost of the old. The transition humanity makes now is very simple. You are moving to a higher octave of expression. What we do is re-see you. We know who you are, beyond the mask worn. Humanity itself is not renegotiating this. The collective has chosen it, and is now moving in to support this. The process is not graceful. It is at times arduous. It is at times clumsy. It need not be fearful, and you must do one thing, which is release your attachment to who you think you are and what should be. The Christed Self, the seed of the Divine as each of you, seeks to bloom, seeks to flower, seeks to become as you at the cost of the old. 

2) A new book is being written, one where there is no separation between us. Know who you are as everything is being remade in a new and higher way. When you align to the Upper Room, all things that express in the lower octave have the ability to be re-known and lifted. Now, to know something as of God does not mean you approve of it. But, who you put in darkness calls you to the darkness beside them. The alchemical claim — “Behold, I make all things new” — is not fixing what you see. It’s reclaiming it in the high octave of Source, without the denial of the Divine that it has been emblemized by. This is how a world is made new, and indeed lifted. The action of fear, whether or not you know it, is to deny the Divine as well. The re-knowing of all things as of God is simply the act of no longer denying. This is the process of re-understanding that you have always been one. The words “I know who you are in truth,” means beyond what you present as, beyond what you have acted in accord with, beyond what you believe yourself to be. And now you may say this to them without any intention of changing them. You are simply claiming them as they truly are. 

3) We are on the verge of a great shift, but it’s not going to occur as in the past by overpowering, damning and proving the other wrong. It is by lifting the other with yourself in love. This is the challenge for all of you now. Claim the inherent divine in yourself and all things now. We would recommend, for those of you who are hearty enough to make a long list of those things you damn in yourself or your neighbors or the world. The True Self as you sees the Divine in all, and consequently lifts all, all at once, to what we call the Upper Room. Lift the personality structure to the upper room. So we teach you to lift so you may lift the world. 

4) We are learning to see things through the eyes of God. To understand this fully is to release your preconceived ideas of what perfection is, everything is perfect now. The claim “Behold, I make all things new” is a vibrational claim. It is not meant to improve something. It is meant to realize the perfection that already exists. The storm is opportunity to know true peace, to know a new claim of self-identification, to liberate the small self from the mask it has worn that would damn another. The choice to do this is not made by the small self who thinks she needs to fix things, but by the Divine Self that already knows perfection. In the claim “I Have Come,” you in fact give permission to every aspect of self to be re-seen, re-known, or re-sung in the higher octave you abide in now. “Behold, I make all things new.” The knowing of the old through old eyes, can be replaced through this claim, not at all through effort — effort defeats itself here — but through agreement. The upper room is a level of consciousness. You must release the old to realize the new. Fear/separation will keep you from lifting.

5) How do you make great change when you focus on minutia? How do you claim freedom when you continue to claim that you are oppressed, or hindered from your rights? The True Self knows itself as of the whole, and it operates in love, not through fear, not through blame or condemnation. To be inclusive simply means you don’t deny others the right to be, the right to choose, the right to think. You are welcome to your opinions. It’s an experiential opportunity. To re-see your lover without having to define who he or she should be to you, to reclaim the self without the belief in unworthiness or futility or self-abnegation, is reclamation. The Upper Room, is the place of Christ consciousness. You cannot exclude your brother. You cannot operate in fear. You cannot deny your own worth or the worth of anyone else. Every moment, you see, then becomes an opportunity to witness the Divine. To lift a world to a realization of its own true being is to shed light where there has been shadow, to bring love where there has been fear. “I see the one before me with the eyes of the Christ,” is an energetic claim.

Peace, March 2020

1) We encourage you to release the idea of outcome, the idea of what should be, so you may be present beyond those expectations for what awaits you. Release your expectations in order to receive much more. Satisfaction is your destiny, where seeking is no longer needed. In lifting to the upper room we become less dense with a higher vibration. Time and cause/effect are no longer relevant. To go from concept to the experience of these teachings is to apply the claims to your challenges. I am at peace. I am in peace. And I claim peace upon all that I witness

2) The trials that face some of you now are opportunity to re-know everything else as of one Source. There is nothing known on this plane that was not first an idea, and an idea itself can be re-known. We are not saying it isn’t real, it is malleable. Humanity is at a Crossroads. When things are turned upside down, opportunity is present to re-see reality. If you begin to perceive these times as opportunity for growth, opportunity for healing, opportunity for re-seeing a world in consort with truth, you will go there and claim a new world. Anything and everything can indeed be lifted to what we call the Upper Room to be known in a higher way. Before you can lift something to the upper room you must see it as it is in truth. You cannot lift something you call bad to the upper room. Be prudent in your reaction to them, but unafraid. If Jesus had been afraid he would not have walked on the water. You cannot lift what you are frightened of. You will not lift what you damn. “How may we re-know this situation in the Upper Room in a higher octave?” To know a thing in fear is to be separate from the Divine. 

3) What you are undergoing now is a re-creation of self. When the truth is claimed, when the energy of truth is present, the mask is released. Each human being is seen as they truly are and afforded the opportunity for tremendous growth. How you face yourself in times of great change will be your teacher. It is saying, “Here is an opportunity to know myself in a higher way. Here is an opportunity to help the one beside me. Here is the opportunity to be known anew.” Humanity is going to be reconstructed. If you see the potential in this reconstruction as productive, you align to the possibility that what is before you may be reclaimed, re-seen, and known anew.

4) You can no longer pretend that the one beside you has less worth, more worth, more need, less need. The idea of separation is being re-seen, not out of desire, but out of necessity. And it is necessary for us to know who we truly are. It is time to put aside the small self. In the past we have made many unconscious agreements, but now we are beginning to make conscious collective choices in agreement to who we are. The claim is made by the True Self, who perceives the Divine in all manifestation. The Divine sees the Divine in all its creations, and when it lifts something it reclaims it beyond separation. And all separation is is the denial of God. That is all it has ever been. The tru self abides in the upper room. 

5) In challenges to see the opportunity for growth is the remedy to fear. We are moving from a world of separation and fear to that of truth and love. It is by agreement to the Divine that must be present in spite of all evidence to the contrary. The time has come to move beyond the old, to start to claim your inheritance, your true inheritance. The light is here now. It is disassembling structure. You are being claimed anew. And what you perceive of as catastrophe, as horrific, will have an outcome that we must call great change. Humanity has decided collectively to lift itself beyond fear. A world is made new, not through destruction, but by the lifting of what has been to its inherent divinity. And what will be born in your lifetimes will be beyond what you believed can be. 

The Kingdom, January 2020


1) The true self has come and will be revealed at the cost of who you thought you were. That which has been denied will now be seen, the divine in all manifestation. The upper room is the expression of this new and higher vibration. To lift to the higher octave is to begin to claim a world that expresses in a higher way. Fear is what prevents that lifting to a higher perception/expression. There is one problem and only one problem that humanity now faces, which is the denial of the Divine in anything or everything. The Kingdom is a profound state of awareness of the presence of God, and the joy that accompanies that. 

2) Align in the present moment to the True Self to be free of fearful possibilities. See it anew from the upper room in order to lift it there. As your light brightens it will disclose more of the masquerade we created in fear to be reseen and known anew. Everything is an expression of Source. We see you all as of one Source, a pluralized identity, the Divine as one in myriad expression. 

3) Now, the old ways are leaving, and the destruction of a template that you have been used to has commenced and is deeply challenging for all. To perceive from history is to see things as how they “should” be. But the true self sees how they “can” be. When the wall starts to come down release all ideas of how it should be. Those of you who wish the polite ascension, where everything lifts as a butterfly does, are in for a radical surprise. Ego wants a wall, separation. It wants to believe that some are right and some are wrong, some are holy and some are not. If you wish to stay in separation, you are in for a very bumpy ride. The resistance to the transformation that you perceive around you is the action of fear.

4) The world that you see, the identity you have known, are actually obscuring a higher world and higher identity that are present now and can and will be witnessed by you. To witness the Divine in all things. The world is in great change. Our part is to see it all as divine and watch to see how we all evolve. Don’t be fearful, sad or angry. The time you stand in now — The Great Awakening is what we will call it from now on — is a testament to change. There is no schism, when you begin to operate from this plane. You are not operating in an idea of separation, or even singularity. You are not trying to become divine, but the divine has come as you. We are not denying your humanity, but rather we wish to fulfill it. And this is not done by trying to fix the past. 

5) Your realization of the Divine is what calls it into matter. When you claim the divine in something you are lifted to another state of consciousness or expression in you and the other. It is in fact lifted to its true nature. This is who says yes to the re-seeing of a world. You are not willing the Kingdom into being. You are claiming the Kingdom into manifestation simply through your expression. When you stop denying the Divine in the self, you cannot deny it in what you perceive. Fear is the denial of the divine. As you release another from bondage, indeed you are released. 

Beyond fear, December 2019 


1) We will reframe you beyond the idea of fear, beyond the construct of personality, to the True Self who operates without fear. True safety, which is in fact the absence of fear, is the reliance upon the Divine, the True Self that is inherently you. To simply state, “I will not confirm fear,” is to release its grasp upon you. But you will not claim the new when you are demanding the old be what it was. Nothing can be lifted to the Upper Room when you are busy damning it, or blaming the one for doing something to you. Forgiveness is a priority now for any individual who wishes to release the idea of who she is and claim what she is in truth. You become a beacon, and you show others, by nature of presence, that there can be an expression of being that is fearless, through your own claim of expression — “I Have Come.” 

2) The release of fear is the action of the Divine moving beyond it. It is not a battle that is won. This is a process. When you lift to the Upper Room you are lifting beyond fear, often requires you to perceive what you’ve held fearful, and perhaps why you have done so. The simplest action would be to say, “No, thank you. I don’t require this fear.” You should be afraid is a great lie. the very being you are, is made of Source.  “I have no need for fear.”

3) When you refer to the history you’ve known, you abnegate the potential for a new response, a new answer, a new perception. Our offering for you tonight is the release of history as it can be released. The claim we offer you, “Behold, I make all things new,” re-knows everything beyond the old, beyond how it’s been identified and what you have claimed in fear. You claim an identity as fearful. You deny the Divine that is present as you. The True Self cannot be afraid. It is free. If you understand that the aspect of self, the Divine Self who expresses beyond fear, is who you are acclimating to, you will stop claiming fear.  

4) In the Upper Room the idea of self is in fact replaced by True Self that cannot condone or align to fear. The claim we make for you now, “Behold, I make all things new,” is indeed a claim of alchemy because the True Self in expression is the alchemist. We intend to take you to an experience of fearlessness that you may be claimed by. Your willingness to release fear is what is required now. I have no need for fear. 

5) Nothing is fearful unless you ascribe fear to it. We need accept responsibility for our creations made in fear and release old expectations in order to go beyond the known to experience the unknown. The true self is fearless. I am not looking to be fearless, I am fearless. Only the small self needs/has fear. Claim the truth of the true self. By knowing who I am I become the lightning rod in this world and all aspects of the true self are realized and the world is transformed. The True Self can escort the small self to a new realization of who she has always been. Are you willing to be known without fear? 

Claiming a New World, November 2019, NYC

Our only challenge/atrocity is the denial of God. God is in all. Bless it all to heaven. 

When you know, you don’t need to say the claim. When you know there is no question or fear. The true self has no expectation of you or another and is therefore never disappointed. The influence of history is seen in our expectations. Let go of these expectations. The upper room is the dwelling place of the true self. It is a place of knowing, seeing God in everything.

The upper room is to reknow what you see. It’s not to get what you want/expect. Fear is not here, fearless contentment is. Fear my sexuality? Judge my body? I have been taught to fear, to fear what is contrary to truth. God cannot fear. Nor can it judge its creation. You can either damn another or lift them to the upper room. Behold, I make all things new – by nature of presence, by virtue of being. To think yourself better than another, or another better than you is to lower your vibration.

Channeling God, November 2019 


1) More important than understanding the teaching is agreement to it. The teaching simply assumes you. The transition you make is the relinquishing of the idea of who you have been. The personality is dismantled. So the being that you are must be assumed, or lifted. You must realize you are not separate from Source. Humanity is at a point in which it will be unmasked and seen for who it is in truth. We will stop denying the divine in us. We are speaking of a mass reckoning, a facing of oneself and all of one’s creations, because liberation is present when the lie is released, when the belief in separation is gone. 

