Presence – Week 2

I recognize my reflections and projections

Things are not as they appear

Feelings of a victim make me react in fear, needy and clingy. These are conceptual identities of self, both idolatrous and erroneous. See yourself as God sees you. Get to know yourself from your essence, not history. Then you can truly relate to the other as human.   
Reactive behavior is a victim mentality. It is to think that all these things are happening to me and not seeing that I am it’s cause. With time we will change from reacting to responding. As I go through this week I will find myself in the middle of unintegrated emotional charges. I need recognize them, nothing more. Presence will do the rest. We erroneously view everything through our reflective past and project it onto our future. Our suppressed emotional charges from childhood are effecting us. Reflections are suppressed emotional memories. Projections are reactive behaviors. Current events in our life will set us up due to our past experiences. It is an emotional upset that we feel. We will not understand it mentally. Presence sets us up with these reflections so as to integrate them.  They are here to liberate us, not to humiliate usWe are developing self perception and learning to choose our response. Feel them without judging or trying to rid yourself of them. Don’t try to feel better, just get better at feeling them without reacting to the messenger. Watch your experience as a theatrical play. Don’t unconsciously blame and attack another. Consciously recognize and release these messengers. But don’t identify with the emotions, that’s NOT you. Learn to laugh at yourself.