Presence – Week 3

Sloth, one of the highest vibe animals

I choose to respond

A victim has no choice, but I am always in choice.

  • The happy choice – accept and enjoy what you have, no complaint.
  • The foolish choice – anger/resentment is always a choice.

Observe your life as watching a play, without getting involved. Receive the intended message and take your attention off the messenger. They are only a mailman delivering the mail or a mirror reflecting what is. Detach from the mental event, the story. Experience and feel the direct felt perception. It is best to not describe the story, only feel the emotions. Mental thought will only worsen your emotional reaction. See if you can filter out the core emotional reaction you feel from the actual event. How does this trigger me?
This will help get the insight and take a step away from being a victim. We then will be less reactionary. What was unconscious becomes conscious. Now we can choose to respond as we would desire. These emotional triggered experiences have nothing to do with our adult experience. But this is an opportunity to see and integrate the emotional charge. With practice we will be able to notice the trigger before we react.