2) The True Self as you who has aligned to this teaching, will indeed liberate you from past in the claim “I Have Come.” She is no longer creating from history, from the aspiration to be who she was, but from her realignment in the Upper Room as who she is in truth. The triumph of the Divine comes forth and claims you free and clear of the small self’s idea of what you are and claims your true state, your authentic divinity. The small self must integrate, must release those aspects of self that would conspire to fear, blame, and damnation. “Behold, I make all things new,” is the claim of the true self. 

3) Now, when you align to the True Self, something occurs that you don’t understand. Your requirements change — what it means to abide in a higher alignment, and how those manifest in the practical lives that you live. Realization occurs, there is no real effort. In the Upper Room, you are not seeking but receiving the requirements of the true self, not those of the small self. “Behold, I make all things new.”

4) Alchemy is the remaking of humanity in its true state beyond the small self’s declaring what must be. Humanity is in a reclamation of identity as a collective. The collective has said yes to a new agreement about what it means to be. In the Upper Room you comprehend who all are. You know who all are. You understand their failings, perhaps, but their value or worthiness is unchanging. Humanity itself has chosen a new path — reconciliation. “Behold, I make all things new.” Arrogance, self-deceit and fear must be released. Greed and the denial of God will come to an end and with it suffering. Fear is the denial of Source. The old will be losing its authority in the coming decade, and must be relinquished. 

5) The aspect of self that is indeed becoming has always been present and the decisions you make as you are aligned, are all about agreement. You have been in the house of mirrors, operating from a distorted perception. But now, “I have come.” The true self sees clearly, no longer based on legacy or separation. You are not being decided for. You are aligning in potential to what it actually means to be made new through consent. Most of you make this shift in perception very difficult because you believe the house of mirrors to be a true reflection, when it never has been. We see you as you are, as you have always been. We lift you beyond the house of mirrors, the land of distortion, the land of false agreements, the land of the acquiescence and submission to fear. You become a channel of God, its expression to lift the rest of the world.

Your true calling, September 2019


1) It is letting go of the known and all its expectations. When you deny the inherent truth of who you are, you claim a historical doctrine, of what it means to be the small self, the one apart from God who must fight to get her way. But the True Self as you is not fettered, rather free from all expectations. As you begin to lift beyond the collective to a higher field, you actually grant permission to those who would come after you to lift, to come with you. If you would take two minutes each day, two actual minutes, and re-decide that what you see is indeed, of God, you would be blessed immediately by the ramification of the choice. The True Self as you, has its own mission in realization. 

2) When the True Self comes forth, who knows who he is, he is: 1) unafraid, and, 2) not complicit to the manipulation of another. When you have aligned to the Upper Room, you have aligned to an idea of independence from structure. To release something fully is to have reclaimed a full identity as the True Self, and as we have taught thus far, the small self remains, but in a new articulation. She, in fact, has become subjugated to the True Self. She is free of the idea of who she was. As you align to the true nature of your being, its expression is, indeed, your true calling. It is the agreement for every soul to incarnate at a high level, to release the history that has tainted her structure, to embody in light in awareness of her Source. I release any need to control another. And I claim my freedom from controls put upon me by other’s desires or choices. 

3) The opportunities that are presenting themselves to you, will claim you in a higher way than you have known thus far. But you must relinquish the need to determine outcome to claim sovereignty as the one who may know. True incarnation as the realized self is not about getting what you think you should have, but relying on the Source of all things for how you serve. You are not acting in fear, but in your knowing. And this lifts you in manifestation. The moment you stop deciding what should be, you can begin to see what truly is. The small self no longer dictates its desires, the identity that demands separation. Ego is assumed and you may know yourself beyond the claim of separation. In embodiment you claim a new world into being, and the manifestation of it aligns you as a portal that others may pass through, as indeed, they are lifted by your presence.

4) The proclamation “I Have Come” is a realization that circumvents the old. Realization must come at the cost of what used to be so. How you see anything claims you at that level of vibration. You cannot lift something bad to the upper room. You must remove the label first. “I know (realize) who you are in truth.” Who you put in darkness calls you to that very darkness, and what you are determined to expel in yourself, hold in fear or damnation, will be with you until you accept what it is as of God. Once it is realized at that level, you can bring it to the Upper Room, and indeed, this is alchemy. You realize the inherent divinity that must be present in him or her. you cannot lift what you fear, nor can you lift what you have put in darkness. When you condemn yourself, or an aspect of self, you deny the presence of the Divine as it. When this is lifted to the Upper Room, you will indeed find a peace and a realization of self that has been lacking for many of you. Imagine an aspect of self that, perhaps, you have denied, decided could not be of light or will not be loved. Whatever it may be, it must be seen before it can be liberated. I lift this thing before me to the Upper Room so it may be re-known and I may be healed and know myself in totality as worthy of this light. I know who I am …

5) Be willing to release your expectations due to the past. We are given continuous opportunities to realign to the Upper Room, to see with new eyes. The one you seek to put in darkness indeed has a lesson for you, to lift beyond the old, not to damn your fellows, because you know who you are and who they are. Know yourself beyond the personality structure, which is simply your opportunity to learn through. You are far beyond that. That all may be recognized for who and what they truly are. 

The Freedom To Be, July 2019


 1) In the Upper Room, where the ideas of history, the names you have gone by, begin to release to create the new, the realization of the new, the Divine who has come to sing and to be. In some ways, you’ve identified so much with the mask that you have known yourself through that, even when the mask is released, you intend to claim it. To your way of thinking the true self seems too good to be true. The moment you realize that the manifestation has occurred, the obligation to history is, in fact, released. The freedom to be — the claim “I am free, I am free, I am free,” which we have taught thus — is the claim of liberation from the lower strata of vibration. Indeed, you become who you truly are. Through reclamation, their inherent divinity is indeed lifted by you to their true nature. You have surpassed the obligations that the small self has been tied to. Indeed, you are lifting to the light, the manifest light that you have always been. To surrender to your true nature is to align the will in its remembrance of itself as of God and not separate from it. 

2) The true self denies the old through the presence of being. But you must give permission to release the old. When God is understood as also matter, the ability to lift matter to its true vibrational state lifts the matter to the level of the one that is experiencing it. Whatever you see before you, whatever it may look like, is, indeed, an articulation of God. I see all things before me in the Upper Room. I lift the manifest room to its true nature. We are in the Upper Room. I am willing to see with new eyes. Let what you perceive or experience inform you. Stop dictating what things are through the names they have been given. 

3) When you understand memory as an opportunity for the small self to direct you to its needs, you will understand that any memory is actually fraudulent. In the high octave of the Upper Room, where things are indeed made new, we have taken you thus far through the process of disassembling a reality, releasing the ideas of what things have meant so they may be remade. Everything may be comprehended through your history, or they may all be lifted to the high octave, where they are reconciled — reconciled with their true nature. You may know someone as the divine expression they are, and then anything else is actually diminished by the claim of wife, by the claim of child, etc. In the upper room you have access to the omniscient now, all knowledge. The True Self, you see, does not seek to confirm the edicts of history, and is not swayed by the false idea of memory. Clear knowing, in the present moment, has no real reliance on memory, because she has moved to knowing, which is indeed the awareness of God. We are actually telling you that every memory you just catalogued was a false idea — of self, of relation, of who another was — because it is all of the template that we are actually lifting to a higher way. Everything she recalls is informed or seen through a window that is tainted deeply by a fraudulent sense of self. In a liberated state, we do not deny the past, but neither do we confirm its meaning. Any memory, i.e. I am a victim, may be lifted to the Upper Room to be re-known. Our perception needs be transformed. I am agreeing to be made new.

4) You are aligning to the inherent True Self — a full expression of God, incarnate as you. The small self must say yes to the journey, but it is the True Self that creates for itself, through its alignment, its perfect expression. As you lift to the Upper Room, you bypass old systems, you re-comprehend manifestation from the vantage point of the higher purview. Bad memories can be re-known; who I am, our difficult relationship, etc. It looks like the Divine, it looks like an opportunity to learn. But it is neither judged nor feared. It is lifted to a new way. This is an idea for you until you know the Divine as you in experience. The True Self does not need this teaching, for he knows who he is. But the small self has gone through such an experience of separation that the idea of embodiment, in union with Source, seems incomprehensible. 

5)  We take you beyond the known. We lift you higher to what exists beyond language. Already the trees know who you are. The stars do as well. But your exclusion of form as of God has claimed you in separation from what you see. And the intonation “I know what I am,” which is the manifest Divine, lifts you to this agreement that we speak to, where you actually know the tree, know the sky, know all things as of God, as one. They do not know you in separation. It will take a little to get acclimated to this new height, this perspective. The body itself, in its escalation, becomes the expression of the Divine as form. You are comprehending this work to be the work as your true expression, to manifest as who and what you are at a claim of vibration — “I Have Come … We are walking across a bridge. The new shore you land upon is, indeed, a higher expression of what humanity has been. And the global impact on this manifest plane is the agreement to be re-known in your higher state. This is not a higher state that one earns. This is not a higher state that one aspires to. It is a higher state of agreement to what is already true. Yes, we cannot go on as we have been, you give opportunity for a new idea, an unknown-as-yet idea, of who and what can be in expression as each of you, as each of you says yes to the promise that the inherent Divine is the solution, and, in fact, always has been. The remedy comes in the Upper Room. As more fear releases from your being, the higher your frequency lifts you. The moment you stop listening to fear, you may lift to the Upper Room. And then you may know. When you lift to the Upper Room, allow yourself to be impartial. 

Rebirth, June 2019


1) You come as an innocent to the Upper Room. And by innocence we mean without the preconceptions, ideology that you would push before you. Instead, we offer you something new, a new way of being beyond the teachings that you have inherited, beyond the constructs you believe must be so, to the Upper Room, where all is made new. This need not be painful. In this class we intend to escort you through the birth canal, into the life that awaits you. And the process of gestation to enter the new life, commences now. The Monad that is present as you, seeks to flower as you, and encompass you and your mind, your experience, and your body. You may lift what you see to its innate true nature, its inherent Divinity, because that is what you see from the Upper Room. The manifestation of this, which comes at the cost we have described prior, which is the release of the ideas of who one has been, should be, would even want to be.

2) No one is lost, because you are all in God. And the Christed Self, the True Self as you, is in its flowering. And where many of you sit now is on the edge of a cliff, where the known has been and the unknown reveals itself only by stepping off it. You don’t know you can fly until you are flying. Will I fall or fly? “I have come,” which is the manifest Divine in its announcement of expression. As this is announced, the old begins to release. The process of release is challenging only to the small self who demands she be what she says she should be. All things are God in rearticulation. The density was created by you each in a lineage of fear, an agreement to suffer, an agreement to war, an agreement to design walls for separation where there is one race. The true self now comes to replace the old self, to announce a higher manifestation, a rearticulation, a greater chorus of expression. The experiences you are having now are the disassembling of what you thought you were, as you do your best to navigate a new path without a roadmap of what you should be doing, where you should stand, because the old is no longer present to serve you. The rearticulation to manifestation, as if a light has gone on in a shadowed room and will stay on because the temptation to fear, to damn your brother, to rely on the small self to get her needs met, has been released in a surrender to who one truly is. 

3) To undergo a rebirth is to release the idea of who you have been and acquiesce to the truth of who you are. The Divine, has its own nature, its own expression, but we would hinder such expression with our low expectations, through our attachment to what the world has been to us. The first stage of articulation, which is, in fact, the remembrance of the who that you are — “I am of God.” Next is the agreement to simply know God as all things. As you have claimed the words “I Have Come,” you have committed to the passage before you. This is who I thought I was. And I offer this thought to be re-known, re-expressed, in a higher articulation. You have chosen to no longer deny your True Self in favor of the mask, which has never been you. The process of the release of the mask has been spoken in a text that is coming soon. We are lifting the world, friends, and you are here, lifting the self to the Upper Room. 

4) To surrender anything is to allow it to be lifted, but you cannot have anything lifted that you are holding on to, demanding it be what it was. The idea that you are not your pain must be understood. Now, realization is knowing. The one in the womb does not know the world beyond the womb until she releases it. You are not denying who you have been, nor are you saying this is what you should be. You are, in fact, accepting the who and the what that you are in manifestation at this moment. The claim “I am free” is indeed the claim of liberation from the collective fear and the denial of God that it has claimed itself in. The claim “I Have Come” is indeed deliverance, birth. It is only the denial of God that stands in the way of your realization. Am I willing to be re-known? 

