Presence – Week 10

I appreciate what I am

I am a part of the whole, not apart from it. Separation is an illusion. Choose to behave as one. We are one vibrational field, one heart, one body with one purpose. This cannot be explained and I need no validation of it. We are all having one unified experience. My faith is growing into a knowing. Experiencing presence allows us to close this gap between myself and others. Presence is shared, it is us unified. We either focus on the gap or Presence. Presence causes us to see our oneness. 
Living on purpose – our purpose in life is to just be, not to do anythingJust be present in your completeness, your perfection as you are. Presence invites us to appreciate who we are, to recognize our full worth, and to increase its value. Appreciate the one that is with you. Together we form the heart of God. Love and appreciate who we already are.