Afterlife of Billy Finger

How he proved to me there is life after death, by Annie Kagan

God is the divine nature of all things. My new viewpoint takes the difficulty, the struggle out of it all. There’s no comparison to the actual over-the-top nature of this love. You are the Universe. Everything you ever need is already inside you. I love myself as I never could have when I first arrived in the afterlife. The more I let go of my so-called self, the better I feel. If I could give you a gift, it would be to teach you how to stay free inside that game, to find the glory inside yourself. A change in perspective is a powerful thing. It means that the way you see something can actually change that something.  

Sometimes in hardship you’re forced to stand alone, and standing alone prepares you for becoming the Universe. I have become as small as the smallest quantum particle, and as big as the multitude of galaxies that exist in space. I was always like that, really. I just didn’t know it. And so is everyone else. Becoming the Universe is sheer ecstasy. Maybe your fate is to become bigger than your addictions. You can never measure someone else’s state of grace. Never assume that anyone is fortunate or unfortunate because of the way things appear to be. The Stream of Life was upping my natural ecstasy factor. Whatever memories I had, even the best, can’t compare with getting closer to the Source. How noble is the journey of each human being, from Divine to dust and back again. Life is a Divine mysterious impulse to be tasted and then released. I have cast off my earthly disguise.

All For Love

The transformative power of holding space, by Matt Kahn 

To hold space for someone is to let go of judgement and control. To support and value them and their journey without rescuing them. Just as a butterfly won’t survive the cocooning process without mustering the strength to break free on its own. Everyone has a right to be heard. Remember that no one actually needs different circumstances, they only need greater support for the experiences they are having. What if a person’s negative attitude becomes your moment of merciful respect for the hardships they must have endured. Replace any label you project onto them with “they’re a suffering person.” Based on how you’ve mistreated me, I now see how you’ve been mistreated.
Please help me better understand what I’ve never faced and may never encounter. No matter how I try to rationalize reality by thinking I understand, the heartbreaking truth is I don’t. Appreciate the endless ways spirit expresses itself through the uniqueness of all. Respect that everyone has the right to their own perceptions and decisions. The attribute of appreciation liberates you from this exhausting cycle of judgment. You will find great fulfillment in allowing others the space to be exactly as they are. The mystery of life that always gets its way is solely for the advancement of your highest evolutionary benefit? Once you become aware of how much suffering a person carries, forgiveness is an instinct that comes over you, not a choice you need to make. 

Answers about the Afterlife

A Private Investigator’s 15 year research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death, by Bob Olson


Life is about experiences rather than about being happy or easygoing. Think of God as made up of many souls—all souls, to be specific. Karma is not about balance or punishment; it’s about the soul seeing the experience from both sides—i.e. being the shooter and the one being shot.
Our guides know you better than you can imagine—they’ve been reading your thoughts your entire life. Our growth as humans speeds up our vibration, which benefits us as spiritual beings. There are no hidden secrets between spirits since they can read one another’s minds. Communication is pure. And since other people in spirit can read our thoughts, there is only honesty, truth, and authenticity. Appreciate the immense forethought and responsibility that goes into pre-birth planning.
Our soul is our eternal spiritual essence that always remains in the spirit world. Most highly advanced spirits no longer reincarnate. It is like wearing a heavy Halloween costume and mask for a day.
My investigation of the afterlife has given me a greater chance for making the best of what happens rather than falling into victimhood.

The Answer is YOU

A guide to mental, emotional and spiritual freedom, by Joseph P. Kauffman

“Beginner’s mind,” It is only once you admit that you do not know are you ready to learn. The Play of God is for the purpose of enjoyment. Enlightenment is simply the final level of the game of life—the final act of the play in which Consciousness, after losing itself in the world, once again discovers itself as the Infinite Creator of the play. He pretends that he is you and I and all the people in the world, all the animals, all the plants, all the rocks, and all the stars. It is so difficult for you and me to find out that we are God in disguise, pretending not to be himself.
It is because we identify with the ego that we live in a state of constant fear. The two most apparent qualities of the ego are craving and aversion. If we want to realize our true identity and be free of ego, we have to be willing to let go of our illusions. The practical way to liberation is a disentanglement of one’s consciousness from every form of identification. We do not have to take life so seriously. It is all just a play. To surrender is to let go of how we think reality should be, and to embrace the way it is.
We resent and are angry when really we are at fault for giving so much of our power away to them in the first place.Practice developing a detachment from thought and understand that your thoughts are not who you are. Detachment means that you do not allow yourself to be upset by the course that nature takes.
Let go of the pressure of trying to become someone—you are already perfect as you are, the freedom to be yourself and to Love yourself unconditionally. You don’t need to attain freedom; you are already free.

Application of Impossible Things

My Near Death Experience in Iraq, by Natalie Sudman

We are so much more than what we are aware of, both in our uniquenesses and grandeurs. You are so cool, more than you or I know. Enjoyment of the experience seems to be one of the higher values of all these thousands of beings. If it’s not enjoyable, don’t do it. My experience tells me we are fundamentally good and amazingly cool. What could be viewed as ugly or evil, from another perspective could be beautiful and enlightening. Nothing happens to me that I did not plan or co-create. The physical life can be likened to us participating in a movie. We can enjoy both the movie and being in the movie, if unidentified with it. We experience all the emotions, but we don’t consider the story real. We snap out of the trance once the movie is over. In life many experiences can seem unbearable, but afterward it was only an experience.

The Art of Integration

A companion to the Presence Process, by Michael Brown

Joy is inclusive. It is not about wanting to feel this and not wanting to feel that; it is about allowing Oneself to feel everything because joy knows that everything is God. God hands out experience with great enthusiasm.
If we rather choose to stand in a place of stillness, to be nobody and to do nothing, something powerful happens: reality. If we tell internal stories, something else happens: illusion. When you realize who you really are, you are completely healed.
In the present moment we are all perfect, whole and complete. Now I know that consciously connecting my breathing immediately activates my inner presence, and that presence knows everything.
All we have to do is read the body as it is now. Everything in my dream is a reflection of a part of my Self.

The Art of Living

by S.N. Goenka

The highest authority is one’s own experience of truth. Change is the essence of life. The secret to happiness is accepting change. It is to let go of all the past and welcome all the new, whether pleasant or not.
The real cause of suffering is the reaction of the mind, fleeting reactions of liking or disliking. Accept the reality of it, observe pleasure/suffering objectively. So long as we crave, we can never be happy. The greater the clinging to “mine,” the greater the suffering will be. Enjoy what you get, but without attachment, without clinging. Why get agitated because of the craving? Just accept the fact: “Look, there is craving”—that’s all. And you will come out of it. Only this living experience will liberate the mind. The task is simply to observe objectively. There is no real “I,” no permanent self or ego. We do not suffer from the pain any more because we can observe it with detachment. When we are aware of the sensations within the body, and at the same time maintain equanimity, the mind is free. We seek to be conscious of everything that happens within and at the same time not to react to it, understanding that it will change. 
If we start observing objectively, the repetition stops and eradication begins. Equanimity will increase, and the moments of reaction will decrease, your job is to observe impartially. Learn to stop evaluating on the basis of past reactions and to be aware. By observing unpleasant sensations without reacting, we eradicate aversion. By observing pleasant sensations without reacting, we eradicate craving. No one but ourselves is responsible for our happiness or unhappiness. Feel the sensations, understand their impermanence, and by developing equanimity, you become detached, even liberated.

Ascending with both feet on the ground

by Jeff Brown

I apologize for plundering and selfishly taking. I apologize for not seeing you. I apologize for a sexuality that was objectifying and disconnected from the heart. Nonetheless, your faith in my goodness kept me going through many a battle, and restored my faith in life when I most needed it. I now recognize that there is a meaningful difference between a love-ship and a relationship. Your very presence invites my Godself out of hiding. I can linger in the heart-space a little longer than I once could, I am softening in places.

I expected you to fill my emptiness, when the only one who can fill it is me. There were two different species in the same bed … No one got off easy …
It is a felt experience. The awakening man works diligently to liberate his consciousness from the egoic ties that bind. He courageously works on his emotional processes. He honours relationship as spiritual practice. He is not afraid to surrender—to reality, to love, to truth.

Awakened by Death

Stories of transformation, by KAren Swain

I had to learn how to love myself in this body form and then practice that self-love on a daily basis. Loving ourselves is the single most important thing we could do on this earth. This kind of higher love is possible for everyone if we can release ourselves from the confines of ego and open up to the all-encompassing beauty of Love.

By listening to our heart, we can be emotionally honest with ourselves. 

Take an angry thought and change it into a loving thought. Stop, just for a moment and realise that everything is perfect and had to happen in the way it happened to bring us all to this moment. Every breath we take carries the plan to perfection.


Returning to Our Source for Answers, by Nanci L. Danison


There is only one being in our universe. We are all expressions of God. Source does not monitor our behavior, or tell us what to do. It has given us an environment teeming with potential adventures and experiences by design. Our mission is to enjoy those treasures and live life to the fullest. That is all that is expected of us. Source’s intention is to experience all there is to experience, to enjoy all of its creation. Achieving unconditional love while still in human form represents not only the pinnacle of success for the Light Being soul inside, but also a quantum leap forward in evolution of the human species itself.
We are not humans. We are actually powerful Light Beings—extensions of the Source’s self-awareness—who are blended with human animals as a very temporary part of our eternal existence. The death of the human body actually releases us to awaken to our full Light Being state. We are in fact Beings of Light and Love. We will wake up as such when our bodies die.
Light Beings feel no fear. Our primary obligation is our own evolution. Curiosity is our natural inclination. Light Beings do not pass judgment because they understand that everything is always as it should be. It wants to do what is best for the whole collective. What I once perceived as tragedy has improved my life immeasurably. We believe God can manifest reality but mistakenly assume we are not part of that God/Source. We each have the exact same power to manifest reality—consciously or unconsciously.
It was unbelievable to me how completely fooled I had been into thinking there was nothing more to life than my human existence. It was patently absurd to me that I could have believed my human life was reality at all. Spice your life with activities that trigger more of your Light Being nature. We must treat each other with more love and respect if we truly want success in our lives—the kind of success that stays with us for all eternity.


by Michelle Obama

The most important question. Am I good enough? Yes, in fact I am. Barack was self-assured in ways that few people are. He had the intellect and discipline to do the job, the temperament to endure everything that would make it hard, and the rare degree of empathy that would keep him tuned carefully to the country’s needs. Nelson Mandela managed to negotiate—rather than fight—with government leaders, brokering a miraculously peaceful transition to a true democracy in South Africa and ultimately becoming its first president. Life was teaching me that progress and change happen slowly. You belong. You matter. I think highly of you. The more emboldened I felt to speak honestly and directly about what it meant to be marginalized. Dominance, even the threat of it, is a form of dehumanization.

Befriending Yourself

by Jeff Foster & Matt Licata

Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling. It means falling in love with where you are. Abandoning yourself when these experiences arise is worse than the actual pain. Strangely, they may actually be your path to freedom. These are the abandoned parts, the parts of me longing for love and kindness. They have not come to harm me in any way, but just to be held.

Beyond the Known: Realization

Beyond the known trilogy, book I, channeled by Paul Selig

The Upper Room is the room of freedom where you are not bound by what you have thought. The presence of the Divine calls into manifestation the inherent divinity, because that’s who you truly are. The responsibility of the one who dwells in the Upper Room is to lift the world she sees. The Divine as you is incapable of denying the Divine in anyone else. The Divine in the one you see becomes the action of reclamation in the other. Each time you decide that you are worthy of being who you truly are, you encourage every aspect of the self to claim what it may know.

Fear is being released in this process of re-creation. An alignment to the True Self actually gives you the opportunity to lift these very things to be re-known in a higher way, but they will not be re-known as you fight them. Your reliance upon the Divine becomes essential. You realize God in the one you fear until there is no fear. And that is reclamation. The attachment to an identity through form is the only challenge you are really facing. As you decide to be in manifestation as the Divine Self, you lift beyond fear.

Beyond the Known: Alchemy

Beyond the known trilogy, book II, channeled by Paul Selig

The dismantling of persona, is actually joyful, once you understand that all you are releasing is an idea of who you have been. The Christ, as we teach it, is the aspect of the Creator that can and will be realized in form. The realization of what is beyond the known comes to the one who is willing to release the expectations of what it should be. The denial of the Divine is what claims ‘should.’ To make it ‘should’ is to deny what it is. 

We make you new through knowing who you are, but you make the world new through knowing what the world is. You will have to change your mind. The requirement of a friendship, is to know the other as an equal. Relinquishing the idea of what should be, is the first step. The teaching you receive here is less for personal benefit than your agreement to serve. If you want a happy relationship with anyone, love them as they are. It need not be pleasant to be magnificent. 