5) When your expectations are from history you sacrifice the moment you stand in and the awareness that can be available to you in a much higher way. This is a day of rebirth, in fact, for the True Self, who will now emerge. We are reclaiming you beyond the idea of self that you have incarnated with. And the choice you make to align as we teach will support you in the knowing of who you are beyond what you have thought thus far was possible. The decisive claim “I am willing to be re-known” is all that is required. The decisiveness mandated, must be without condition, without a qualification of what it should be and how it must give you what you want. You are relinquishing that for something much higher, to become who and what you truly are. “How do we maintain the alignment?” he asks. By forgiveness of everyone and everything, by agreement to the Divine that is present in all things. If you hold a resentment against your fellow, you are denying the God in them. You cannot forgive your lover for not being who she should have been when you deny the God in her and in yourself. Forgiveness, you see, is the welcoming of the new that comes at its behest. The relinquishing of control has released you from the attachment that would support you in the old. Rebirth is the claim — “Behold, I make all things new” — the claim of truth through the one who sees the world with new eyes and can lift what she sees to the Kingdom without effort because she knows who she is, … 

Withstanding change, May 2019


1) The times you stand in— are indeed a crossroad for humanity. You claim an identity, to create a world. You become the one who reclaims reality, lifts it to the Upper Room by nature of being. Your adversary to this change will be the small self, who demands things be as they have been, and the collective that is frightened of ascension. You are not claiming in fear, nor are you aligning to separation. You are seeing with new eyes. You can no longer claim the small self as who you are, but the true self. This comes at the cost of what was. You cannot claim the Divine in who and what you are, when you are so forceful in denying it in another. We will lift you beyond the known.

2) Until now we have known everything by appearance and history. But now we want to re-know everything anew, as it has always been in truth. To re-know anything is to know God as what you see. You can’t know anything anew when you demand it be what it was. As you agree that everything may change and in fact will, you unbind yourselves from the collective history that you have assumed, a change untethering the self from the old to be lifted higher—to a higher ground, higher perception of what can be known. Have no expectations of what others should be or do. You cannot continue to deny the divine in all things nor claim any as separate from the divine. What we are teaching is to release any idea of what God in fact is, beyond the simple idea that there is one Source expressing itself in myriad ways. Even the lessons of calamity can instruct the world how to transform from their lower or violent nature, to a new potential where peace may be claimed. So don’t demand things be as you think they should be. To demand someone be who you want them to be is always the small self, everyone has the right to be as they are. You have decided once and for all to be free of what you have known, those things that have bound you to fear or to shame or recrimination of your fellows. To realize yourself as of God has one requirement, that is to realize everybody else as well. The denial of God is the only problem humanity has. The realization of the inherent Divine—which does not mean you like what you see or agree to another’s actions or behaviour, but will allow you to realize them beyond the small self they have claimed— will be what transforms your life, and what supports others as well, in a realization of who they truly are. The way before humanity must be chosen by humanity. You can continue to damn your neighbor and damn yourself in the process, or you can re-know your inherent potential and transition with your neighbor to a higher comprehension of who and what you have always been. The moment you witness the Divine in another, you lift him or her to her true nature. To deny God in one man is to deny God in all. To see the Divine in all things requires you to embrace all reality as one Source in expression. 

3) When you operate as the true self you do not worry about the future. To move to a higher octave, releases the reliance on what things have been called. You are not obligated to claim things as they have been. I know what you are in truth. When you unmask anything, there is one substance, and only one substance, which is God. Everything I think may be re-known as of its Source. Your entrenchment in the lower octave through your adherence to the known, is what is making you suffer. The salvation of humanity is not done through an act. It is done through a reclamation of consciousness beyond what has been claimed prior. Realization, which is knowing, that humanity itself can be lifted to the Upper Room by the ones who are willing to hold the tone. God itself cannot deny any human being. It is mankind in its denial of itself, in its denial of its fellows, and ultimately, its denial of its Source that must be re-known. All things may be sung in a higher octave than they have been here to for us unsung.

4) What you are facing now is a magnitude of change unseen in this plane for a millennium. The manifestation of fear has reached an apex. The requirement for this shift is the willingness to face the unknown, the willingness to step forward and be reclaimed for who you truly are. Withstanding change is allowing change to assume you. Nothing is as it was yesterday. the challenge will always be the willingness to know anew, because the old is what you have known. But what will be re-known, is the what that you are. That which is always so—is aligned as a template for the world to lift to. The world is not changing as you wish. That which we created in greed or fear is going to be shaken and sifted and made new in love. The inherent divine is aligning all things to its true nature. 

5) You are claiming opportunities to move beyond the known, beyond what you have believed could be, and the obstacles you face are the opportunities to move beyond them. What you are releasing again and again, is the certainty of the old, the ability to rest in trust with the names you have claimed or identified through. You are standing before a newly sown field. The work has claimed you in a higher field. And the organism that you are in new growth, can and will not resemble what you thought you were, because you have been made new through the alignment and progression we have taught you. Have no expectations or objections to what grows. The primary obstacle that you are all facing now is your dependence on an idea of what can and will be. Your wishes in fact—your deepest wish—to know God beyond an idea of separation, is the flower you are tending now. And as that flower blooms, as you inhale its aroma, you understand that the passage you have undergone has been a requirement for the manifestation of the True Self to mandate its being at the cost of what was. Now that the mask is gone, now that the tethers to history are dissolving, many of you feel in free fall, uncertain of a future. The comprehension of the new, the comprehension of what you now see, will be borne for you not by your effort but by your surrender, to the profound awareness that there is one Source expressing as all. The gift of the teaching tonight is the preparation for rebirth, and its requirements.

Claiming a New World, May 2019 (Chicago)

Relationships are agreements between people. The ego sets up expectations of others in all its relationships. The true self accepts all as they are, knowing who they are. Love them more. Love is not hard. Resisting love is very hard. To be reknown is to see with new eyes. 

We rely on fear to get our will or subjugate another to us. See yourselves beyond fear, not without it. Beyond what we thought possible. What would it be like to relate to her without fear. Know your worth. Nothing outside of you will complete your worth. Relationships are not to satisfy the ego’s requirements, what I want/need, but to teach us how wonderful we are. 

What was hidden, what was not loved must be loved, what was denied need be recognized. A new script is written. A problem is an opportunity in the upper room. I am unlovable -> everyone is loved. Love is not reciprocity or commerce. So much of relationships is commerce. When you’re in your knowing you’re never afraid. 
See this one or this event as of God. The re-knowing, is by stripping the meaning from memory. To re-know anything as of God is what allows for the lifting of it. The realization of the man as of God, is what will lift him to his true nature, which will express in the Upper Room and also liberate you from the attachment you have given him.

Manifestation, claiming in the upper room, April 2019


 1) The opportunity for the True Self that has come in manifestation as you, is to reclaim the world. Hoarding your wealth is a belief in scarcity. There is no fear of tomorrow when you operate in the present moment, which is the only moment there is. Realization of the Divine will call to you where you need to be and who you need to experience your life with. Our teaching here, as we are allowed to deliver it, is about true manifestation in spirit, which is alchemy. The realization that form itself, simply an expression of God, may be altered and re-known by the one who has truly graced herself with the knowing of her inheritance, and that is the claim I have come. The Source is available not by effort, but by agreement to its expression.

2) The claim of the Upper RoomI have come,” is not a denial of what was, it’s a release of expectation of what you have known— the expectation of who you should be, how you should act, what it must appear as. The denial of the Divine is the basis for all your difficulties. Re-identification as the Christed self is the teaching tonight. Denial of the Divine claims you in the low octave. Realization of the Divine benefits you and lifts you. The True Self knows itself in love, and will not decide that anyone is unworthy of its love because its nature is love, and its supply is infinite. The denial of the Divine in anyone, must now be seen as the chain that binds you and keeps you from rising to the realization of your true self. 

3) What is now encountered in a new way is the agreement to become beyond the known, beyond the small self’s agenda and the history that it was born through. In the Upper Room the questions are answered by nature of knowing, as you can hold the answer. Yes, the small self is divine, she just doesn’t know it. Her idea of divinity is predicated by her ideas of what the Divine should be. The Divine Self who assumes you, the Divine Self who expresses as and through you, does not extinguish the small self, it loves it into acquiescence. And what this means is the surrender to the Divine. You still believe that the small self’s idea of who and what she is, is anathema or cannot be loved, and the rectification of that is the process you undergo through a new articulation in the Upper Room. Don’t fear the storms when they come, they may be quite productive. Don’t demand things be as they were. What is before you may be finer. And don’t deny love— the love of your brother, the love of your family, the love of your friend when it presents itself. 

4) The opportunity of each relationship you have is to be in love, to acknowledge God in you and the other. Who has been claimed in fear, must be reclaimed in the higher octave for you to continue the development you seek. These beliefs in who you think you, are the masks you have worn. The mask of ego’s perspective, is being removed and we are experiencing pain at the revelation. The violence that you have known, the pain you have known, may all be re-known in the Upper Room, but they will not be reknown if you are hiding them under the rug. So take a moment now if you wish, and offer the thing that lives beneath the mask that haunts your being, or terrorizes you, or makes you so frightened and angry, let it be lifted as you give it a name, and say “Please Lord, let me be re-known. You are so deeply loved. You are so deeply seen, unmasked and unashamed, without fear, we invite you to claim these words: I am known. You are free of the past as you agree that freedom is present in the moment you sit in. 

5) In the claimI am known,” the agreement is made to reidentify as the one who is not separate. Now relinquishing the idea of what should be, what an outcome should be, is the first step towards re-knowing anything. To release the old, and instead say “I am known…” you are making agreement to the alignment of being known, which only happens in the present moment. Categorization must be seen as an attempt of the small self to sway the identity back to the old. That is a good human being, that is not a good human being. That is a positive act, a negative one. Regardless of how she behaves or what I perceive him doing— he can be re-known in the lifting, and that is the claim “I lift you to the Upper Room.” Anyone can be lifted, but they cannot lift in fullness until they are willing? You were born in a body, enjoy the body. You were born to love. Please love, but please exclude no one from the love that would express through you. I claim that the aspect of self that I have denied truth to, that I have put in fear or in shame, will now be reknown and reclaimed in this higher way.

Awakening, a class in realization, 3/19


1) The claim “I am free” liberates you from the collective and you begin to lift, where what is unknown, unclaimed, can now be received by you. I have come is the claim of divine manifestation. When the God Self or True Self is in manifestation, it will ignite the entirety of the being you are as it expresses, and any aspect of self that has been denied the divine truth of its being will then be re-known. When you rise above, you do not exclude a marriage or children, but they are all lifted to a new way of being known. But your realization of the husband and the kids is not only transforming them to their true nature, but your comprehension of your reality itself. The denial of the Divine has always been the problem. The realization of the Divine, which is the knowing of God that must be in all things, is the alignment to the new world. Each week we will invite you to reclamation, the re-knowing of your True Self in expression. 

2) I need nothing in this material realm to prove my worth. I need nothing of all I desire to make me content. The Divine as you is who claims the Kingdom and who abides in the Upper Room. And, when she abides there, she abides there in a state of agreement to the inherent Divine that can and will be known in the material realm. “I am in the Upper Room, I have come, I have come, I have come” — relinquishes the idealizations that the small self has been taught. You stop being afraid of any encounter with anyone in the manifest world. Not only do you know who you are, you know who they are as well. “I have a right to know myself beyond the ideas I have held, beyond the things I have sought or desired, that I may know myself in the highest way that I am in accord to.” My freedom, my true expression in the Upper Room is not predicated on anything external that I may encounter. Stop claiming your emotions of the small self as who you are. To be in the treetop, to be aloft, to be lifted, and to know the self as safe, is the gift that comes of abiding in the Upper Room where there is no fear because there could be no agreement to it. We suggest you are also on the cusp of productive change. 

3) The Divine as you seeks reconciliation with your fears, your difficulties and desires. Stop denying that there are aspects of you that are unworthy of love or unworthy of God and support the release of your attachment. When you accept your responsibility for a fear, for an addiction, whatever you may claim, and you understand it as an aspect of self that can be re-known, you give it permission to be re-known in what we call the Upper Room. The divine in you sees the divine in everything else. To bring  something out of darkness and release it to the light is simply to align to it as the True Self who cannot judge and is not operating in fear. Whatever you damn as bad, release your valuation of it and see the divinity in it. You can either blame the other or lift them, and in lifting them you also are lifted to the upper room. Don’t presume what the divine should look like. Any aspect of you that has been denied the light may now accept the light. Now, you don’t re-know something by judging it or by damning it, but by saying, “Yes, I see this. I accept this thing. And, because it is there even though I wish it weren’t, it must be of God.” And in that moment you may be re-known.

