Presence – Week 4

I feel unconditionally

  • Feel the pain without agenda to remove, fix or identify with it
  • This pain is a friend, sit with it, love it
  • Be patient and kind with yourself

Fear causes us to resist our undesirable feelings. Pain and discomfort are not our enemies to be avoided or removed. Listen to them and learn. They are here because they are required. They are our friends come to assist us. They have a valuable contribution for us. Our resistance to them could be the real problem. Don’t run to another for comfort. Instead go within to sit with Presence, to sit with the discomfort and gaze into it as deeply as you can. Give them your conscious attention. Choose to be with the pain. Allow these suppressed emotions to come out and be felt. Invite them in for tea. These feelings must be felt in order to be integrated. This will change our relationship with discomfort. Don’t judge these feelings or have any preconceived desire of outcome. Be opened to any outcome. Treat them as a mother with her children. Let Presence determine the outcome. Patience, no hurry.