It is rebirth as the True Self who has come in place of what you thought you were. The requirement for this shift is the willingness to face the unknown. Those who are waking will first cry in remembrance of what they had lost, and then sing in celebration of what is now seen. 

Beyond the Known: the Kingdom

Beyond the known trilogy, book III, channeled by Paul Selig

The gift of the kingdom is being the Divine Self. The divine nature has always been present, but hidden. The action of the Divine to reclaim any aspect of self, to move any detritus that seeks release, is an act of great love. When you comprehend that it is God’s good wish, to give you the Kingdom, you will lay aside the things you think are so imperative. Now, the heart’s true desire is the desire of God expressing in you. It brings humanity the realization of love, where fear once was. What is occurring within you is the resurrection, the Divine Self moving towards its full expression. 
The challenge for so many of you is that you have decided what God should be. This is not wish fulfillment. This is realization in the Upper Room. Know yourself as of the great I Am that expresses as all manifestation. The extent of fear that you are experiencing now on this plane is a release of fear that must come for the new to be born. What you do in these claims is you release the denial of the Divine. 

Big Magic

Creative living beyond fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert

Without bravery, they would never know the world as richly as it longs to be known. Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you? This is one of the oldest and most generous tricks the universe plays on us human beings, both for its own amusement and for ours. I will have to make space for fear, too. Plenty of space. The less I fight my fear, the less it fights back.

Ideas are a disembodied, energetic life-form. Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest. And the only way an idea can be made manifest in our world is through collaboration with a human partner. Trust in the miraculous truth that new and marvelous ideas are looking for human collaborators every single day. It will come and go, and you must let it come and go. I live in a most remarkable world, thick with mysteries.

Don’t rush through the experiences and circumstances that have the most capacity to transform you. Your ego will always be disappointed. My soul desires only one thing: wonder. Whatever you do, try not to dwell too long on your failures. What do you love doing so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant? The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes

The Book of Freedom

The mastery trilogy, book III, channeled by Paul Selig

The Divine as you, requires one thing—to surrender to what you have always been at the cost of the known. The Kingdom, the realization of the Divine in all things, and by your very presence, you are lifting your world in high accord. All that is really being released are those very things that have kept the Divine Self from its full expression. You who are willing to say, “Yes, it will be so.” So you realize yourselves that you may realize your world. Freedom, we suggest, is what you come to when you stop pretending that you are not free.

All your problems, we suggest, are the result of misidentification with who and what you think you are. You uninvest or release the expectation about who others should be. When you uninvest in the meaning of something, you can claim it in a higher way. To reinforce how terrible something is doesn’t transform it, it confirms the terrible nature. “You are free,” is sung in the higher octave to lift the world you express through to its true nature. Your presence in your world, re-creates the manifest world by your exposure to it and its response to you. When you realize anything in truth, all you are being asked to do is witness the presence of the Divine that is inherent in all things. 

The Book of Joy

Lasting happiness in a changing world, by the Dalai Lama

You become joyful when you bring joy to other people. Every person is essential to your existence, you are essential to other people.

Shifting the mindset – from oneself to others, from pains to compassion, everybody is connected. Great adversity produces excellent creations. The real source of happiness is shifting from this thought and becoming more understanding of others’ plight, the only cure to pain is not to dwell on it, but focus on others’ pains.

It is important for people to accept their true nature, then acceptance of what life brings us. It helps to see oneself as one piece of the whole. A healthy mind is calm. Realize that you are more fortunate compared to others. Watch a bug. Laugh at yourself. A joyful life begins when you learn to accept your conditions. When you begin thinking of how you can alleviate others’ suffering and less of your own condition, you start nurturing your inner joy. The shortest path to feeling joy is to bring joy to other people.

Book of Knowing and Worth

The Word trilogy, book III, a channeled text by Paul Selig

I know who I am in truth (fractal of God)
I know what I am in form (God manifest)
I know how I serve in love (I sing a new song)

Christ wants to be known as you. May we be in wonder everyday as we see more of who we are. Knowing is being. What things am I holding onto that others could benefit from. You will enable them to rise in vibration. ‘I am Word… I know who you are…’ See each person you come in contact with as in the love of God. The kingdom is the manifestation of Christ in all things.
When you are in fear, or abnegate your authority you are not standing in your worth. The unchangeable mountain before you, can only be changed by your vibration… I know who I am… I am Word. The Christ in me is the finest teacher I will ever have.

Book of Love and Creation

The Word trilogy, book II, a channeled text by Paul Selig

80% of my choices are unconscious choices. Be fearless in love, not religious. I am always in choice, do not play the role of victim. To hold someone outside of love is only to keep yourself out. Be in awareness of the divinity of those before you. I cannot harm another without harming myself.

Book of Mastery

The mastery trilogy, book I, channeled by Paul Selig


The kingdom can only be experienced in the higher realms to which we are invited to rise. I am so much more than I think I am, the Christed self. The divine has manifested as myself, as yourself. I best learn who I am through relationships. You must first see the potential before you can realize it. I am here… I am here… I am here… the divine in me is here to remove all fear.
Don’t miss the beauty of these fearful experiences. I have called this experience into my life. My resistance in fear is my biggest impediment. If I still care what others think of me I am parading the small self.
Who is the one you would like to avoid or damn? See this one in their worth and beauty before you and bless them. This one has been my teacher. Just ‘be’. Release yourself from the expectations of all relationships.

The Book of Truth

The mastery trilogy, book II, channeled by Paul Selig

The truth transforms us. The truth of who you are will replace all lies. Aligning to truth will disassemble the masks we wear. Witness with the eyes of the Christ, seeing things as they truly are. You must release the old to be re-created. The small self will be controlled by fear, and cling to the old, but the Divine Self never. Everything I think about this person is wrong. Understand that she is much more than I think. When you recognize others you never try to change them. Know them. 

The Christ sees the Christ in all else. We are sovereign in the reclamation of a new world. To follow your truth is to give all others the same freedom. No one should limit the expression of another. Never once believe you have authority over another. Nor does anyone have authority over you. The mission is the realization of the divine in man. Knowing who we are calls the kingdom into being. All else is rendered obsolete. Choose as the true self, not in fear. Claim truth, ‘I know who, what and how…’ The Divine Self is what I am, all else is an idea.

Codependent No More

How to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself, by Melody Beattie

Codependency is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity. Some codependent characteristics are overwhelming desire for acceptance and affection, manipulation, low self worth, unhealthy clinginess, a victim mentality, saying yes when they mean no. The solution is ‘Love yourself.’
Don’t give up your power by overly caring what others think. If you can’t feel good about something you are doing, don’t do it. Being undependent is a healthy need for people we love, without being harmfully dependent on them.

  1. Grieve the unfinished business of feeling unlovable.
  2. Nurture and cherish that child in you.
  3. Stop looking for happiness in others. Get centered in yourself.
  4. Learn to depend on yourself. Always be there for yourself.

Ask, ‘what do I need to do to take care of myself?’ Listen to your perfect self. Become your counselor, care taker and best friend. It’s what we tell ourselves that makes the difference. Say good things about yourself instead of degrading things. Practice selfishness in the highest, noblest sense of that word, which requires enormous independence and courage.
We cannot change who we are until we accept who we are. The emotional part of us is important, without it our growth is limited. You deserve a medal for having gone through this. Learn to receive ‘no’ from others without crumbling. Expectations are best relinquished. Love and closeness challenge our greatest fears. Hugging increases endorphins. The more good we believe about us the better we behave.

Deepest Acceptance

Radical awakening in ordinary life, by Jeff Foster

When we forget who we are, that is when the suffering begins. Don’t try to control life or block out some of its experiences. Even if the feelings are undesirable, accept them as they are. Recognize that you are accepted and loved in your completeness – unconditionally. Even my imperfections are perfect. Who I really am is beyond all stories, all images. It allows everything.
Life will threaten and even destroy your image. You are not who you think you are. It will not overwhelm you, only your image. Who can say, “This wave should not be here”? Allow failure and you succeed. Freedom is not escaping the waves. It is to accept these unpopular feelings. Love is this capacity to accept everything. Love is who I really am, unconditional acceptance.
My whole life, all that happens to me, is the invitation to discover who I truly am. I don’t have to live up to an image. Allow whatever is to happen, instead of trying to control life. Allow the death of your image. The completeness I am looking for cannot be found. I am complete. You need not find love in others, you are love. I have no enemy that is not for my good. What is the invitation? How is it drawing me away from my image and to myself?  Remember your present fullness, you are love. Awakening is a discovery of who I am. It is not a protection from pain, or a path of bliss. My present experience is only a wave and I am the ocean.

Dying to be Me

My journey from cancer… to true healing, by Anita Moorjani

She could be her best contribution to the whole by being herself. FEAR was the cause of her cancer and loving herself healed her. We all need to see ourselves as the perfect souls we are and live life to the full by loving ourselves unconditionally.

The Earth Adventure

Your soul’s journey through physical reality, by Ron Scolastico

The profound beauty of the true self, and of source, lures me on. We can fully manifest the magnificence of our soul in the everyday reality of our lives. You are the eternal force that has created the personality you presently experience. You will find that this earth adventure is not a dangerous, threatening experience, but an exciting, fulfilling journey. 
Personality experience was created so that the soul could temporarily “lose” itself in the beauty of the earth life in order to experience an intensification of joy and love. The personality is a “crossroads” where the earth forces of the body intermingle with the eternal forces of the soul. By choosing to identify with eternal forces, you lift up your personality experience and thereby project into the earth reality the eternal energies of your soul, and of God.
No matter what you feel, you are always the magnificence of God. Within your personality there is a goodness, a perfection, and a love, all of which are brilliant reflections of God. Your soul will attempt a new birth of the truth within you. You will cease to struggle against life as if it were an enemy. The subjective experience would expand to rejoice in all of God, in all of its manifestations. Your human lives bring you an expansiveness and fulfillment that you could not receive in any other way.

If you would take a few moments each day to love yourself, we can assure you that your struggles, confusions, pains, and fears would be healed in the great energies of love you create within yourself. To recognize the magnificence of yourself as a human being; to love the human being that you are in this moment. You are perceiving yourself as an eternal soul, experiencing God.
You are tied to a reality that is beautiful, and good, and filled with love; a reality that can never be diminished by your present temporary pain. By healing those fears, you will draw forth the magnificence of your natural human awareness. There is only good in the universe. All beings, all realities, perfect, magnificent, totally loving. During your attunements, whether you are aware of it or not, they will be filling you with love, expanding you, and uplifting you. 
Once you of your own free will, turn your attention to the eternal realities within which you live, then you have begun to move toward a fulfillment that is one of the most magnificent possibilities in all of the universes.
“No matter what my personality might think, or feel, or believe, my subjective human experience cannot alter the truth. And the truth of me is a force of perfection, of love, of all that I can conceive of as goodness. No matter what takes place in my human life, it can never alter the fact that I am an eternal soul; a soul of perfection; a soul of love. Nothing can change that.” 
You will need to find a way to live those negative feelings and experience them without losing sight of the truth. By persistently attuning to the eternal truths, without ignoring your human personality, you can heal such confused feelings, and you can come to know the truth of your eternal soul. In your attunements, you are simply bringing to your conscious awareness the magnificence of God that has always been living in you.

Eat Pray Love

by Elizabeth Gilbert

Depression even confiscates my identity. Then Loneliness starts interrogating me. I am stronger than Depression and braver than Loneliness. Italians are the masters of bel far niente, “the beauty of doing nothing.” So be lonely, Liz. Learn your way around loneliness. Welcome to the human experience. But never again use another person’s body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilled yearnings. It just destroys me to not be able to count on that affection when I need it.

“Om Namah Shivaya,” I honor the divinity that resides within me. The Yogis say that human discontent is a simple case of mistaken identity. That supreme Self is our true identity, universal and divine. It’s all God in disguise. Ego tries to convince you that you’re flawed and broken and alone instead of whole. A true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that’s holding you back, so you can change your life. You gotta let go and sit still and allow contentment to come to you. It is only questions of longing and control that emerge to agitate me, and this agitation is what keeps me from evolving forward. “God dwells within you, AS you.” When you want to attain communion with God, it has to be the biggest boat imaginable. That the infinite would be, indeed…infinite? and includes everyone? 

Don’t get angry about it, whatever happens. If you get angry, you’ll lose her, and that would be a pity because she’s a marvelous person and she loves you. This is her survival tactic, just accept that. Play the game with her and you can both win.