4) To know God while in form is to become manifest as the True Self, and this disqualifies you, in some ways, from the game of selfidentifying as a solitary being, or separate from your fellows. As you deny God — “God cannot be in that man, in that thing, in that event” — you deny God and you lower your vibration to agree to the godlessness that you have claimed. The expression of God, and, in fact, the totality of it, may be seen in the petals of a flower, may be seen in the eyes of a lover, may be known in the eyes of a wounded or dying man. To define God as doing the right thing suddenly perpetuates ideas of morality that you have in fact inherited and, in many ways, would seek to define you in agreement with the world that, in fact, you are lifting beyond. And expression at this level is actually for the purpose of lifting the world through your encounter with it, not accruing the things that the small self thinks she should have. Our teaching tonight in realization is the awakening from the idea of a limited God and of a limited self who will never be able to say yes to the magnitude of Source. I remove myself from the participation of what was supposed to be and come into agreement with what truly is. I say yes to the manifestation of God as all I see, and I surrender to this. 

Coming home, embodiment of the True Self 1/19


1)  By embodiment, we mean the actualization of the Divine as you. It is not ephemeral. All things are holy, that includes the personality. The claim of the True Self in embodiment, “I have come,” is manifestation. When you embody or come into manifestation, the True Self as you, will release old claims to be replaced with new and higher claims. I know who I am without any external or historical identity. I know myself as the Divine that has come as me. Several things happen immediately. You stop deciding another’s worth based upon appearance, based upon profession, based upon what they do for you. You start to encourage the comprehension of the unity that expresses through the common I. When the inherent divinity in anything is claimed, the vibration of it is lifted to what we call the Upper Room, where the music of what you are playing, what you see, is transposed to a higher octave to be sung anew. Let the true self run the stallion, ride across the sea beyond the ocean to what exists beyond the small self’s imagination. You are aligning to what is already true and is now asking for its expression. Release any ideas of who you are that have chosen to claim you and keep you in repression from your true nature. Release any agreement or fear that would hold you back. Are you willing now to release anything and everything that you have used to deny the Divine its purview, its realization as who and what you are? 

2) The Upper Room is where you ascend to at a level of consciousness, and your reality becomes the expression of that. The upper room, the Christed self is the consciousness who perceives the Kingdom, identifies through it. You can realize the Divine in another, the Divine is expressing as them as the form they have taken. The Divine as them is what blesses you back in a wave of vibration that we call the echo. The claim “I know what you are” is an alchemical claim in that the one being spoken to is transformed in this encounter. To allow the Christ to be as you is to be assumed by it. You don’t become it. It becomes as you. The Divine as each human being in expression, is always in value and not one higher than the next. The claim “I am free” is the liberation from the game, from the hierarchy, from the fear that it instills in you about how you should be or the world should look. And the claim “I am free,” as spoken by the True Self, will lift you to the Upper Room where you may begin to know yourself in a very different way. The claim “I am known,” as spoken by the True Self, is a claim of Union. “I am one with the Source of all things. I am known within it and of it.” And in this way, the idea of separation will be remedied. 

3) When you decide who and what you are, when you lay claim to your True Self, the game is changed. The claim you make in a resurrected state, “I have come.” Resurrection is to be re-known in a higher octave. The Kingdom is the awareness of the manifestation of the Divine in all, and is to comprehend yourself beyond time. Each day becomes the opportunity to make a new claim. As an infant each time you fall, it is an opportunity to learn and to stand again and say yes to what will come next. To come into adolescence leads him gradually into an idea of sovereignty and his/her ability, to claim the Kingdom, not as he or she would have it, but as it can only be. To move into this adulthood is mastery where all are included without fear. The flower is divine and knows itself as divine. You are divine, but have denied yourself this knowing. But once you know that this is so, you are witnessing the Divine as all. When we speak to you of coming home, we speak to the idea of the eternal self as you. 

4) The mandate of the Divine Self, embodied as you, is realization, that you be realized as who and what you truly are at the cost of your ideas of what should be. And the only potential here for true realization is the releasing of the agenda, or the list of shoulds, that you have assumed. To realize yourself beyond the known, beyond the inherited standards that a culture would use, to know yourself in a higher octave of expression that would seek to confirm those things, is the teaching ef freedom. And, to abide in the Upper Room, where the counsel is available to you. ‘What am I if I am not who I think I am?’ 
Even the question itself—“Am I what I think I am, and, if I am not, what am I?”—supports you moving beyond a collective agreement of identity based in cultural mores or the data of history. And the moment you realize that you don’t control God, but you become one with something that has always been there and will always be there, you stop demanding and questioning and begin to know. ‘I have come,’ is a claim of the true self. 

5) To abide in the Upper Room, while in manifestation, has certain requirements. You must release your attachment to the old, that which you think should be. Allow yourself to be re-known and, in fact, assumed by the Divine Self. Daily remind yourself of who you are in truth. Be present through the resolve to maintain alignment by the true self. You may be re-known and surrender to the awareness of what God is. God is the fingernail, God is the sky, God is who and what breaks your heart open wide to truly know love. Until you agree that even your loneliness may be in God and a surrender to the Infinite, you may not know the love that is present for you. And we must say to you that those aspects of self that you put in darkness are now crying out to be known, to be lifted, to be seen, and then, yes, to be loved. On this night I claim that I am allowing the release and reunification of any aspect of self that has been denied, that has been refused, that has been damned to be reclaimed by the divine self. 

Creation 12/18


1) What we are is far beyond what you can conceive of, because all you can conceive of is that which has been priorly stated by others. What you are is far more important in expression than you can conceive of. And the unarticulated, the unmanifest, in form as you, is what claims a new world into like vibrational accord. We have no idea of the potential of creation in the unknown, the unmanifest. And our intention for our class, the alchemists that you all are, is that you may begin to claim into form the unmanifest. You are beginning to claim what we call the Kingdom, the presence of the Divine that is all things. Things unknown are yet to be created and named – new manifestations of God. 

2) The reason you are alive is to be in experience of all things, and the outcomes you glamorize are things you may learn through, but they are not who you are, nor were they ever. To be known in realness, in certainty, is to know the self in union with all things. You are already comprehended, or realized. God is everything, but it is not a superior being seeking appeasement. The denial of the Divine in what you hate, in the secret you hold, confirms again separation. God is in it all, to be in union with the Source of all things means all aspects of self must be recognized as of God, including the shameful things, which are only shameful because you were taught what shame should be. “I am known. I am known. I am known.”
Let God know you as you are. Even the small self is of God. How could anything be outside of it? You may know yourself in union through knowing that you are known. Nobody is unknown by the Divine. When you allow every aspect of self that you would hide from God to be seen and claimed as unseparate, in union with, you partake in alchemy.

3) We know who you are beyond the density of fear that you have become so accustomed to. “I am free”—is the pronouncement of the intent of the Divine Self to be in flower without the inhibition of the collective narrative, the shoulds and the should-nots that you have been bound by. “I should be recognized as such and such, I should be loved by my partner this way, I should be known as I say I will be. I am the one who is always in pain, who is never understood, who will never find his or her way.” We cannot confirm those things for you, even if you wish, because they have never been you, nor will they ever be. The reflection we offer you cannot contain the shame, the selfdoubt, the lack of love that you would claim in the world. The one who knows who he is lifts the world to the True Self by nature of his presence. To realize the something in its inherent truth, has a meaning different from that of the past. Re-knowing a world, the reclamation of the self and all the self perceives, is what we need to offer you next to claim you as you truly are. To continue identifying as in the past is to deny the truth of the divine as you. 

4) In the upper room, in your knowing, you see a new potential, who you are in truth apart from egoic history. When you align to who and what you are in higher vibrational field, the body itself must undertake a form of change to be able to hold the higher vibration. As you rise you start to see everything as part of God, and in expression. You begin to move into an awareness of the Divine that may be expressed in form in all you see and know. Understand, friends, you are not making anything divine, you are claiming the inherent divinity that must be so. You come to know the self in expression of what we call the upper room. Now, abide in this higher perception, this higher expression, and thus releasing all that is of lower vibration. You may claim, at any moment, “I am in the Upper Room,” and lift what you encounter to it. Every human being, anyone born, has the permission to realize themselves in a higher octave. But the choice comes at cost, and the cost is always what you have believed in or thought yourselves to be. See the divine in all things and invite all things to see the divine in you, ‘I am known, I am known, I am known.’

The Rising of Humanity 11/18


1) To realize God in the one you can’t stand, is to realize the presence of the Divine and reclaim the man in his true inheritance. You are claiming what is always true. To understand God as the presence of all things, a universal field of matter that is being expressed at varying levels of vibration, would be closer to a comprehension of God than what most of you use. To realize God in anything or anyone, is to know the truth of them. To know the truth of anyone is to claim the Divine in the face of all that you see, not through effort but through the recognition that the Divine must be present in all things, or nothing at all. To feel pity for the self or others, is not required, what is required is the claim of the true self, I know who, what and how… The personality self, while a component of your being, is not the Eternal Self. This work is actually done for the realization of the entire world, it has always been thus. Each of you who claims the kingdom, the awareness of the Divine that is present in all things, claims all people to you. Everything you see and witness is lifted by your nature, to what we call the upper room. 

2) The aspect of the Divine that has come as you is seeking to renounce the creations of fear that masquerade as the reality you share with your fellows. Recognize the Divine is expressing as all things, and you are lifted to the Upper Room, and there you abide for the purpose of lifting your world. To stay in the upper room, requires 1) the release of the small self’s need to be the dictator of her world, and the agreement that she may be assumed to a higher expression than she could even imagine. The one who abides in the upper room is in union with Source. The true self’s identity is not in agreement with separation. It is one with all. “I have come, I am in the Upper Room.” From this eternal moment you express in, what are you in fear of in this moment? Not a thing. To comprehend the Divine is to move beyond the language of history, to the realization of the inherent Divine that is always present in whatever form the thing has taken. To lift someone to the upper room you must first release them from all labels and ideas of which you see them. One may be lifted the moment he is liberated from the idea of who he is, that would label him and frankly reduce him, from his true expression. You are lifting the one you see to the higher, so he or she may be re-known— not as you would have them be as a small self, but what they can only be in their true Divine expression. 

3) As you move to the Upper Room, those masks you have worn that you have over-identified with, the denial of the Divine that comes in all forms, all masks, all agreements, must be re-seen and recognized in a new way to be lifted. We are seeing many of you trying to create meaning independent from the teaching that would serve the small self’s need to be seen as special. You have invested in separation, in denial of the light. To be unmasked as the True Self is terrifying for most of you. You are alchemizing your world through vibratory accord, which simply means you know who you are, and the chord that is struck in the claim “I have come,” the resonant sound of it, unmasks what you see, and once unmasked what you see is lifted. The blade of grass is God, the one you call an enemy is God. In times of great change there is enormous opportunity, for truth to be known and reclaimed, and humanity itself to be reborn to a new recognition of its inherent worth. For each of you here we suggest the unmasking of self which is now occurring for many of you, the vulnerability he feels, many of you feel now, is an awakening to a true state of expression without the reliance on the tools you have used to deny truth, to supress healing, to claim ignorance. You are not unmasking them, you have gained the ability to truly know, and it is the knowing itself, the expression of the Divine itself, that creates this opportunity. Please allow for the possibility that what you are here for is to reclaim the world. 

4) That which has believed itself to be low, confirmed in low vibration, attested to as darkness or misfortune, can be re-known or re-comprehended as of God and in that moment may be recognized anew. You are not deciding who should be welcome, you are welcoming all. You are not deciding what should be, you are realizing what always is. Not only it is so easy, it is too easy because it doesn’t require action. It is the alignment that calls this into being, and the relinquishing of the small self as the one who runs everything. “I have come” is the announcement to lift to the upper room and be reknown. It is to say I know you in truth. 

