Presence – Week 8

I forgive myself

I forgive you for not being who I want you to be.
– I release you of all my expectations.
– I practice unconditional love, esp. toward myself.

We think peace is procured by rearranging our circumstances or by a mental agreement. Peace is a vibration, we feel it. It is everywhere, even in the midst of chaos. We don’t make peace, none can grant us peace, we realize it through forgiveness. We seek unconditional love, even in all the wrong places. Arrogance stifles our ability to forgive ourselves and others. As adults we know how to pretend all is well. Are our parents responsible for the emotional charges we have? No, even though we blame them. We need to love them unconditionally by forgiving. There is no reason to treat ourselves with anything but unconditional love. Realizing peace through forgiveness is entirely in our hands. We refuse to identify others by their poor or destructive behavior. Every time you forgive, the universe changes. ~ Wm. Paul Young