Embodied Enlightenment

Living your awakening in every moment, by Amoda Maa

Once the contractions have begun, there is no going back. We are giving birth to a new consciousness. We wake up to the reality that we are that which we have been seeking. Uncompromising acceptance is, in fact, your true nature. You discover that which can never be lost. Forgetting our true nature is the core wound of separation. A story says, “This shouldn’t be happening.” But, love is unafraid to go there. This is why you are so important: not you as the separate self, but you as the awakened consciousness dissolves all separation.
Are you willing to stop looking for wholeness through another and instead discover what is already whole, here and now? When you stop loving another in order to feel loved then you are free from the bondage of looking for love. When you completely open to grief, without the story of victimhood, in doing so you fall in love with yourself. While the dream of finding wholeness through another now finally comes to an end, the emanation of love through you and as you is unstoppable. 
Allow relationship to be your spiritual practice, to serve its true purpose of transforming the world. As long as there is even a whisper of need, there is an inevitable fear of loss and an accompanying strategy to prevent this loss. The true gift of relationship is its capacity to correct the erroneous belief that you need anyone or anything to fulfill you. When your true self is realized and embodied as love, the need to find wholeness through another totally falls away. You are not dependent on anything outside of you to give you love or to make you feel loved. Sex – you simply grow out of it.
You feel the horror of your sense of lack and sit inside it without trying to change it. If you are willing to fully feel, the heart breaks open wider than the pain, into an acceptance of what is. To open wider than the suffering is to be willing for the victim to die. When you feel irritation or resentment, stay in tender openness. Wanting means lack. It means you are asking life to give you something to make you feel complete. Abundance doesn’t come from what you have; it is what you are. You do not need to feel abundant. What does it mean to live a fully human yet fully awakened life? It means the willingness to stop your journey of seeking, right here, in this moment. A new humanity is born in this very moment.

Eve; a novel

by Wm. Paul Young

My love for you will never be conditioned by anything, I know the truth of who you are.” I’m not talking about who you think you are, but who you truly are.” Mystery creates a space where trust can thrive. Trust me, being surprised by everything is so much better than needing to control everything. God is especially fond of you! God will not be God apart from us. “I have always loved you, and you have always been worthy of my love.” 

In turning his face away, Adam believes he is alone. That lie has already twisted his vision. Eve is Adonai’s invitation to embrace frailty and softness, to be whole and unashamed, to return fully from his turning. No matter where he turned, he was face-to-face with Love, “When you are really face-to-face, you know you’re not alone.” Eve was withdrawn to call him back to his humanity. It is so much more arduous and risky to be authentic and present, and immeasurably more rewarding. Trust is a mountain impossible to climb. But you can and will. Trust is not a once-in-a-lifetime decision, but a choice made within each moment as the river runs. Trusting that nothing will be lost, even if we lose it for a time. God is such a magnificent artist that no one is ever healed alone. One day you will see how much healing you’ve brought me. 

“I couldn’t trust that Adonai would meet all my longings, that all my desires would find fulfillment apart from Adam. I couldn’t trust that God would create a way to bring about Their promise. I didn’t want to trust, I wanted answers. I was trying to fill the void I created by my own turning, to counter the fear that all my longings would go unmet.” Wait, your work each day is to trust Him in whatever lies before you. What she once thought was true about herself and others had been turned on its head. Each of us is a unique work of art, not to be constrained by cultural law or limitation. May it break our hearts open in a way that allows something profound to happen.

Everything is here to help YOU

A loving guide to your soul’s evolution, by Matt Kahn

 This book is to help us shift out of the inner war of ego into the illuminated presence of soul, from feeling victims of our circumstances to being pioneers of an awakened humanity.  Only the ego fights. As the soul steps forward, we no longer fight. The soul has tremendous reverence for the ego and its destiny of unraveling. We are heart-centered anchors of a new humanity who have come to liberate the ego in the most loving way. The ego is incapable of accepting its true identity. Recognize the need for space as a gift of solitude. 
The soul respects the divine in others, and welcomes the circumstances. I don’t have to be afraid, every so-called enemy is an ally in disguise. Life is giving us the chance to grow; to be attentive to each feeling without blame, to allow my love to become more unconditional than ever before. Feel instead of blame, and breathe instead of argue. The more we acknowledge the divinity of others, the more we commune with the light of our own soul. When rooted in welcoming, we are forgiving of the past. This is where true love is found, to encounter the light of our divinity as reflected in the beauty of another.  When remembering our true nature, we begin to unhook from our identification as victims. Every attack is the ego’s unconscious denial of its own divinity in form. Unhooking from the burden of victimhood is by considering a viewpoint that only a soul can see. 

What if the worst things that ever happened to me
were the greatest opportunities I have ever been given?

To remain open, the conflicts we ultimately resolve become the very gifts of renewed freedom the world receives in our presence. A victim is an empath in training, but without the awareness of their living contribution to all. To love the ego so unconditionally that it finds the safety and courage to let go and return to the light.  We are here on this planet to further our angelic training. Our ability to expand uplifts the consciousness of the planet. Dive even deeper into self-love as a way of raising the vibration of the planet.

Falling into Grace

Insights on the end of suffering, by Adyashanti

The prime illusion is that I am what I think. “The seeker should not stop until he finds. When he does find, he will be disturbed. After being disturbed, he will be astonished. Then he will reign over everything.” We must be willing to be disturbed. Allow yourself to see that your self-image is just an image—not reality. The ego is a fiction. It’s really nothing more than a story in the mind. If you can withhold your judgment for just a moment, willing to question your mind’s conclusions and just relax. Notice that the peace, the end of struggling, is actually already present. Listen for the silence. Enter that mysterious reality of the unknown. If we can let go of the way we think it should be, then life starts to reveal its magical qualities. This is what brings forth a sense of inner peace, to see the face of the divine in each and every moment of our lives.

A deep willingness to open to fear—to be willing to see those parts of you that don’t want to open, move into fear itself. We’re all called to express this freedom, openness, and intimacy within the context of relationship. True autonomy is to allow spirit to manifest as it wishes. A true teacher will always be trying to give your authority back to you as fast as you can receive it. Love is synonymous with this fierce embrace of life. We can allow our hearts to be big enough to be broken. To become astonished—astonished that we aren’t just our illusions, that we’re something so vast and unexplainable. The person you’ll have the hardest time opening to and truly loving without reserve is yourself. But then, you will be able to love all others. 

Falling Open in a World Falling Apart

The essential teaching of Amoda Maa

To meet life without resistance, to surrender the argument with what is. You see that you’re not really falling apart—you are falling open. Notice where the clenched fist is still operating, or the tug of wanting something to be different than it is. Even if your heart is broken open over and over again—you will still trust the presence that holds it all. It doesn’t necessarily always feel the way you want it to feel, but it does mean that feelings are no longer the enemy. When you meet the world without dividing it into good and bad, you simply meet the world without coming to a conclusion. This changes you, and it changes the world.
There’s no “separate self” that needs to be protected. There’s an existential wound that each of us carries, it’s an imagined wound—a core belief. Here is the opportunity to see through the illusion of separation. Everything in our lives is a doorway to waking up out of the dream of separation. The true courage to face fear comes from quietly coming close to what scares you—and smiling at it. Aloneness is the final frontier to the love that is life itself. I call this journey “the crucifixion.” When we are truly willing to be broken open, there is a resurrection into love. If you could turn toward this tenderness in every instance of righteousness, you would softly awaken to your true nature as love. The heart stops being a reservoir of hurt and need, and starts being an open vessel for love. You begin by noticing how you hold back from exposing the truth of your feelings to yourself because you fear you might not be good enough.

Falling Upward

by Richard Rohr

Authentic God experience is always “too much”! It consoles our True Self only after it has devastated our false self. God has to undo our illusions secretly, as it were…
Only the True Self knows that heaven is now and that its loss is hell—now. If God could “include and allow…,” then why not I? Great people come to serve and not to be served.

From Anxiety to Love

Letting go of fear and finding lasting peace, by Corinne Zupko

When we’re not feeling love and peace, we’re not in our right mind —quite literally, we are insane. What you really are is love, and love only. The ego is a belief in your mind that you are a body with a personality instead of an eternal being. Am I willing to release all of these ideas about myself in order to remember something even greater lies within me? Your Inner Therapist can help you remember your real being. If Love is the Source of our real being, and we’re actively blocking it, the result is that you always attack yourself first.

Challenging times are opportunities to truly heal the mind of its layers of fear. Hide nothing from your Inner Therapist. I am willing to look at this fear with you. Ask your Inner Therapist to provide you with a miracle instead of a grievance, exchanging false perceptions for true. Refuse to allow your mind to ruminate on the situation. Shifting from anxiety to love is about coming to know your true identity. Fear is only a construct of the ego, and it is unknown by God. When you experience fear you are misperceiving and seeing through the lens of the ego. I am learning to become more sane. No one is capable of hurting you with their judgment. Your worth is established by God. You cannot be rejected. Your Inner Therapist and Love itself will never leave you. The ego is offering you a “gift” of anxiety, but by the power within you know that nothing can hurt you.

F*ck like a Goddess

Heal yourself, reclaim your voice, … by Alexandra Roxo

Sex is a major piece that I find missing from a lot of wellness and spiritual spaces. We keep it hidden because of the heaps of shame about it that we are suffocating under.  To learn that I was lovable regardless of another human’s love or lack thereof, is the most beautiful and noble thing you can do in the world. Put the time in, and turn it all into gold.
This work you do for you is truly an act of service to the world. At this time on the planet we need to create new examples of what relationships can look like, see the partner as our sacred mirror, the crucible for our awakening. When we are closed to receiving love, we just can’t feel it. Allow Your pain to open you. Learning how to deeply feel is how we begin to deeply receive. 
I learned how to have sacred sex with myself, instead of waiting for the next suitor. A sacred solo sex practice will unwind guilt and shame about pleasure and your body, and you’ll begin to experience your pleasure as a divine act. The present moment is the only place from where we can become aware, go against our conditioning, see the gift in it all. See them for the gold they’ve given us. Yes, we have a lot of dismantling of systems to go, but it’s happening as each one of us is healing. The most glorious moments of love and bliss I have experienced in this life have happened when I let go, so unattached to outcomes that it can be fucking scary.

The Game of Life and How to Play it

by Florence Scovel Shinn

Nothing stands between man and his highest ideals and every desire of his heart, but doubt and fear. When man can “wish without worrying,” every desire will be instantly fulfilled.
What man says of others will be said of him, and what he wishes for another, he is wishing for himself. It is safe to say that all sickness and unhappiness come from the violation of the law of love.
The man who sends out only good-will to his fellowman, and who is without fear, cannot be touched or influenced by the negative thoughts of others. Man receives only that which he gives. The Game of Life is a game of boomerangs.
Walk up to the lion, and he will disappear; run away and he runs after you.
Real love is selfless and free from fear. It pours itself out upon the object of its affection, without demanding any return. Its joy is in the joy of giving. You can never receive what you have never given. Give a perfect love and you will receive a perfect love.

Gateway to Recovery

Beginners guide for love addicts, by Jim Hall MS

Love addiction is an extremely painful relational pattern of loving that leads to the loss of self. It leads to an obsessive dependency to another person in the search for self control, intimacy and belonging. Blaming will only halt any chance of growth and recovery. In recovery, you learn to let your feelings in and accept them for what they are – with no shame. But, don‘t accept the feeling as a reality. Recovery is impossible with denial. Become more aware and self-observant of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, repairing your relationship with yourself. One primary core issue for love addicts is a false sense of shame and unworthiness. Find perfection in the imperfection and love yourself through this process.

Get some Headspace

How mindfulness can change your life … by Andy Puddicombe

Traffic illustrationhold your seat on the side of the road and watch the traffic go by without getting involved. Notice when you’ve been caught up in thoughts or feelings. Rather than being swept away by undermining or unproductive thoughts and emotions, you can respond in the way you’d actually like to.

Sky illustration – above the clouds it’s always sunny. The blue sky is headspace, and it’s always here. Headspace is “being okay” with whatever thoughts you’re experiencing or emotions you’re feeling. Learn to let emotions come and go, always with the sense that everything is okay.


Attachment is wanting something so much that when you don’t get it you resist. As long as there’s resistance, there’s no room for acceptance. In scanning the body get a general sense of any areas of tension or relaxation. Become aware of how you’re feeling emotionally. Mindfulness simply means to be present, undistracted, in the moment, as opposed to lost in thought or caught up in the emotions. It’s that balance of focus and relaxation.

  • Take time out to be grateful.
  • Be more sensitive to emotions while less identified with them.

