Presence – Week 5

I am innocent (undefined)

Be with your child-self when hurting. I AM NOT hurt, that’s not who I AM …….. I might have hurt feelings and that is okay. Feeling it without being it. My past does not define me. I am bigger than … this feeling, desire, etc.

Connecting with our child-self calls us onto the pathway of self guidance and nurturing. This enables us with increased Presence. We are born innocent. In our childhood we lose this innocence (or inner sense) to feelings of fear, anger and sadness. Worse yet we think we ARE fearful, angry and sad, rather than feelings we bear. Presence restores us to our innocence. We don’t know how to care for our own wellbeing so out of guilt we try to help others. This is neither of lasting benefit to us or those we are trying to help. The value of any adult discomfort is to see its childhood cause, that is my unintegrated emotional charge. This is a reconnecting with a valuable piece of ourselves, integrating our past with our present. We now can give unconditional acceptance to our unintegrated past and thus resolve our unconscious behavior.
Our child-self is both gullible and vulnerable. It cannot distinguish between illusion and reality. Our child self’s unrest follows us until it is integrated. Once our child self comes to peace, so do we. At times this uncomfortable emotion will interrupt our present. Here I will need to unconditionally sit with this little guy as long as he needs. Give him a hug. Thus you will experience increasing awareness of peace and joy. How long I have ignored and suppressed the cries for help of my child self.