5) You are much closer than you think to a new world. Your investment in your relationship to God as you presume it to be, or government or religion, or any structure that you have utilized for the purpose of self-definition or collective agreement. While you are still present in the form you have taken, you lift in consciousness to witness the world that has been ever present, but is not known or seen as you exist in low vibration. The one who witnesses the world and claims the divine as what he sees, is operating in some ways as an expression of God, and it is God that lifts the world to the higher octave. God is as you are and as all is, regardless of what the small self would decide about it. The lifting of humanity, the rising of it if you wish, is the recognition of the inherent divine that must be inherent in everything you see, which is again the awareness of the ever present of what you may call God. Knowing will in fact align you and lift you to the Upper Room, which is the awareness of the Kingdom or the higher octave where the world you see can be agreed to in a new way, and consequently lifted not through action but by being. Always remember friends, you do not make anybody holy, you cannot do that, they already are. You cannot release anybody from an idea of separation, but you can realize their inherent union. To lift the world is to know the world beyond the fear that it has chosen to learn through. The masquerade is ending, and prepare we say, to know who you have always been. 

The way forward, living beyond the known, September 2018 


1) We are challenging you to be who you are in the upper room in agreement to the true Source of your being. And where we go next is to incarnation, which is manifestation and the lives that you will be living on this plane of expression as the one who abides in the upper room. Gratitude for being. What if the gratitude you hold, in the lives you live, were not conditional to your expectations? “I have come,” in its manifest state, the Word as flesh, the Divine as what you are, creates an anchor in this dimensional reality that you are sharing for the heavens to embody on this plane. You are a citizen of the upper room in a sustainable manner for the purpose of lifting the world to the agreement, or resonant octave, that you now abide in. It’s about the depth of beauty, the truth of beauty, that can be recognized in anyone, in anything, in anything you can imagine. To know anything is to realize it, and to realize it is to claim it in its true state. Our intent for you all, if we are allowed to have one, is to reclaim you each in the authentic nature of your expression as those who have said yes to embody in the field and the form of the Christ. This is not a theoretical teaching, but a practical one to be manifested. The soul of the individual is in charge of the level of agreement the individual can manifest at. But you must understand that the claim “I have come” is in all ways the pinnacle of the teaching and absorbs the others within it. There will be no more need for a litany of invocation. Once you embody and realize who and what you are, there is no need to speak it. It has come as who and what you are.

2) When you lift something to the Upper Room, it must become nameless, it must become recognized as simply of God. To be rearticulated, reannounced, and revealed, in the Upper Room. When you claim everything in its divinity you will be illuminating and lifting it. This causes vibrational disturbances felt as discomfort. When you deny God and the man you see on the street, you deny God in everything and in yourself as well. The sacrament of love is what you claim when you realize another whatever she presents as, however he has acted, whatever she could be accused of, whatever you have been taught to believe about anyone, you must know them beyond the known, beyond the small self, beyond the caricature of them that you are perceiving. Decide for five minutes alone not to exclude anything you see from the fabric of God – five minutes of God, nothing excluded, and you will change your entire consciousness. Let go of the known (labels) and welcome the unknown (God) in everything. Don’t say that isn’t God, because it already is. 

3) Our hope for all of you is that you be untied from history and reknown as who and what you are as the divine. Our lifting in vibration and recognizing our true nature is awaking and lifting all around us in its divine expression. A time of collective decision is coming. Humanity is going to decide whether or not to go up in vibration. Probably a cataclysmic event will precede such a decision. If the collective chooses not to arise we can go to the upper room for clarity to claim the truth for all. All will be lifted finally to the Upper Room.

4) Some of our choices align with our true purpose, others with our small self’s preferences. The divine self knows there is no loss of purpose. The edict of the small self is always control. The United States, if we must say, is at a juncture of choice, how it will know itself in the coming centuries. We will not be told who we are, and the result of separation is always war. The true self does not control because it has no need. It merely claims and manifests the truth. Now when you say, I have come, I have come, I have come, which is a claim of truth and manifestation, the Divine Self as you truly are, is who steps out and is seen in glory, and the shadows of the past, those things you have used to determine your ideas of how you should be, are actually dismantled by the claim. This is to abide in, to rest in the upper room. You are not perpetuating the separation of history, but creating the new and unknown of the kingdom. The manifestation of change as we have said in prior teachings is enormous, and unlike anything you have known in the past. The reclamation of truth that is part of the passage you are undergoing now, is happening at a global level. Forgive and they will be transformed. Claim the Divine and then act upon that claim, and you will be led in high ways. 1) I am allowed to release what I think I am, who I thought I was, and all of the expectations that attach to those things. 2) I am willing to be received in a mission of the True Self in my high expression that it may come as it must, and not as I think it should. 3) the Divine that has come in form and is expressed as the True Self. I have come. I have come. I have come. 

5) Is this what you want? Is this truly what you want? Is the manifest divine, as can be claimed in form, expressed to the benefit of all at the degree or level you can call forth by nature of being, is it what you truly want? The confusion that you have known, that you seek to decipher in meaning, can be put away, can be put down, so that you may receive, re-know and realize what lays before you, because the way forward is this teaching. What is being lost is the reliance on the small self’s ideas of what will sustain her, or carry him forward. This is a relinquishing of the being you have been, and the time that it takes to cross the bridge that you now stand upon. Don’t race across the bridge. It is too important a journey, and too deep a realization to be hurried. Because you know, because it has come, and the claim I Have Come, the claim of realization, has called you to it. 

C0A80000-4283-49CB-9791-0E20117A2231Claiming the Kingdom, August 2018

1) When you know who you are, you can no longer be deceived or made to fear the lies. Lift what you see in coresonance. You do this in the upper room, the higher octave where fear cannot abide. In the upper room you do not operate in fear. You claim who you are and lift your world. The divine self as me has no need to worry or throw a fit to get its way. You either align with fear or face it and lift. Let go of such attachments. The deliverance from fear is knowing who you are. Join with the rest of us in claiming the truth. The upper room is a state of being. 

2) “I am in the upper room”—will claim you in many ways beyond the known, beyond the claims you’ve made in history and would seek to justify as a small self. “I have come,” which is the claim of the Christ in incarnation. The names things are claimed by have very little meaning because the Divine Self does not attach to the values that have been given them. Enjoy the upper room where plentiful is a state of being, and nothing accrued. You cannot accrue riches in the upper room. 

3) Everything may be lifted. Everything may be re-known. But it must be unnamed, reclaimed, re-comprehended, and this is only done in the upper room. And the new way of seeing simply means you are not encoding what is visible through the intentions of historical data. You are not deciding what things were. You are experiencing them in the moment you stand in, in their new way. Again, “Behold, I make all things new.” It is not about denying what was, it’s about experiencing what is, and the experiencer, in this case, the True Self as you, is not reliant upon the old as the small self has been. Your idea of ascension, in some ways, is rather limited. You think you take yourself as you think you are to the upper room, when, in fact, who goes to the upper room is who you have always been and can only be in a higher vibrational state. Everything we named, every avarice, every way of deciding who’s worthy and who is not, can only be made in fear because, as you now understand, the divine presence is in all, not just the things you approve of, or would like to see, or would like to claim agreement to. To lift anything to the upper room is to reclaim it at its essence, and by essence we mean the thing that is, of itself, and cannot be any other way. We are not teaching you that the world you live in will be what you want it to be in your small self’s idealization of Eden, but what the True Self knows. 

4) When you decide, the True Self decides, that what you have come for is the expression of the Divine, every aspect of you is called forth in this testament to this agreement. Now every aspect of you needs to be re-known as divine, especially the undesirable parts, including the small self. We would have to tell you that everything that you do as a divine being is an act of the Divine, and, in fact, the small self, in its small articulation, is not separate either. Nothing can be separate from God. The idea of who you are, as we have said, as a personality self is something that can be claimed and released or re-known in the upper room. Allow this Divine Self, the truth of who and what you are, to reclaim you, we will give you the issuance that these ideas of the small self may be met and re-known in the higher room. Once the idea of who you are is released and re- known in the upper room, you may know alchemy. 

5) Simply put, you are actually establishing yourself in a higher realm while incarnate. And the manifestations of this in form may include some discomfort, it will take the body some time to aclimate. So you may find yourself in circumstance where you realize yourself in a completely different way. And your capacity to know what you need to do is present for you, without fear, because the True Self in opportunity is unafraid. The opportunity comes in everyday awakening—to witness the God that is before you, even when it’s concealed by a mountain of fear. To realize the present moment as the only moment you stand in is to know eternity. This is not a desire to be God as the small self. We announce you each, as the curtain opens, and we invite you to step off the stage that the small self has known itself through into life as it exists beyond the known.

The Upper Room, June 2018 


1) This teaching is not for dogma, but experiencial knowledge. You are free to know yourself as you truly are. You are guaranteed the realization of the True Self that has come in form, it is who you have always been and cannot be otherwise. See and be realized for who you are. The Christ has come in all, and the manifestation of Christ is realization of what has always been, will transform your world. But the claim must be made for all. 

2) We are bringing you into a space of higher vibration. Let go of ego. When you lift the field you hold through the claim of truth—“I know how I serve”—the field is lifted in agreement to the Divine that is in all, and it reclaims and realizes the presence of the Divine that is there, has been hidden, and can now be re-known. The Kingdom, the upper room, the high octave has now come and the true self is now in power. Now, the upper room, the place of knowing, the place of peace, the place of agreement to who everyone is. Seek to maintain the height. See God in everything. I choose to gift my entire being in service for the good of all. 

3) We manifest the new world by claiming it, claiming the divine in all. It will be entirely new, unfamiliar to us. The divine essence of all things, that which permeates all, is never static, but in action. See the divine presence in everything. “I have come,” the action of the Divine that has come as you, in love and in great power. 

4) I have come is the claim of the manifest divine in full expression, which is the upper room. No longer ennobling the fear of the small self. To move beyond what has stood in the way and lifted to the upper room. All is being reclaimed, recreated as the Christed self. Not a new identity, but the manifestation of what has always been, the divine being that you are. 

5) We are calling into manifestation God in all. Knowing will always result in action. We only recognize the divine in everything. Differences does not translate into separation, we are not separate. Everything is being reknown and lifted to a higher octave. Know them beyond their behavior. You are knowing who they are in their essence. We are reclaiming what already is, free of the small self rule. This is claiming the kingdom. 

36E04AF1-210E-47F2-AA93-0BE3C4F69BA5The Release of the Known, May 2018 

1) Identity is everything. You are so used to identifying with ego. Stop trying to fix yourself. Acknowledge your feelings and who you are. They are two different things. Things are reving up. I am right where I should be. The reason I am not further along in realizing my Christed self is that it is not time yet. If I am worn out trying to realize these truths, stop trying and let it come to you. The transformation to your true self is a complete transformation, all aspects, not just the things you would like to improve, or the ways you think you could be a better human being. The divine wants to be known through you as it is.

– Stop identifying with your history.
– Stop agreeing with the lower vibrations of fear, pain and loneliness.
– Claim your true identity and let it come to you.

The agreement that you are not these things creates the openings for the manifestation of the True Self that is as you. Understand that the name that you have used—“I am afraid,” “I am always this or that”—has been confirmed by you, is operating in vibrational accord to you, and can be claimed anew as the True Self. The True Self as you will use any opportunity to realize itself through you. We release you from the obligations that you believe you need to maintain an identity that is no longer serving you. 

2) As each of you claims the Divine as you, as each of you agrees to know yourself beyond the constructs of history, as each of you says yes to what you may now be known as, an agreement is made by you to withstand what comes, to be re-created, in fact, in high accord for the benefit of the world that you witness. And, as you ascend in consciousness, what you see and what you claim moves to the degree of co-resonance of your sight. Hold on for the ride of your life. If you are to see the world from a higher vantage point than you have ever seen thus far, you are going to have to leave the comfort of your easy chair. The small self’s inheritance are what he thinks he should be, how much he has accrued, what the world expects of him, what he might believe God expects of her. The opportunity to move beyond the known, to release the ideas you have held about what it means to be a man or a woman or a this or a that will now be known to you. Say yes to the invitation and enter the upper room, and, in this plane of experience, allow the self that you have known yourself to be to be released to reveal the True Self who is here as you. I am free from the agreements I have made in fear or desire from the past. 