The Gospel according to Jesus

… His essential teachings, by Stephen Mitchell

The love we all long for in our innermost heart is already present. Jesus grew up as an illegitimate child, with the presence of the divine father and the absence of a human father. Jesus gives us a most vivid example of what it feels like to live in the continual presence of love, in the present. He called this experience “entering the kingdom of God.” We can also call it “rebirth” or “enlightenment” or “awakening.” How agonizing it can be. Forgiveness is essentially openness of heart. He had to learn to let go. The true word of God is the word that has become flesh. The older prodigal son obeys God’s word, but the word hasn’t become flesh. 

The kingdom of God is within you. Go into yourself, into that quiet place in your heart. If you truly enjoyed God’s will, you would feel exactly as though you were in the kingdom of heaven, whatever happened to you or didn’t happen to you. We can forgive others only by constantly letting go of the self that feels wronged. Allow yourself to feel offended, and then let go. Keep your heart open to everyone. God’s being is nonjudgment. It is difficult to enter the kingdom of God, and it takes a great deal of painful inner work. He speaks of children as equals, the greatest in the kingdom of God.

Hacking the Afterlife

by Richard Martini

God cannot be known by human understanding, but he can by experience.
How much have I loved myself and others today? Send love and light to all, esp. those who need it most. Earth is the body of a great, wise soul.
Practice contentment.

The Healing Power of Loneliness

by Jeff Foster

Loneliness contains its own cure, if we are willing to dive in. In its terrifying depths, loneliness is not harmful or shameful at all. It is pure potential and freedom and surrender all at once. It is wholeness, not lack. We run from it at our peril. Our ability to relate authentically has its roots in our profound loneliness. Without loneliness, we exist in utter spiritual poverty, no matter how ‘evolved’ we believe we are.
Loneliness takes us out of our minds. It breaks us, grinds us down to our essence, erodes us back to purity and innocence and beauty, brings us close to death but then rebirths us, stronger and more courageous than ever before. When we are in loneliness, it is total and all-consuming – it is like a black hole, and we don’t know how long we can survive its ferocious embrace. We become more fearlessly alive in our dying. Loneliness brings with it a sense of rest and contentment, a deep inner happiness and satisfaction. Loneliness is the Beloved beckoning us. It opens your heart wider than any other experience ever could. Through the dread and devastation of loneliness you will discover that you are more vast and more capable of love than you ever thought possible. You may find that your loneliness is not “loneliness” at all, in the end it is your umbilical cord to God, unbreakable, infinite, death-defying.

How to CHANGE your mind

What the new science of psychedelics teaches us … by Michael Pollan

Psychedelics tend to magnify whatever’s already going on. They aid in the experience of ‘Ego free states.’ The temporary dissolution of one’s ego may be the key to changing one’s mind, wonder being the by-product of precisely the kind of unencumbered first sight, or virginal noticing, to which the adult brain has closed itself.
The take away lesson is most often, ‘Love is everything.’ We are less defended, and so more present. The sovereign ego, was simply no more. I felt for the first time gratitude for the very fact of being. The loss of the sense of self and the story of who we are, loosens the ego’s grip on the machinery of the mind. There is a loss of fear and magical astonishment takes its place. There is a shift from feelings of separateness to interconnectedness. If one can let go and surrender, powerful emotions flow in—a great flood of love. As meditators eventually discover, if we can manage to stop thinking about the past or future and sink into the present, the self seems to disappear. 
“The psychedelic journey may not give you what you want,” as more than one guide memorably warned me, “but it will give you what you need.” The psychedelic experience could help us get out from the dominance of ego, create an opportunity in which the old stories of who we are might be rewritten. Could this be why nature has sent us these psychedelic molecules now? To restore the faculties of human subjectivity—that we can ever penetrate nature’s secrets. They had the power not just to heal people but to change society and save humankind. 

How to live a Guided Life

by Linda Deir

Change evolves us forward not backward. Trust your higher self, you know best. Be careful of desiring things. Why do I want it? How will it serve me, and others? I came here to learn.

Butterflies no longer hang out with caterpillars. Our spirit guides should be our first resource, not the last resort. Listen with your heart. Master this skill. Check in regularly during the day. Live without fear. Just ask your guides, rather than others.

How to love a Woman

On intimacy and the erotic life of women, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Love is going through the full cycle of life together in genuine relationship.
Love is the viable bond that endures the extremes. We awake in the decline cycle of life.
She is an accidental find of treasure. We must give our heart to the other in order to recreate them. From time to time the woman needs to have time alone, solitude.

I Am the Word

The Word trilogy, book I, a channeled text by Paul Selig

This book is a passage to a new consciousness, experiential knowledge of who I am. To know myself in the consciousness of the Christ. I am a piece of God in action. Who I truly am is many times better than who I want to be. Do not separate from others by thinking you are better.
This book is a call to understanding and realizing the divinity in me, I am the Word.

I Can See Clearly Now

by Dr. Wayne Dyer

The secret garden, there is a place within that I can escape to that will empower me to see and do the impossible in this outer world.
When you must choose between being right and being kind, always choose kindness.
Nothing is coincidence or accident, everything in life is a gift.

Illuminations for a New Era

Understanding these turbulent times, by Suzanne Ward

It is vitally important to send light to people whose behavior and actions you regard as detestable, to try to put light into their choices and activities. Spiritual growth is learning to live without fear, learning to fully trust the unequaled power of love. As the light keeps intensifying, it will raise consciousness levels. Earth’s soul has chosen the light so her planetary body can rise out of third density. Assisting them to re-create heaven on Earth is the mission all of you chose.

I AM you, and I am not in any way removed from you in any moment. But I did not have the power to change what you had the power to choose. The universe… provides exactly what you ask for, exactly what any soul asks for! I am the soul of all of the “worst” and all of the “best.” And there is total noninterference both ways –that is, between Creator and me and me and you. Creator’s free will law, if someone uses that to harm another, I can’t interfere. Therefore, I not only experience exactly the hurtful action of the first, but also exactly the hurting sensation of the second. I can’t escape any of the suffering of humans or any other life form anywhere in the universe, there’s no option for me but to endure as each of my beloved children endures, each of my beloved creatures in the field and in the sea endures. You know I do NOT!

Jesus life has the same significance as all others, but with this great difference: Jesus had the conscious awareness of his mission and he lived more closely to his agreement than almost all other souls ever born on Earth. Interfering with the growth of a soul is the only infraction that constitutes what you call “sin.”

The Invitation of True Intimacy

Relationship as a Modern-Day Crucible for Transformation and Healing, by Matt Licata

Learn how to take care of yourself. This will release your partner from this burden, which is not theirs to carry. You will never be able to be more intimate with another than you are with the unwanted lovers within. It will require a new level of commitment to staying close to yourself. We must release our partners from the burden of trying to meet our needs and engage myself in this noble endeavor. Be kind to yourself and your partner. By profound feelings of exposure, abandonment, rejection and jealousy, the beloved will ceaselessly remind you that your heart is at risk of breaking open in any moment, and perhaps never being put back together again—at least not in the same way. 

The beloved will never, ever give up on you. As you become more and more willing to practice compassion and kindness to whatever appears—the beloved will come alive within you. When we allow another to deeply matter to us, it reveals the ways we’re holding on and holding back. It presents profound opportunities to encode new circuitry, new pathways of slow, attuned self-care. These are invitations to come closer, to reveal the creativity of the unknown, to introduce us to the wholeness that we are. The feeling of disconnection, turn toward it. Listen to it. Hold it.

It Ends with Us; a novel

by Colleen Hoover

Naked truths aren’t always pretty. Fifteen seconds. That’s all it takes to completely change everything about a person. I saw a side of him that wasn’t him. That wasn’t me. It’s how we take those mistakes and turn them into lessons rather than excuses. It became the absolute best day of my life. And then the absolute worst. 
Words can’t express the amount of hatred I have for him. Hatred is exhausting. Two days ago I was asking myself how my life could possibly get any better. Today I’m asking myself how it could possibly get any worse. Despite the resentment I’ve built up in my heart toward him, it doesn’t mean the emotions aren’t still there. The massive amounts of confusion I’ve been experiencing. If Ryle truly loves you, he wouldn’t allow you to take him back. Be that girl, Lily. Brave and bold. She’s worth so much more. It takes an astronomical amount of pain and courage to disrupt a familiar pattern.

It Starts with Us; a novel

Every ending has a beginning, by Colleen Hoover

Sometimes the hardest decisions a person can make will most likely lead to the best outcomes. When you looked at me, you somehow saw something. Your friendship gave me worth. At that age, I felt like an inconvenience in her life. I had no idea how much she felt I brought to her life. I had to get to a point where I realized I was always worthy of being loved by you. Hugs take two seconds, and you’ll sleep so much better.
I don’t deserve to fear for my life every time I make a mistake. Sometimes people think if they love a broken person enough, they can be what finally repairs them, but the problem with that is the other person just ends up broken too.
You’re a privilege, Josh. “We’ll be on our own brand-new, tiny family tree—one that starts with us. And we’ll do a much better job of keeping it alive than our shitty parents did.” There’s a heart in there somewhere. Maybe no one in her life has ever let her know they’re appreciative that it still beats. We don’t focus too much on what isn’t working out in our lives. We focus on what is, and there’s a lot to be grateful for. It was like he carried this genuine sorrow for me, and I felt that in his hug. 

It’s Time to Remember

… one woman’s awakening to alien beings, by Joy S. Gilbert

She had learned the necessity of loving herself the way her culture and religion had taught her to love others. “It’s time to remember.” I was not what I appeared to be, not who I thought I was. Now, looking into the mirror I saw my incredible perfection. I felt an immense self acceptance that increased with each passing day. All I had to do was sit back and let my life unfold. Each event in my life was synchronized. The purpose of all existence is simply for the expression of joy and bliss. Feel everything that comes through you. Hold nothing inside. I was the one with the answers. We need to open ourselves to the unknown, to go beyond our belief. 

It became even more apparent there was nothing more important than loving myself. There was no need for fear. With my friends I felt a Oneness. Their purpose was to transform my structure to sustain higher frequencies of light. Sustaining higher frequencies of light is my purpose. The most powerful offering I could give to creation was to honor and love myself in every way. All Creation stands by waiting for each of us to remember who we are. This is our true purpose, to live in the One. Cherish and relish it. But let it go. Open your heart to God. Then all those things in life you thought were so difficult, become easy.

Journey Home: a Kryon parable

The story of Michael Thomas and the seven angels, by Lee Carroll

You will never be able to return to a less-aware state. In order to move into a new vibration, he had to remove some of the older qualities, gone was the old Mike. Everything to follow will unfold at a pace you control. Every seemingly negative thing in your life you helped create. You helped plan it, and you executed it right on schedule. In other words, you were responsible for it. If he had understood contract and karmic energy, he would have had such a peaceful understanding of even the most emotional experiences! There is something within each human that dramatically fights to the last logical synapse of brain matter to keep from believing that it is anything other than human. As you have professed to love God so many times through your journey, SO IT IS, THEREFORE, THAT YOU MUST ALSO LOVE YOURSELF! The love you have for God is reflected in the love you have for yourself. You are loved without measure, and you have the ability to give the same love to others.

Journeys out of Body

(also Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey) by Robert A. Monroe

In the non-physical world there is no hiding our thoughts and desires, pretense is impossible. Communication and realization of thought is immediate. There are many levels in the astral/spirit world. All reality comes from desire. Some seem to recreate the lives that they had and were attached to in the physical world, a simulation of the familiar, while others are on a higher order. It ranges from an emotional frenzy of fears to that of mature understanding; from a state of insanity, where we belong until we know better. Do not struggle against unwanted desires of freedom, sexual drive or religious thought. These are all part of you and you need accept them. In the second state (less the physical body) there is nothing that thought cannot do. Vision is 360 degrees and no need of the eyes to see it. There is an amazing recognition of others. Anyone can experience the second body. Fear is the one great barrier and major obstacle.

Blessed are they who seek me. In seeking me their long period of forgetfulness is coming to an end. They are awakening to who they truly are, a living part of me manifesting life and radiating love… I live and move and have my being in all that is. My countenance is seen in each face of my Father’s creation. Look upon your brother and see my face. Bend over a still pool and do not be deceived. The image that you see reflected is my own.
We come to earth to live in human form. Human form can be somewhat addictive to many. The earth’s attraction field makes it easy for one to settle into the field itself and become part of it. To launch and achieve escape velocity one must 1) remove the adhering particles that we have attached to, and 2) develop and store increased energy so as to move on to greater exploration.
When you encounter and perceive a graduate, your only goal is to be one yourself. We go about our lives acquiring and accumulating. So many industries are aimed at increasing our sexual desire, all of which only adds to the glue that binds the human in low orbit.

Fear is the one great barrier to man’s growth, the unknown. The author had found his purpose in life, to advise and assist those that are lost in these lower levels after the physical death of their bodies. As we move from the lower levels to the higher we become whole. The other side of physical death is not to be feared, we live in a universe of love.

