Presence – Week 7

I feel safe now

  • I am undefended in the presence of love.

Embracing physical presence is the first step toward accomplishing a permanent shift from reactive to responsive behavior. All unintegrated charged emotions are opportunities of growth, untapped fuel cells. Our past should not be viewed as something to fear. As we integrate, our child self begins to feel safe in these difficult emotions. None of our stories that we tell ourselves are valid. We need to drop our insane stories. We are entering the emotional body awareness phase of the journey. We must now feel our way through (grief, fear and anger), you will not be able to think your way through it. Presence = Pre-sense. You won’t be able to make sense out of much of these emotions, stop trying. Presence does not think or reflect, it knows. Mental confusion is normal and a sign of progress. The emotional charge will gradually be released from our body. We are regaining presence in the physical body, be more gentle with yourself.