3) We bring you up to the upper classroom, the place we work from. The realization you offer others is the manifestation of the Divine as them in their encounter with the beings that you are. Your questions in most cases are born out of the ignorance of who you truly are. “But that terrible thing happened when I was so young,” your relationship to that thing in fact is transformed by your realization of who and what you are and have always been. The key here is always, have always been. What you see is not only informed by the consciousness you hold, but transformed by it. Your opportunity to know yourself beyond the known to claim the new potential is ripe and waiting for you all. Each day you have the opportunity to claim the unknown, the new potential that has come as and through you. The responsibility of the one who dwells in the upper room is to lift the world she sees to her purview. In this higher octave the idea of competition is ridiculous. Friends, the world itself is changed by your active presence in it, and, as you escalate in vibration, what becomes available to you, again and again and again, is the opportunity to know who and what you are at the cost of the old. As the old is released, as you release what you thought you were, believed yourselves to be, you create the opportunity to rediscover, reclaim, re-know the essence of Christ or True Self that abides in you. The Divine as what, the incarnate Christ that has come as each of you, is seeking its full expression for the transformation of the world you share. The release of the old or the known (ego) that is a requirement here is a very simple one. You must not only become willing to release the ideas that you have predicated your experience on, but also your investment in what you believe to be so. The small self is not the one who achieves enlightenment. This is about the SS getting out of the way so that the TS may express itself. You are the ambassadors of truth, the ones who have come to know, and in your knowing you will claim what has always been true. The Divine has come as all. 

The upper classroom is the the higher frequency (octave) from which we now live. The known we need to release is all of our identification with ego so that we might realize the unknown, our higher self, which is beyond all thought. As we lift we can lift all those around us as well. As we release who we thought we were we can reclaim ourselves as we truly are, and everything else with us. 

4) Everything about me, including ego, and everything else is God. Every possible scenario is also divine. Claim the divine in all you see. When you deny the Divine in anything in manifestation, you deny your own participation in divinity to what can be known. You can’t claim God only in those things that you agree to. “I know what you are as a divine being, I claim the form, and the being who has taken form, in its true nature.” The Divine as you can only see the Divine in all it sees. If you deny the Divine in something other, you have denied it in yourself. When you claim the Divine in anyone or anything, you realize it anew. What would it be like if, for only five minutes, you existed beyond fear, in a place with no fear? The upper room holds no fear. Spend five minutes a day here and get used to it. 

Assumption: Embodying the Divine Self, April 2018


1) You’re here to be a bridge, and to influence this plain by existing in form. In form you witness the divine in yourself and all others. You also have awareness and experience to help others awaken. This is the import of claiming this form as divine.  As you are assumed—and that means lifted—as the True Self, the form that you have taken must go into an agreement with the truth of its being, which is the Divine Self that it cannot be separate from. Your body will slowly raise in vibrational frequency to match your true self. You will begin to see a world in a higher octave. All is transformed by your recognition of the Divine that is instilled in all form. The Kingdom, as we call it, which is the awareness of the Divine in all form, in all that you see and may know. You have incarnated in form for several reasons—to realize the Divine Self, which is finally the purpose of manifestation, to know who your fellows are, and create a world that exists beyond fear. You are learning to sing what you are beyond the octave you were taught you could sing in. You may learn to express the what, the manifest form that you are. 

2) We all agreed to what level of realization we would each come to, all unique in our expression and for the benefit of the whole. Don’t see the body as anything less than God. See God in every person, in every relationship. Everyone is where they are supposed to be, don’t shame them for that. To realize the Divine in the tears you shed in grief or sorrow, to realize the presence of the Divine in death itself, does not make you fearful, it makes you realized as who and what you are through the expression you have chosen—the Divine as Pat. Embodiment means to be realized in form as the what that you are. The body is not just a vehicle to get around in, it is the vehicle of expression of the divine. It is literally the divine, nothing less. The Divine expresses through you, and the Divine as you expresses through all that she encounters. The one who knows who she is and is embodied at that level no longer needs to claim it. It is her expression, his expression. 

3) They want to take us to a new octave in attunement. As long as you operate in history you will not be able to maintain the higher octave. We need to stop labeling anything from history, you need to see everything as divine. All judgment falls away. To transcend this lower vibration you need to let go of history. To experience the oneness of all is the motive to rise. Let go of the known, how you have known the world, so you can know it anew. The unknown is exceedingly abundantly beyond the known. Practice will change your perspective. See yourself as who you truly are, see all else as it truly is. At this juncture we have to tell you that the release of the past in its totality is what is required to lift you to the next level. You are releasing your ideas of who you are, the ideas you’ve attached to. Simply claim yourself as free from any idea that limits you in your ability to claim your Divine Self. What interferes with the divine manifestation will be made known to you to release your idea of what they are or should be. The true self will manifest beyond what you think it should be. What you have believed to be true is now suspect. In this vibration, the resistance of old no longer exists, and you may be claimed beyond the known. Your investment in the old is what claims your relationship to it. 

4) We do this intentionally so you do not defer to us, but become your own master, the Divine Self as master, not the egoic structure, the distorted image that you have believed yourself to be, but the dominion that is known through the Divine in its expression as and through you. The physical self that you know yourself through has had to be modified and aligned to hold a higher octave of vibration. You are free, the small self is assumed by the higher, in fact embraced by it, so that its alignment may become the proof of the incarnation you have claimed. What is no longer useful is left away. And the false self, the one who wears the mask, has been seen for what she is, and is loved, but is no longer commanding the show. As you stop agreeing to it— “I am not the man I thought I was,” —you begin to create without the obstacle of heresy blooming before you at every opportunity. You can witness these things that occupy the lower realm, but you may call them forth and lift them to you for re-knowing, re- creation, or release. This is the promise of the Divine to lift you beyond the known to the high expression that is in fact your inherent birthright. And, in the higher room, in fact you are assumed in your true nature. The way you know yourself means that’s the way you are. You are not striving to become what you are not. You are living the expression of it. I give permission to release all aspects of self that are no longer required to be expressed, no longer needed to be known through, and, as I say yes to this, I align my being to my true expression, the Divine Self in manifestation as who and what I am. I am choosing now to be assumed by the truth of my being in a blaze of light that will claim me in fullness and teach me to know the life that is before me in freedom and beauty. 

How to Create a World, 02/14/2018  


1) The moment that you decide that you are in agreement to everything you see as a collective, you can begin to move beyond it. Now, some of you come to us at a time of reckoning. The world that you’ve known seems to be falling apart. You are seeking meaning, perhaps, through what we say, but what we are actually telling you is that what is falling away is what was never true. To realize the Divine in another is to know who they are. And the manifestation of this knowing is the blooming you experience in a new world that is being created around you by nature of your very presence in it. The new level of realization confirms a new reality, but this must come at the cost of the old. This must come without the guarantee that the world will resemble what it always has. If you want that guarantee, you will continue to claim what you have had. 

2) The power of the True Self is to claim itself as the one choosing, the spirit fully integrates form. “I know what I am”—underline what, which means in manifestation—is actually the key to the Kingdom. The level of vibration you choose is due to your history and cultural dictates. Raise in vibration, in a higher octave there are many more choices to be had. If you are always looking to the old and expecting to see it, you will not discover the new, which is waiting to be revealed to you. To create the new world means to call forth in high vibration. You become a gateway by nature of your presence and your vibration to claim the new world into being. Be as you are. 

3) When you operate as the True Self, you do not deny the history the small self has seen, but you witness from a higher perspective. You can trust your True self with all your choices. Follow the claims of the True self. The knowing of the Divine in all manifestation, is what gives you the experience of the one who can claim a new world. We expect to see the old, let go of that expectation. To realize the unknown you must acquiesce to a higher octave. You are calling this forth by nature of your being. You must disassemble what you have known to keep you from reclaiming it. Release what attachments and identities that you have regarded as necessary up to now. You are always in choice, but we are asking you to become aware of who is choosing and why one chooses. Who you think you are and what you believe you require has also changed, and the reliance upon the old to give you what you think you need will in fact call you back to the lower strata or the lower octave where you have known yourself for the longest time. The key to the kingdom is realization, realizing more of who you are. Everything is in vibration and may be re-created in a higher way. My consciousness of self calls forth my experience of reality of the divine in all that I experience. The True self realizes itself through the small self calling into being a new world without effort. “Yes, I am willing, I am willing to be, to know, and to claim myself as I truly am.”

4) Most of you think that in the high alignment you never get the flu, you never go hungry, you never get your feelings hurt. 90% of our choices and creations are from the known we are familiar with. When you align to the True Self and move towards creation, which happens in several ways—conscious choice, unconscious choice, and energetic alignment you will begin to understand. If you align to truth you must be prepared to release the ideas you’ve held about what you think you should be. We applaud you and seek to lift you and your world to a higher agreement where the action of fear is no longer claiming the world and seeking itself in all manifestation. A world known in fear is a world realized in low octave. What you see before you becomes your opportunity, and once this is seen and known you are no longer oppressed by your reality, and, in that moment, you can claim the Divine in it and in all your experience, the Divine in all, not just the happy day. I give permission to my body to become a true expression of the Divine Self that is seeking to be known as and through me, and, I do not deny the body any need or requirement it may have, but rather love it as it is. 

Freedom from fear, 02/03/18, San Diego 


The kingdom is the awareness of God in all things. The kingdom is manifested, releasing all else by saying yes. It is where fear does not abide. The divine self does not agree to fear. You don’t abandon the small self, you assume it, but it is no longer running your life. It is to realize the unknown instead of replicating the known. 

Mudra – to get a true/false answer from the guides. 

Don’t make choices in fear, stop replicating the fear. Note what you do from habit. There are many ways to learn, for example by mistakes. Christ manifest in man, the word made flesh which is experiencial knowledge. The divine in form is the raising of the inherent vibration. Recognize others as divine and that will transform them into what they really are. Not feeling the energy is sometimes due to you being especially sensitive and not feeling safe enough to show your feelings (in your youth).

2) To release fears the DS has one desire – to realize itself. The SS tries so hard to attain, but the DS, the authentic self, already is and enters the kingdom. The SS has an investment in the known. The DS is free of limitations, religion, etc. The kingdom is the presence of the divine, is the now. Our physical body cannot hold the high vibration that the guides enjoy. There are parts of me that feel like they cannot be seen and loved. What is it like to be seen and loved absolutely? What aspect of me requires the most love? When in your knowing you are not afraid, when in alignment with the TS. There is a braiding, a uniting of the wills between the TS and the SS. 

3) ‘Where is my medal for this hurt?’ is what the ego declares. From good relationship(s) to ruined one(s). You are no longer operating in fear, no longer afraid to ruffle feathers. Are you frightened of getting old, not being loved? Fear is only an idea. In conscious relationships, especially the more intimate, can get very difficult. As we rise do things eventually smooth out? How is the fear and control reduced or released? To know that your needs are provided for – therefore no hurt, fear or conflict. Denial of the divine is allowing ego to control you and disturb your relationships. Release the old fear and believe in the possibility of the new, the manifestation of the DS. Our identity is of utmost importance, and experiencial knowledge follows that in import. The idea of specialness needs to get kicked out of you. Stop trying to get what you want. The DS calls to me what I want to learn, to become love incarnate. The going is going to get tough. I am the truth, I am the Christ…  not I am becoming such. We are all the Christ. Acknowledge the the divine in others and it will return to you. 

4) Nothing happens to me without the consent of my higher self. What keeps us from realizing the true self is denial of the truth. Don’t refuse to love the self that is so worthy. The divine as you is not ashamed. He is the one who wears no mask, who knows what love is. The DS and the SS will in the end merge as one. 

A Day without Fear, January 14, 2018

The caterpillar has within her the butterfly, and the butterfly, once realized, has scant memory of how she knew herself prior. 

Beyond the known, January 3, 2018  


1) Are you willing to learn what may be claimed in a higher way beyond what you have thought possible? Not one of you here, nor the man before you, knows what he is. You believe you are what you were, what you were taught to be. We don’t make you what you are not, we show you who you have always been. You hold with the ideas of what is so terribly wrong with you because we know you beyond what you’ve claimed or believed yourselves to be, we can re-lift you to the octave you know yourself in, in a pure state. The divine aspect of you that we call the True Self, the eternal self, the Christed self, is the vibratory oracle, the one who knows who you are and can announce for you the way through the darkness that may come in this passage you encounter into a higher way of expressing the self. You will carry what you require across this threshold to what is beyond the known, but none of what is of fear or attachment. You will not miss anything that is released and lost. You are not afraid, you are not unworthy, you are not unloved, you are not even unattractive, although you claim these things, some of you in ridiculous ways. The days of lying to the self about who and what you are have ended. They are over. The changes you undergo through this teaching are under the jurisdiction of the soul. 