The Joy of True Meditation

by Jeff Foster

Our feelings are safe, no matter how intense they are. I started to fall in love with life again. I wanted to feel them all, experience them all, I have learned to befriend rather than fear them. To love you instead, exactly as you are. 
We can come out of our minds, we can take the risk of seeing ourselves, and being seen in return. We simply long to stop performing and be authentic instead. Learn to love not having what you want right now.
If you are feeling sad, you are not in a ‘low vibration’. It’s a sacred and precious part of you longing for love, embrace and rest in it. Something seemingly unlovable had been loved for the first time.

Keepers of the Garden

by Dolores Cannon

Aliens from other planets are all around, living with us. Phil in a past life was an extraterrestrial crewman supplying exploring expeditions. The cosmos is extremely populated and travelled. Earth is very much off the beaten path. The majority of their communication was empathic. Religion and politics do not exist, all have a conscious knowing of God. They are completely honest, no cheating. They could not be deceived since they are above such and can see right through deception. Everyone has something they can trade for necessities. Aliens among us are less danger to us than we are to ourselves, they are here to assist and preserve us. Such knowledge of them is hidden to prevent a witch hunt. They have come to be as human as us. Mankind has been in the bondage of fear too long. Phil and others left to incarnate on earth which was not out of need but a desire to assist us. Earth is in need of help at this time, there is a galactic effort to help. Earth was seeded ages ago by aliens and is now coming into its seeding stage. There once were races on earth with green skin, blue skin and even purple. These less aggressive, more gentle races went extinct. The seeds came from other parts of the universes. The life forms of earth did not develop by chance, but rather the plans and work of ETʼs. The ETʼs could influence, but it had to be without interference (manipulation). We must be free to evolve as we desire. Essentially we are all extraterrestrials. Phil once an experimenter, is now the experimented. Those who stay on earth will have to clean up the mess and restart it. There will be no forced migration, all will choose where they locate.

Liberating Jesus

by Roberta Grimes

The Gospel words of Jesus are primary, read them only. Learning to love and forgive more perfectly is the reason why we live earth-lives, and giving us a place to develop spiritually seems to be the reason why the universe exists. If Jesus were speaking to us today, this is likely what He would tell us about God: Every Human Mind is Part of God. There is one eternal Consciousness. Each of us is not just IN God’s hands, but we ARE God’s hands. God is all there is. God Is All That Exists.
Once we really believe in the power of our own minds to affect matter, that power is within us, so even moving a mountain is not beyond our grasp. His is a powerful way of thinking that will enable you to achieve undreamed-of spiritual growth and enjoy your best life. He was altogether focused on His need to teach us how to love more perfectly as our gateway to spiritual growth. Thank God every day for the fact that God’s love for you is perfect and you have nothing whatsoever to fear. So when you practice ever more perfect forgiveness, you are preparing yourself for the moment when you will need to find a way to forgive yourself. Each of us will be our own post-death judge. And unless we learn to be lenient with others, we are going to be too hard on ourselves. Like anger, if you court it and let yourself feel it, you are going to feel a lot more of it; but if you refuse to give it mind-space, you will find that soon it doesn’t bother to get started. We love and forgive so perfectly that we never again look at a human face without seeing the divinity of which we all are a part; that we never again feel a nudge of annoyance if someone deliberately does us wrong. Whether we make spiritual progress or not is entirely in our own hands. “You are the light of the world.” We can be comfortable on the highest afterlife level to which our personal degree of spiritual development suits us, but we find it unbearable to go higher.

Life Goes On

Life in the spirit world, by Spirit Andre Luis

We need make the effort to accept ourselves. Many of you still carry habits and illusions from the corporeal experience; you will gradually lose them. The thousands of brothers and sisters who live in this region do not accept themselves as they are. 

Tulio was preoccupied with the yearning to make her an object that belonged to him alone. He was apathetic, immersed in the fantasies he had created to his own harm. She remembered Tulio, to whom she had repeatedly taught detachment from obsessive emotional fixations. She concluded that Caio deserved to be as happy as he pleased. 

I now believe that only through life after death can we undo the terrible mistakes we make during our stay on the earth. In the midst of the tribulations of human existence, learn to tolerate and to forgive!… Distorted affections can be corrected in the holy institute of the family through reincarnation… Set her free and you will see that the woman you chose will belong to you more strongly!… Help her to ascend new pathways and she will come back to you!… Transform resentment into love by means of the therapy of forgetfulness.

Listening to Ayahuasca

New hope for depression, addiction, PTSD and anxiety, by Rachel Harris, PhD

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. Bad trips illuminate and exaggerate old patterns and give us a chance to see how we entangle ourselves to create our own suffering. Bad trips hold so much therapeutic potential for profound personality transformation. You might not get what you want, but you do get what you need. 

We yearn to be loved and accepted for who we are, “being held in the loving hands of God,” the experience of feeling loved by her will both deepen and expand. People report a sense of ego dissolution and disintegration linked with greater flexibility and openness. Grandmother Ayahuasca intervenes to help break the negative loop of thought and integrate it into a new sense of self. You will feel the fear of going crazy. The carefully constructed ego has to die. Ayahuasca will ferret out inner spaces of my body that require her attention. 

My sense of inner space has been expanded. A shift has to happen to move from resisting to accepting. I think Grandmother Ayahuasca traveled from the Amazon rain forest to the Western world to heal us so we can heal the earth. By falling in love with this enchanted world, we’ll realize that we are the caretakers of the earth. Grandmother Ayahuasca opens us up to embrace the world in just this way. She is present beyond the ceremony, available for guidance and support during this rich integration process. 


Living the Law of One, 101: the Choice

by Carla Reuckert


You cannot please the Creator by being someone else but only by being most truly and deeply yourself. What we most love or most fear is what we attract, by the focus of our attention. It is expected and applauded that we will distort the infinite Oneness. Indeed, we cannot do otherwise, as all manifested things are illusory and therefore a distortion of the infinite and invisible One. Without our heart centers being open, we cannot access the consciousness that is our higher or metaphysical mind. Accepting ourselves just as we are from moment to moment is the first step. Each thought we entertain potentially can change our energy body’s coloration and its state of openness. It helps to pretend that the little soap opera of my life is being filmed. We need to enjoy being who we are. Our goal is to inject love, peace and understanding into these relationships, generously celebrating our family members for exactly who they are. See each relationship as a carefully prepared lesson in the giving and receiving of love. To understand and accept our feelings about ourselves, qualities we perceive to be flaws, our undesirable qualities – we need to work with them until we can accept ourselves as we are. Forgiving and accepting others is simply an extension of forgiving and accepting ourselves – complete openness. The hearts of both mates must become entirely undefended. We enter our green-ray chakras, our hearts, when we come to know ourselves, accept ourselves and fall in love with ourselves just as we are. This gives us the eyes of love we need to accept, forgive and love others.

Love Addict in Addiction

Breaking free of addiction/avoidance, by Jim Hall MS

Love addicts rely on someone outside of themselves to fill an inner void – sabotaging relationships. They have difficulty knowing their inherent worth and learn a pattern of loving that leads to the loss of self, compulsive need. When a child’s expression of his thoughts and feelings is not heard, they experience being invalidated, invisible, resulting in an internal sense of shame and inadequacy.
Love addiction, is really a delusion of love. Enmeshment comes when we use an individual for our identity and sense of worth. Addicts believe the other to be the only one that can bring happiness. The addict first views their partner in fantasy, as being better than – but later, in failure to meet unreasonable expectations. No one can be accountable for our emotional well being. We have to first start accepting that we’ve been in fantasy. Addicts aren’t in love with their partner so much as they are in love with sexual acts with their partner. Too much closeness can literally cause the avoidant to feel suffocated, like they are losing themselves. They fear intimacy and prefer independence. The love addict has a strong fear of abandonment, which accentuates a love avoidants strong fear of intimacy. 
The avoidant is just as wounded emotionally as the addict is. Their behaviors of rejection, or controlling tactics are NOT ABOUT YOU. They fear losing their independence. They feel superior when the love addicted partner is needy, a dependency of others to look up to them. Emotionally they are unavailable. They distance from their partner by focusing outside of the relationship. The avoidant lover has learned its programming by role reversals from a parent.
Learning to love yourself is the answer to a healthy, loving relationship. You are enough just as you are. Your worth is innate and permanent. The freedom to ask for what one wants, instead of always waiting for permission. The freedom to take risks in one’s own behalf, instead of not “rocking the boat.” Becoming friends without NEEDING her. Healthy couples are able to be vulnerable, to risk exposing inner selves to each other, without fear of rejection. Your emotional state is not dependent on others. The large part of recovering from love addiction is not about looking outside, but within. The Oyster (YOU) has the power to change its irritant to something new and beautiful inside of you, the pearl.

Love Yourself,

Like your life depends on it, by Kamal Ravikant

I will love myself. Love your life, love yourself. Let go of ego, fear and all attachments.

Loving What Is

Four questions that can change your life, by Byron Katie

You are the one who can end your own suffering. The internal argument with reality has disappeared, and you find that what remains is love. The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with what is. Every time in my life that I had felt hurt or lonely, I had been in someone else’s business. A thought is harmless unless we believe it. Investigating an untrue thought will always lead you back to who you really are. Every stressful moment you experience is a gift that points you to your own freedom, life becomes very kind.
You are the teacher and healer you’ve been waiting for. My experience is that the teachers we need most are the people we’re living with now. They will point us to our freedom every time. No one but you can cause you pain. That’s your job. No one can make you happy but you. When the truth is seen, there’s nothing you can do to make the lie true for you again. When you think that someone or something other than yourself needs to change, you’re mentally out of your business. These people that we’re close to will give us everything we need, so that we can realize ourselves and be free of the lie. We can realize for ourselves that we live in paradise and haven’t even noticed.
Once investigated, these self-judgments simply melt away. This is true freedom: a mind that is no longer deceived by itself. This is about realization, not about changing anything. Every thought, every person, every apparent problem is here for the sake of your freedom. Sit down, identify the story, and do The Work. Our problem is always a thought that we innocently believe. I look forward to the worst that can happen, only because it shows me what I haven’t yet met with understanding. 
We’re all looking for love, in our confusion, until we find our way back to the realization that love is what we already are. Just to notice what is, is love. Whatever happens, that’s what’s needed. There is no mistake in nature. Through self-inquiry, we see that only love remains. Without a story, there’s only the perfection of life appearing as itself. Treat the stories as what they are: visiting friends. I always know God’s intention: It’s exactly what is in every moment. I love that I’m free to walk in the world without fear, sadness, or anger.

Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven

by Suzanne Ward

We will have etheric bodies. Our vibratory rate is considerably higher than your third density vision can register, which is why most people on Earth can’t see us. Whatever can be envisioned clearly and desired intently can be manifested here. Souls can go wherever their energy frequency enables them.
Negativity or transmuting it into the light energy is preparing Earth for her ascendance into a higher dimension. There’s no ownership. Music is the single most effective medicine for the soul. This time of preparation for a major transition of Earth. A lifeprint is like a lifelong movie.

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

by Charles Eisenstein

We are in service to a bigger purpose, learning to effect change together. We are greater than we have been told. I am involved in a group activity, that of the universe.

Only by relaxing our guard of the separate self can we tap into the power beyond its kind. Changing a bedpan can change the world if done in love. We are entering unknown territory. Maybe we need to believe in the good of one even when you cannot see it. Only when we believe we can do it will we go thru the work necessary. We are not yet ready to release control from the authorities to the common people. We are on the brink of a universal metamorphosis. I don’t have to do anything, the changes are already happening. What is the best gift to myself? Give yourself permission and find out if it is what you truly want. Acts of truth telling and kindness without self righteousness is what will change the world. To create a new world is to have a new set of values, patterns of relationships, emotional tendencies, etc. When one appreciates the mystery and connectedness of the universe, and sees time as abundant, we become patient.

Truth is finding us, it comes as a gift. One can live some of the new and the old simultaneously. Enlightenment is a group effort. You get to choose the story you wish to live in. You must choose without proof.

My Stroke of Insight

A brain scientist’s personal journey, by Jill Bolte Taylor

In this she learned by experience more than she had in all her education and research. The human brain has evolved tremendously in the past few thousand years. In a sense we have a double mind. Together they work as two halves of a whole, complimentary. She experienced the deterioration of her left brain and the recovery from it.
Half of her was in blissful delight, while the other half struggled in danger to survive. She was of no less value than before. We need to quiet and slow down to respectfully care for a wounded, or aged person.
Imagine loss of ability, but great euphoria. She was careful to not sulk in self pity, but rather focus on those things she was grateful for. Becoming more aware of these differences in us gives us more power of choice.
Life is too short to be preoccupied with hurts of the past. Our brain releases a chemical into our body which takes 90 seconds to surge through the body and dissipate. Consciously tell yourself what types of stories you will not allow. Put your foot down. Your story teller just needs a little guidance. Give them 90 seconds, allow and feel them fully for this time and then tell it ‘no more’. We are energy beings, learn to sense energy. Pain may not be a choice, but to continue in suffering is a choice. Gratitude will lift you out of it.


