Presence – Week 6

I integrate charged emotion

  • I do not blame the messenger
  • I accept complete responsibility for what I am feeling
  • I give it my full attention as long as needed

Emotional charges are untapped fuel cells. To integrate them is to utilize this precious fuel. There are no good or bad emotions, they are all fuel. Move from trying to feel good to feeling everything. This is joy.  
The emotional integration procedure:
1. Messenger, thank them for their service and dismiss them
2. Message, receive the insight, the familiar feeling that arises
3. Feel unconditionally without blaming, accept complete responsibility for what you are feeling and give it your complete attention for as long as needed.  
Don’t blame anyone for your emotional challenge. This is setting me free! Reactive behavior blames others, reponsive behavior assumes the responsibility, without regret, guilt or shame. Blaming only makes you to be-lame, it disempowers us as a victim. Accusing the mirror for its content. Realize peace has nothing to do with the other person.