Presence – Week 1

This moment matters

  • To see clearly, from the soul’s perspective
  • To narrate less, to be present more
  • To be authentic in choices
  • To love when life’s opportunities come

Am I living for the approval of others? Or am I able to do what I want without guilt? Our personal will is being strengthened. We begin learning appropriate behavior by pleasing our parents and peers. But we later need to transfer our motives by what we know as truth for ourselves rather than the approval of others. Learn to do things for myself alone. Developing will power is a step toward Presence, authenticity and our unique expression. Being authentic is being me, not what others want me to be. Making authentic choices is doing what I want, not trying to please another. Presence, our higher self, is the omniscient observer and wants our best. It is our shared connection with all life. We learn our claimed identity is a manufactured and false representation. We begin to experience Presence, out of true identity. Presence awareness is everything, and this practice will bring more Presence awareness into all our daily activity. Our mental body sees no value in this whatsoever and will do anything to distract you. PMA is how we grow in this relationship with Presence. PMA accumulates over time and we become more present.