A whole brain approach to find … wholeness, by Lisa Wimberger

Every thought we have is exercising and embedding a neural pathway? We can rewrite each of those thoughts. If we believe we have both free will and the most powerful mechanism in the universe inside our heads, then we can access more hope, empowerment, and joy in life. Resilience is that part of us that kicks in when we are at our weakest and convinces us to continue on. It professes our commitment to welcoming rather than resisting the unknown. It’s a reclamation of our power. I believe hope is the face of ‘I can.’ In cultivating resilience we shift from the hopeless victim to a potential problem solver.
We move away from the self-deprecating victim and toward the person who simply “is enough” just as is. Gratitude is the great place from which to start building. Surely I could have a profound effect on my body by looking at it and touching it while cultivating a mentality of care and nurture, thoughts of gratitude for each motion. YOU are that point of origin for waves of self-love and wholeness to ripple out to others.
Our identities are so wrapped up in our memories. Our histories are made up of more fiction or narrative than actual fact. One of the things I found most helpful in freeing myself from the fear-hold my memories had over me was to be gentle with myself and start working with the manageable memories. I needed to learn how to forgive and detach. In order to forgive I had to actually stop judging! The health of my brain affects my ability to express and feel love. Openness, forgiveness, and love can actually start with a genuine smile. The moment I stepped into my own power, I no longer needed to judge. It is about creating resilience and presence around the natural phenomenon of change. Create a feel-good mantra that reminds you to step out of the victim or self-pity mode. We have the power to negotiate old fears as we cultivate compassion, empathy, forgiveness and the notion that we are all a part of something much greater, together. Learning to love our beautiful and imperfect selves.

A New Earth

Awakening to your life’s purpose, by Eckhart Tolle

Ego is no more than this: identification with form. This results in a total unawareness of my connectedness, my intrinsic oneness with every “other.” Ego has lost its sense of worth. The ego is unsatisfied, always wanting more. Look through the ego to the sanity that is in every human being as his or her essence. There is nothing that strengthens the ego more than being right, the need to stand out, be special, be in control; the need for power, for attention, for more. Whenever you feel superior or inferior, that’s ego in you. What a heavy burden of the past we carry around with us in our minds. The pain-body is an addiction to unhappiness. Take responsibility for your inner state now. It is your conscious Presence that breaks the identification with the pain-body. In the stillness of Presence, you can sense the formless essence in yourself and in the other as one. When someone criticizes you, blames you, or calls you names, instead of immediately retaliating or defending yourself – do nothing. Allow the self-image to remain diminished and become alert to what that feels like deep inside you. Breathing isn’t really something that you do but something that you witness as it happens. Your inner purpose is to awaken. You cannot lose consciousness because it is, in essence, who you are.

A New Relationship

A journey from egoic to heroic, by Pat Evert

A perfect storm – there is an upside to insanity, it is the doorway to awakening. The old way no longer works, to try and change someone to be what I think they should be is insane. She is free and she is here to set me free … to love myself more. My true self is already satisfied. 

Embrace the time you have alone, it will only make you stronger. 

Being authentic is being me, not what others want me to be and to accept the other for who they are, not what you want them to be. Do you have the slightest idea who you are? I must be in the present moment to see clearly, that is to see from the soul’s perspective. Great loss leads to even greater discovery. 

Nosso Lar

Dictated by the Spirit Andre Luiz

The Umbral is a region intended for the flushing away of negative mental residues. Even in the darkness and anguish of the Umbral, divine watch-care is never lacking. Each spirit remains there only as long as is absolutely necessary. Pain means the possibility of enriching the soul; struggle is a way towards divine realization.

We go through family experiences on the earth in order to acquire true spiritual love. There are countless individuals who suffer for years without any spiritual relief, simply because they have neglected true fraternity. The issue of forgiving is paramount. The noblest spirits have discovered the divine essence within themselves. My family now extended to the whole universal community. I was not Zelia’s owner, but her brother and friend. Nosso Lar was replete with such edifying examples of fraternal love. I decided to put divine love above everything else. I realized that the powerful ties of the lower emotions had been broken within me forever.

The Overstory; a novel

by Richard Powers

A kind of awareness—something so different from human intelligence that intelligence thinks it’s nothing. The bigger, slower, older, more durable—call the shots, make the weather, feed creation, and create the very air. The  trees join their vascular systems together and become one. They feed and heal each other. They aren’t self-reliant. Everything out here is cutting deals with everything else. There are a hundred thousand species of love, separately invented, each more ingenious than the last, and every one of them keeps making things. Trees give it all away. Huge, living sentinels know who she is. 
But the humans hear nothing. What frightens people most will one day turn to wonder. What conveys a right, and why should humans, alone on all the planet, have them? We cannot see it as anything but a thing for the use of “us”—those who are holding rights at the time. What is it within us that gives us this need not just to satisfy basic biological wants, but to extend our wills over things, to objectify them, to make them ours, to manipulate them, to keep them at a psychic distance? People aren’t the apex species they think they are. What’s crazier—plants speaking, or humans listening?  
Something marvelous is happening underground, something we’re just starting to learn how to see. This is not our world with trees in it. It’s a world of trees, where humans have just arrived. What keeps us from seeing the obvious? There’s a tree for every purpose under heaven. Trees remember what we’ve forgotten. The World – the real one we cannot see. The invented one we cannot escape. 

The Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

Resist nothing.’ You are the watcher, not the emotion or thought. When you, the watcher, observe the pain body, you have found your inner strength, the power of now. The secret of life is to die before you die, and find that there is no death.
Observe how your mind tries to escape the present and you will enter the now. Conscious presence is most easily practiced in ordinary situations. Feelings will get you closer to the truth within, than thinking will. This relationship is not for your happiness, but your consciousness. The only sane way to view things is as they are, not good and bad. In going into the pain, be very alert, feel it, stay present.
Full attention = full acceptance = surrender. It is a journey into death consciously.

Practice makes PURPOSE

Six Spiritual Practices that Will Change Your Life and Transform Your Community, by C. Paul Schroeder

It is all a gift, to be shared. We are only as good at listening to others as we are at listening to our own heart. Before I can listen to another’s grief, I need to listen to mine. Recognize your reactions to other people’s emotions. Welcome whatever you find in your heart. Not listening to our heart may keep us from pain, but it also holds us back from all kinds of experiences that lead to personal growth and happiness. The spiritual life is not about avoiding emotions or transcending them, it is about experiencing life to the full.
Saying yes when we don’t mean it leads to a life of exhaustion and resentment. Establish and defend healthy boundaries. Whatever you do, do it because you want to or don’t do it at all. If I have even a doubt or a question in my mind about it I say no. Only when we hold our limits firmly can we offer our gift freely and without expectation. By shaping life around our intentions instead of expectations, we leave room for experimentation and surprise twists.
Gratitude is the secret of happiness. Ingratitude, on the other hand, is profoundly isolating. Difficult people can be our greatest teachers in the spiritual life. Gratitude transforms everything.
We do not impose our own will on them or take away their freedom and initiative. Let them shine, reflect back to them just how capable and talented we think they really are. All creation is co-creation, we are cooperating not only with other people, but with the universe as well.

The Presence Process

10-week process, Consciously Connected Breathing 15 minutes twice daily, by Michael Brown

This is a way to emotionally grow up. Don’t judge how you feel. Our intent is not to feel good, but to get good at feeling. Move beyond favoring one emotion over another, all emotions are valid. Gentle persistence is required. Don’t hurry.

This practice will bring more Presence awareness into all our daily activity. It will enable us to see from the soul’s perspective, to know myself from my essence, rather than my history.  We are learning to choose our response, that of authenticity. Receive the intended message and take your attention off the messenger.  These feelings must be felt in order to be integrated. Sit with the pain without agenda to fix or avoid it.  I am NOT hurt, although I may feel grief, fear and anger. I am so much more… Do not blame the messenger. Take full responsibility for what you feel. Drop the insane stories and feel your way through this. Practice unconditional love without judgment. Learn to feed yourself. Love yourself without expecting it from others. The messengers in my life are working with me to realize the love we already are. Just be present in your completeness, your perfection. 

Real Love

… finding unconditional love, by Greg Baer

Real love is caring about the happiness of another. Conditional love is ‘I like how you make me feel.’ The difference between the two is disappointment and anger. Real Love is a gift freely given and received. Imitation love relieves the pain only temporarily and leaves us empty and miserable. Share the truth of who you are -> be seen as you are -> being accepted and loved.

The law of choice – everyone has the right to choose what he or she says and does.
The law of expectations – We never have the right to expect that our partner will do anything
. You can never expect another to love you or make you happy. As soon as you expect someone to love you, you ruin the possibility of feeling unconditionally loved.

I might not be able to do much with our relationship, but I can do something about me getting love. When we see others as objects to serve or hurt us we cannot see them as they are. When you get enough love you won’t see people as such, but will see them in their beauty. Disappointment is proof we do not accept them as they are and it is always selfish and wrong. Criticism will undo all our good behavior. We learn our best lessons by mistakes, which are opportunities of love.
When you feel loved you can accept denied requests as if you have $20,000,000 in the bank. There is no place for disappointment or anger.
Rather than seeing others around us as an inconvenience we can see them as an opportunity of being accepting. We are not obligated to give others everything they want. People who cannot admit they are wrong cannot learn anything.


The Manifestation Trilogy: Book One, channeled by Paul Selig

The death that you experience is a rebirth. It is the resurrection. Humanity’s true purpose is resurrection, a reconciliation with its true divinity. The I Am Self, is not other than you. It is the truth of you. The beauty of your beings is unbeknownst to any of you. Your presupposition is that you’re not in the Upper Room, and indeed you already are. Recognition in truth is the teaching

We see you as you truly are, the Divine incarnate, come to express, come to reclaim a world in love. Nothing can hinder you from your True Self moving towards full expression. You reclaim and translate the individual to a higher strata of vibration. And in a new equivalency it cannot be what it was. As others are known by you, they release the frequency of separation. All humanity is one species, and about to receive an enormous gift, the gift of awareness. Free of fear. The reclamation to the one idea of union—that you may learn to sing in. The denial of the Divine, when it is not perpetuated, languishes and falls away. A new thought, one new thought, replaces all prior thought – God Is. You are moving to a space of inclusion of all through the recognition of what is always true. This is the book of resurrection, which is re-articulation, the Monad in risen state and expressed through all. 

Revelations for a New Era

Keys to restoring paradise on earth, by Suzanne Ward

Creator intended free will to be a gift to all souls. God constantly has in motion all avenues of potential assistance for His souls within their pre-birth agreement choices. Emotional balance is impeded by negativity, it is enhanced by loving. Ideally, free will choices lead to spiritual clarity, which is one’s conscious awareness of inseparability with God. To progress from one growth stage to another is as simple as living in honesty, kindness and harmony with others and keeping an open mind to enlightenment along the way. Energy balance is the purpose. Polarity will not last much longer in your world.
Whales anchor light energy beamed at Earth from distant sources, one of God’s favorite placements. A lot of the negativity that so adversely is affecting your planet is directly due to humankind’s pervasive disregard for animal life. This is a period of breaking through the “veil” of third density and remembering what you already do know at soul level but have forgotten consciously.
NEVER is there a reason to fear God! The message that Jesus brought, “Your soul essence is the same as God’s.” No power on Earth is greater than the light, and the light energy in prayer is inestimable! BE FEARLESS. This is the time to keep love above all, Know thy godself.

The Sculptor in the Sky

by Teal Swan

You were my greatest teacher (as difficulty always is). God knowing itself. We are coming back toward Source, or knowing oneness. I am a pioneer portion of Source energy, the very evolution of Source itself is happening because of you. You are not being controlled by anything other than yourself. The entire purpose of emotion is to keep the body in touch with its higher self in the nonphysical aspect.
It is of paramount importance to accept where you are and who you are. It is also of paramount importance to accept where and who others are. The minute you start practicing the thought that your happiness depends on other people, how they act around you, and how they feel about you — you have completely given your power away. You cannot be happy if you run from pain. The fastest way for you to get to a place of bliss—where you want to be—is to make peace with where you are. Emotions are the texture of life, get in the habit of expressing your emotion when it comes up. You will be consistently seeing the world you live in through the eyes of Source. It is only when you slow down to a state of stillness that you can even experience the perspective of Source.
If we do not have self-love, we continually look for others to give it to us—but they cannot. No one else could ever love someone enough to compensate for their own lack of self-love. Shower other people with what you love about them and what they are capable of. Refocusing on things that feel good to think about yourself. Allowing others to be is essential to making other people happy. The sculptor in the sky is you.