2) The manifestation of the Divine as you is as true now as it can ever be and will always be so. The True Self knows how to attend to the manifestation. The small self must release all that she has thought herself to be. As the small self relinquishes old ideas more the true self manifests more of who you have always been. The body begins to move to a new agreement of its manifestation. The Kingdom, which is the awareness of the Divine in all manifestation. The Divine knows the Divine in all it sees, the act of knowing actually realizes form in the higher octave. Because all is of God, all may be known anew, as the divine. The co-resonance that you claim when you claim another as who and what they are is what sings back to you, the echo of your claim. When you speak these words, please understand, not only are you speaking as the Divine Self, but to the Divine that is the expression of the one you see, and you will claim them in form. Focus on the body, yes, and speak these words after us: “I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth.” I realize form, all form, as an expression of the Divine. And, in so doing this, I begin to claim a new world into manifestation.

3) As I wish to move forward, I wish to realize myself beyond the known. You must release the known, and the prescriptions that the known has claimed for your identity and emotional reactions. I can now realize myself beyond it. As the Divine as you reclaims the being that you are, you begin to shift your focus from what you think you are to what you can only be, and that is the passage we have been taking you through in this class and others to this date. Recognition is the key. Now, because we know who you are, we know who you are not, and we say this intentionally to Paul and to all of you. You are never what you think you are. When the butterfly is released from the cocoon, the essence of who she has truly been is present at the cost of the form and the function that the old had held. The you that doesn’t doubt her worth, doesn’t disguise himself to keep himself safe from the world, the you who believes himself to be in truth as the Divine Self that he has in fact always been. You have pushed the elevator button to the top floor. The ride has begun, beyond theory, but in experience, beyond conjecture, but in truth. And the denial of the old—“This is what was and this is what is not”—will be the opportunity you begin to engage in as you begin to move through this passage. You may be jolted here and there a few times, but usually each jolt will support you in releasing what you don’t need, what cannot go up any higher.

4) You can be in coherence with something that exists beyond what you have encountered thus far. The small self, in its rule, has created a way to circumvent identity. My identity is free from all the history of the past. In manifestation, the Divine made flesh, known in form, claims a new agreement with the manifest world. In this new agreement, you release the desire that the small self has held, and once unmasked, become complicit in a release of the attitudes or agreements made in collective agreement to be in judgment or fear. What you are now encountering is a life where the creations of old, while they still surround you, no longer hold the love they did or the meaning they had. And, in fact, you have not outgrown them as much as realized yourself beyond the need for them. The idea that you will have a map or a pathway with all of the guarantees that the small self has used to keep herself hostage from freedom will be understood as something of the past. You have claimed the Kingdom into manifestation. And the True Self, who is what you are, must be in expression, not as you wish it, but as it can only be. 

5) You acclimate to one teaching and the response to it— you guarantee the willingness to move to the next level of agreement. The enormity we speak of is, in fact, the full displacement of the known self in alignment to the incarnation of the True Self. This is about the raising of ‘all things’ in our lives to the higher octave, something we have no idea of. Re-creation is an accurate word to use because, in a higher way, this has always been who you are. But the manifestation of it, the embodiment of it in the stages that we bring you, claim you in a new reality. Nothing is left the same after the encounter with truth. When you have an encounter with truth, you are claimed by it, known as your True Self, and cannot go back to the lies you have fostered or the ways that you thought you should be. The substance of the Divine is in all manifestation, and the realization of this will not only transform everything you see, but what you know to be true. The True Self or the Divine Self, who exists in the higher octave, is the one who enters and calls forth the Kingdom in all manifestation because the Divine as her claims the Divine in all she sees. And it does not exclude anyone or anything. Get ready for the ride of your life. Where we intend to take you each is well beyond the known. And while it is at the cost of the known, it is not at the cost of love and laughter and truth. 

Peace: A Special Year-End, December 27, 2017

Even when it seems that you are not progressing on your path, the alignment you hold through this instruction is supporting your transformation. The release of those things that cannot be contained in the higher octave is a passage. It is a change. It is a new agreement to be. It is not a failure or a confusing state. You really cannot enter the Kingdom with all of the luggage from the past. To do that means you don’t believe that your needs will be met in the higher octave. A higher octave, you see, is a way of being. It is not a destination. Where we take you next in our teachings is, Beyond the Known. What, in fact, falls away is that which was never true—the things that you have believed, adhered to, created in fear. With our next teachings, we will instruct you in the claim “I know how I serve.” 

When the world seems to be swaying, allow yourself to sway with it. Don’t hang on too tightly to what has been. Allow the new to make itself known. And understand that you are partaking in a crucial time in the evolution of the species you are in. Humanity itself is having to undergo a passage, and the release of the old. And those of you that come first, who would perhaps be seen as the way-showers, are having to divest yourselves of what is not needed to show that it can be done. When we call you way-shower, we are simply telling you that the work that you do with us is for all. If we were to give this year a name, it would be truth, the Year of Truth, and truth and reckoning are in fact the same, once they are enfolded. A reckoning is a facing of the self and its creations, and, when you see yourself in truth, the illusions you have held, individually and collectively, must be seen and then dismantled, or reclaimed, or re-known, or released in a higher octave. “Who will I be without this?” you may ask. You become the one who can slip through the needle because you have unburdened those very things that would stand in the way. Release that which is no longer needed for your soul’s growth to commence in beauty. You never lose what you require, only what stands in the way. Allow, allow, allow. Allow love to be. Allow it to form itself in your heart.

Live from Esalen 11/22/17 


1) The Divine as you, who is here as you, seeks to be known, and to be known means to be realized as what you are. We desire to realize you in a hiher octave. We are realizing you not as who you were, but as who you are in truth – the I Am Self. This true self desires to lift me and be known and recognized for who it is and thus to raise others. This will cost the small self all that it wants to be and the world that it created. Come into a new kingdom where you and all others are known as the divine. The definition we offer you of the Kingdom is the awareness of the Divine in all things. The divine desires to be realized through me in a higher octave, but I limit it. “I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth.” The Divine as you is the only one who can claim this. Now, the claim “I am free” is a claim of liberation from the known, from what you have assumed to be so, from the vibration of fear that would seek to assume itself as you. When you lift beyond the known and you claim the True Self in manifestation. The Kingdom, the awareness of the Divine in manifestation, includes you. I am where and as I should be.

 2) To be free means to be beyond the known, beyond the claims you’ve made or inherited that would direct your future to replicate the past you’ve known. You play the game of the known at the cost of what might be claimed by knowing who you are in a higher octave. Release the small self’s need to be the director of the throne. We must move you beyond what you have claimed or agreed to thus far in order for the manifestation of the Divine as who and what you are to be known and realized. There can be nothing outside of God, but your ability to perceive yourself as separate claims a world in separation. To be known means to be realized, it is the equivalent of breaking the vase so that what lies within it may be finally known, finally seen—the bloom of the light that you are encompassing the fabric of your life for the benefit of all. You are being reclaimed, you are being re-known, not as what you are not, but as what you have always been. You cannot be more divine than you are in this very moment. It is not a thing earned. It is not even a thing chosen. It is the true nature of being. The divine as you declares, “I am Word through my body. Word I am Word. I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word. I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word. I am Word through each one present. Word I am Word.”  And “I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth. I know how you serve in truth. You are free. You are free. You are free.” The Kingdom, as we teach it, the realization of the Divine in all things, is here to be known, to be claimed. You are not separate from it. You only think you are.

3) Make a new claim beyond the known, the manifestation of the Divine in man. As you rise, you create opportunity to lift everyone with you. All form is an expression of the Divine. The small self, has a great investment in the known. The challenge you each face here is the discrepancy between the True Self and its true agenda for you, which is realization, and the small self’s mandate to be as she thinks she should be to confirm an identity that has never been real. You have an identity that operates beyond the known. The True Self will be seen, will be known, and will be rendered in a release as the small self is aligned to the Divine. You begin to witness the eternal self. You begin to know who you are at the cost of what you think. You are not losing anything. You are releasing what you no longer need to claim your true inheritance. What is being dismantled is the false self, the King on the throne. It no longer has prominence because the higher has re-created it and offered an experience to support the life you live in a new expression. It is a claim of identity, claimed by the True Self. The form that you have can operate as the conduit for the higher octave to be manifest in the material world. The old inheritance that the small self has reaped will be lost, and gladly, once you comprehend that the gift of this teaching, is the being of who you truly are at the cost of the old. You witness the Divine in all experience, not just the pretty ones. The Divine is present in all, or nothing at all.

4) The one who knows who she is can no longer mandate who another should be, but she may know who she is in truth. You cannot claim the new and claim the old in concurrence. When you realize who you are and the manifestation of this occurs, you commence to lift the one you see to her true nature. She is not fixed, she is not rescued, she is known. This is the realization of who you are beyond what you think. As you unmask the self, as the True Self bears witness to its world, she sees all things new, and, in her sight, by nature of witness, her reality is transformed. The Christed Self or True Self or Divine Self is being given permission to claim dominion as the expression you hold. Allow the being that you are to be reclaimed beyond the known, beyond the small self’s idea of what she’s been, what he is allowed to be. By your authorization, the small self will be lifted from the throne she has known, and the True Self will occupy its place. I say yes to the manifestation of the Divine that seeks to occur as me, and, as I say yes to this, I allow the release of the old, the small self’s ideas and manifestations that would seek to obscure the light that I truly am.

The Class on Assumption, 11/2017

1) The Class of Assumption, is not what you assume yourselves to be, but the Divine Self as you assuming you and claiming you outside of what you think or you have thought yourself to be. The small self has emblemized the Divine Self as something other, something that would confiscate identity, something cruel that would tell you that you cannot have what you want, when in fact the opposite is true. We will lift you to a place where the True Self may be comprehended by you and assumed as you without the resistance that you are used to. This will require that each of them allows themself to be known outside of what they think they should be. The small self assumes what she thinks she should be. The Divine Self claims what she knows to be in truth. You will no longer be a victim to what you think you are. The claim “I am free,” the true claim of liberation, will be sung by you, and the resonance of that song will inform your history—what you believe you have been and what you can only be in truth. Would you stand as one, yes.

2. We are lifting you to a place where you may be comprehended in a radically new way and then attest to that through the lives that you live. You decide yourselves, in agreement to the culture, who you should be, what you should do, how you should feel, and, as you do this, you create ways of perpetuating a lineage that is born in fear or agreement to abide by collective rule. When you release the ideal that you think that you should live up to, you begin to come into your own, your own manifestation, because the True Self, you see, does not abide by collective agreement. The Divine as you, the manifest self, operates in truth, not collective lies. When you stop agreeing to them, you stop claiming them and you move beyond them. So our use for you individually is to support you each in removing that speck of filth that you think is you, that you can attest to as your history, perhaps, to reclaim the dignity, the inherent worth, of the True Self that is as you, no matter what you think. Yes all that happened in my history was real, but that is not me, who l am. Who the hell you are is far more wonderful than you could ever assume, could have imagined, could have agreed to. You said yes to aligning to the vibration of truth to know yourself in it and as it, which has the effect of releasing you from what is not true. this is the first invocation of truth in this process of releasing the issue, or the blemish, or the blockage to vision of self. 

3. The Divine Self, in its assumption of you, mandates certain things. And the mandates of the Divine Self are actually very simple. 

  • Go into agreement with truth. Do not lie about yourself, about another. 
  • Do not benefit from the misfortunes of others. 
  • Claim victory over fear by announcing your freedom from it. 
  • And love the one beside you, whoever he may be, whoever she may be. 

Assumption is in graciousness and agreement. “I am willing to be assumed by the higher vibration.” You can’t beg for that. You can’t demand it. You can agree to it. You can liberate the self from much of your agony by understanding that you are the one inflicting the pain in most all cases. You must begin to expect that the road before you is a path that is being taken by you for your highest good. The Christ as you, you see, has always been this teaching. Your participation of the creation, of the divine what you are, the manifest self, is what we claim you in today. I release the fears of the small self, I am free. The agreement we make with you, one and all, is that you are relinquishing not a damned thing that you need, only what stands in the way of realization, only what would wear you down on this journey before you.


The Kingdom, Toronto 11/12/17  

The directive of the Divine Self is always to lift you to a higher level of agreement. The one who seeks to be pious to get the favor of God believes that God can favor one over another. The Divine as you is as present now as she can ever be. This is not earned by you, this is not about being pious, being a better man in a certain way, saying certain prayers or invocations. It is not that. It is the agreement to be as you are at the cost of the old. You want them both. “Let me be a little divine today and curse the one next to me.” “But can we do this?” he asks. It is already done in the higher octave. You are perfect now. You just don’t know it. You are loved now. You just don’t feel it. And you are recognized now, beyond the known, beyond what you have thought or attested to. 