Sea of Memories

by Fiona Valpy

She’d felt they were drifting apart, the polio infecting their marriage and paralysing the entire family as it devoured their energy and demanded all of their attention. She could let her feelings of bitterness and loss define her marriage, allowing resentment and self-pity to reduce her to a sad shadow; or she could accept the situation with grace and equanimity, whole-heartedly immersing herself in the life that she’d chosen. Trying to love again with a heart that felt like it had been shattered into a thousand pieces. There was still friendship in it. 

Kintsukuroi – something which is so unique and irreplaceable is worth mending with pure gold, so that the cracks and flaws themselves become part of the beauty of the piece. That something which is unique has its own beauty that can never be destroyed; that it’s always worth mending, even when it’s broken; and that the fractures and the scars become part of the beauty too, making the piece even more remarkable, even more precious. We made the scars part of the beauty of our marriage. You gave me the gift of seeing beauty in the ordinary. Find the beauty in your life, even in the most difficult times. I love this man who has shared the struggle.

See No Stranger

A memoir and manifesto of revolutionary love, by Valarie Kaur

“Revolutionary love” is the choice to enter into wonder and labor for others. You are a part of me I do not yet know. Love makes us see with new eyes. We are all indivisibly part of one another. Wonder is an admission that you don’t know everything about another. Seeing no stranger is an act of will. I am retraining my mind to see more and more kinds of people as part of us rather than them. When we are brave enough to sit with our pain, it deepens our ability to sit with the pain of others. It shows us how to love them. Grieving together, bearing the unbearable, is an act of transformation. Grieving together, we ease each other’s suffering and come to know each other.
Your liberation is bound up in my own. Love is labor that returns us to wonder. I am persuaded that there is no such thing as monsters in this world, only human beings who are wounded. Empathy is to inhabit another person’s view of the world, to feel the world with them. The purpose of listening across lines of difference is not agreement or compromise, but understanding. Listening does not grant the other side legitimacy. It grants them humanity. We need to do more than resist. We need to reimagine the world. The cost of participating in oppression is the shrunken capacity to love
What would it take to free all of us. This is our moment to declare what is obsolete, what can be reformed, and what must be reimagined. I was just terrified that I would no longer have worth if I shifted from doing to being. Choose to love beyond our own kin. Those who have forsaken wrongdoing can become some of our greatest allies and accomplices in the work of social change. Love is labor that begins in wonder. The aspiration to love our opponents is itself revolutionary. Laboring in love is how we birth the world to come. Going through uncomfortable emotions, sensations, or situations is how change happens

Sensitive is the New Strong

The power of empaths in an increasingly harsh world, by Anita Moorjani

Every decision we make, either takes us a step forward, toward expressing and accepting our most authentic selves, or takes us a step back, toward losing ourselves, toward being small. To deny expressing myself meant denying a facet of the divine from expressing itself in this reality. 
The beauty of your sensitivity is our connection to our higher world. If you block your sensitivity you block what’s coming in from that other realm. Embrace your sensitivity, and discover your strength. To be truly healthy spiritually and emotionally, we need both our dials, self-concern and others-concern, turned way up. To be assertive is to decide for yourself. Following your own heart without worrying about the opinions of others helps to strengthen your ego.
A true spiritual teacher, sees your greatness and teaches you how to see it in yourself. They teach you to connect to the divinity that lies within you. Without self-love we remain doormats. I had to be myself fearlessly. My marinade, or cultural conditioning, was one of victimhood, gender disparity, and believing I was inferior. That connection to our infinite, magnificent self is available to us all the time. Pull back and consciously dissolve your old filters, the filters that prevent you from reaching the frequency at which divine downloads occur. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. We need to claim our sense of worth, with the knowledge that our own permission is enough. 
If we can become fearless about standing up for ourselves, and do it in the kindest way possible, it will become easier, and we’ll feel a strong sense of self-love that comes from taking care of ourselves. Don’t beat up on yourself! Love yourself more. The more you can accept yourself without judgment, the less you’ll fear judgment from others. Living fearlessly is the expression of our true selves. It’s loving yourself for exactly who you are. You understand that you’re part of this eternal self, part of the greater entity, connected to the entire Universe.

The Shack; a novel

Where tragedy confronts eternity, by Wm. Paul Young

You’re not supposed to do anything. You’re free to do whatever you like. Don’t go because you feel obligated. That won’t get you any points around here. Go because it’s what you want to do. I am not who you think I am, Mackenzie. I don’t need to punish people for sin. I’m not a bully, not some self-centered demanding little deity insisting on my own way.
You must give up your right to be judge, to decide what is good and evil on your own terms. You must know me enough to trust me and learn to rest in my inherent goodness. You don’t know that we love you. The person who lives by his fears will not find freedom in my love. You demanded your independence, and now you are angry with the One who loved you enough to give it to you.
The Great Sadness, was gone. The Great Sadness would not be part of his identity any longer. You were afraid of having to deal with the emotions you might have encountered. Emotions are the colors of the soul—they are spectacular and incredible. If I take away the consequences of people’s choices, I destroy the possibility of love.
A living friendship rapidly deteriorates into a dead thing because of expectations and requirements. They promote performance as the basis for identity and value. And because I have no expectations, you never disappoint me. To the degree that you resort to expectations and responsibilities, you neither know me nor trust me. Today we are on a healing trail. Every time you forgive, the universe changes; every time you reach out and touch a heart or a life, the world changes; with every kindness and service, seen or unseen, my purposes are accomplished and nothing will ever be the same again. ‘Tell Willie that I’m especially fond of him.’

SH*T the Moon Said

A Story of Sex, Drugs and Ayahuasca, by Gerald Armond Powell

We’ve turned unhappiness into a habit, or even an addiction. We reconnect with our soul to see who we truly are and what we really need. We’re all on the same journey. The separation from our soul occurs for everybody. When reunited with our soul, we really are enough, even a lot more than just enough. You’ll start to feel better when you really accept the fact that the change you feel is a permanent condition. It can’t be taken away. Everyone arrives at that destination sooner or later, but no one needs to wait until the end of life to get there.


A guide to finding your inner peace, by Joseph P. Kauffman

The ego’s biggest fear is the present moment.
The only way we can know God is by leaving behind all of our knowledge of what we think God is. Learn to love all beings, especially those that hurt you or cause you pain, as they are the ones that need love the most.
Happiness exists within us, and will only come to us when we become grateful for what we have, and content with the life we live.
To take our accumulated knowledge as actual fact is absurd; everything we know is only a matter of perspective.
The goal of meditation is to free ourselves from the accumulated knowledge of the mind, so that we may experience each moment as new. Enjoy life, but don’t take it seriously. If we can bring these energies into our awareness, they will no longer be able to unconsciously govern our lives. The key to participating in this practice effectively is awareness—being completely present and accepting the emotions that arise.
“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.” –Pema Chodron
The moment you allow yourself to agree with a thought, that thought becomes your reality. If you want to really be at peace, you have to stop worrying about what others think of you, and focus more on how you feel about yourself.

Stillness Speaks

by Eckhart Tolle

Being still, looking and listening activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you. What is this basic delusion? Identification with thought. Spiritual awakening is awakening from the dream of thought, not to be completely identified with thought, possessed by it. Become at ease with the state of “not knowing.” When you give more attention to the doing than to the future result that you want to achieve through it, you break the old egoic conditioning. Complaining and reactivity are favorite mind patterns through which the ego strengthens itself. Feel the aliveness within your body. Accept whatever arises in the Now. Your innermost sense of I Am has nothing to do with what happens in your life, I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences. When you don’t know who you are, you create a mind-made self as a substitute for your beautiful divine being and cling to that fearful and needy self. The only place where you can find yourself is in the Now. You recognize yourself in everything.
Accept this moment as it is. Surrender becomes so much easier when you realize the fleeting nature of all experiences and that the world cannot give you anything of lasting value. The compulsion to think lessens and is replaced by an alert stillness. You are fully conscious. Acceptance of the unacceptable is the greatest source of grace. We have forgotten how to be – to be still, to be ourselves. When you perceive nature only through the mind, through thinking, you cannot sense it’s aliveness, it’s beingness. You see form only and are unaware of the life within the form – thought reduces nature to a commodity to be used. Bring your attention to your breathing and realize that you are not doing it. It is the breath of nature. When you give your fullest attention to whoever you are interacting with, you take past and future out of the relationship, you relinquish the conceptual identity you made for them. How wonderful to go beyond wanting and fearing in your relationships. It is essential to bring some stillness, particularly into your close relationships. Truly listen to the other. When you get attached to objects, you are using them to enhance your worth in your own eyes. Do you acknowledge their being by giving them your full attention? By learning to die daily in this way, you open yourself to life, just peace and a knowing that all is well and that death is only a form dissolving. True freedom and the end of suffering is living in such a way as if you had completely chosen whatever you feel or experience at this moment. Bring acceptance into your nonacceptance, surrender into your nonsurrender.

Soul Keeping

by John Ortberg

You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life. The soul’s infinite capacity to desire is the mirror image of God’s infinite capacity to give. To become truly free, you must surrender. The soul thrives on gratitude.

The Surrender Experiment

My journey into life’s perfection, by Michael A. Singer

Meditation and the simple life was his passion. What would happen if he allowed the flow of life to guide, surrendering all resistance? He would say yes to whatever life brought to him.
Life itself was guiding him, teaching him to let go of his likes and dislikes. If life wanted this he wanted freedom from resisting it. If it’s a matter of preference, life wins. Giving up his resistance grew into a prison ministry of over 30 years. Even with all the activity he had felt more connected to the life force than ever. The solitary life he wanted wasn’t to be. His life had changed from a life of solitude to that of service. Life was no longer a battlefield, but there was still much resistance in him to be overcome. Michael continued to let go and allow what was meant to be. Surrender had taught him to not allow personal preferences to make his decisions for him, but rather to allow the reality of life to determine where he was going.
The more he was willing to let go the more he could recognize subtle synchronicities. He knew enough to embrace whatever was happening. ‘When push comes to shove I don’t care what it takes, just free me from myself.’ No matter who we are life is going to put us through the changes we need to go thru. Are we going to use this force for our transformation? He was not in charge, life was. Life knows what is best, there is no sense in kicking against the goads. Surrender is the only wise option. Everything that had come to them was due to surrender, nothing else. By letting go a stronger flow replaced it. By letting go it was returned tenfold.
What years of meditation and yoga had not gotten rid of, life’s situations and challenges were routing out of him. Peace within was growing, all he had to do was let go. Calming that voice within had prepared him for this time. Over time it would work itself out. He was free from that scared person inside. Because he had surrendered at each event there were no scars on his psyche. He kept coming out on the other side a transformed person. He who left on this journey never returned. He had thrown himself into the arms of life. The more he let go, the more free he became. Life knows what it’s doing and you can only know it by experience.

Surviving Withdrawal

The break-up workbook for love addicts, by Jim Hall MS

Withdrawal contains the seeds of becoming a completely healthy person. The pain of withdrawal is a bona fide blessing. 

Addiction brings a diminished capacity to validate one’s self-worth. Obsessive thinking keeps you at a ‘less than’ position. ACCEPT what is going on. It is setting you free. When we choose to be a ‘Victim,’ we choose to be powerless. Choose to heal and grow. HOW YOU TAKE CARE OF YOU IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS. Withdrawal will not last forever. THIS IS THE TIME TO STOP ABANDONING YOU!

This time of withdrawal is a huge opportunity to make positive and powerful change materialize in your life. Use this time to really recognize your worth, recognize your strength… 

This Is How It Always Is: a Novel

by Laurie Frankel

You can’t tell people what to be. You can only love and support who they already are. Easy is nice, but I wonder how often it leads to fulfilling work or partnership or being.

This is how it always is. You have to make these huge decisions on behalf of your kid, this tiny human whose fate and future is entirely in your hands. Unfortunately, the only way to see what worked for any given problem was trial and error. What you never imagine can be lost is hardest to live without. We’ll all get to forget what’s past and live happily ever after. It isn’t instantaneous, and it isn’t painless. It’s years and years of frog kissing. You proclaiming who you are and being who you want to be in a world that makes that hard is awe inspiring. I don’t want to pretend you’re ordinary.

Thousand Names for Joy

Living in harmony with the way things are, by Byron Katie

If I had a prayer, it would be this: God, spare me from the desire for love. Everything you thought you’d had in another you can find in yourself. The truth is that until we love cancer, loneliness, loss… we can’t love God.
The gentlest thing in the world is an open mind. Since it doesn’t believe what it thinks, it is flexible, without opposition, without defense. When you experience anything as unacceptable, the result is suffering, and inquiry can bring you back to the peace you felt before. The don’t-know mind is the mind that is totally open to anything life brings you. It becomes obvious that we prefer our beliefs to freedom.

It’s not possible for something to be against you. There’s no such thing as an enemy. It’s just love arising in a form that we haven’t understood yet. What actually happens is the best that can happen, whether you understand it or not.
The mind open to being questioned is the only mind that can take this journey. Everything you wanted to keep hidden comes to the surface, and you keep undergoing the death of who you thought you were. Even the most unpleasant thoughts can be met with unconditional love.

The Universe Always has a Plan

The 10 golden rules of letting go, by Matt Kahn

You’ve done nothing wrong – It couldn’t have happened any other way. Change and loss are some of the deepest ways in which life evolves you out of ego and into alignment with your soul. Life can only change you for the better.
The inner artist is the narrator of one’s transition from victimhood to hero, from ego to soul. Hurt will never stop hurting. It’s just waiting to be loved. Through the art of letting go, you are liberated out of the pitfalls of victimhood

The Universe has your back

by Gabrielle Bernstein

Surrender to love as often as possible. When you think you have surrendered, surrender again and again. In relationships don’t try to manipulate. Surrender and love will lead the way. You don’t need to change anything but your thoughts.

Fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own ego strength. ‘I choose love over fear.’ Be willing to show up for this universal lesson or stay stuck where you are. Are you ready for great healing?
Lean toward joy and you will be led, decide to have more fun, shift the energy in a tormented relationship. Release your need to control. Choose to perceive your situation differently by opening up to creative possibilities. Obstacles are detours in the right direction. Thank the universe for this obstacle which is really guidance. Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait. Focus on how you want to feel, not on the outcome.

Thinking someone is a source of your pain is judgment. My judgment of others is a rejection of what I judge in myself. Recognize the other as myself. Be free from judgment. Witness your judgment without judging yourself, we are both seeking freedom from our pain, this person is just like me, restore oneness. Allow the voice of love to echo through all my thoughts and feelings. Choosing love is the key to life. Discomfort demonstrates there are unhealed areas in my life.

Unlocking the Power of Meditation

by Craig Hamilton 

Spiritual awakening is the radical realization that our true nature—who we really are—is inviting this profound consciousness to reveal itself within us. It’s about cultivating the ability to no longer identify with the mind, so that we can discover who we are beyond the mind. We are looking for an unconditional, uncontainable freedom that is present no matter what’s happening. It’s about finding a part of yourself that is already deeply content with what is. You can create a meditation practice that truly feels like an adventure because it is always leading you forward into the unknown.

Rather than pursuing a special state of consciousness, when we meditate, we’re seeking to discover the enlightened, liberated consciousness that’s always already here no matter what experience we’re having. It is only about discovering the sacredness and wholeness of this moment right now, and that any investment in a future moment of enlightenment is missing the entire point. It is a practice of being awake right now. It does not identify with thoughts and feelings. We practice simply being present, not looking for enlightenment or fulfillment somewhere other than in this moment. Awake to the sacred depth that is our own true nature beyond the mind and ego. This is abiding liberation from the suffering of the confused, neurotic, separate sense of self. Our mission is to transform the world into an expression of the great perfection we have discovered to be its source.

The Untethered Soul

The journey beyond yourself, by Michael A. Singer

There aren’t any problems in life, only the commotion the ego makes out of it. The problem is inside, not outside. It is how I am viewing the situation and my own reaction to it. Be aware of who you are; awake and no longer in the dream. You’re not even a human being, you are watching one. Pull back and see the bigger picture. Learn to stay open to the love, joy and peace which are your birthright. Don’t let anything in life be important enough to close to. Open your heart. Keep letting go. Look at all the impressions of your psyche, none of it is you. Don’t identify with it, you are free.
How do we view change? Life will push you to your edges, but this is to remove blockages in you (fear). Allow the pain into your heart and let it go. Let go immediately or you will attach to it. Be the objective observer, don’t try to figure it out. Always let go. You don’t have to get rid of the emotion, just don’t get involved. Feel the disturbance without being disturbed. Stop worrying. Stop trying to control life. If it persists, don’t listen to it. Everything will be okay only when you cease trying to control it. Relax and release, that is all. Learn to be at peace with inner disturbance, it is just a feeling. View it objectively, it cannot hurt you.
Fear will motivate you to live for safety, rather than liberty. Spirituality is the commitment of going beyond for the rest of your life. Just interact with what this day brings you. Objective observation. Watch the fear without protecting yourself. Is ego disturbed? Instead of clinging, let go. Instead of fearful security explore a universe of freedom. You will never worry again. Unconditional happiness is available if you want it. Enjoying life is the only rational choice. Every part of you that doesn’t want to be happy, let it go. Live life fully, don’t take it for granted. Look through the eyes of love, infinite compassion. You cannot offend the Divine one. God looks upon you with ecstasy.

The Voice for Love

by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle

The Holy Spirit is within each of God’s children. The more one hears God, the less they hear the ego. The purpose of this Voice is to restore our thinking to the Truth of who we are. You are already the one you seek. As we focus our attention on the Voice for Love within us and allow this Voice to remind us of what is True, we begin to pull our energy, our attention, and our identity out of the thoughts of the world and restore them to our true Self. God is only capable of seeing you as Perfection. You are not capable of being anything other than Perfection, except in your own mind. It is not possible to do something that would make God unhappy. There are no expectations, no hopes, no dreams, no goals, or agendas for God’s Children. When you judge or don’t accept yourself, it is very difficult to imagine that God can accept you unconditionally. Recognize that it is just a thought. It’s not true. Prayer is for one’s highest good. Give thanks for it, and you will start to bring it more into your awareness, experience, and belief. When you go within, you leave the world and step into a quiet place where God is. Allow yourself to bask in the Love of God and God’s Voice. Feel It. Breath It in. Enjoy It. Every single person has God’s Voice within them and can access that Voice. When God is all you see in you, God will be all you see in your brother. You are loved and you are whole. The most important work you could do this lifetime would be to come to know and love yourself. Give yourself the gift of seeing the world through God’s Eyes. It is important to be patient, loving, and kind and accepting yourself right now. This is an opportunity to remember the Truth of who you really are. Everyone has the same purpose in the world—that of remembering their True Nature.

Whatever arises, Love that

A love revolution that begins with you, by Matt Kahn

I deserve more love, not less. The key is slow, gentle breathing to remind my body it is safe to let in and feel what could only be another moment of transformation. Simply repeat this healing mantra: I love you… I love you… I love you… I love you… I don’t know how to love the sadness I feel. I don’t know how to love the things I hate about myself.
No matter how this child feels, they are as deserving of my unconditional love as anyone else. “Whatever arises, love that.”
Whatever you are feeling is healing. By loving the one who can’t do anything right, loving the one who feels like a failure, or even loving the one who is burdened by discontent, you immediately turn a corner in the direction of true heartfelt relief.
If it’s not the way you would talk to a child in need, it shouldn’t be the way you talk to yourself. Simply by taking several mini-breathing breaks throughout the day, you cultivate an ability to feel instinctively safe wherever you go. You don’t need anyone to act in a certain way in order to feel the harmony, bliss, and joy that life always provides. Each feeling is here to be loved as only I can love it. In order to call upon your highest qualities for the wellbeing of all, it is essential to become the source of your own fulfillment. Every moment of conflict is an opportunity to discover the invaluable gifts that life provides. It’s not necessary that you even respond to those who are asking you to listen, simply because listening itself is already the best answer.
You are able to resolve every point of contention by becoming the acceptance and support that others haven’t provided you. No experience exists as an obstacle on your path. It could only be the next pearl of insight, the most direct way to accelerate any spiritual process is by relaxing into it.

What God said

Conversations with God that will change your life and the world, by Neale Donald Walsch

We are all a part of God and cannot be separated. What you want more of – give that to others. We are here to create ourselves, experience and express divinity. We can be conscious participants of the change of this planet or unconscious spectators. Nothing happens to me against my will.

God gives us free will and complete freedom in it. God’s purpose in creation is possibly to experience itself throughout eternity in new ways. We are all living a life of mistaken identity. It is the illusion of our separation that comes to an end, not life. You are a piece of God. Life is God realizing itself as God. Happiness is through giving not receiving. It is more blessed to give than receive. Cause another to experience what you desire and you will see who you are and what you have. We are being terrorized by our beliefs.

What if THIS is Heaven?

How our cultural myths prevent us from experiencing Heaven on earth, by Anita Moorjani


My utter amazement during my NDE at finding that not only was I worthy of being unconditionally loved just for being me, but that I was also truly a beautiful, magnificent, and powerful creation of the universe—unique, special, and valued in every way.
Loving ourselves is actually the most important thing we can do, and that it’s the key to living a blissful life. I saw myself through the eyes of God, whatever I said or did from that point on would need to come from a place of love instead of fear.
One of the vital differences between a good healer and a great healer is that a great healer guides you back to your own innate ability to heal and ultimately encourages your independence. If we are all connected, then whatever harms another also harms us, and whatever helps another also helps us. We would see that everything that happens is perfect just as it is.
We need allow ourselves to be who we are, instead of trying to pretend we are something or someone we are not. Each has important qualities that are needed to make a complete and balanced whole.
I’ve learned that the best way out of pain is to go through it. You acknowledge its presence and allow yourself to truly feel it. You own it. Pain is never without gifts.
We must stop trying to feel or think a certain way and embrace all of our emotions, including all our disappointment, frustration, pain, sorrow, and grief—without judgment.
It’s that simple! Just be yourself—your true self! Be the love that you are.

Wolf’s Message

by Suzanne Giesemann

I am so grateful for the gift of life … to strengthen the energetic grid that forms the pattern of our beautiful planet. I celebrate that all of us are coming to know ourselves as one with our Source and learning to love each other as souls on the same journey – those who have raised their frequency and are living from the heart. A truly spiritual person loves everyone.
All of us walk in two worlds at once: the world of matter and the spirit world. Because we place so much value today on logic, technology, and the intellect, we are neglecting the heart. As a result, we are unbalanced spiritually, prisoners of the head. But, seeing from the heart … with unity consciousness we watch the drama of life unfold below us with compassion. Together we form the one heart of God. Beyond our human imperfections we are pure spirit beings and our true essence is love. The reason we are here is very simple: We are here to love each other.

The Work in Action: “She shouldn’t have left me”

by Byron Katie

You can’t do this Work wrong, sweetheart. That’s not possible. No thought comes ahead of its time. 
I want me back. Yes. Because when you want her back, you’re wanting someone back who doesn’t exist, and you lose yourself in that. And it’s not fair to her, because she can’t be your dream woman. She’s her. You’re attached to the dream of who she is. And she plays the role by trying very hard to be who you want her to be. But she always falls short. Why would you want to be with somebody who is constantly trying to improve you? We tell them we love them, and yet they’re not good enough, we have to re-create them. Sheila should operate out of fear. You were like a dictator. 
When you love the person you live with, just as she is, you’re never surprised; you always find it delightful. All those things you wanted to change about her become the very things you love, once you have questioned your mind. And then when someone attracts you, it’s the real thing. You’re being attracted to a woman who’s just the way she is. Forgive me for not accepting you when you were interested in things other than my dream, my list of changes for you.
The unquestioned mind is so loud, you don’t realize the happiness underneath that mind. I don’t have to do anything for my happiness; I just notice the world without my story, and in that I notice that I’m happy. What she found under the stressful thoughts was happiness. I see her as very powerful, because she has something that I need, she’s in complete control. I also see her as hard-hearted, unkind. Yes. She’s lovely. The Work wakes us up to what’s real and what’s imagined. I look forward to being abandoned. I look forward to feeling shut out and incapacitated by pain.

Your Soul’s Plan

by Robert Schwartz


We plan our lives before our birth on earth. Learning love is our goal in everything.

He chose to incarnate into a life of shame and suffering to see he is no less lovable than others. We are not the limited, flawed beings we seem. The benevolent Creator allows us to plan our growth experiences and thus find ourselves and Him.

The ripple effect, everything we do effects everyone else. What we might view as weakness or failure is really courage and suffering. This is to learn love, love for others and for self. She needed to see her self worth and identity apart from others. To learn love through loss.

Things are not as they seem. The unlovely and of minority status or oppressed could very well be the courageous who had pre-planned such a difficult life for the well being of all humanity. Even those who commit horrendous acts could be acting in order to help others achieve the goals and desired growth they have planned.