The Echo, Berkeley 10/22/17

Some of you decide that you must listen to fear to be safe. You cannot claim the new when you seek to hold the old for safety. To lift beyond or detach from something is not necessarily to lose it, but to realize it from a different perspective. You can release a dependency you have had upon the known, you can claim a new relationship with all these things. The True Self expresses in freedom. So claim the divinity in every cell of her body, “I know who you are in truth, I know what you are in truth, I know how you serve in truth, you are free, you are free, you are free.” Do this daily for the divine manifestation in all things. 


Beyond the Known 9/29/17

As you move beyond the limitations that form has offered you up until now, you begin to claim your true identity, the Divine as you, who may well indeed experience herself, himself, as what he truly is, she truly is. This is the ‘new,’ the ‘unknown,’ ‘the incarnation of the True Self’. The reliance upon fear as your teacher must be released. The True Self holds a higher lineage, operates outside of fear, does not agree to fear, and has no need to claim it. When you are in fear, you are as the small self. Water turned into wine is what has been known and re-known in a higher way. The thing is re-known. You are not annihilated in your divinity. You are re-known. “Behold, I make all things new” has been the teaching of the Christ since the man walked around and spoke the words as the True Self he was. It means you stop claiming what you have been in agreement to of what has been, as it precludes what will be brought to you from the higher vibration. This is realizing the divine, beyond the known. The Kingdom, we say, is here, has always been, and it is the True Self who abides within it. 

God is realizing itself in and through everything. And the realization of this, in all ways, is the creation of humanity in a higher octave. The claim you make through our teachings, “I am free, I am free, I am free,” moves you forward and beyond the known to what may be realized in a higher reality. If you know yourself as male you do not need to pretend to be male, and so it with your divinity. There is no effort in being. There is effort in desire. There is effort in fear. Our culture is going through change and learning its new identity. We are going beyond the known to the unknown which is much better. 

The Transformation of Humanity 9/24/17 

You sacrifice only those things that would preclude you from your true expression. No one takes anything from you. You are invited to offer it in your own personal way, in the privacy of your life, in communion with the source of your being. The transfiguration of humanity, the Word made flesh, is an ancient teaching. It is come again at this time to support humanity in reclaiming its true nature, and offering a possibility to a world that is not only in disarray, but on the verge of extinction. 

Why would not God want for you what will bring you the most truth, or the most joy, or realization? The gift of being, the true gift of being, is the agreement to be in love. The gift of love is the vibration of God that assumes all things, including you, including what you don’t like about yourself, would change if you could, including those things you don’t like about others, and those things that you fear. You may be called to act, but the consequence of the assumption of the True Self through the small self is simply the realization that the Divine as you, in perfect expression, is simply being. The gift of being is the gift of being in truth, in alignment to God’s will or the True Self’s will expressing itself as the life you live. You don’t live a life separate from your community, but you bring your community with you. That is why you do this, not for your own gain, but for what the world will benefit from and by your presence in it. The gifts are coming easily now to all of you who will align to them. And the purpose of the gifts is to show you the validation that you may require to assume more, agree to more, to be the vehicle of change, not only for your own good, but the good of all.

Beyond fear and judgment 10/04/17 

The true self is beyond fear and judgment. The Christed self is the realization of the higher self in experience. This is done by claiming it. The small self claims fear and realizes it. The removal of fear from the energetic field happens in stages, but you must first believe it is possible to remove. Fear does not exist in higher vibration. To move beyond fear is not to eradicate the fear that exists. It’s to lift beyond it to a level where the fear cannot consume you and have its way with you. You will create the higher octave that you are now claiming into experience. Align to a new potential beyond fear and judgment. I choose to be liberated from fear. I am Word through this intention. Make a list of the fears I hold and invite them to be perceived by the TS. 

List of fears: Losing my wife, having a sterile relationship with her, I fear her controlling me. The true self sees the above as: Losing her could only happen if it is for our higher good, a sterile relationship is unlikely if we follow its guidance, and she cannot control you.

The title of this class, “Beyond Fear and Judgment,” may as well be “Beyond the Known,” because you really cannot conceptualize a life without fear, or judging another. The degree to which you decide who another should be is how you value them, and the moment they fail to live up to an expectation, their value has been decreased by you, and you contribute to the fiction that one man is better than the next by your valuation of them. The very moment you decide that you are more valuable than anybody who has ever been born, you are in judgment and in self-deceit. I allow myself to be released from my participation in judgment throughout my lifetimes.

We fear change, especially drastic change. But why, when you know the divine self is being manifested through you? The masks that you have worn and have a great investment in, may be released willingly, or torn from you. As you judge, you are judged yourselves, and you go back to what you’ve known. You might as well throw the rocks now, because you carry them in a satchel waiting to use them when someone is not who you want them to be. The divine nature that is implicit in you must be seen in all. The realization of the Divine must be known across the board. Beyond fear simply means you no longer agree to it. It is there to be released and moved beyond. How you move beyond fear is to stop agreeing to it. And the mask fear wears—separation, humanity against each other, self against the self, even—can only be remedied in the realization that fear is a liar. The agreement to be afraid claims you in fear at the cost of truth. Truth and fear do not co-exist because fear is always a lie. We would recommend you say, “Thank you, no.” I will not agree to the claim of fear. But, if you do as we suggest, realize change in a high way, claim that you are participatory to positive change, that the things that you believe frighten you are there to teach you and lift you beyond the claims that fear has made, you will have a very different experience than you would anticipate as a small self. “On this night I choose to unbind myself from collective fear and judgment of self and others.” 

Many of my questions are answered by the experiences I am going through. I can move beyond fear and judgment by knowing my true self. The Divine Self as you does not fear or judge. The lie is separation. The lie is fear. And the claim that you make for you and others is the realization of the True Self that is still present, despite what you would see. See everyone as who they are in truth, especially yourself. You must decide that you are worthy of this higher place, free of fear and judgment. 

We comfort you each in the awareness that you have the right to be just as you are, without shame for being as you are. The choice you make here, is to forgive the self for not being who you think you should be in order to embrace who you truly are, the Divine as you who encompasses all aspects of you. Nothing can make me unworthy of being or of love. God does not judge or inflict fear, the small self does. The Divine Self is inherent in all creation because God cannot not exist. Say to everyone, ‘you are free.’ “I am willing to forgive everyone for not being who I wanted them to be, and myself as well.” When the path seems dark, understand, friends, that the dawn will come and is here to be recognized as the Divine Self announces Himself in freedom. 

Freedom from fear 08/17 

1) Our fear filled world is our own creation. The lifting above it need not be so difficult if you understand that it is all an illusion. The TS will not stoop to the low vibration of fear. If you are in your knowing, you are unafraid. ‘I know…’ Fear is a liar, seeking to hide the truth of who you are. “What will they think of me?” is the voice of fear. I can be free of fear, claim it – I am free. 

2) Everything you see, you are participatory to. It is not happening at you, it is happening in accord to you. And to negate your accountability to your own creations would be to deny you the responsibility that you have incurred. When you realize who and what you are, you make a world new. You claim very differently, but we cannot lift you out of your creations without your agreement to attend to the world that you have claimed in fear. Unless you are willing to release the fear of …, you will not rise above them. Fear, like ego, seeks to control. Trust yourself, please. Ask yourself, if you are willing to know beyond the known. Are you willing to claim beyond what has been taught to you? The unmanifest is where we seek to take you and are inviting you to come to—the un-manifest, the potential of the Divine to be known beyond logic and limitation. So your progress has to become from the known to the implicit. What is implicit is within and exists beyond the known. Are you willing to die to the life that you have known? Are you willing to release the idealization of the life that you think you should live? Are you willing to release the necessary things that would support you in making this passage in joy, beyond fear, and the requirements that fear would bring you? To die to the old is to be born anew, and the passage to the Kingdom, the awareness of the presence of the Divine in all things. You are re-experienced and reclaimed and remade in a new octave. the re-rendering of the old to participate in change, is very challenging to the small self. Undoing the Known would be the title of this chapter, as if you are unfurling a sweater that has been made, so that it may be re-knit in some other form, and that is the passage you are in now, not only as a being, but as a species. I am walking in the face of fear, be brave. The small self fears. The True Self cannot. Know that you are safe. 

3) You have come to manifest the divine that you are. To rise above fear, is the gift you get of claiming your truth in authority. Come in song, come in laughter, come in prayer, come in wonder, come in joy, come in grief, but come. Come join the chorus we sing together for the reclamation of a new world beyond fear, beyond tyranny, beyond doubt.

4) You are known by us beyond what you have known, and humanity itself will be re-known in the higher octave towards realization of the Divine Self that may be known. 

Esalen, 09/08/2017, I am the Word: the energetic of consciousness

Stop looking for happiness in others. Get centered in yourself.


Be liberated from fear and raised to higher vibration. Manifestation in a higher octave. The revelation of the divine self is the kingdom by the one who knows who he is… the true self. The small self is not free, only the true self is. I am in truth. God is not in the clouds while I am in the mud. I am free, regardless of what I think. Release the intentions of the small self. You are safe. The divine seeing the divine in our eye to eye exercises. You are witnessing the divine in another. Atunement enables us to play the higher stations. The divine self is in everything it encounters. This is not to fix anything, it is to claim what is already here. The body is becoming the vehicle of expression.

Who I am = identity
What I am = manifestation
How I serve = service

Accept whatever comes and love yourself. Don’t try to fix the existing relationship – let it go and love myself. I cannot be determined by anything outside of myself. The unknown arrives at the cost of the known.

Trust yourself, the divine self knows the way and will negotiate the storm. We are in change, align to whatever comes. Let go of the old, the known. Stop creating in fear, whatever was created in fear needs to be recreated. All encounters are here to teach me who I am. I am free… to release the old. Knowing yourself will allow you to let go of the old. I am not my fear. Say, thank you but no.

Are you willing to go to a higher vibration?

The return of the heart’s desire. You surrender the heart with its desire and it will come back to you transformed. Accept discomfort, get comfortable with discomfort. To know yourself in union with source – no effort. I get to do this without fear.
Relationships are difficult. Can I live with my perfect companion even though they have such and such fault? To come to the point where your agenda, your expectations have gone out the window.

Courtyard LAX, 06/24/2017


We progress from 1st grade thru 12th. As you move up in vibration you shed many fears, values and behaviors of the past. ‘I know who I am’ is the claim of the true self. The TS does the work, the SS aligns to it. I agree to be who I am and I release who I thought I was. My TS will be realized. I am free. I am releasing a league of fear. See every other person as complete and the perfect expression they are I.e. The man without feet. What we might consider a handicap is in truth an opportunity to grow. The divine is realizing itself through this one. They are perfect. The pain I have gone through – I don’t regret it, nor would I like to go through it again. Just be yourself, none other. You will not be left behind.You cannot help everyone, but you must help the one God has put before you.

Paul Selig, I am the Word, the energetics of consciousness, Asilomar 3/03/2017

  1. To be more unified with others
  2. To be more detached in undesirable feelings – an unbias observer

This is not done by fixing yourself, but knowing yourself. The divine self in form knows far more than my small self. There is no sense in feeling sorry for yourself, you are God.

# 2 Water boils and becomes steam. The steam was always there, but now in a different form. Enlightenment = to be known as what I am. I am not what others think I am, nor what I think. I am Word. When you know who you are, you know who all others are as well.


# 3 This is a reclaiming of who I have always been, not to change me. When you make a negative claim, repeat it as positive.

# 4 You are denying the DS in doing what you know you can do, but not in those things you think impossible. This teaching is not convenient to the SS. This is a practical teaching – to be practiced. The DS does not seek to get needs met thru others and it sees others as divine. The TS is unattached to anything.

Paul Selig, Aligning to Truth, Berkeley 10/14/2016

The true self is here to express itself through this disguise of myself. The divine is here to be known. I am here. We are recognizing who we already are and have always been.

# 2 See the divine in you and agree to the divine in all others. You sacrifice one identity for the other. Am I attached to security and comfort at the cost of the new?

# 3 ‘I am here’ aligns me to the true self. To release one from the vibration of fear. Free from the control of the ego.

# 4 Ask yourself, ‘Are these my thoughts? Or the ego?’ Then decide whether this is in alignment with who I now am or not?